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2weeks post total coloctomy(1kidny):dehydrated+keryatinin(240)+hyperkalmia(6.2 potassium)+low na and calcium causes confusion.How avoid this in future?

3% kidney function chlorthalidone sodium bicarb and calcium is all i take but i am having hot flashes and night sweats wondering why?

A test showed Serum sodium of 134 mmo1/L. Is this dangerous and can it be caused by Flecainide/Warfarin? Remainder of Urea and electrolytes normal.

After low potassium from vomiting, how long beforer potassium levels regulate again?

All results of CMP are nml. Potassium was 3.8. I ate banana and almonds before draw. Could potassium have been low and made nml by food? I'm healthy.

And what is a reason to go on a high potassium diet?

Any ideas on where to buy potassium cyanide?

Are there any good substitutes for potassium in bananas?

Are there any negative health effects of consuming an excessive amount of Malt Vinegar, Potassium or Magnesium? If so, how much is too much for each?

Atkins magnesium and potassium for 2 day cramps on right leg are not stopping or slowing down?

Battling low potassium for weeks ranging from 3.1 to 2.7. Taking diuretics and K supplements. I fell down today. Is this related? Today it's 2.9

Being diagnosed with Gitelman or Bartters syndrome? Should find out today. Already on Mag64 , K 20meq, would they add any other supplements??

Benign fasiculations for 2 years. Magnesium level 1.8, in range, but low. I want to try magnesium but what is best that won't cause diarrhea?

Bloating every night after supper eventhough well hydrated and low sodium?

Blood potassium level of 3.4...How long will it take to restore to normal levels by eating more potassium rich foods and how much do I need to add?

Blood sugar level is normal. Current medication for latrine problem is sodium picosulphate 5 mg?

Can a potassium deficiency give you lef cramps?

Can advair cause low potassium and muscle cramps?

Can anything else cause renal wasting of potassium and magnesium besides gitelman & bartters syndrome?

Can consuming 5-6, 000 mg of sodium daily cause dizziness? Even if cmp showed normal blood sodium level

Can consuming too much potassium or other electrolytes in diet cause severe lightheadedness?

Can dioralyte and its like, be used to restore electrolytes after exercise?

Can fludrocortisone make any changes in the sodium, potassium balance in the muscle cell ?

Can g6pd patient take potassium citrate ?

Can high protein drinks cause leg cramps?

Can I take 1 99mg potassium tablet a day safely? I don't know my potassium levels but i've been getting cramps lately. Think my potassium low.

Can I take Florinef (fludrocortisone) during a 24 hour urine sodium collection or do I need to stop it during that time?

Can it is safe to drink coconut water & eating banana while taking potassium supplemt called perindopril (10mg)to treat high b.P.

Can Lactulose taken chronically for constipation cause metabolic or electrolyte issues?

Can laxatives and meats temporarily raise serum cretanine. ?

Can metformin affect your sodium or magnesium levels? Also what is a good OTC magnesium supplement? (my diet is insufficient for several reasons)

Can one IM dose of 250 mg of methyl prednisone cause salt rentintion and low potassium? My last potassium level was 3.8 and normal kidney function.

Can potassium be given in an injection form my elderly mother has a problem with low potassium, and the tablets seem to make her very sick to her stomach

Can potassium gluconate, magnesium or invokana cause cloudiness and a popcorn like smell in the urine?

Can rich beers like ales raise potassium levels ?

Can taking potassium cause you to itch?

Can taking potassium tablet reduce edema in legs?

Can to much potassium cause diarreah ?

Can triamterene affect Aldo/renin serum levels? Trying to determine cause of hypokalemia, been on dyazide (hydrocholorthiazide and triamterene) 8 years for leg edema w/o issue, now low K.

Can you fix severe hypokalemia just by eating a lot more potassium?

Can you get electrolyte disturbances ie low blood calcium and/or high blood potassium level While taking Magnesium Citrate 50mg 3x day Migraine Aura?

Can you take Florinef (fludrocortisone) 2 days on, 1 day off? 50 mg every other day isn't enough and 50 mg daily is too much?

Can You Take Potassium Chloride 10 MEQ Tablets With Flexeril 5 MG. i have low potassium i take one everyday. i have muscle spasms take it twice a day.

Can you tell me what is the dosage of calcium gluconate in renal faliure to treat hyperkalemia?

Chronic low potassium and WPW syndrome. Is Lactulose and Miralax safe long term? Would they cause excessive potassium loss?

CKD-3 last Labs -Potassium 3.3, Na-130, Chloride-109, Protein 9.0 but BUN-16...Slight dehydration?Dr. Said is ok but I have concerns-have foot cramps

Could low potassium levels (3.1), be caused by consuming lemon juice every day? (I'm thinking Alkalosis) how else is this diagnosed ? Thanks

Could magnesium oxide get electrolyte out of balance? Or endanger me? If not what's the best dose?

