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I have got bun 6mg/dl and creatinine is 0.88 mg/dl and sgot and sgpt is normal ?

BUN 18, Creatinine Serum .81, BUN/Creatinine Ratio 22. Ca serum- 9.6, phosphorus 4.6, k+ 4.8; possible kidney dysfxn? I drink 1 gal. of water daily

CREATININE0.46Low .....In Range High0.50-1.05 mg/dL BUN/CREATINI...30High....... In Range High6-22 (calc)Why need for MRI with contrast?

I am told my Glomerular filtration Rate is 57.6. Does this indicate Kidney disease? Creatinine is 1.0 BUN is 20 total Protein is 7.0

My mother age 80 yes Blood urea 200 Creatinine 6 HB 8 CBC Lipid profile LFT Normal Taking Cardace 2.5mg Lasilactone ?

**BUN/creatinine level is 54.7**??? urea nitrogen is 29, creatinine is 0.53, eGFR is 128, potassium is 4.4. Cause for concern? I literally cannot find anything anywhere about a BUN/creatinine level that high.

1 month ago lab tests Cr 0.74mg/dl, BUN 12,1mg/dl.Results today show Cr 1.1 and BUN 19.1.I know both are below limits but is normal this increase?Txs

1/29/13 yrly checkup GFR 97 creatinine .74 had urine checked 2 weeks ago no protein all ok urinating more often nml amounts A1c 4.9 -- kidney failure?

105 creatinine level is it normal im female?

12 mo old. Chronic low CO2 (18), high serum anion gap (17-18), high urine anion gap (57), high BUN (17), normal creatinine, normal K (5). Cause?

13yr f w/ t1dmwhat does this mean when results for bun wnl, creatinine is low 0.4, but 24 hr u protein and creatinie ratio are greater than 300?

14 month old pt with BUN of 19 creatnine of .21 and bun/ creatnine ratio of 90, and a normal cbc, should I worry about more than dehydration?

18 BUN, .64 creatinine and 28 bun to creatinine ratio as part of CBC routine/physical. 33 year old female. Should I be concerned?

19/M recently serum creat upto 3 mg/dl.Asymptomatic.Renal biopsy suggests Thrombotic Microangiopathy.Takes Prednisolone,Amlodipine+Atenolon,Telmisarta?

2 weeks ago my potassium level was 6.0, creatinine 1.1, and GFR 55. Should I be concerned about this test result?

2 y.o female has normal bun(8mg/dl)&creatinine(0.23mg/dl) but BUN/creatinine ratio is abnormal at 35. Why is this? Fasting blood glucose is also 134.

21yr male having frothy urine for over 3yrs . No other symptoms. If I had CKD would it have shown by now?? Chances I have CKD??

22y/o malemyserum creatinine is 1.09.I'm execising and on a diet for 1wk and not drinkng a lot of water before my test.Serum crea is .09 3yrs ago.

24 yr old white female.Ultrasound had 1 renal cyst and labwork showed eGFR level of 88. Creatinine normal. Is this normal or should I be concerned?

24hr urine (5000mL) creatinine, protein, and albumin results are high - about double the max normal, but blood is normal. What would cause this?

24hr urine test cortisol was 51nmol, creatinine 5.8nmol(low)I was exactly 10mins shy of being at 24hrs.When creatinine tested in feb Was 7. What is it?

27yo having pelvic laparoscopy. Had low BUN count of 4 and creatine of .7. Should I be concerned about my liver filtering the anesthesia?

29 yr male.Sr creatinine 0.9 last yr.Now 1.1.UrineAnalysis normal.ultrasound fine.BUN12.No bp/diabetes.had vitd&b12 deficiency(3mnths).Y this increase?

29/female creatinine 1.18 BUN 16 and BUN/Creat ratio of 14. Are kidneys ok?

31 white female, 1.2 creatinine level, normal BUN, 82 Prolaction level, 56 GFR should I be concerned?

31mg/l urine protein, urine creatinine 9.0 mmol/l, u-albumin creat.Ratio 0.33, urine albumin conc. 3 mg/l(not from 24hr sample) is this normal?

32yo male.Serum creatinine has always been stable &was .88mg/dl as of October 2016 . eGFR always >110. Metabolic panel just showed creatinine at 1.16mg/dl and eGFR at 77. Have been on cephalexin antibiotic for 3 weeks. Could that explain? Panicking.

34 weeks preg, blood report - plasma glucose r 87mg, urine glucose nil, urea 14mg, creatinine 0.8mg, tot bilirubin 0.4, direct 0.2mg, uricacid 6.1, hb A1c 5.0?

4 days after contrast CT scan blood free Ca was I. 1,35 mmol K was in 5,7 sodium in 143 mmol cretinine and mg were normal can this be the contrast?

