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I did not have a bowel movement but when I wiped there was a clearish brown mucous on the toilet paper....

10 weeks pregnant experiencing itchy vaginal area very dry light blood only smearing paper when wiping?

17 days after my first day last period. Went to the restroom and when i wiped there was a small amount of very bright blood. Could this mean ovulation?

19/yo virgin. Last week had bad pain in low left belly. Few days ago there was blood when wiping from poop. Now blood when wipe pee.Period 2 weeks ago?

1st day wipe little blood then it stop. 2nd same thing. 3rd day wipe little blood with cervical mucus and little drops on pad. Really worried?

21 and went to bathroom and had a lot of bright red blood on toilet paper and in water (none in stool) I looked at my anus and saw multiple tears?

24 yr female.After peeing,wiped and found bright red blood on the toilet paper 1x. Not visible in urine.Wiped again & nothing. No pain.Sex 5 days B4?

24 yr female.After peeing,wiped and found bright red blood on the toilet paper 1x. Not visible in urine.Wiped again & nothing. No pain.Sex 5 days B4?

3 days missed period, drops of blood when i wipe my vagina after pushing to poo. Very light pink/red.. When i dig in more, it stops. What does it mean

36wks & 5days pregnant I went to the bathroom to urinate&after wiping i had a bit blood on the toilet paper. Why is that??

38 weeks pregnant sharp pains in vagina and blood on toilet paper. Help?

50 year old female, had my period for 5 days. Stopped for 2 days noticing blood on toilet paper ( bright red) after urinating. Infection?

6 weeks preg, very constipated had some bowel movement and when wiped little bit of pink blood from vagina than none after when I go urinate, normal?

6 weeks pregnant wiping light pink blood after intercourse. went to the hospital before and they said nothing is wrong. why am I wiping blood ? Is it something I should be worried about . its not a lot of blood and I'm not in pain . what's happening

A friend had some finger cut (he bit it) which bled. He wiped his blood with some toilet paper. I took something near it. Will I get infected from it?

After a bowel movement often I find specks or small flakes on the toilet paper that are the same color as my stool. Is this something to worry about?

After having sex last night i noticed i was bleeding bright red blood. I'm 29 weeks pregnant and noticed blood on the toilet paper this morning, still red. I can still feel the baby moving, but i'm worried. Should i go to the hospital?

After i pee and wipe my self with toilet paper, i can see blood on it. What can it mean? Light blood, and it happens only when i pee. Its more like blood spotting.

After i pee i wipe my felf when i look on the toilet paper there is a small amount of light pink blood on it! wt does it mean?

After I pee then wipe, there is bright red blood. My urine seems light colored though. Is it possible that it's just wound at the end of my urethra?

After i pee when i wipe there is red almost orange blood on tp. no burning when i pee. have not gotten my period yet. only happens after i pee?

After i urinate and wipe myself, there is always a small amount of blood on paper even though I am not in my period and not pregnant. Why?

After I urinate, when I wipe, there are faint blood spots on the tissue and it is happening only for 3 or 4 days before my normal periods every month?

After i used my bowel and i wiped there was blood and clear mucus on the toilet paper the blood wasn't in the mucus it was separate. What is this?

After i used the bathroom today there were black places on the toilet paper but not in the stool. Any ideas?

After i went poo this morning when i wiped there was lots of blood what's wrong?

After me and my boyfriend had sex I went to use the bathroom after urinating I saw three looking blood clots mixed with his semen..what's the cause?

After sex for the first time i went to the toilet and found not so much blood but some brown substance on my pants and im wondering if its normal?

After urinating i've noticed bright red blood coming from the urethra on the tissue after wiping. Any advice as to ehy is appreciated?

After urinating there is last drop of blood but I have white colored urine only the last drop and when I wipe in the tissue . what to do?

Alot of blood on my first wipe(leaked through toilet paper amount) but then the wipes after only contains small streaks of blood.

Am i having a miscarriage? I have have been seeing light red blood after i wipe and use the restroom. I stuck a qtip inside of my vagina and a little dark red blood was on the tip. Should i be concerned?

Around 3:00pm i had a bowel movement and when wiped there was alittle blood. Then 5 hours later, i urinated only and there was more blood?

Barely any blood on my pad but when i wipe, there's a lot of blood on the toilet paper? What's wrong with my period?

Been told by my own GP I'm a little dehydrated, I'm now seeing light pink blood on toilet paper after passing unrine.

Began my period however while wearing a pad there is little to no blood. When I sit down to pee, blood runs out and is present on paper. Abnormal?

Black specs in my urine and hurts to wipe.

Bled at 9am from fissure from rough edge on waste. 4 hours later more blood when I peed. Bright red blood, 1tbs. How much blood is too much to lose?

Bleed when wipe then used the bathroom again no blood what should I do?

Bleeding out of anus, when sitting. over a tablespoon of blood i have hemeroids, but theres no blood in stool. just when im sitting or on the toilet.

Blood and mucus in poo and blood on toilet paper?

Blood appears on toilet paper when he wipes. No blood in toilet or on feces, as far as we can tell. He says it doesn't hurt to push out and the feces appeared normal. ?

Blood in poo and toilet paper. Should I save it for doctor to see?

Blood in poop just on toilet paper. Anyways, what do you think this sounds like?

Blood in toilet and on toilet paper after using restroom. 11 yrs old?

Blood in urine, and on toilet paper after wiping. Sometimes very pink snd red, other times brown. Pain massaging lower back. Frequent urination Help?

Blood is coming out my bowl what's wrong?

Blood on paper when i normally wipe my butt. Later i'll get the feeling i didn't wipe so good and it looks like old brown/red blood mixed together. ?

