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1Spot of red blood once every week in stool?

diarrhea for a week, hits me after eating. There is blood that comes out 90% of the time. Urine and blood test came back perfect. I have hemorrhoids ?

For bout a wk or so I have had a small kidney infection but now everytime I poo my butt hole burns and sometimes lite pink blood. Help? Hemmroid uti

I get stringy mucous diarrhea that burns, there is still some blood rarely but I dont have health insurance, what can I do?

I have bright red blood in my stool, in the toilet, and on the toilet paper. Usually the day after heavy liquor or lots of wine. Common? Feel "itch"2

I pooped I saw a white mucus in the toilet as well as little pieces throughout my stool. I feel completely fine and have no other stomach issues?

"Thickened" endometrium on US, 7 weeks since miscarriage. Feeling ill, bleeding light fresh blood, nausea. normal WBC CRP lactose etc. Infection?

@ what point does one need to worry about hemorrhoids and polyps. I bled quite a bit today. Blood was bright red and i can feel a polyp there. Can i just leave this be?

1 Small bright red spot in my BM. Microscopic, had to bend down near BM to see, 3 days now. Sore mild anal pain today during and after BM, gone now?

10 y/o son has had small amt of red blood upon wiping for 2 wks. I see no blood in/on the stool. Sometimes strains/has hard poop but no visible tear. ?

10 yr old just had a bm & was bleeding frm rectum.String like line of blood in toilet & wiped a small piece of sticky material also-what is it?

10wk son has large umb hernia. I can push it in but he had small amount blood in poo today was slightly unsettled last night. He seems fine otherwise!

11month old wont stop vomiting. Not eating blood test, fecal, ultrasound no results. Was released from ER after 2 hours again vomiting. ?

13 days post-septoplasty. Flushed moderate amount of brown blood w/ neti-pot rinse. No bright red. Is this OK? Have follow-up in 2 wks.

13 yr/o daughter had bright streak of blood in otherwise normal stool. hurt to pass but didn't hav 2 strain. no blood on tissue!! cause? Cancer??

16 month ingested a pop tab a month ago. Don't know if she's passed it. Today more fussy and had few streaks of blood in stool. Should i worry?

18 year old male, havent had a poo in three days and when i finally did there was blood on my stool i was fine for two days till blood appeared again?

19 year old, with removed appendix, stooling and blood is coming out, blood on outside of stool and drips out .Then started to shiver uncontrollably ?

1yr old has a hard time passing stools for over month. Went to 2 doctors appts. Both claimed cuts in the anus. Today he had a tiny blood clot. Help?

2 yo had bright red slush 2 hr ago.He came home & had some shredded wheat & choked on piece. Up came bright red as well. Assume its slush not blood?

2 BMs today. 1st solid but a bit hard. 2nd solid and a bit hard but I saw what looked like the TINIEST bits of red blood outside stool..anal sting?

2 days ago diagnosed with severe tonsillitis. Later that night threw up some blood (from inflamed tonsils?) bright red. Today some black sticky stool.

2 days Type 7 stool. Then 8 days Types 5/6, five times a day. No blood, pain, or fatigue. On Metronidazole. When is this going to clear up? :)

2 episodes of not quite passing out, but everything got very bright instead of black. Why?

2 months I have been having bowel movements triple the amount daily, stools are very watery always and bright red blood drips and appears on tissue.?

2 night ago had black poo and blood on tissue next day had normal poo but still tiny bits of blood on tissue? And now itches

2 yo gets constipated. Today half was pebbles, half not. But a small brown mucous blob. Found tiny piece glass in stool yesterday. Related? No blood.

2+weeks:mucus discharge streked wi blood, stools completely changed to being small formless and mushy. 2day saw yellow in mucus. Young adult. Worried ?

20 yr old female. occasional red jelly like bits in stool. No other symptoms. can stress cause this?

20 yr old girl. Had some bright red in stool. Food dye? forced myself to go, so maybe hememmroids? No other symptoms

20yr F. For about a week now ive noticed blood in my stool and when i wipe. There isnt a change in diet. What are possible diagnosis for this?

21 year old female blood clots in urine blood in stool diarrhea and lower abdominal pain both worse when eat lots of carbs what could be causing this?

