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“Had my period three times in thirty days. Average-light in heaviness and blood is brown to black, especially on the first few days.

15 days of dark bleeding, should I be concerned?

2 weeks ago I had a brown discharge for 3 days with some new blood. Now a day my period &I've been having brown/black discharge & no blood. Normal?

Black colored blood on the first day of period?

Black menstrual blood on first day of period?

Bleeding before and after period sign of pregnancy ? The blood was dark red

Blood during period is black, what does that mean?

Bright red blood but not period?

Bright red blood with a few clots 3 days before period due?

Bright red period no blood clots this is not normal for me and it's 5 days early what does this mean?

Bright red watery menstrual blood?

Brown blood spot during 6 weeks pregnancy?

Brownish pinkish blood during menstrual, what is this and why is it this color?

Can an infection in the vagina cause you to bleed dark brown blood for two days?

Can dark brown blood signify a period?

Can implantation bleeding be characteried by dark red blood?

Can small amounts of blood clot (jelly-like blood) or thin stretchy discharge in brown or red colour occur during implantation spotting?

Can you please explain black menstrual blood a sign of?

Chunky red mucus blood, is this implantation?

Cramps. Took tampon out and was covered in brown blood and just a dot of red blood, then later pink blood. What is this?My period was late by a day.

Dark blood on day one of period?

Dark brown blood clot and bleeding after that a week before your regular period?

Dark brown blood first two days of period, then bright red with very large clots. What is going on? This is every month.

Dark brown blood. I started having dark blood a day after i was supposed to start my normal period. It hasnt been much. I have had no red blood. Ttc?

Day 6 of period and blood is so dark that it looks black. What could be the cause of this?

Day of period a spot of red blood, two days brown spotting was intimate and had a little red blood and then nothing. What could this mean?

Do I need my blood taken to tell what the brown spot on my nail is?

Does a day of dark blood count as a period?

Does dark blood mean your period is ending?

Does it mean anything when you have been on your period for three days and the blood turns a brown color?

During my last cycle, i was having brown blood with some red blood mixed in. I didn't have much concern about it. But now it is happening again?

During my period, blood is dark brown and gooey, why?

Finished my period one week ago and now been 3 days spotting kinda dead blood dark brown blood what could it be ?

For my last 2 periods the flow has been super light and the blood has been brown and black. What is happening to me???? I'm 26.

For some odd reason my menstral blood is more an orange than red.!?

For the past 3 months, I had dark/black blood 1-2 days and feel cramp before heavy fresh blood flow, what's wrong? Thanks!

For the past two months, my period blood is black in colour, I would also have black/brown discharge between periods?

Had a pink spot of blood one week after period what is this ?

Had sex last night unprotected and this morning I have had dark thick red blood appear. What is this?

Had sexual intercourse.Expecting period. Cramps like normal.But dark brown blood before instead.Then watery red blood and now normal red blood.Why?

Have had my period for two weeks, now I've been getting dark brown irregular blood that looks like there is small clots in it?

Hello dr, what about black menses, this time i had 3 days red and 5 to 6 days black menses, is it ok? Or

Help please? What is the red stringy blood in my period blood?

Hi, I have been having a light "period?" for 10 days now which consists of bright red blood and sometimes brown blood. Its enough blood to fill one p

Hi, I'm bleeding a orange sorta colour blood but I'm not on my period what could this be?

High stress volume, second period for the month, dark brown blood an foul odor. What can be the cause.

How come I have black blood before my period?

How come my blood is so dark?

I also have blood which looks like spotting in between my period and sometimes after a stool. Blood is either bright or dark?

I am 23 years old.My periods last for maximum 3 days or sometimes two and a half day.Sometimes my blood is bit dark brown in color on the first day?

I am 6 days into my period and am still seeing bright red blood is this normal?

I am having what seems like a period in between my periods and it's dark brown black blood. What is this?

I am having what seems like a period in between my periods and its dark brown black blood. What should I do?

I am on my monthly and its black and when i go to the loo i have black blood clots and there is a lot of my black blood more then i usual?

I bled 4 days from plan b and it brown/black/ dark red with blood clots what does that mean?