Blood on toilet paper after bowel movement, should I be worried?

Blood on toilet paper after bowel movement? Pregnant and scared.

Blood on toilet paper after bowel movement. Maybe a tiny bit on stools?

Blood on toilet paper after urinating, which is frequent. No pain is associated for 2 days Then 3rd day bled for a few hours, amount about 2 on 1-5?

Blood on toilet paper after wiping but not on period. What could it be?

Blood on toilet paper for 1month. Went 2 doc and made dietary changes. Been 6 days without blood and FOB test was NEG. Cramps still, what is this?

Blood on toilet paper from bowel movement. What does this indicate?

Blood on toliet paper when wipe, no blood on maxi pad. Burning after pee not during. What exam will the dr need to do? Possible issue?

Blood when you wipe after you poop, should I be concerned?

Blood. On. Tissue. Paper itching in pee area?

Bloods and a little clotting when my husband wiped?

Bright pink spots on toilet paper after urinating. Week old routine blood labs are normal. Juicing carrots lately. Can this be the cause?

Bright red blood after pooping? What does this mean? I noticed it when I went to wipe myself

Bright red blood covering stool/on toilet paper. Notice tear/cut near anus. Stings when wiping. Fissure? Cancer?

Bright red blood in toilet water and on stool but not in. and covers toilet paper when wiping. After wiping enough blood eventually goes away ?

Bright red blood on my toilet paper, should I be concerned?

Bright red blood on toilet paper, but none in stool. What could be the problem?

Bright red blood on toilet paper?

Bright red blood on TP after first wipe after BM; then other wipes no more blood. I drink way to much pop and very little water...if that matters. ?

Bright yellow urine very bright like neon on toilet paper an abit uncomfortable pain in vagina especially when having intercourse is this worrysome ?

Burning when I urinate, a lot of pressure after urinating, spotted tiny amount of blood when wiping a couple of times and 6/7 lumps on my cervix ?????

Can having a hemorroid cause blood to be on your underwear?

Can hemorrhoids cause blood on toilet paper even when you aren't having a bowel movement?

Can you catch anything from dried blood? Somehow my roommate got menstral blood on toilet paper roll. Realized there was a drop on after wiping after urinating. Worried now.

Can you get herpes from urine? I was at the movies & I didn't notice the urine on the seat I didn't sit but I think some may have gotten on my toilet paper when I went to wipe blood from my vagina since I was on my period. Can I get herpies like that? I'm

Can you get hiv from dry blood on toilet paper? I don't even think it was blood but it was red so I'm not sure. The red bit didn't touch me though.

Can you pee too fast and have blood come out because i did that yesterday and i saw a lot of blood in my underwear ?

Cleaned toilet w bleach, later went to bathroom it turned my urin blood red! cleaned before not had this .. Should i be worried?

Constipated | Today passed a normal brown coloured stool although light red blood turned toilet water red and blood also on toilet paper when wiped ?

Constipation, blood on toliet paper, and now some mucus on stool? What to take for it?

Day 1 and day two of period full flow. Day three floe in in and off. At times blood on toilet paper but none on pad. Is this normal. What is cause?

Did a stool sample and i grabbed (my feaces) with toilet paper ..So there will be toilet paper fibres in my sample. Will this affect my sample?

Doctors at ER couldn't find anything wrong with me; but I am having blood on toilet paper and at the end of stools. It is painful most of the time.

Doctors: I am an 18 year old male and when i wiped last night there was some bright red blood on the toilet paper. There still is now when i wipe too.

Does anal cancer cause pain when passing stool and blood on the toilet paper?

Elderly mom emptyed her bowels and she had blood all over the toilet seat when she wiped. Hemorrhoids?

Every bowel movement last two weeks I bleed enough to turn water red. Is also on toilet paper when I wipe. Its not a lot but not a little? Little pain

Every time i go to the toilet lately to do a poo when i wipe there is bright red blood on the toilet paper. I don't think I have a hemorrhoid?

Every time I poop it hurts really bad like knives & there's blood in the toilet & a lot of blood in the toilet paper ?

Every time i poop the toilet water comes full with blood, when i wipe the toilet paper is full with blood... What can I do?

Every time I use the bathroom i notice im not peeing blood but when i wipe inside of my vagina hole there's blood in there what does that mean?

Every time I use the washroom and wipe, there is bright red blood when I wipe from my anus. It's every bathroom visit, no constipation or trauma.?

Everytime after I move my bowels and wipe my behind I see red dots or streak of blood on toilet paper. Not on first wipe but on 3rd or fourth. Why?

Everytime i go #2 which its soft not hard i fill the toilet with bright red blood & the toilet paper will be covered in blood. What's wrong with me?

Everytime i go to the toilet to urine it stings and sometimes there is specks of blood. What is wrong with me?

Everytime I poop..The poop looks brown but when I wipe on the toilet paper it looks yellow..I probably have a stool three times a day..It that normal?

Fadedpink color, not bright red, on toilet paper after wiping. Not on fecal matter or in toilet, but on warm water moistened paper. No lumps. Sift stool?

First bm this morning had blood swirled around it and on toliet paper when i wiped. I had another large bm about 4 hours later. Have been constipated?

For 4 days after i poop there is bright blood on the tolit paper after finish? What is causing that?

For the passed few days after I have a bowel movement I have a speck of bright red blood on the toilet paper. It is very tiny. Colon cancer ?

For the past 4 days or so When I pee it stings really bad and also hurts to wipe and when I do wipe there is a little blood ?

For the past 7 or 8 years; my anus burns when I poop and I have blotches of blood on the toilet paper. Sometimes a lot sometimes a little.