22y[M] Light red/pink blood in stool, should I go see my general doc? Was not painful.

23 yo female observed red bood in solid stool (presumed lower GI bleeding?). Is this an immediate cause for alarm? What should I do?

23 yrs old. Had a coloscopy a year ago, due 2 blood in stool. Nothing found. Year later (now) i believe I have a hemorrhoid, as i can see a bump come out after passing stool. Should i visit a doctor?

23. Y.O. F... If I observed bright red blood in my stool, do I need to go to a doctor immediately, or can I wait to see if it happens again?

26 yo female. Passed a large, hard stool and found bit of red blood on toilet paper. Hasn't happened before and bleeding stopped. Should I be worried?

26wk pregnant had blood from tear in bum now getting white stuff in stool, normal? Little constipated but going once daily.

28 years old. Bright red blood on toilet paper after defecation. A specialist only performed a proctoscopy (normal). Should I demand more exams?

29 male, bright red blood in the stool for 5 days but no pain at all. As to quantity, the blood is not too much?

2yo has had 2 coffee ground looking stools today. Very hard to clean him. Leaving a terrible rash on his bum and sac. Should i be concerned?

3 weeks ago i began noticing a lot of mucus in my stool. 2 weeks in i have bright red blood as well, 3 weeks i now have a sore front of my neck?

3 wk old had bowel mmnt and i noticed when she pushed it was red and looked like I was seeing her insides? Bloody mucous in her stool today. Causes?

3 year old son has a few petechiae and red blood in stools today, no fever. 10 month old daughter had petechiae last week and gum bleeding. Infection?

30 yrs female.blood in my stool for da 1st pain.stool also normal not hard.a bit worried.what would be seek help?

34,F. Months ago I had a bit of bright red blood on stool, hasn't happened since I ate more fiber/drank more water. No tummy pains. Ca? No fam history

38 f. Bowel movement with bright red blood. Seemed like it was from a hemmoroid. My area hurt all day yesterday. What should I do?

38 yr old female, general fatigue, thin diarrhea mainly in morning with no cramping for one week, lots of bright red blood with it, what is going on?

4 days ago had black poo with blood on tissue with itche bum and today blood on tissue it not black and does not itch?

4 weeks of lower backache, spells of headache/nausea (drinking water helps) and yesterday a 20cm 'white string' in stool. Blood/urine tests normal.

41 years old on second day of period white/clear blob mixed in red blood clot . Is it normal???

43yrs old.clean colonoscopy,gastronomy,3 months ago. past couple of days, bright red blood on surface of stool.none on toilet other symptoms.

44wf. For the last 2wks bright red blood on my stool.(on and off) itchy around anus. Worried !

44wf. For the last 2wks bright red blood on my stool.(on and off) itchy around anus.3 mos prior I had blood in my urine went to urologist and did MRI?

48 yr old male. Normal colonoscopy 4 yrs ago, internal hemms noted. Small bit of bright red blood on stool this morning--likely to be hemms?

49th day of period, small dot of blood with white discharge.On meditations for pics.. Reason for blood dot.. Pls help!

5 days after finishing azithromycin. I started using the bathroom twice a day and noticed blood when I wiped. It's been 2 months since then I'm still experiencing bright red blood when I wipe. Digesting certain foods are harder. What is wrong? Help??

5 year old son had small amount of blood in stool a week ago twice and now no blood but clay colored stool? No other symptoms.

5.5 mth old. 2 days /c small, very frequent, mucousy stools. Exclusively Bf & eating normally. No signs of dehydration. No fever. Alert. See dr?

6 months ago while pregnant, had a stomach virus- I threw up a few times with fleck of blood (not bright red) and none after that. Threw up all day and only had flecks the first few times. Could it have been swallowed blood from my nose? What else?

64 yr old, pooping blood, high fever, vomiting, foam coming out of the mouth, eyes flipped. Whats wrong? These are symptoms of what he has.

7wks pregnant and had a little blood in my stool. Should iworry?

8 day period with black blood, 2 days later red blood heavy with black clots sized like a tinned round cut carrot, is this normal?

8 weeks pregnant, just got a full blood count and my liver enzymes are elevated? I just got over a 9 day vomiting illness, also some diarhhea, causes?