I brown blood and its not a lot of blood could i be pregnant?

I donated plasma for my first time and when my period started it wasn't regular blood it was brown blood and I bled brown blood for a week almost two ?

I dont understand why i am bleeding dark brown blood for 2 months straight. What could it be?

I found some dark brown blood (like period blood) in my underwear when i woke up, what is this?

I had a baby for weeks ago and had a gush of brown blood then a gush of dark red almost black blood and had black chunks when i wipe and have bad pain?

I had a brownish discharge (old blood color) with a very very light spot of blood that was off and on for about 3 days. My periods are irregular.

I had an abortion 6 weeks ago and have been bleeding brown/black blood for the last 2 weeks. What's the problem?

I had dark brown spots during menstruation and some blood form like circle during menstruation period is there any problem?

I had dark brown spots during menstruation and some blood form like circle during menstruation period. Is there any problem?

I had my period from August 18-23. After the 23rd, there's been no red blood, but from then on it's been lots of dark blood. Should I be worried?

I have been bleeding for 3 weeks now, first week, abnormally lite blood flow but dark in color2nd week was more blood. Less again this period?

I have been bleeding heavy for 2 months blood clots and dark red blood can you tell me what's going on?

I have Been having brown dark blood instead if my normal periods for several months now.

I have been having light periods for 3 months now with small dark blood clots that are sometimes present. What does this mean? Pregnancy?

I have been on my period for a month now at first it was old blood for about a week then it was red blood and heavy now it lighter then it was ?

I have dark blood at start of period?

I have had brown periods for 6 months now. Full brown blood periods, no fresh red blood. I have PCOS. 3 days on 1 days break & then a full 2 day on?

I have had my period for 4 days with a heavy flow but no red blood. Its been either dark brown or black?

I have had period for 11 days and its bright red blood?

I Just started my menstrual cycle and the blood is a dark brown, kind of black color. Is this cause for concern?

I started my menstruation period with a thick black clot blood. is it normal?

I started my period with black blood and the black blood has continued for 7 days. Should i seek medical help?

I'm 20, i've been bleeding for over a year and now my blood is black and very thick. What's wrong with me? Will i ever have a baby?

I'm 39 and I had a gush of watery blood with dark blood clots and white mucus. This has never happened before. I've had my period this month. Now I'm ?

I'm 5 weeks 6 days pregnant and I have this brownish mucus coming out with some red blood is that normal?

I'm bleeding dark brown blood?

I'm currently experiencing dark thick blood after 3 weeks of my menstrual cycle. The dark blood got thinner on the third day with regular blood?

I'm having black colored blood on the first and second day of my menses for the first time ever. I don't know what's going on. ?

I'm having blackish brown discharge in 5th day of my miscarriage, after is lightened up upto 3 days after passing blood clots and blood is it normal?

I'm on birth control and my period is on time but my blood is very clotty and brown. There is a little red blood but mostly brown. Is this normal?

I'm on day 10 of my period and still having a little bleeding - is it normal to have 2 days of brown blood on day 8 & 9 and now to have red blood?

I'm on my period and the blood is red and black and it hurts when i pee?

I'm pregnant and i peed like a really dark brown but no blood. What could be the problem?

I'm seeing black blood 2nd day of period. What's this mean?

I'm seeing black blood during menstruation, how?

I'm seeing black blood in my period, help?

I'm seeing clumps some with light brown blood. Does this mean implantation?

I've had a very light period all day, just wiped and there were 2 small blue/white/gray colored blood clots. Is that normal?

I've had my period for 2 weeks, but it's been mostly light & it's been dark blood almost dried looking. What is wrong with me?

I've had my period twice in one month.. first time dark brown blood.. second time dark blood and cramps?

Im 32 weeks pregnant and both of my breast are bleeding its like a brown color blood should I be concern about it?

Im having abnormal bleeding, its brown blood :(?

Im pregnant and I'm on Heparin due to a blood clotting disorder And I had a stool that was brown with black chunks inside, that smear black?

Is brown blood a implantation sign?

Is it bad if your period blood is black?