41 y/o female. Creatinine 0.92 mg/dL. Weight 72.6 kg. Modified Cockcroft Gault Crcl is 69 mL/minute. What do these values mean ?

41 yo black female. Bun 13 creat 1.16. What does/should this mean to me. If my GFR is to low, is it safe to purchase a kidney cleanse?

45 white male with a GFR of 60. Is that high and if so how much kidney loss do I have?

4years ago my crea is .96mg/dl last jan 2014 it was 1.09 last march 2014 its 1.1mg/dl. Urine normal. Bp 130-140/80-90 lately. Do i have CKD? Afraid

4yrs ago,my s.crea was .96mg/dl,last month 1.09mg/dl now 1.1mg/dl. - Albumin/glucose on i heading to CKD?so scared.exercisng evrday last month

4yrs ago,my s.crea was .96mg/dl,last month 1.09mg/dl now 1.1mg/dl. No Albumin/glucose on i heading to CKD?so scared.exercisng evrday last month

51yof. Lost 63lb in 5 mo. Got kenalog (triamcinolone) cerv.Block 7 days before lab. Bun 26h, creat.1.1ok, bun/creat ratio 23.6h, alb 4.6, GFR 56-l. Got kidney prob?

65yo w female. Ser. Creatinine every 6 mn. prior to MRI approx 75 w/ norm BUN. This creatinine 1.02. EGFR 58 4 Xtra strength Tums (calcium carbonate) 7 hrs prior. Tums (calcium carbonate)?

67 years Male Parkinson Patients suffers from urine infection. Admitted at ICU. CRP186, WBC22000, Urea 116, Creatinine 3.5. Sugar Normal. Should he survive?

7 day old nephew has a .11mg/dl serum creatinine. Is it normal? He received high dose of amikacin by mistake 3 days before the blood test. Thanks.

72 yr old male, with diabetes and hbp... Kidney funct. Normal, elev. Microalbumin and microalb. Creatinine, high hemoglobin a1c. Do I have kidney dis?

72, CKD & DM. Lab test shows S. Creatinine 2.37 mg/dl, last yr it was 2.64. but CCr is 9.66 ml/min. Can there b a mistake in the CCr test or it's ok?

75 y has rectum ca(t3, n1, mx)&(heart ejection fraction 35%+removed 1 kidney 27 year ago+remaining kidney has high creatinine ~150).Can take chemothrpy?

76 yrs F, creatinine 2.2, How long for progression from CKD 4 (eGFR 23) to kidney failure and can PTD be high (285) while calcium and phospatase are ?

77 years male with diabetes, urea 70, creatinine 1.7. No improvement in Haemoglobin (7.8) after 1 year of medicine. Is blood transfusion critical now?

86 y/o female hemoglobin ia 61, creatinine is 3.6, is blood transfusion needed right away?

A friend has cretanine 1.2 & albumin 34.Is 54 years male (Asian).He is diabetic & on meds.What would be his GFR,,Does he have CKD..Pls help & advise.

A friend is 52yr, Asian & 224lbs.His albumin 34,cretanine 1.2,blood urea is 27.He is diabetic since years & is on meds.Are these figures in range.Help

A friend is an Asian 54yrs,224 lbs,diabetic under oral meds.Albumin 34,cretanine 1.2 & blood urea 27.Are the figures any indication of kidney disease.

A patient has 9 mg/dl range of serum creatinine. How it can be reduced?

A/g 3.1, creatinine serum 6.2, egfr 37... First lab work...Feeling woozy and not myself... Please tell me what you think..

ACR test morning sample - 17mg/dl microalbumin urine, Creatinine is 0.6 in blood.. No bp issue or sugar.

Acute renal failure 2mo ago on BP med my gfr bun n creatinine better in 2wk. Currently have protein +3, ph >9, leuk+1 no sxs just cloudy dark urine?

African-American, BUN 16, Creat 1.16. GFR 52. Do I use the MDRD calculator/ multiply results by1.210? What is the normal level GFR for AfA?

After 2 years of renal transplant (kidney) suddenly rise up creatinine 2.4 mg/dl, and BUN 12.9mg/dl .how to lower?

After effecting with lupus in routine urine test results protien:creatin ratio 1.5; protien spot total 63mg/dl,cellcept (mycophenolate mofetil) as my kidneys effected?

After starting hrt, testosterone first, my kidney function fell. Creatinine 1.55 mg/dl [0.60-1.35] egfr 66. What's best to ask new endocrinologist?

Age 29. Dull kidney pain for 5 days after binge drinking. Worse at night. BUN 24, creat .93, BUN/creat 26, eGFR 111. CBC normal. Kidney cancer likely?

Age 65 w/fem. Serum Creatinine 1.02. Bun 8. Ratio 8. Egfr down from 70's to 58. Took Zantac (ranitidine) 150 32 hrs. prior to blood test. No health concerns. CKD?

