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What does it mean when a small drop of blood comes out with clear liquid at 36 weeks pregnant? It has only happened once. There is no pain.

.I just noticed that a clear fluid is coming out from my nipples if I squeeze them. I had sex with my husband last two weeks my ovulation?

28 weeks pregnant. Clear, odorless fluid coming from bellybutton? What should I do? What causes this and is this something that stops on its own

30 weeks pregnant my nipples are crusty before watery fluid leak sometimes then stopped now are dry and some white discharge stay inside n dry help plzz?

31 weeks pregnant and small amounts of water like liquid keep coming down what can this be what should i do?

37 weeks pregnant wondering why white liquid fluid coming out of my vagina?

6 months preggy and when i pinch my nipples theres a clear liquid coming out? Is it normal? What will i do?

6 weeks pregnant &sometimes feel like im wet & its clear and oddorless,not running liquid but mostly feel wet could be amniotic fluid?how can i tell?

6yr old hasn't ate and hasn't had any fluids in three days ?

A white liquid coming out off breast. What does that mean?

After sex a lot of clear liquid poars out of my my girly area .. It just started .. What is this what can it be caused from and why is it happening .?

After sex I have clear warm fluid coming from my vaginal?

Breast leaking clear fluid look like water I have no idea why?

Breast secreted white liquid and it happened for the first time what is that from noting that she is 25 years old?

Can a cyst break in a breast and cause yellow liquid and pus-like stuff come out your nipple?

Can gynecomastia make my nipples leak a clear liquid?

Can you tell me what to do if i tried masturbating and a clear sticky liquid came out am i doing somthing wrong?

Clear fluid coming out of my breast does not in signals pregnancy?

Clear fluid non smell from bottom?

Clear liquid coming out of my nose and feeling uncomfortable with burps coming out. What is this and how do I stop this?

Clear liquid discharge while constipated, what can cause this?

Clear water is coming out from my breast, am I pregnant?

Could liquid enter pee hole?

Dear doc., I have an yallowish sticky secretion from my left breast it secreted when i squeeze it with a littel sting in it.?

Does it mean your pregnant when your breast are coming out yellow water?

Ears leaking a clear liquid, should I be worried?

Felt and noticed a clear watery liquid out of aerolas. Tiny amount. When squeezed no pain also small amount of liquid. Not pregnant. What could it be?

Few drops of white/transparent thick fluid comes our from penis at the beginning of urination. First fluid comes out then urine. It happens mostly?

Have a plug in because cervix opened to early, have been getting a clear fluid coming out every hour today, could this be water breaking?

Having creamy liquid when i urinate, what could be wrong?

Hello, i had unprotected sex now I am heavily dripping down there with a clear very slightly yellow liquid/mucus i feel it dripping down?

Hi My piss is not sometimes clear , what is this for??

Hi doc...I have seen that when I press my breast,there's a liquid that comes out but it has a white colour so I was wondering what it could be?

Hi Doctor's. Today I squeezed my right nipple, and a small amount of a clear substance came out. Can you explain?

Hi my 6 month old baby is regurgitating clear liquid. This is new. I am used to the milk regurgitating but clear liquid ? What could this be ?

Hi, I keep having a clear watery liquid come into my mouth from my nose an it tastes like what cow muck smells like, what could it be please?

Hi, when I ejaculate a white fluid normally comes out but now it is clear. It is the first time it has been clear and It was over 24hrs since my last?

How can clear fluid discharge be stopped form eczema?

How come doctors put you on a clear liquid diet after surgery?

I am 22 weeks pregnant and noticed clear sticky liquid coming out of my breasts, is this normal, or should i be worried?

I am 26 weeks pregnant leaking clear fluid with some white substance, odorless few drops 2-3 times a day since past 6 weeks.It is from urethra i can tell because i feel like a I peed a couple of drops when i leak, should i be concerned?

I am 27 weeks and I have been having abit of watery clear like liquid come out. ?

I am 28 weeks pregnant with my second child i have clear and puss like duscharge coming from my left breast is this normal ?

I am 37 weeks, yesterday I woke up and had a clear fluid run down my legs, l and d said it was just discharge?

I am able to squeeze a few drops of clear liquid is there any reason as to why???? It's only from my right breast and there is no bumps or anything

I am currently on my period. I felt a gush and thought I filled up my tampon but it was clear fluid...what could it be?

I am discharging clear mucus from the vaginal area but this happens all the time. Should i just leave it alone?

I am experiencing white liquid nipple discharge and nipple pain if i rub nipple liquid comes out and starts to clear but turns white again later on?

I am in the middle of prep for colonoscopy.Its liquid but it is yellow not clear.Is this normal?Is it just bile?Good or bad thing?Thank you very much

I am not pregnant but my breast hurt and it has clear liquid coming out?

I am obese and have a clear water like liquid leaking from "sores" in my stomach. Do you know what this might be?

