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elevated BUN, elevated k+ , elevated chloride, normal creatinine, and decreased Co2. Could this indicate kidney failure?

24hr urine:high creatinine/normal serum/high glucose.Recent swelling in hands&legs.History of cardiac paraganglioma;removed 1 year ago. Possible chf?

55gfr kidney damage n high blood pressure can this cause kidney failure?

75y old(single kidney,high creatinine,pressure ok),had dizziness since total colectomy surgery 6 months.Co2 level is low(~114).May this be the reason?

76 yrs, female, stage 4 CKD, PTH 285, normal calcium, phospatase levels. Is this close to kidney failure? what to do?

87year old gfr is 26 bun is 26 creat 1.7 no diabetes has high blood pressure well controled low salt diet no dialysis dr stated i am worried?

A pregnant patient has high serum creatinine. How it can be reduced?

Adpkd kidney funct. Below 20% very high K levels. What can I expect for grandma from here? Vomit/sleep 90% time. Puffy. No dialysis

Albumin level 1.5due to poor diet..CKD patient recovered from pancreatitis recently.please suggest something to increase albumin?

Amyloidosis, all my symptoms , heart, liver high ggt, brain, neurological, gasrto and urinary, lungs. GFR not released, what is the genetic blood test?

Ana 160:1 with u1rnp 5 u/ml. Other lupus screens negative. Pulmonary hypertension, Renal failure reverses with bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate). Can it be mtcd/sjogren?

Ankle swelling kidney creatinine .68 bun 13 ratio was 19.1 which is close to high ratio does that mean kidney or heart issues?

Are low level kidney diseases and high protein diets connected?

Are there and kidney diseases that cause chronically low potassium? Even with normal bun and creatine?

Are there certain kinds of food that lead to high blood urea nitrogen (bun) for a renal failure patient?

Are very high resting blood lactate levels ever seen in a healthy person with adequate kidney and liver function?

Blood work from Nephrologist showed HIGH wbcs, had symptoms, but was not put on antibiotics till a month later, for UTI. Will this affect the CKD?

BMP results: elevated BUN, elevated k+ , elevated chloride, decreased Co2. Could this indicate kidney failure? Potentially from IVIG?

Body profile: creatinine found 2 with uric acid 6. Is kidney biopsy necessary?

Both kappa lambda out of range in urine but ratio normal in urine and blood. Renal failure and anemia but no calcium or bone lesion. Diabetic. Steps?

Bun creatine lab says range 8-19 and mine is 25. is this high? have liver disease and had acute kidney failure three months ago. why is it high?

Can a ACE test be used to check kidney function on ACE inhibitors?As drugs like ibuprofen and potassium build ups affect blood through kidneys?

Can a gout attack (ankle) in the elderly cause mental confusion from high uric acid level? Bun is fine, creatinine is 1.8. Thanks 4 any info. :)

Can a kidney stone attack cause glucose levels to elevate? Does glucose elevate in severe pain?

Can a urine micro albumin 14mg/l show a slight damage to kidney for a diabetes type 1?

Can albumin be present in urine without any damage to kidney ? Due to excess protein intake or poor absorption in git?

Can azactam (aztreonam) injection cause decreased renal function in elderly?

Can birth control damage your kidneys? I have high levels of protein in my urine & need to see a nephrogist. 29yr w/ high cholesterol/obese. 

Can cellcept (mycophenolate mofetil) cause increased creatinine? My creatinine and bun have increased substantially since starting the drug in sept of this year.

Can dehydration affect creatinine?

Can dehydration cause a buildup of potassium in electrolyte blood tests without any other signs of kidney damage in tests?

Can dehydration effect blood test i had one and it showed kidney failure and high colesterol?

Can dehydration make your creatinine high?

Can detrol (tolterodine) cause high liver numbers in a blood test?

Can detrol (tolterodine) la cause high liver numbers in a blood test?

Can elevated enzymes in lever and low testosterone levels be caused due to kidney stones?

Can EPO secretion be low while kidneys and liver normal. Creatinine normal an kidney scan normal. Am 70 yrs?

Can heart failure or low cardiac output be associated with protein deficiency and how to best recover? Bnp=300 & protein 5.8g/dl

Can high bun/creatinine ratio (53, 2.0) in absence of GI bleeding mean dehydration if sodium and chloride is slightly lower than normal range and potassium is slightly elevated? Patient has diabetes, anemia, chf and on fluid restriction.

Can high potassium and urea level in blood necessarily means I have problem with my kidneys?

Can i take lisinopril, amlodipine, and furosemide for high creatinine and protein in urine, while i also have high uric acid levels?

Can kidney stone of 8mm size cause rise in bp.

Can lasix be suspect in hemoglobin loss in anemic patient (GI bleeding ruled out, kidney function improving if not on lasix). Alternatives that do not cause aplastic anemia? Should adh or other tests be done to rule out adverse issues with diuretics

Can low creatinine in children be due to dehydration?

Can low potassium in the blood or body injure the kidneys? Why? What's the solution to this?

Can porphyria cause high urinary copper?

Can someone still be treated for aspirin od 48hrs after ingestion or is it too late then? Taking into account dehydration and low kidney function?

Can taking creatine can cause kidney failure, high blood pressure, and muscle cramps?

