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Recently had two DVTs Took blood thinners but I'm now off. The past few days my inner thigh has been swollen and black and blue. Should I get help?

1 large blackish bruise in same spot behind both knees. Some pain in left leg. No swelling. Could it be a blood clot?

1 of my legs is always swollen. One is always bigger than the other is there a way to fix that. I had a blood clot in the leg?

1wk after 10 blood draws w venflon in antecubital space after extreme tourniquet, veins right under armpit hurt a lot not constantly no redness. Why?

25-f, frequent blood vessel ruptures turning on a water faucet, swatting a fly on leg, just bent finger sudden burning pain purple under skin, causes?

3 wks ago Dx 1 superficial blood clot in arm at IV site.Now I feel a total of three blood clots in the same vein.Should I be worried?Whats the cause?

4 year old shin injury still hurts could it be a blood clot?

A big reddish bruise on my chin... The only known medical issue that I have is asthma... My grandma has a history of blood clots... ?

A door hit my finger and caused a little blood clot and lump. What should I do?

Added some pics. I've blood spots on feet.Was using support stockings and i get pain in my r leg as i had an u/sound that show burst vessel.Help plz.

After 5days of radial cath i gut small bruising big bluish spot around it arm & finger pain when moving but its not close to cath site, what cause it?

Ankle pain in both feet, and turning purple. Er did ultrasound if veins and arteries and a X-ray and ruled out blood clot.. What could it be?

Bad blood draw yesterday (venipuncture/8vials).Immediately:red/blue, v.swollen&painful.Now:flat,hard lump,bruise.Do ruptured veins heal?Just a leak?

Big yellow bruise on forearm after catether in my hand? Can this be a blood clot or anything serious?

Blood clot cause swollen right arm?

Blood clot my husband just discover a blood clot in his foot, they did an emergency surgery 3 days ago but his foot is still swollen and have a redness is this serious? And he can hardy stand on his feet

Blood clot on top of my hand, what to do?

Blood clot? Sat on feet they went numb so moved about until circulation returned. Now there's liner shaped bruise on foot. Clot? Photos on profile

Blood clots seem to form in the same spot about every couple months in the same spot in my arm, what do I do? If your overweight is that a factor?

Blood draw 5 days ago. swelling and awfully painful on inner elbow. no brusing showing. what should i do and how long will it hurt?

Blood test on my arm she used a vein i never see them use, it hurt more this time and have purple bruise around area, not hurt, 3 days i need to worry?

Blood vessel pop on top of my left hand should I get it check out?

Blood vessels keep busting in my hands and feet. I feel a pop, then an itch and some swelling. Then a bruise. It's happened twice already today?

Blood vessels that do not burst I have had one on the bottom of my foot for about 1 month. Its very painful, but sometimes it reduces in size and reappears. Is this a sign for a more serious problem

Both my ankles are swollen suddenly for the first time. Non injury. Blood work was done a few weeks ago everything ok. Heart checked 6 months ago ok ?

Both my legs are very sollen i can hardly walk what can it be and what can I do im 42 and had a blood transfusion about two weeks ago for ulcers

Boyfriend popped a blood vessel in his arm. Is this dangerous?

Brother kicked me in leg really hard big bruise can this cause blood clot?

Bruised feeling calf sign of blood clot?

Can a blood clot cause painful swelling to occur in BOTH legs/ankles?

Can a blood clot make your arm numb?

Can a blood clot on the hand close to the wrist area look like a lump and if it is a blood clot could it be dangerous?

Can a broken wrist cause a blood clot in the arm?

Can a bruise be caused by artery instead of vein. And if so does it heal like other bruises

Can a cold weather injury of the thigh cause blood clot formation in the lower leg in someone with a hypercoagulating blood condition?

Can a person feel a little pain from time to time during the day at the site of varicose vein (there is no blood clot)?

Can a severely torn calf muscle cause a blood clot?

Can a small bump that feels like it's in the vein running down the shin be blood clot? Feeling warmth and a bit of tingling in toes periodically

Can being cold in the feet cause blood clots? Since it reduces circulation?My feet get red, sometimes blue and it kind of worries me, i'm only 20.

Can blood clot undeer skin and be black and like a ball?

Can bruises on your arms from being pinched really hard in the same spot a lot cause a blood clot?

Can cardiac catheterization cause hematoma? My husband had a cardiac catheterization three days ago and now he has a bump a little bigger than a grape on his thigh near where they put in the catheter. He doesn’t want to call the doctor, but i think he sho

Can extremely skinny jeans cause blood clots in legs?

Can help blood thinners against burning feet?

Can i get a blood clot by getting kicked in the calf?

Can it be normal for one calf to be slightly bigger than the other? Should I worry about a blood clot?

Can painful sore blue knot on leg about 2x3 inches long be blood clot?

Can really bad bruises on your arm from being grabbed really hard cause blood clots?

Can someone create a blood clot in your head by rubbing it too hard?

Can the blood vein that was cut and capped during protatectomy be reopened to help bring blood to the groin area ?

Can widening of blood vessels be seen or noticed on an xray of the back?

