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would you recommend treating episodic high blood pressures. usual home readings are 120 /60 diastolic. occasional readings at work 170/100. Hx of TIA?

59yr male, active @gym with 40 min cardio + [email protected]/wk, 6'1", 205 lbs. cardiac calcium incr. From 70 to 350 over 7 yes. Chol=202, Lipitor (atorvastatin) ?

Bp is 97 /68 w a pulse of 66..... not and athelet and somewhat sedentary. Is this ok?

@Dr my BP is always 140/90 I believe it is white coat HTN I am taking my BP at home highest was 118/73. How many readings do I need to show my dr?

1.4 then 1.8 bilirubin, the rest is normal . I dont drink,smoke or do drugs. Help!!!

15 yr old son is physically active and thin; not obese. He runs for 40 minutes daily. Average Blood pressure reading is 130/85?

18 male with high bp, osa, been excercising a lot started at 190 5'8 now i'm at 174 after 3 weeks. Only negative is high rest heart bpm?

1wk post csection. Bp is highest resting upon waking 125/78 p52. Lowers in an hr to my normal 109/72 p75. I have pots take 5mg nadolol at 2pm. Normal?

2 month post op hysterctomy w/bilateral oopherectomy have developed high diastolic BP 138/104 in am w/hot flash- what BP meds should be considered?

20 year old female blood pressure 112/58 is that normal? If yes or no please explain why. I smoke & norm activity lev. On 20mg methadone for 2 weeks.

20 year old female BMI 21, did GTT and it reached 305 in minute 70 and 280 in minute 90, no family history of DM, should I be worried?

20 year old male weighing 95kg height 5ft 11" s.creatinine 1.5(borderline) blood pressure 120/70. Has had a slight liver issu SGT slightly over border?

21 y.O. With BP 136/90 BMI 22. Got same pressure 2x on 2 machines by dr. Borderline prehypertension? Cause? Healthy otherwise. Is it a fluke?

21y/o female, healthy weight, do not exercise regularly. RHR: 50-60bpm BP: ~100/60, does low RHR/BP need checking given that I don't work out?

24 yr old male. 5"10 180lbs. I lift and do cardio 3x week. My blood pressure at times are 138/63 to 117/58. Is my diastolic a cause for concern?

25 year old white male. Hypertensive. 10 mg Lisinopril to manage HBP. I exercise and eat well. Pulse pressure 60-70 on average. Should I be concerned?

26year olf male, BP 177 over 104, drink a six pack a night. Chew tobacco. Active, not over weight. Why isy BP so high, how can I drop without meds?

28 years, male. The QRS complex in the ECG is very low voltage. about 0.5 to 0.6 mV. I'm very lean and not overweight. chewing tobaco frm last 12 year?

28F 5'4 108lbs cholesterol 201 daily chest pressure pounding hb with reg act. Will diet and exercise help?

3 readings of high bp.150/80, 140/80/, 130/90 in work settings but most of the time when im home my BP is 120/70-80when relax.Do I have hypertension?

3 years old daughter after a rotation lose consciousness - first time.high leukocytes 16000. EEG it is ok and the heart test it is ok. What is?

3-4 weeks ago bp was 120s over 70s range and past to weeks it's been staying in the 130s over 80s range. Should I be concerned?

32 yr old f. I used bp cuff and my readings were bp= 89 over 66, pulse= 120, pp= 23. Should I be concerned with the pp reading so low??

35y female, 5'4", 123lbs, on stress EKG baseline hr 84 BP 107/70, peak hr 169 BP 138/58 b/f feeling dizzy, short of breadth & BP drop to 100/40.Normal?

36 male, have BP 126/95 to 136/100. Bmi 24.9. Do i need medication or can I change my lifestyle to control it. What are the threats?

40 year-old still has low K off and on (corrected by increasing oral K+), after adrenalectomy returned BP, renin, and aldosterone to normal.....?

43 yr old female, recovered subarachnoid hemorrhage (2011), on pain and hypertension meds, actively managing high BP. Wants pregnancy. Your advice. ?

44yo healthy male, 25bmi, Cho 199 HDL80, bp130/85, GFR 93 Had a lumbar x-ray, report said "Some vascular calcification" FHx CHD mom's side, worrisome?

46 year old 205lb 6' male BP of 102/72 is that good/?

51 y/o with BP 115/65. HTN in family. Exercise and very good diet. After exercise systolic rises to 135-140 then drops diastolic unchanged. Normal?

51 year old man have high BP , resting BPM now 80-82 .Taking medicine.Its average or poor bpm?

52 y/o male. Had a nuclear stress test. My heart rate goal was 143, that was achieved in about 12 min. My blood pressure was 190/82. is that good/bad?