I am obese and have a clear water like liquid leaking from the enlarged pores in my stomach. Do you know what this might be?

I am pregnant and I have seen tine droplets of liquid coming out of my nipples? Is that milk?

I am seeing a watery liquid whenever I squeeze both of my breast what can that be?

I don't know if I should worry. I have little bit liquid coming out, I don't know if.My water broke

I experience clear fluid coming out of my penis sometimes... Genaerally after i drink too much?

I get watery leakage from my nose sometimes it comes all of a sudden it's like tears, colourless. Could this be brain fluid or something else?

I had a puking episode about 15 minutes ago. I vomited white, clear stuff that bubbled up for a couple of seconds? What is the clear stuff?

I had diarrhea and had a gush of liquid come out of my vagina, did my water break? I'm 36 weeks pregnant.

I had hydracelel surgery 11 days ago and now I have clear liquid coming from the incision. Is this normal?

I had my period a week ago but now when get up I have a gush of fluid. I checked my panties and it is clear, thin fluid. My clit is swollen and cold. ?

I have a clear water frm one of my breasts when i squeeze ?

I have been having clear leakage coming from my left breast, and I am not pregnant. What could it be?

I have been having clear stretchy fluid from vagina for the past two weeks what is it?

I have been having nauseam headaches and backaches for the last month. Now something new has come up my breasts are leaking a clear sticky fluid..HELP?

I have been leaking liquid from my vagina. No smell but clear liquid almost 10x a day.?

I have clear fluid with a strong smell of seaman and I don't know why. Never had this before. What could it be?

I have clear fluids leaking from vag feels like pee, what do you advise?

I have clear liquid coming out of my areola. I'm 20 and I don't think I'm pregnant. There's a little pain when squeezed. Should I be concerned?

I have clear liquid coming out of my vagina, it soaks my underwear. I am always bloated no matter what or how little i eat. I have a nodule on my thyr?

I have clear white fluid coming out of my vagina, but don't know what it is?

I have clear, greyish liquid that comes out of both nipples when they are squeezed, feels a bit sticky when it's drying i'm 25 had this for a few yr?

I have had a clear/greyish/bloody liquid coming out of my nipples when squeezed for a few yr what could this be?

I have little clear bubbles near my nipples, what does it mean?

I have noticed lately some clear fluid some time after i masturbate or have an erection is this normal?

I have recently started noticing a very small amount of whitish liquid in my right nipple and now a creamy white liquid during sex. Is this normal?

I have something under my breast and fluids come out when i squeeze it. Should i be concerned?

I have tampons filled with clear fluids instead of blood during my period, what could it be?

I have this yellow liquid coming out of my cut is this bad? What should I do?

I have watery fluid come out when I push smells little like semen 31 weeks pregnant help!

I m getting colourless liquid out from my breast nipple when i squeeze what does it mean?

I tend to have nipple discharge, odorless, white liquid turns clear after a few squeezes. happens every 2-3 days ?

I think i'm leaking amniotic fluid. Whatever came out was much more than discharge .. Clear and kind of slimy or sticky after i touched it. N warn?

I want to stop fluid which is coming from my breast?

I was just wondering i wake up in the morning sometimes with a clear liquid on the top of my pennis what does it mean?

I would like to know why one of my breasts has clear fluid coming from my niple? What does it mean?

I'm 15 weeks pregnant and started leaking clear liquid from breasts. Is this normal?

I'm 23 weeks pregnant. Since this morning, every time i urinate, there's clear mucus like liquid coming out. Is this normal?

I'm 33 week pregnant and just had watery clear stuff come out &soak right through my underwear. What is it?Amniotic fluid? When should I be worried?

I'm 33 weeks pregnant & had a pop inside earlier this morning. I could feel a bit of fluid leaking. It's clear & odorless. Also have belly pains ?

I'm 40 weeks pregnant and I've had clear liquid leak slowly for hours, what could it be?

I'm approximately 4 months pregnant & whenever I squeeze my breast a sticky clear substance comes out. ....what is that?

I'm having a a lot of clear, oderless, sticky liquid gushing from my vagina on going for a couple hours should I be worried?

I'm having a clear fluid discharge from my right nostril, please help?

I'm having a second period in only three weeks, it come on suddenly. And there's a clear liquid discharging as well, I'm worried about what this is ?

I'm having clear water like fluid discharge from my breasts. I'm unmarried, not pregnant, then what is this? I do not feel any severe pain.

I'm having lots of clear discharge, not itchy , but very clear sticky fluid? What is this?

I'm not pregnant and never been but white watery liquid comes out my nipple what can it be ? It doesn't hurt or anything.

I'm on the pill and I have clear fluid coming out of my nipples is this normal?

I've been diagnosed with hydrosalpinx.I had clear brown liquid come out my vagina today.Is it draining?Can it hurt me.Do i need to go back to the doct