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Smelly fluid coming out naval also showings of blood?

. I was wondering what is wrong with me the day after sex I peed blood then it stopped now there's blood In my sperm what does that meanĀ ?

15, female. A lot of blood comes out after every time I masturbate?

3 weeks pregnant found a 2 inch blood clot surrounded by red blood after I used the toilet. Is this bad? I had sex the night before

38 weeks blood clots when i pee mucus plug?

38 weeks pregnant, tiny spot of blood, increased discharge. Should i be worried?

6 weeks pregnant, threw up (no blood) then spat out a little blood and had a nose bleed.. What does it mean?

8weeks postpartum, blood on and off. Sometimes clear white mucus mix with blood, sometimes heavy blood, sometimes nothing at all. Should i concern??

A drop of blood came from penis after urination, what does it mean ?

A gray large blood clot came throught my vagina is that normal?

A little blood coming from the vagina. Postmenopausal?

A little blood during a check with a speculum?

A month after my hysterectomy i still have a heavy discharge with some fresh blood. Is this normal. I do keep still and look after myself.

A piece of blood came out when I coughed?

A tiny bit of blood in discharge . What does that mean?

After intercourse i went to pee and there was blood mixed with his sperm what could this be?

After ten years of manapause i saw fresh blood in vagina?

All of a sudden this morning I've been having a lot of pressure during the end of urinating, and very little spotting and small clumps blood?

Almost choked on a ball of blood. Thin layer of clear mucus around in it but primarily bright, thick, blood reaking blood. Throat not sore. what's up?

Are yellow stuff coming out of a girls vagina still considered as blood? And does that mean she's still on her period?

At the time of sex from blood was coming from penis, what does that mean?

Been having blood in my semen for two weeks now with no other symptoms but how long will the blood last in my semen?

Before a period is it normal to have a chunk of blood that looks like it might be attached to tissue but when I wipe there is no blood. is it normal?

Bleeding a little bit after an im injection is normal or does it mean that the liquid leaked out? With the blood?

Blood coming out instead of poop, what is this?

Blood coming out of bellybutton, what to do?

Blood during sex first time? Help

Blood from my vagina is orange, should I be concerned?

Blood from penis, a day after first time sex?. What can it be?

Blood in my sperm in condom male age 40 very worried. Is this serious?

Blood in seman?

Blood in semen an sometimes in urine after sex?

Blood in semen for the past three months! pl advice!

Blood in semen?

Blood is coming from the tip of my penis, it is not in the urine, what may be the cause of this?

Blood is coming with semen?

Blood is pouring from my vagina and I am not on my period, is this an infection symptom?

Bloody mucus before and after my period. Some fresh blood and dry blood clots, too. Is this cancerous?

Brownish blood fromvvagina what's it mean?

Burst blood vessel in my penis can my girlfriend get infection of my blood?

Can anal sex cause a person to have blood in urine?

Can HIV pass from penis tip(semen) to blood stream through urethra?Assume Unprotected sex. What if it gets locked inside semen and not passes to blood

Can ketamine cause blood in seaman?

Can one be pregnant and still see blood stain?

Can prostatic calcifications cause blood in the semen ?

Can someone here tell me please how to get a blood clot out of your vagina?

Can you answer, is blood inside of your placenta somethiong to worry about?

Can you get anything from dried up blood ?

Could masturbation lead to blood in urine for females?

Cyst released sticky pus with blood , what does that mean?

Daughter says after pooping there was a small clump of blood seprate from the stool and she is just at the end of her period but no blood on tissue?

Docs, could a dr determine if someone has thick blood?

Drople of blood from penis?

Dry blood after masturbating. What should I do?

During period, upon waking, I leak watery, clear fluid from my vagina. Could this be plasma from blood separating? No odor. Blood follows. Not on bc.

Female, 34. Blood specks only in seminal discharge after intercourse. Normal pap smear. Causes? Is it that my husband could have blood in semen?

First time after 3 years after sex, my boyfriends ejaculation and pee contained blood! he peed later and no blood! why?

For a long time when i ejaculated my semen was blood red. Hasn't happened for 6 months. Should i still worry?

Fresh blood coming from rectum, what is this?

Good day.. I haven't had sex in a while.. Decide to do it last night.. But there was blood in my ejaculation and actually urine blood after having sex?

Had a blood test and could have blood clots. Had injections and to thin blood. Brown substance is now coming out as if I have had a period. Normal?

Had a drop of blood after masturbating?

Had blood clot with little white stuff what that means in my 2period tis month.

Had some white stringy tissure stuff during periodwith a blood clot. Ii'm not on birth control. What could this be?

Having white stuff flowing in your urine could it be pregnency sign?

Hello im 34 years old male and whenever i bleed there are stringy clumpy long things in my blood. What is this?

Hello, I am 24. I always cum with a blood . What i shall do?

Hello, my friend is having dark red, thick, sticky blood coming from his penis. Should he see a doctor ASAP? Or could it be something minor?

Help please? I have fresh blood coming from rectum?

Hi I have blood on my fingers sometimes i masterbate. I have been sexually active with my boyfriend but there is no blood ever. Could it be something ?

Hi i been miscarrying for 2 weeks but now i have very little blood coming out no more clots or cramps not very dark blood either but it smells so bad ?

Hi I have blood coming out with poop and blood on tissue after?

Hi I've had clear discharge with bits of blood and a lot of pain for last few days?

How can I treat thick blood naturally?

How come I have blood coming out of my anus?

How does one remove the blood stains on the underwears caused by menses?

How much time does semen last in your blood stream?

I am 11 weeks pregnant and every time I poop blood comes out sometimes a little to much blood what can it be please help me?

I am 21 and i saw bood in my sperms?

I am 29 years old.. I recently had blood in my semen after sex 3rd time that day. Is this cause for concern?

I am 8 weeks pregnant. I am having blood mixed vaginal discharge. Is it normal to have blood spotting in tissue paper after urination?

I am a virgin, and every time I masturbate there is a LOT of blood during and afterwards. Whether I have an orgasm or not. More blood than my period.

I am bleeding from my bum. I know it's not my period because the blood is coming out of my but hole. What is this?

I am male and of 24, blood come from my ass after pooping. ?

I am passing very little blood from my vagina over 3 days now. I don't have any pain .sometime the blood is dark color . what can cause that bleeding ?

I am postmenopausal with bleeding. The doc can't see any coming from my cervix. The blood is high in my vagina. Where else could it be coming from ?

I am suffering from blood coming out of my stool. It has been 3 months. Blood comes out once or twice in a month. I m male of age 18. Please , help me.

I cut myself and i noticed that my blood is sticky. Is it normal?

I ejaculated 3 times after 10 days of prostate surgery first time nothing came out the other two was ok but after urinated blood came out why?

I found blood in my semen after ejaculation. Do you have any suggestions or advice for me?

I get blood coming out of my penis. What does this mean?

I get blood in urine after having an erection. What should I do?

I get blood strands when i pee. What disease is this?

I got blood come from my penis ?

I had a prostate biopsy three days ago and I am showing blood in my semen. Is it dangerous for my wife if we have intercourse?

I had lump come out of my vagina with a bit of blood what is it please?

I have 2 questions. The first is my period blood isn't coming out of my vigina but when I put a tampon in the is a small amount of blood on it and th?

I have a discharge like substance combined with my period blood and no clots ever. Is that normal?

I have a lot a gas also brown discharge with gas a little of blood what is this?

I have been bleeding thick black blood, it has a very strong smell and large clots. No red blood has been seen. What could be happening?