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..was admitted to hospital 3 yr ago for low oxygen levels ...still feel breathless any ideas?

2 year old had low oxygen level less than 90 for 8 hours. How bad is this for his health?

73 year old woman with healthy heart and lungs has been put on oxygen because of low oxygen stat. it will drop for no reason to 70's then go up.

82 yr old o2 saturation level was more than 95% on ventilater but after removeing ventilater her o2 saturation drop up to 30% will she recover?

92% blood oxygen level, is this okay?

Air hunger/lack of oxygen feeling in my nose and head.Im not anemic.Ferritin is 106ng/ml(range 30-400)is that low enough to have low oxygen?

Are oxygen drops dangerous for old people?

Are oxygen saturation levels lower in the elderly?

Are there any medications that can negatively effect oxygen saturation?

Arterial blood gases, very low oxygen levels found in m y newborn?

Arterial blood gases, very low oxygen levels found in my baby. Will he have cp?

Arterial blood gases, very low oxygen levels found, what to do?

At rest my oxygen sats are 98-100%, but after a recent stress test they dropped to 87%. What causes oxygen sats to drop after exertion?

At what level is low blood oxygen harmful for children with copd?

At what oxygen level should I start to worry for a 2 year old?

Below what level blood oxygen does brain damage happen?

Blood oxygen level 100- lungs working okay?

Bronchiolitis in 15 month old and low oxygen saturation after several days of treatment. Causes?

Can a person have normal to high o2 saturation, but low respiration?

Can anxiety attacks cause oxygen saturation to drop?

Can asthma make me exhausted even if my oxygen levels are good?

Can being in low oxygen saturation levels for over 40 years cause osteoarthritis?

Can heart failure cause a decrease of carbon dioxide in the blood?

Can high blood sugars 450+ cause oxygen stats to fall?

Can high carbon dioxide in the blood be cured?

Can high levels of oxygen in an incubator cause bad eye sight in kids?

Can high levels of oxygen in an incubator cause bad eye sight? Can any docs explain?

Can I increase my oxygen level in my blood by exercising a lot, even if I have anaemia?

Can i still sleep with low oxygen levels?

Can I use oxygen supplementation on an airplane?

Can lack of iron in your blood cause you to suffocate, from lack of oxygen?

Can oxygen levels be high or low because of a chesty cough?

Can Pfo cause low oxygen levels while exercise. My oxygen levels drops down to about 88 while i am walking, then at rest it goes up to 98?

Can sleep apnea cause low oxygen level?

Can snoring cause low oxygen at night? oxygen was lowest 83% 3 min frame On 2 liter oxygen at night.Still tired in day. No sleepapena heart related

Can someone on ventilator get elevated carboxyhemoglobin levels?

Can the body adapt to low oxygen levels ?

Can there be a tool or a device that measures oxygen level in a certain space?

Can there be a way to tell if i need supplemental oxygen at home?

Can you be put on oxygen even if your o2 sats are not bad?

Can you have idiopathic pulmonary hypertension with normal blood oxygen levels? Does the level of oxygen in your blood correlate to the degree of PH?

Can you have shortness of breath with an oxygen level of 95 or greater?

Can you please explain how and why with low iron sometimes not have a normal amount of oxygen in their blood?

Can you tell me how good is breath one hour of pure oxygen per day ?

Can you tell me how the prescence of carbon dioxide reduce the affinity of heamoglobin for oxygen?

Can you tell me if throughout hyperventilation the concentration of co2 in the blood to decrease why?

Can your blood oxygen level from your finger differ from your lower extremities?

Can your o2 be good but still feel restricted and still need oxygen?

Carbon dioxide level in blood 13. Dr didn't say anything. Should I worry?

Carbon dioxide level is high in my mother's blood & she is using bipap machine. Is there any medicine for this so that she does not have to use bipap?

Causes for low oxygen sats93-97%?

Copd cause low grade fever? I've heard when carbon builds up in body? Or low oxygen?

Could a low oxygen saturation cause chronic headaches?

Could bad circulation cause a low reading on an oxygen saturation meter?

Could high levels of oxygen in an incubator cause bad eye sight?

Could sepsis cause oxygen saturation levels to fall?

Could the body adapt to low blood oxygen level ?

Could you exercise on oxygen if you have emphysema and your o2 sat dip to low 90's?

Could you tell me what happens to your breathing rate when the amount of carbon dioxide in your blood increases?

Diagnosed with heart disease, on oxygen daily, oxygen level dropped low enough to be put in hospital, now what? 79 yr old female.

Do good blood oxygen levels indicate a healthy heart?

Do you always need a prescription to get an oxygen tank?

Doctors, please answer me! if the oximeter says my oxygen is 97, does this mean my brain is getting enough oxygen? even if im on my cpap 5 cm? im 19.

Does blood oxygen saturation drop before the onset of a stroke?

Does body temp increase if blood oxygen is low?

Does bronchiolitis cause low oxygen saturation?

Does Dyspnea require actual shortage of oxygen or does it include the believed lack of oxygen? Can it be ruled out if oxygen supply 94-97%?

Does EKG measures oxygen saturation too?

Does hyperventilation causes oxygen level to drop in blood?

Does increasing oxygen work if patient is in respiratory distress and if they have low hemoglobin?

Does low levels of oxygen impair you ablity to walk straight?

Does low oxygen saturation cause brain damage ?

Does lung cancer always effect oxygen levels.

Does my blood oxygen level make a difference in how severe my pulmonary fibrosis is?

Does oxygen saturation drop with exercise?

Does oxygen tube length affect lpm flow delivery?

Does sepsis usually cause oxygen saturation levels to fall?

Does the low oxygen saturation experienced on a commercial flight have a negative effect on a baby's developing brain?

Explain the blindness from levels of high oxygen when given to a premature infant?

For blood oxygen saturation level - what is the fatal and normal range?

For copd, what's considered a high concentration of required supplemental oxygen?

For what reason should patients with COPD be given low flow concentration (1-2l/min) supplemental oxygen?

Heart and lung tests were good, yet i was put on oxygen 2 yrs ago. Daytime levels are over 90, but I use it at night. Can i ever get off of it? I live at high altitude. I have never smoked.

Hey docs, should my daughter have oxygen therapy for 75-77% oxygen sats?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is oxygen level guideline, before needing supplemental oxygen?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is pulse oxygen saturation?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is an optimal blood oxygen level?

His oxygen level at 92 but has severe COPD. Is it safe to add oxygen now? Very out of breath all the time.

How can a respiratory therapist help me manage my oxygen levels?

How can emphysema reduce the amount of oxygen that diffuses into the blood ?

How can hyperpnea affects partial pressure of carbon dioxide and oxygen levels in the blood?

How can I boost my blood oxygen level?

How can I have an oxygen level of 100% at rest and still be short of breath?

How can I improve my breathing so i can get off supplemental oxygen? I do not have COPD or other. I live in high altitude state.

How can I lower my carbon dioxide level in blood? My level was a 33

How can I raise my haematocrit from 0.448 to 0.48? Got dysautonomia so more oxygen capacity the better.

How can oxygen get in the Blood?

How come when I smoke marijuana my oxygen saturation level dropped to 94%?

How do dr.'s treat a 79 yr old with oxygen levels that drop dangerously even while using oxygen? She is on heart medication.

How do elevated carbon dioxide levels affect the brain?