A couple of days ago there is blood on the toilet paper after pooping, i don't see it anymore but shud i still have it checked? Is stool sample needed?

A few times recently, I noticed blood on tissue after BM. I don't have pain, and don't see blood after that. Can accutane do this? What should I do?

A friend of mine threw up blood in the morning, empty stomach mostly bright red, some dark, only once should he be worried?

A lady urenating blood. What is the problem?

A little ill with diarrhea and possibly blood in my stool. The diarrhea is a few days old and blood in last day or so. 45 y/o M, 6'1", 235#. Ideas?

A little worried about blood in my stool. What could be possible causes?

A lot of bright red blood in stool. The first bit of poop was hard, but the rest was just mush. The bleeding stopped after I was done. Causes?

A speck of fairly bright red was seen in my stool minutes ago. It was very very small. This is the first time it's happened I haven't eaten red food. ?

Abdominal cramping, fast heart rate, nausea, vomiting, dierreha, high blood sugar, low iron/anemic, blood in urine, hurts eat/drink?

Abdominal pain and bleeding after pooing quite significant amount of blood?

Abdominal pain, especially after eating small meals. Blood in stool & blood clots. ER said blood ct was fine, no other test. 3 weeks of this & fatigue?

Abdominal pressure+rumbles. Small amount blood in saliva once. Don't eat after gallbladder removed. High stress, headaches, dizzy upon standing.Ideas?

Abigail has had headaches, stomach cramps, and diarrhea for over 24 hours. Not much urine output. When should I worry and/or head to the hospital?

About once every month when i poop i find small to large amounts of blood in the toilet. It doesn't hurt coming out and it is bright red. I'm 20, male?

After a hysterectomy is it normal to spot blood?

After a number 2 there's always bright red blood on the tissue tonight there was quite a lot is this ok?

After a poo i found blood on the tissue is this normal thanks?

After BM, there was a lot of dark thick blood in the toilet. I have hemorrhoids, but they cause bright red spotting. Safe to ignore if isolated?

After defecating, had bright red bleeding, with bright red clots with body tissue. I had no problem with defecating.

After having a novasure last week I am now suffering from chronic stomach cramps and losing a watery type blood , how long will this last. ?

After I do a poo and wipe I get dark red blood clots and mucus on the paper ?

After I have a bm, I bleed a little from my vagina. The blood is dark brown. I have been constipated since I was a child. Please help.

After i make poo theres bright red blood on the tissue & the water in the toilet is turned red.Sometimes my bum feels like theres something sharp.Help?

After I urinate,I have noticed little black specks in urine and they begin to make thiier way up the toilet bowl.I have observed them with a

After passing a stool and wiping I found a long white vein. This has happened twice now at first thought it was a worm but not moving why is this?

After passing stool I noticed very tiny and light red spots on my toilet paper. I assume this is blood. Why?

After vomiting I have bright red blood in my spit I just want to know if I should really be concerned and ask my family doctor?

Age67 female hemrodes bright red blood stripe in bowel for 2 weeks used preparation h seem to be getting better most of blood gone. Do I have cancer?

All year I've been in and out of hospitals for kidney stones high blood, pressure, throwing up, headache peeing blood etc. What could be wrong with me?

Almost everytime i pass a bowel, stool has white mucus looking stuff all over it. & 2 times i've seen red looking tissue. Jst started happening recent?

Am 19 and i am passing stools with little bright red blood and sometimes with mucus for 3 months what is its cause and sometimes it also cause abdomin?

Am now peeing blood just a little and my nasal mocus show blood too because of digestine small peices of sharp plastic is it bad or it may pass away?

Anaemic, night sweats lower back pain losing weight. Ruled out TB and lymphoma. Possible colon problem?? Blood in stool only once but dark and runny

Anal fissure has gotten worse. A lot of mucus, thick and white. Also, stools have have loads of blood, not a smear, like a teaspoon? What's happening

Anus discomfort and bright red blood when I have a bm?

Are blood test 100% accurate for judging crohns flare ups? I feel like I have had the worst flare up ever. Diarrhea, blood in stool, nausea, pain. Everything negative. Help?