Could potassium chloride make you nauseated?

Could taking a small amount of magnesium citrate a day help with my "Benign" Palpitations and anxiety?

Dear MDs: Although I eat very rich Potassium diet, my K level always <=3.3. I take 12.5 mg diuretic (hctz). How much of K does 12.5 mg HCT depletes

Dear MDs: Although my daily diet is > 5000 mg of K rich food/fruits, my K is <3.4. By how much would 12.5 mg diuretic (hctz) decrease potassium level?

Do some foods to help raise potassium level w/ little or no acids?

Doc reccomended an enema for constp. I have heart condition & chronic low potassium. What is the safest formula I can use to prevent low potassium?

Doctor said my potassium level wasnt normal and eat more banannas. But what cause it to not be normal?

Does align have potassium in it?

Does anyone know what urine: creatinine .26; potassium 18, sodium 18 numbers could mean? With balanced diet of calories, sodium and potassium

Does extra magnesium effect psa results?

Does gabapentin lower potassium levels? Was prescribed potassium pills, but since starting pain has gotten so bad I can't even sleep. Potassium cause?

Does Indapamide tablet depletes potassium from body.why doctors prescribe for reducing cholesterol?

Does plain senna syrup effect electrolyte balance?

Does sensa increase potassium?

Does sodium take over potassium receptor or vice versa as potassium has more atomic weight? Are there other factors to look for beside atomic weight?

Does taking antiacids make your potassium low?

Does the salt level have anything to do with arrhythmias? If so what are the results caused by not enough salt?

Dr oz said banana helps prevent cancer. I thought it was just to replace potassium after loss.?

Dr. Unsure of low potassium cause. Says my potassium needs to be low at same time of 24 hr urine test, how is it possible to plan that?

During my workout when is it necessary to switch from water to a sports drink that has sodium, potassium & carbs? Are these electrolytes? Value?

Eating high intake of potassium rich diet ( 7 banana/ day) and other fruits, yet my potassium level is 3.3, is issue with kidney. Anything needed done?

Eating to much Black licorice cause hypokalemia, can compensate this eating food rich in potassium? Can Cause also bleeding due to lowering platelets

Every time my test comes back.I have low potassuim (3.2). I eat banana every day?

Fludrocortisone .1mg per day, will my body still produce aldosterone? Also on potassium 36meq will my body still stop it going too high?

Got dysautonomia potassium was 3.4 when upright my body creates more aldosterone due to lower BP is this why potassium is lower?

Had CMP drawn and my potassium was 3.8. I at a banana and almonds about 2-3 hours before draw. Could potassium have been low and made nml by food?

Have hyperkalemia issues (low aldosterone) and multiple doctors in NJ keep stopping ARB instead of correcting with florinef (fludrocortisone).Which specialist can help?

Have POTS. On high salt diet. My 24 hr urine sodium was 180s & calculated urine sodium was 280. MD said that's good. Still getting low BPs in AM ?

Having surgery in 3 wks i take diuretic and potassium. Labs came back low potassium 2.9 forgot dose of potassium before tests how do i get levels up?

Hello. I am taking protein supplement daily. I am worried about the acesulfame potassium in it. Please advise me..

Help docs, is hydrochlorothiazide ever given to remove excess potassium from the blood?

Hi docs, is it true that potassium citrate pills are digestible?

Hi doctors, can you please tell me how exactly hypokalemia causes cardiac toxicity? Thanks a lot, ,

Hkpp on Low carbs/sodium diet, 160meq K and 100mg spironolactone. I do work out and stress a lot but can't stop multiple attack daily. Any advice?

How can I get more potassium in my diet?

How can I relieve potassium buildup in my body?

How come thiazides are called low ceiling diuretics?

How do I get more potassium in my daily diet?

How do I get potassium out of my favorite high-potassium vegetables?

How do I know if I have an electrolite imbalance.. Sodium defiency?

How do potassium supplements effect you? Help with water retention? Sleep? relaxation?

How do they make potasium chloride?

How does one develop low sodium and how do you treat it?

How fast do potassium levels rise after drinking sando K on an empty stomach?

How likely and common is it to overdose from having potassium?

How long do you have to be on antacids before your potassium drops low.

How long does it takefor you to feel a difference after being treated for low potassium?

How long for potassium 20 meq orally to be absorbed in the body to make it work?

How long till potassium chloride supplements get out of your system?

How many meq of Potassium cl er may be taken at one time to insure maximum absorption?

How much potassium is too much for an active female, mid 20s? Im having about 6700mg daily, is this dangerous combined with low sodium intake?

How much time does it take for potassium chloride to stop the heart?