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12 days ago I gave blood for my blood test. In one week after that, red, itchy spots were emerged in the region in my left arm in which i gave blood. ?

3 days ago had my blood drawn and my bicep feels like its ripping, burning. What could be wrong? 3 days ago i had 4 tubes of blood drawn out of my arm (where the arm bends in front of the elbow). Nurse took blood from the middle of my arm but the blood

4 inch red/purple Bruising down along wrist two days after arterial blood test. Played football yesterday. Worried I have done serious damage?

A bike crashed into me, there was blood all over my arm. And i was bleeding myself as well on my own wounds (on the arm too). Will i contract hiv?

A bump on my arm developed after i donated blood. Is this abnormal?

A cactus needle pierced a blood vein on my hand and it is swollen and aching....What should I do? I am a 65 year old female in good health

A clot of 1 cm diameter appeared in about forty minutes after the blood draw in inner part of my arm near elbow, Should I be worried? Thank you

A little bit of bruising after blood drawing should be ok, right?

After 12 hours, my arm still hurts after having blood work done. What should I do?

After doing a IV i had blood on gloves when i removed them i noticed there was blood on the inside out . Should i worry I have some cuts on hand?

After having my blood drawn little water bumps appeared down my arms is that normal???

Alot of blood taken for potassium issues and miscarriage in past year. No bruises, but lump on arm/vein, will it heal or permanent needle damage?

Area around where i got blood drawn is turning orange , painful to touch ..Blood test was 2 weeks ago..Is this normal ?

Blood draw from rt a/c and tb test below it. 5 days later red dots around antecubital area and pimple next to red but neg tb test. Normal? Coincidence

Blood drawn 3 days ago. Bruise with dark purple line through it at draw site. Muscles hurt on that arm, especially upper arm. Should I worry?

Blood drawn yesterday. I woke up this morning with my arm swollen/sore about 2 inches above where blood was drawn. No bruising. Is this normal?

Blood spot under thumb where it got pinched. Do I have to do anything?

Bruise comes and goes,same spot for 6 mo. now on left arm. Had CBC, platelet, clotting test, cardiac workup, normal. Do not take aspirin. Thoughts?

Bruised arm after getting blood drawn ? How long until it heals ?

Bruised my thumb two months ago it was pinched. Blood still going on. Part of nail fell off still hurts. Blood has diminished some but not all. Is th?

Can a bad blood draw cause a cyst near the draw site?

Can a blood test cause you to have a DVT blood clot in your arm? I had a blood test yesterday and now have a sore left arm and shoulder area. Worry.

Can a fingerstick test cause a hole in my finger?

Can a nerve be hit when drawing blood?

Can air in the syringe get pushed back into vein during blood draw when the let go of syringe plunger?

Can anything bad happen if a phlebotomist punctures all the way through a vein during a lab draw?

Can blood be drawn for blood work from somewhere else besides the inside of your elbow?

Can drawing blood give a bruise?

Can it hurt to get your blood drawn?

Can low blood flow can cause pins and needles in feet.

Can the finger-prick blood drop collection device be used for other sites, like palm? And how many hours / days does it take for the puncture to heal?

Can there be another part of the body to draw blood from other than the arms?

Can there be anything to numb a area of skin for blood test?

Can they test for anemia with a finger prick or heel stick?

Can too much iron in blood cause the hands break out in cracks that bleed?

Can u die from low red blood cell count and what other side effects can you get,my body goes cold i get pins and needles in my hand and feet,get dizzy?

Can u get blood clot in finger from a ring?

Can you get a sample of blood for a newborn screen from a baby's arm instead of their foot?

Can you get HIV from donating platelets and them puting the plasma and saline back in your arm?

Can you get your blood drawn anywhere else besides the front side of your elbow?

Can you hurt yourself by using to small of a blood pressure cuff? I used mine and my wrist was hiring bad by time I was done.

Can you tell me how to get a blood test. do I ask for the numbing cream on the spot?

Can your arm hurt even after a day after u have blood drawn?

Could a TB skin test be false positive if the needle was to deep? My arm bled after the test and now that its healing I have a large purple bruise

Could it be harmfull while drawing blood i pull the needle to fair out and it make a whiseling noice like if the bevel got air. Can blood excape out?

Could the lady that pulled my blood reused a needle? I got blood drawn and after I seen spots of blood in the needle holder. I'm scared.

Could you describe how venipuncture works?

Could you tell me if i washed blood off my hands and i can't see it anymore is the blood gone from my hands?

Do you have any tips on how to relax and calm down while getting blood drawn?

Does it hurt to get an arterial blood gas done?

Donated blood to the blood bank yesterday for the 1st has been more than 24 hrs but i feel slight pain in that region of hand .help!hb-14 girl

Donated blood week back, now a clot sort of thing developd around injected hand. Is it okay to let it as it is?What might be the reason?Pic attached.

