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50 yrs old ovary 1.18x1.78x1.80 volume 2 ml other 2.09 x 2.42x2.51 volume 6.6 is something wrong with volume Dr said I am going into menopause ?

A patient has a pulse of 75 bpm, an end-systolic volume of 120ml & and end-diastolic volume of 135ml. What would this suggest?

An increased stroke volume would be a consequence of what?

Can any doc explain why can't we exhale residual volume?

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Can you tell me how I could calculate the concentration of 10-volume hydrogen peroxide using titration volumes?

Decreased ejaculation volume on test. What should we do?

Doctor, what is the average sperm volume of men in ml ?My husband's is 2ml.Is it too low volume?What is the average?

Does urine volume decrease if you have microalbuminuria?

Erythropoetin will it increase blood volume? Use for dysautonomia.

Help please? What is end diastolic volume and end systolic volume?

How can decreased cardiac output be caused by either increased fluid volume and decreased fluid volume?

How could I explain the difference in my inspiratory reserve volume and my expiratory reserve volume?

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How is decreased cardiac output caused by increased fluid volume and decreased fluid volume?

How is it possible to have a negative inspiratory reserve volume?

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I have a vold what to do?

I have one ovary with 29 ml volume and the other with 5 ml volume. what does this mean? is this normal?

I ijject 10 cc will i be ok?

In a weight training program, what does high volume / low volume mean?

Is there a relationship between flow volume and horizontal location?

My Right testis size is 2.4*1.9*1.6 cm, volume 4 cc and left testis size is 2.4*1.9*1.5 CM , volume 4 cc.Is that normal or not?

One of my ovaries is 4.75x4.02x4.72 cm and volume is 48ml and my other is 3.12x2.15x1.02 cm and the volume is 6 ml. Is this normal?