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hi doc! I have recently been spitting blood. When I spit out I am seeing traces of blood. it occurs usually in the morning.what could be the reason?

14 weeks pregnant & spit up blood while getting sick?

A person thst drinks and later vomits blood, what does that mean?

About a year ago i vomited with a small amount of blood in it, and again tonight i puked with blood. What's the most likely caus first time i puked in about a year.

After drinking my girlfriend is spitting up blood. What to do?

Any advice? I have been puking blood a lot today, what should I do!?

Blood in vomit, now bile? What can I take?

Blood in vomit, only this morning and no more; when do I see a doctor?

Blood in vomit, should I be concerned?

Can I die from vomiting blood if I ignore it, if it was just a little blood?

Can smoking cause you to vomit blood?

Common causes of spitting up blood?

Coughing up liqoud blood but the doctor said i'm fine. Should i be worried?

Could it be bad to vomit blood?

Does spitting blood mucus means ulcer?

Drinking then spitting up blood..Is this serious?

Gud am doctor, just wanna ask if it is normal to have blood in my vomit? I am now 9 weeks pregnant and i noticed it that i vomit blood..What i will do

Hello doctor, I am not sick or anything. But i woke up spitting up blood what does that mean?

Hi. Im 19 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Is it normal to throw up flem with blood in it?

I am spitting up blood a few hours after an egd. Should i go to the er?

I am spitting up streaks of blood in my saliva. I did throw up pretty violently right before but there was no blood in it that I could tell. ED time?

I had blood in my vomit. I think I may have been spiked. Should I seek help?

I have been randomly spitting blood for a year and its all the time help?

I have been vomiting and pooping blood what's wrong?

I have blood when i spit...What does that mean?

I have bulimia and throwing up blood, what to do?

I have chronic blood sugar condition, and i've been throwing up. Should I be worried?

I have pooped blood twice what is going on with me?

I just threw up and had blood in my spit I'm not dizzy or anything What should I do?

I just threw up a little blood. I'm bulimic. What's happening and what should I do? I don't think it's an emergency.

I just threw up and it was bloody(about 0.5ml of blood) without coughing. The blood just came effortlessly after the actual vomit.I'm 11weeks pregnant?

I keep pooping blood what's wrong?

I tasted blood in my mouth and I had a lot of saliva with light tinged blood in it every morning. When to worry and when to call the doctor?

I threw up blood, what to do?

I throw up a lot of blood lately. What could be wrong with me?

I throw up blood today !

I was sick for the first time but there were traces of blood in my vomit, what's going on?

I was wondering what does it mean when someone throws up blood/chunks of blood?

I'm 22 weeks pregnant every night for a while now I've been waking up during the night having to spit up blood what could be causing this?

I'm bulimic and i coughed up blood today what do I do?

I'm bulimic and there's blood in my vomit. What does it mean?

I'm spitting out blood not to sure why this is happening? Do you have any ideas why?

I'm two months and I just throw up blood it doesn't happen all the time but.. Today I'm doing it again?

I'm vomiting blood with bile while 11 months pregnant. Is that normal?

I've been pooping blood for quite some time now. Am I dying?

I've been spitting up blood it's not a lot of blood and it's light colored but I'm scared it could life-threatening?

I've had the flu for about 3 days and last night was retching and tasting blood, now im vomiting blood. What's going on?

If I have blood in vomit, what should I do?

If I vomit blood, does this mean that I have a lung problem?

If you have pneumonia, is it possible to vomit blood?

Im bulimic and just vomited out blood ? Wat does it mean, is it bad? Were blood come from ?

Im throwing up blood?

Is a few drops of blood in vomit dangerous? I was purging.

Is it normal to vomit then spit some blood?

Is it normal to wake up with blood all over your pants? Does this have something to do with bulimia?

Is it okay that i swallowed someone else's blood?

Is spitting blood during pregnancy normal?

Is spitting up blood a sign of food poisoning for infants?

Last night i had heartburn and insmonia all night and a lot of liquid diarrhea and in the morning i threw up with blood even i had blood in my nose?

Might a huge ammount of stress cause someone to throw up blood?

My boyfriend is sweaty, pooping blood and throwing up blood. What do I do ?!

My friends mom has been vomiting brown stuff and they don't know what it is because she's been on clear liquids they think it could be blood clot?

My girlfriend is throwing up blood. What can be wrong with her? What should we do?

My grandfather vomits blood. Is this normal if he has tuberculosis?

My husband is an alcohic, he has some blood he spits from his mouth but is not vomiting up blood? He is 40 years old

My husband poopping blood?

My Uncle is Vomiting blood & pooping blood ?

Please explain what does projectile vomiting blood mean?

Small specks of blood in saliva after vomiting. Could this be serious?

Sometimes i feel Blood sensation through my throat but no blood vomit , what's happening?

Spitting up blood every morning for 3yrs now. What do I do?

Spitting up blood for no reason?

Spitting up blood in the morning! smoked since 66?

There's blood in my ass slot?

There's blood in my mouth after i purge, should I be worried?

There's blood in my spit. Is this normal or should I be worried?

Throwing up blood with black stuff and now spitting blood what's wrong with me?

Throwing up from drinking.. But throwing up a good amount of blood what's that mean?

Vomiting and pooing blood, what could this be?

Vomiting blood from not eating all day. What should I do?

Waking up from a nap then spitting up blood, what does this signify?

What are reasons that I would throw up blood?

What are some reasons you would spit up blood occasionally?

What are sources of blood in the vomitus of a two day old neborn?

What are the causes of throwing up and pooing blood?

What can cause me to vomit blood and black stuff?

What can cause you to spit up blood?

What can I do for my blood in vomit without going to a doctor?

What causes a person to spit blood?

What causes blood in vomit?

What causes vomiting blood, i'm so scared and don't know what's wrong with me !

What could cause blood in urine and spitting up blood? He's peed blood 2xs n spit up once just today no other symptoms really , says feels feverish.

What could cause me to vomit blood?

What could cause someone to throw up blood?

What could make you spit up bright blood?

What do I do if I see blood in vomit?

What do you eat when your throwing up blood? My girlfriend is spitting/throwing up blood and we don't know what to feed her to make it settle a little

What do you suggest if my friend poops blood. can anyone help us?

What does it mean if I am throwing up mucus and blood?

What does it mean if you vomit and there is blood in it?