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Anything other than exercise, sleep, and protein that increase protein synthesis? i've heard ginseng and ginger increase protein synthesis.

Are Biocytin Hydrolase and Biotinidase the same thing?

Are cephalosporin and chloramphenicol antibacterial antibiotics that target cell wall and protein synthesis?

Are there antimicrobial drugs that block protein synthesis.?

Are there medicines that work by targeting tau proteins or beta amyloid in Alzheimer's disease? Or gene therapy to replace faulty proteins?

Can a person have both a protein c and protein s deficiency?

Can autoantibodies against glutamine synthetase and/or glutamate dehydrogenase cause glutamate metabolism disorders?

Can glutamic acid decarboxylase antibody be reduced in the body?

Can intracellular proteins be stained by the same protocol used to stain t & b cells? What are your expert opinions?

Can someone please tell me how to read colorimetric assay of enzyme activity or lead me to a website with more info?

Can you explain to me how the lac operon functions, and explain how it permits e.Coli to produce the enzymes needed to?

Can you tell me about glucose, or would it also react to the presence of other monosaccharides or with polysaccharides -- say, fructose, or cellobiose?

Can you tell me how are triglycerides broken down for ATP production?

Can you tell me how glucose in the presence of hexokinase can function as a phosphate acceptor.?

Can you tell me how protein synthesis work?

Can you tell me in laymans term, how does the amino acid substitution that results in abnormal hemoglobin have a drastic effect on protein structure?

Can you tell me in nephrotic syndrome, why are anticoagulation molecules preferentially lost?

Can you tell me in the absence of glucose, e. coli can import lactose to change into glucose and galactose because cap binds?

Could dexamphetamine reduce protein obsorption?

Do high protein diets lead to protein buildup in your heart (amyloidosis)?

Do you know if acetylcholinesterase is a multi-substrate enzyme?

Does ATP advantage creatine serum actually work?

Does beta alanine work for body building?

Does caffeine inhibits protein absorption in the stomach?does it affect protein synthesis? to what extent?

Does everyone have autoantibody molecules in their blood? Do they have a function related to breaking down waste products of cells?

Does hexavalant chromium have some effect on t-helper cells in the body?

Does seroquel/ quetiapine lets say 50-75 mg. affects glycogen synthesis or protein synthesis? i asked my doctor he said "i don't know".

Does the human body digest animal protein more effeciently than plant-source protein? Why, if so?

Does vat/low temp pasteurization denature/inactivate the enzyme phosphatase in milk?

Electron transport chains and ATP synthase enzymes are embedded within what?

Glycolipids, phospholipds, cholesterol molecules, protiens, what are these?

Gtp provides the energy for protein synthesis, is this true?

Has 'branched chain amino acids' (bcaa) diet suplement some negative affects on human body? (kidneys, liver etc.?)

Help plz! Can proteolytic enzymes help control hypoglicemia?

How are nitrogenous wastes produced?

How are recombinant clotting factor products produced?

How can a change in a mutant protein result in hypercholesterolemia? Is that really the cause?

How do proteins help condense our chromosomes?

How do vegetarians break down plant cell walls to obtain nutrients from plants?

How does pepsin breakdown proteins?

How does tetracycline inhibit protein synthesis?

How does the protein dystrophin work?

How does the protein dystrophin work?

How does trypsin work on proteins?

How is alkaline phosphate linked to cml?

How the heart uses carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids?

How to increase diamine oxidase enzyme in body?

How to overcome cellular energy deficiency, resulting from the inability to metabolize sugar?

Hyperplastic Polyps have protein levels at 4.8/Albumin 2.8. How do I improve my protein levels. Being drinking Boost and eating protein bars. ?

I'm very confused :does sarcoplasmic hypertrophy requires testosterone and protein synthesis process ? If not how muscle sarcoplasm is increased?

I'm wondering are enzymes involved in photosynthesis? If so, which ones?

If diamine oxidase destroys histamine, what are some good food sources that can replenish diamine oxidase?

If only some ribosomes of bacterium is inhibited and it remains alive, can it consume and absorb more resources than before inhibition, to recover?

Importance of beta oxidation?

In what form is insulin transported in the blood as a hexamer or monomer and is it protein-bound or free?

In what way is a diet that includes antioxidants related to mutation and protein synthesis?

Is insulin a polypeptide or a protein?

Is the type of protein in soybeans good for men?

Is there a blood test for glutamine synthetase or glutamate dehydrogenase? Would the tests help diagnose glutamate &/or nitrogen metabolism disorder?

Is there a good diet plan for glycogen storage disorder type IX?

Is there a relationship between amp, ATP and adp?

My protein supp. contains calcium caseinate, this form of casein is treated with alkalies. Chemical alkalies damage nutrient absorption. Is this true?

Other than human insulin, what are some other therapeutic proteins?

Please help! what is the impact of bromelein/pineapple enzyme on arteriosclerosis?

Please help...How do you acquire abnormality of fructose transporting protein glut-5? Without sibo

Please help...How do you acquire abnormality of fructose transporting protein glut-5? Without sibo

Please oblige me with a response. Is a cholesterol molecule smaller than a human thrombocyte?

Plz help giving details of beta amyloid protein and tau protein in celebral artery?

Probiotics gives lactobacillus acidophillus & bifidobacterium. Whey: beta lactoglobulin & alpha lactalbumin. Can both provide similar benefits?

Purpose of cystatin c in the brain?

Purpose of insulin in relation to the principles of protein structure?

Sulbutamol (Beta2 androgenic Agonist), if consumed before weightlifting, does it burn fat and increase protein synthesis? many studies on animals onl

Total protein 6.1 is bad?

What are carbohydrates, lipids and proteins classified as?

What are examples of incomplete proteins?

What are nutrients that are necessary for the synthesis of hemoglobin?

What are the functions of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids in the body?

What are the functions of protein phosphatase 1 (pp1) and 2a (pp2a)?

What are your treatment options for activated protein c resistance?

What disease is caused by defective hemoglobin proteins?

What does dextrose breakdown into?

What exactly is glycose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase?

What exactly is the role of protein phosphatase-1 in insulin to insulin receptor interaction?

What five proteins are contained in the blood? What are their functions?

What happens if a person is homozygous for a non functional tyrosine metabolizing gene, what chemical builds up?

What happens to pyruvate and glutamate when fasting?

What is ATP? What does it do?

What is brain peptides?Are they different with brain proteins?Hormones produced by the brain are mostly peptide or protein? How about dopamine?

What is mitochondria?

What is protelos?

What is recombinant high complex 3? I know what rhgh is but what does complex 3 mean?

What is the amino acid substitution in sickle cell anemia?

What is the correlation between CQ10 and protein, and does CQ10 alter the normal protein structure.

What is the difference between an amyloid and a prion protein?

What is the formation of sperm is it consists of protiens and vitamins....?

What is the function of cholesterol molecules in the plasma membrane of human erythrocytes?

What is the function of protein kinases in gene expression?

What is the ideal conjugation density during bioconjugation reactions?

What is the oxygen carrying protein of muscle cells?

What is the role of the liver in regards to digestion/transport?