Age adjusted bun?

Aged 70 yrs and the Blood urean is 60, GRBS-178, Cretanine is 2.2, Sodium - 135, Potasium-5.1, Chloride-109. tell us she is normal or you guide us?

Albumin level 4.1 gm/dl is this normal?

Albumin passes in urine but serum creatinine is 0.9?

Ana positive 160 with lambda bj protein in urine (total 2 gm/day). Diabetic ckd r/o myeloma. Creatinine 1.5-2.6 variable. Hem unaware of lcdd. Steps?

Are creatinine clearance and GFR the same thing?

Are creatinine kinase levels elevated during weight lifting?

Are diuretics helpful to lower potassium in the blood. Looking for help to inform a friend whose test yday showed potassium at 5.5 & cretanine at 1.4.

Are my alkin phosphates is too high?

Are these labs cause for concern? Calcium 8.7 L Creatinine 0.61 L Anion Gap 13.9 H Epithelial Cells- Many WBC-10-20

At what creatinine level do you need to go on dialysis?

At what creatinine level prograf sho be stopped?

At what serum creatinine and blood urea level dialysis should start?

At what serum creatinine level would you need dialysis?

Based on symptoms had blood work-wbc 4.7l, bun 8l, carbon dioxide 33h, and anion gap 2.0vl, is this normal?

Been diagnosed with prediabetes 104mg. My serum creatinine was 1.09mg/dl.Do I have ckd?Im so worried.Serum creatinine 4yrs ago was .96. Pls help me.

Blood test for my husband creatinine 118 umol/L he take Ezetrol and aspirin. what this test mean ?. how to reduce creatinine ?

Blood test: estimated creatinine clearance test (low), what could it indicate? EGFR & creatinine normal. Potassium & sodium low. 28yr/f

Blood test: low alk phos & vit d, c-react protein 7.35, na 146, creat up from 60 - 80 & crcl down frm 101 to 76 in 2 mo, anion gap high, GFR 60 why?

Blood urea 82 creatinine is 2.0 uric acid is 8.0 cholesterol 230?

Blood work came back 28 bun/ creatinine ratio. What does that mean ?

Blood work came back and my creatinine level is 0.49 and urea nitrogen is 7. What does this mean?

Blood work done these are the results Urea nitrogen 22.2 high Urea nitrogen / creatinine 20.6 high Being a hep c patient Concern or not ?

Blood work showed glomerular filt rate is 87 should I be concerned?

Bun @ 16 mg/dl creatinine 1.16 mg/dl estimated GFR = 49 1 kidney should i be concerned?

BUN = 24. Creatinine = 0.59. BUN/Creatinine Ratio = 40.7. Potassium = 5.4. Doc said I'm ok, but are my kidneys okay? I had MRIs w/ dye 3 days earlier

BUN = 6 Creatinine = .58 BUN/Creatinine = 10 I read that a 10 warrants further tests to determine if intrinsic kidney damage. Does that apply here?

BUN 10,Creatine 1.05. All other labs normal. Low BUN creatine ration. Read this is a sign of liver disease?

BUN 12mg dl, sodium 139, potassium 3.6, bicarbonate 22, chloride 104, creatinine 1.5, total calcium 11.2, iodize calcium 5.6, i did urinalysis and no protein or blood was found in my urine, i did kidney scan and my kidneys were perfect, Am i ok?

BUN 13, creat 1.19 GFR 50. Is it safe to have a CAT scan w/ contrast?

Bun 16.Creatinine 1, 41 with GFR of 43. From >60 to 43 in 2 months. Sle. White female 53yo. Can anything cause a false low gfr? No previ kidney issues.

Bun and creatinine checked 3x over course of 1 year. High all times. eGFR always in the 50s. Age 36. Perfect blood pressure and all other labs. Why?

Bun createnine ratio high 29, bun 12.99 and createnine 0.44. Sodium136, k 4.23 chloride 99 ,bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) 25.4, specific gravity 1.015. ?

Bun creatin ratio is 31 what does that mean?

Bun creatinine high in fasting blood work. What are the causes?

Bun creatinine low what does that mean?

Bun creatinine ratio 41 but both the bun(24) and creatinine (.59)numbers are normal. What are the implications?

Bun glucose and pH are low t protein dldl are high with elevated sed rate. What could this mean?

Bun is 10 bur creatnine is 1.8 ?

Bun is 28, creatinine 1.16. Egfr 61. Healthy 35 yr old caucasian female. Only problem is benign fasciculations x1 year. Normal creat kinase. Why?

BUN is 4, bilirubin is 1.25, and creatinine is .77. Is my BUN too low? It has consistently been lower than normal.

BUN of 10 with creatinine of 1.05 year ago BUN of 12 creatinine .89. Now have low bun/creatine level and GFR of 58. Urine and all other lab's normal.