52 yr old male. 6ft 185lbs. Increased HDL otherwise healthy. No meds. Desk job. Golfs 3 x month. Bp 123/81 oxygen 98 but resting pulse 98. Concern?

54, m, no cardiac history, on htz, toprol (metoprolol). Bp average of 110/65. Hr-49 to 52. No hypotension symptoms. Is this too low?

55 m hx anxiety on bp med 1st reading usually 147/80 2nd and 3rd 124/70. ls this ok or should I always expect to be in the optimal range?

64 year old female has fluctuating BP levels.140/90 1 time and taken few times immediately followed by 125/85 122/80 121/78 and 132/ this ok?

67 yo male, been on blood pressure and arthritis meds but for 6 mos He can't sleep , he had a stroke 10 yrs ago and uses a sleep machine. Any ideas?

70 yrs, CKD (Cr 2.6), HTN (bp 160/80), DM on Insuln fr 30 yrs. what might be the cause of sudden fall in BP to even 120/70 with severe jerking?

84 yr female. Norvasc (amlodipine) 5 mg 1xday. Normally 127/72 average. Having readings 150/74, 141/72 at rest. What can cause? No history heart or kidney diseas

85 year old had minor TIA about a six weeks ago. Normally low / normal bp. It spiked to 156/90. Could this be a sign of TIA onset?

92, 115, 5'5", mild htn. Can adding 2.5mg lupin make BP drop to 80?

A 73yr old man removed his prostat 7yrs ago, could he take viagra(he is diabtic and suffers high blood pressure)but in good health & weight?

A pt who is 35 yrs old .His blood pressure170/100 and .He is physicaly feet.He doing exercise regular after telmisartan 40. His bp120/80?

A relative of mine has had a BP reading of 250/150 and is concerned about heart. Does anyone know about this?

Age 21, blood pressure is always between 126-135/60-90. From 6-17 was very fit lots of sport. Stopped at 18 now unfit, can this be the cause?

Age 22 female. bp around 100/60 pulse 100-105 for more than a month. what to do? no health issues.

Age 38, pulse 84 to 98 /min.High cholesterol, 257, high b p. Of 135-90 , what are risks of heart attack?Taking Tenormin (atenolol) 25 mg once a day since 5 days ?

Age 45, male, caucasian, 5'8, 164lbs. I hike 40 - 50 miles a week. My blood creatinine is 1.1mg/dl. Could this be due to the increased leg muscle?

Age 70, CKD (Cr 2.6). Is sudden fall of BP from 160/80 to 130/70 for 3 days with decreased urine volume a warning sign for CKD? Or it may just happen?

Alwz my 1st BP reading high . My first reading 155/87 after few minutes it's 126/74 and 122/70. So i want to know which one is correct .?

Am having high blood pressure My date of birth is July 24th 1984 Result of my BP on 2nd of July 2015 is 131/100 Please how can I manage it?

Am I prehypertensive because my kidney function is decrease? I have always had low blood presser 112 over 60, now it runs 130 over 88

Are there any conditions which can account for erratic BP? e.g. Resting BP fluctuating from 120/75-ish on some occasions, 150/90+ on others? Thanks.

Arm is about 12 in around. Measuring BP with 9-13 in cuff reading is 139/89/72. With wide range cuff 9-17 in cuff reading is 135/76/72, which one?

At age 67 which blood pressure monitor i.e. ROSSMAX or ORMRON - should I buy for my about 5 years of Htn? ROSSMAX has a "rest" function for accuracy.

At home my BP has been like 125/75 went to dr it was 140/90 for two days now it has been 135/85 average why is it so high now?

At-home test of BP response to stress, base hr 95 BP 106/70, 2m later hr 138 BP 144/96. Pcp says normal sbp/dbp both up & i shall push harder. Really?

Avg BP used to be 140/93 changed diet for 1 mo and BP dropped to avg of 128/88. Cardio wants to explore medication. Can diet and lifestyle lower more?

Before my hip replacement surgery, i was on atacand (candesartan) (32mgs. Daily)for high bp-after the surgery, my BP dropped-now is 117/70 or spo.Is this ok?Why?

Before this my BP is around diastolic 118-140 / systolic 79-92..after using CERAGEM V3 MASSAGER BED my BP higher!177/ scared what should i do??

Ben/HCT drug fact sheet shows BP control for 40/12.5 to be 16/10 while for 20/12.5 17/8. Why would take higher strength Ben if BP is well controlled?

Blood pressure @ dr. 132/72, both nurse & dr. Said not to worry. For years i'm always below 120. I asked dr. If i was prehypertension & dr said no but according to online blood pressure chart, i am?

Blood pressure 100/60 is that good? 26yrs old, 5'10", 180lbs

Blood pressure 96/58 and pulse 48, is this ok for athletic female baby boomer?