Can there be a link between high levels of creatinine in kidney tests and hypothyroidism?

Can u have kidney failure bec of urination frequency while ur kidney ultrasound resulted to normal and creatinine result is low? Appreciate help.

Can we say that if a person has low IONIZED CALCIUM and high INTACT PTH, that person has already kidney disease?

Can weak kidney function lead to a D-xylose absorption test with a normal blood value but a below normal urine value?

Can you donate blood if you have a metabolic myopathy and elevated creatine kinase?

Can you monitor progressive kidney damage due to hypertension by periodic blood/urine tests. ?

Can you tell me about diseases that prevents the kidneys to retain albumin from the blood into the urine?

Can you tell me about pre-conditions for doing the tests for albumin and creatinine in kidney function tests ?

Can you tell me what this means for my kidneys they have been like this since 2013 on five diff blood tests GFR >60....indicate kidney disease?

Can your GFR level also mean your percentage of kidney function?

Client has stage2renal failure and systolic blood pressure elevated will suggest seeing nephrollgist. Would. This be correct as there may be kidney pp?

Confused my creatinine is low 0.28 but my bun cr ratio is high 28.6. I'm concern about my kidneys since i've been type 2 diabetic 22 yrs. Pls advise?

Cortical echo genicity is mildly increased in both kidney.Serum cretinine is 151.Is the kidney is damaging.?

Could a kidney infection raise GGT levels?

Could Ayurveda medicine be reliable for CKD patients with high creatinine level of 9?

Could chf, renal problems, low potasium and imunocompromise be related?

Could diabetes type 1.5 be the underlying cause of TIA like symptons, hypertension, hi glucose, low mpv, and low kidney function+protein in urine?

Could use your help docs! my creatine and bun is low in kidneys, may be caused by high blood pressure, what does this mean?

Could you tell me if the creatinine of kidney is 160mol is it possible to get back to normal range?

CR 1.2 High WBC 11.3 High GFR 48. Low These are my latest and I am worried or should worry about Kidney failure since I have Lupus and Parkinson's ?

Creatinine & BUN r ok. I m being treated 4 high albuminuria. I m not diabetic. Bp 140/90. Can i be cured? Hav i Chronic kidney disease? Dr Told nothin

Creatinine 1.3 bun and others normal.I don't have high BP or diabetics.One nephro told me to take taurine and acetylecystine.How useful is this?

Creatinine 1.4 no diabetics and no high bp.Bun-9 uric acid-4.6 no proteinuria.Am i suffering from CKD and what could be the reason?

Creatinine was high on my last two labs. I'm going to see a kidney doctor for it. I'm always dehydrated, what are possibilities?

Dehydrtion starts when bun is what?

Diabetic with elevated wbcs in blood combined with proteinuria. Primary gave ACE inhibitor. Should i see specialist?

Diabetic with elevated wbcs in blood combined with proteinuria. Primary gave ACE inhibitor. Should i see specialist?

Dmii 5 yrs, good fbs's, a1c's, cholesterol and BP with meds for each. Now proteinuria. If proteinuria untreated, how long will kidneys last?

Do high creatinine levels mean renal failure?

Docs, could a ck level of 60000 damage any organs?

Doctor said my creatine level was 1.5, does that mean I have kidney disease ?

Doctor says I have low kidney function. What can cause this?

Does 6.0.Creatanine and110 blood urea controlled by medicine ..?

Does angiotensin receptor blockers protect or harm the kidneys and can used for my father with hypertension and blood creatinine level of 1.7 mg/dl. ?

Does cold feet lead to renal failure? Sometimes i feel pain around my kidney. But my serum creatinine level is normal.

Does fluid on kidney, reactive hypoglycemia, elevated cholesterol and blood pressure and egfr of more than 60 mean I have mild kidney disease?

Does high level calcium and potassium mean kidney problems?Only mildly elevated. Going for recheck

Does high protein in blood and urine and the fact that u have kidney problems mean you have cancer?

Does high urine creatine mean kidney cancer?

Does increase egfr and low createnine indicate damage to kidneys?

Does kidney failure affect your energy levels?

Does kidney stones cause low enery levels?

Does lisinoprol high blood medication give you renal failure?

Does mild acute pancreatitis increases creatinine and decreases egfr temporarily?

Does this mean kidney disease? Any reason for co cern? High creatinine low egfr normal bun

Does this result mean have disease? Normal >=60 3 Moderately decreased GFR 30-59 4 Severely decreased GFR 15-29 5 Kidney failure <15 (or dialysis)

During a kidney stone attack, glucose went up to 126 (normally 70-80). Could that rise in glucose affect phosphorus levels which dipped to 2.1?

During what diseases i find high blood urea with low serum creatinine if do investegtion?

End stage liver failure dnr, hospice. Vitals low past month.. Pulse high an BP low jaundice what does this mean?

Father has advanced prostrate cancer.Kidneys are now failing, bun 130, creatinin 12 .blood urea 300. He is not responding much how long does he have.

For 55+ female, how should early/mid stage kidney disorder or kidney stone affect CBC & serum creatinine results ?

GFR 24, no protein in urine. What causes this? 61 years old, Diabetes type 2 for 20 years, controlled. HTN controlled. Labs good!