Donated plasma yesterday. There is pooling of deep red blood in a small circular shape inch from IV site. Never happened before, what is it?

Done a blood test and the place where the needle entered keeps on bleeding, i pressed down many tissues on it and it keeps on bleeding, what to do?

Dr wants a ddimer will the fact I have a fresh small bruise on knee a small bruise under fingernail and blood drawn yesterday effect it tomorrow?

Drew blood on lefthand but missed,so changed righthand.There're 2small bruises around 2holes&my hands are a bit weak.Never drawn blood b4.Why? Thx

During IV infusion of venofer, some blood got into the IV tube as i moved hand and went back in as i adjusted hand. Could this cause a problem?

Every bruise I get, bump into table, stub toe, blood draw... Leaves a stain, like a shadow of the bruise. Blood draw was 90 days ago!! Can you explain?

Every time I go to get blood drawn the nurse can't find a vein. Why?

For how long after a mastectomy can you not use the affected arm for blood pressures, blood draws, and ivs?

Gave blood two days ago and same arm is sore including hand. ?

Got a really bad bruise after blood test, help?

Got blood test a month ago in three different places on arm. Started getting small red pimple at the site where blood was drawn. Doesnt hurt or itch. ?

Got chest port accessed 30 mins ago, nurse could flush but hard to draw blood @first. Rt arm/joints hurts from bicep to fingers since access. Problem?

Had a blood test an nurse ripped the needle out fast on a funny angle, it hurt so bad, then she then tossed it away fast, could needle tip be in my arm?

Had a picc line in arm six months ago for blood test bruised really bad do I need to worry that this has caused a blood clot?

Had blood drawn it was done a bit rough,have bruise/no pain where it was done but under my arm pit is a bit sore and slightly swollen.related?

Had blood drawn this morning and now i can see the vein branching down my arm. It only hurts at and around the puncture site. L have never seen this before. Should i be concerned?

Had blood test 1week ago.nurse forgot to remove tourniquet so alot of blood squirted out.The site still has green/blue hematoma! When will it go away?

Had blood test wk ago. Large bruise came up on forearm + elbow, now have tender limp inside of elbow where I guess blood was taken. Do I need the dr?

Had blood work done a few weeks ago, the next day red bumps and itching from where the needle was. Still is not getting better. What could it be?

Had blood work done today and nurse had a little trouble finding the vein couple hours later I have a small bump under the skin at the needle site.

Had my blood drawn yesterday,Now I have a bit of a bruise and pain sore pain under my armpit. Is that normal?

Hand tingling from blood donation in that arm today. Normal, or worry?

Hands and feet are a little swollen. Blood test and EKG are good. Sign of heart problems?

Hands very red, blood vessels in finger purpur. Urine vol. Lower than normal.No fever, no edemas, creatinine ok.What could be?How can send photo of hand?

Have had lots of small bruises past couple of months on legs- all blood counts came back normal range. What else could be the cause?

Heat or cold for pain after drawing blood?

Hello, I am wondering if the day after i get my blood drawn if bruising/internal bleedingmarks should appear?

Hematoma in arm from blood withdrawal . Still have a lump under skin 4 months after blood withdrawal. Cause for concern? .

Hi am 19 and my left arm keeps hurting me all the time i don't no why do I need a blood test ?

Hi what causes green veins on the arm and its abit happened after i took blood test two days ago.

Hi, Veins very small. During blood test, the nurse had trouble finding my vein. When she found it the blood came out very very slowly. What's wrong?

Home blood gluc monitor suggests poking forearm. If I hit a vein, could that present a dangerous situation?

How bad do blood tests hurt when they are taken through the vein on a scale of 1-10?

How can I numb my arm with ice pack before getting blood test?

How can I treat anxiety over blood? I draw blood and i fell like everything i touch has blood.

How can it be that my arm hurts after getting blood taken?

How come the nurse had to stick me 5 times to get a sample of blood? Is something wrong with me?

How common is it to get a thrombosis in your arm after a routine blood draw?

How dangerous is to have a blood clock in the arm?

How do you get the blood out of a vacuum tube once you've drawn it?

How does a lab take blood to test for bacteria, do they use one needle in one arm or a needle in each arm?

How is a blood type test done? Do they take a lot of blood with a needle or do they just stick your finger?

How long does blood flow to the arm have to be cut off for before losing your arm?

How long for nerve pain at blood draw site,i.e forearm,that extends to palm,little,ring fingers to resolve?7 days since the draw.Signs to watch for?

How long should a bruise from having blood drawn from my arm last?

I always get arm pain after IV or blood test sometimes bruise regardless of where the needle was. Should I be concerned?

I am 34 weeks pregnant, had blood drawn, nurse left the rubber band tied tight around my arm for the whole blood draw. Could it cause a blood clot?

I am 35 weeks pregnant and my hands get very swallen, red and fingers sometimes hurt no high blood pressure is it normal?