Blood pressure concerns 168/111 pulse 88 male 39 years old 320 weight 6'2

Blood Pressure for Male 36, 180lbs - 125/69 is this normal or a bit high ?

Blood pressure question..6"1 male not to active 166 pounds I have pots at what point is a blood pressure to far apart ? My BP is 115 over 57 64hr

Bp 141/83. To high for a 66 yr old?

Bp 160/120 pulse 130 34yr old female 5'6" 130lbs?

BP erratic with 25mg Losartan. Varies from 100/60 to occasionally 152/91 or higher with stress. Better med perhaps? Home log shows average 127/77.

BP good for years & today at dr office 141/83, repeated & 139/83. Lipids normal. Doc not concerned. Said retest in 2 weeks. Should I fear heart attac?

Bp is 150/100 my age 29 y not smoking not drinking my weight is 86 kg LDL =119 hdl= 27 trig.= 224 heart bites quick reach 98 bites with 145/90 bp?

Bp of 82/60 in an 88 year old male. With Lewy body dementia and a pulmonary embolisim. How dangerous is the low BP ?

Bp ranges 120/80 to 137/90. Hr 60-80. Chol 170 but trig 300. Can high trig give symptoms? Can one still have heart issues w/ normal bp?

BP running high this week avg 150/90. Is it safe to exercise?

Bp sometimes falls to 102 or 103 over 60 or so, is that too low?

Bp: 148/95; total cholesterol: 149; hdl: 61; glucose: 86; resting heart rate: 56 bpm; active. How concerned should I be about the hypertension?

Can a person with highblood pressure 315/100 without medication for 2 1/2 years have mind strokes and or demetia?

Can amitryptiline cause very high blood pressure in a young adult? I am on 50mg for my condition CRPS. I am now on atenolol 62.5mg to manage it

Can anything account for a significant increase in pulse pressure within the space of a year? i.e. From 40-50, to consistently 50-60? I'm on no meds.

Can chronic levothyroxine overdose cause high BP & heart rate 160/100 @ 95? I quit the dose and got 130/85 @80 , 10 days later.

Can creatinine increase from 2.2 to 2.91 in 3 months without any increases in BP, H1BAC or other symptoms for 75 year old woman with BP and diabetes?

Can high blood pressure be had from sex if my partner's BP is above avg iie 130/85? My BP is always low, 100/60.But now 120/85 mostly and have dizzines

Can someone live and walk around with a blood pressure of 180/100 - 195/110 for years on end?

Can spasticity raise BP more during pregnancy? At docs its usually 90/120, home its 80/94. Will tensing raise BP during pregnancy? Risks 4 baby, me?

Can we attempt to decrease the dose of telmisartan+hydrochlorthiazide 40+12.5 mg in a 57 year old lady who has BP of120/80 now n healthy lifestyle?

Can you tell me is a BP of 145/92 high for a 65 year old woman?

Checking my BP 5 times a day for 5 days i ranged from 103/73 to high of 143/84. Avg 124/77. I am 64 with excellent weight, cholesterol & exercise. No other issues. Would you recommend any medication?

Cirohsis, bilirubin 4.2, heart EF 20-25%, brain stroke , left side weak, BP is very low, stable with saline sol.pulse advice?

Consistently high bp - 183/106 with a resting pulse of 66 - my new medications (1 wk on them) my diastolic number is now reading low to mid 60's?? Is this OK - top number remains 150 or higher

Cortisol is normal & decreasing @ 7a, 2:30p, and 10p. But at 4a it spikes to 7a level & i wake with non-rapid heart pounding. What can lower cortisol?

Could use your help docs! my fathers blood pressure is 188 over 104. What can be done to fix this fast?

Current Blood Pressure: 144/80, 100 - 110bpm, It used to be 122/65, 85 - 90 BPM last year. Why? I did have anxiety for a while does that explain it

Cut down on smoking for 3 days now and now its 3a.m all day i smoked 3 cigs and my heart rate is 55 and bp 150/60 usually bp is always 110-130 is this normal just because iam sleepy? Why does only my systolic that goes up?

Do I have high Blood pressure as a teenager? almost all my readings has been over 130 and the highest recent one was 141/98. what should i do?

Do I have high BP if if varies? Can be as low as 106/60 then some spikes to 152/85 but mostly somewhere around 120/70. Coffee and stress increase it.

Doc says I have prehypertension. 135/80. I'm 19, weigh 135 lbs. Difficult to exercise because of asthma. Should I be concerned?

Doctor what should be max and min BP range for 48 year old woman?

Doctor. I am a paramedic student at TSTC. We just had a scenario where our PT was hypertensive w/ BP 280/130 signs of stroke. Would you give nitro?

Does a BP of 130-140/80-90 cause organ damage?Im so afraid. It began last 2010 but urine and blood test normal.My BP now 120/70-80 w/diet and exercise