Can you get a blood clot from passing out on a hard floor in one position all night?

Can you get blood clots in the leg from bus riding?

Can you get blood clots in your arm? And how do they look when they start?

Can you physically feel a blood clot in your lower leg?

Can you tell me how is the blood flow to the inner part of the talus (ankle)?

Can you tell me if i ruptured something during anal play, there would be blood right?

Can you tell me what the signs of a blood clot in the bottom of a foot?

Chinna got blood clotted in brain .Her right hand and leg are not working. Can she be cured? Can she come back as normal?

Circulation prob? After blood pressure cuff is applied, my arm stays red/purple for 45 mins. When I scratch, redness stays on. Legs go purple standing

Clear blood test at er for chest tightness.Out of town noticed round bruise on shin with raised clear center. Feels like sciatica.Clot?

Confused. Would you think I have blood pooling in legs/feet or am I getting purple sitting/standing due to low blood flow? Arterial u/s & pic in file.

Continuous bruising and red spots that look like blood vessels that burst on legs for no reason blood works normal what could it be?

Could a bulging vain in my forehead above my left eye be a blood clot? I read on a website that it may be a blood clot and to treat it with heat.

Could a painless bump on the shin be a blood clot? If so could it be linked to or a symptom of dvt?

Could an internal clicking in my head be connected to a blood clot?

Could blood transfusion cause spider veins to a person? If not what could? My legs now hurt if i stood a lot & go red behind thou i didn't have it b4!

Could bloody clots be why my leg is so cold?

Could cardiac pain ever cause the fingers on the left hand to swell up, stiffen, turn blotchy and cold? Or does that indicate compressed nerves/blood vessels?

Could i lump in upper leg be a blood clot even though I am on. I medications, 28 yrs old; have not traveled? Concerned about up coming trip.

Could it be a possible blood clot if severe, painful swelling in BOTH legs and ankles? Or would a blood clot only cause swelling of the affected limb?

Could itching due to eczema cause broken blood vessels in thigh?

Could my arm pain possibly be from a blood clot? How can I get it checked out?

Could my vein be scarred from an IV? It hurt for 2 weeks. Had blood drawn a month later from same vein and was really painful(usually doesn't hurt).

Could the cause of my vein swelling after blood draw be because of tramadol ?

Could the lump i feel inside on my upper leg be a blood clot? Just had blood work 2 weeks ago, everything was normal..

Difference between a bruise and a blood clot in the lower leg?

Do all blood clots cause strokes or is it rare? Asking because very worried about leg aches and odd eye suddenly turned red. Please help terrified

Do I have a blood clot? Pink, firm, sore, up leg

Do I have a blot clot and if so what kind? I think i might have a blood clot. I have been getting zerona laser therapy. My left hip started hurting really bad, then it started spreading down the outside part of my thigh and eventually covered the whole fr

Do I have circulation problems? I woke Up with a swollen hand & indents on my arm. Could laying on my hand overnight have caused that? Blood clot?

Does a blood clot feel like a bruise?

Does a blood clot in leg feel like bruise?

Does a blood clot look like a bruise?

Does a single swollen foot usually mean you have a blood clot?

Does cellulitis travel in the blood? I have red legs at the mid calf area does radiation

Does getting an arterial blood gas hurt much?

Does simultaneous swelling minus pain and redness in cephalic veins in BOTH hands mean something scary like a blood clot??

Does your leg get really swollen with a blood clot?

Donut shaped bruise above ankle, humped up in middle.Looks like dvt.Just went to er over arm pain and chest.Would blood test also rule out leg clot?

Dr just told me I have a superficial venos clot on shin.Asked if it was ok he said it SHOULD be.What does this mean?is it safe?Donut bruise 3ks ago.

During venipuncture yesterday, the needle went through the arm vein. Now the ulnar nerve is paining. No visible hematoma. Is it internal bleeding?

Excessive clotting throughout body from an IVC filter and down my legs. have a lot of bruising and hard areas like marbles from surgery are these norm?

feels like im sitting on a lrg lump in the vein/artery going down left thigh. Very [email protected] times! Can blood clots move around & present in this way?

Fell 10 days ago and knee hematoma. Still some swelling. Is it dangerous to car travel for hours? Could i get blood clot? Maybe wrap it in ACE bdg?

For about 3 weeks, my left calf has been swollen and hard. Not painful but tingling with activity. No injury + blood test suggests not a blood clot?

For years I've had a large lump on my forearm vein that balloons. If I raise my arm it goes down because the blood drains from it. When my arm hangs it fills with blood and gets really big if I'm exercising. It hurts if it's hit. Is this an aneurysm?

Had a very long operation to remove a blood clot from my throat which then caused a clot in leg now elbow is swollen, sore and extremely hot to touch?

Had ankle surgery two weeks ago. Opposite heel was red and tender when I woke up this morning. Could it be blood clot?

Had blood drawn 2 days ago in my cephalic vein in elbow crease. 3rd time in 2 weeks. Tourniquet was tight. Bicep area hurts alot, no bruise. Worried.