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Are growth charts accurate, at 16 I'm 177 cm and according to two different refrences it says I should be 182 by 18. These charts a good reference?

Are non-contact tonometers (nct) reliable enough in determining iot? What does a nct value of 16 imply?

Are the calorie estimates from a nutrition label accurate?

Are the essg and amor criteria charts the generally accepted diagnostic tool for spondyloarthropathy?

Are there different values between cardiac MRI's? Because of the different techniques? I had a GE Fiesta bSSFP scan are those values higher or lower?

As a doctor, what is your opinion on the BMI scale? Accurate or unreliable? I personally believe body fat percentages are a better reference.

At 9.5 son's head is 56.5cm, 3 standard deviations above the mean. Was 55.5cm at almost 9. Was in 90 and 89 percentile before this. Normal or concern?

At which time human height can be measured correctly? Because i got different values at different times of day. Please explain

Calculate 400mg in 5ml then how many ml would would 625mg be?

Can a GFR reading be improved and the number can read higher than before?

Can dehydration be measured or quantified?

Can DNA fragmentation values be improved over time ? What are the chances if the value is at 42 percent?

Can i measure 13 weeks at 14 weeks?

Can someone provide a reliable source for the normal range of fractional shortening % for a female?

Can waist measurement be an indicator of pancreatitis?

Can you advise for dosage calculation question?

Can you advise for filling out hormone chart for anatomy?

Can you define what the anion gap is?

Can you explain why there is a specified age range for gardasil?

Can you tell me how can a PC help on working out physical measurement in dentistry?

Can you tell me inborn error of metabolism in detail?

Can you tell me what number of sets and reps i supposed to do?

Could an inborn error of metabolism show up later in the teen years?

Could high i.N.R. In blood analysis be significative for liver disase without other parameter outside the range i did blood analysis without any particular symptom, just to check up. The parameters are all in the range, except the pt(38.20%) and i.N.R. (1

Could you describe how to add and subtract fractions?

Currently i can do ten pushups. How can I double the number i can do within 3 weeks?

D-diner is 777 and reference range is 100-400 what does that mean?

Dear sir What is healthy Renal Profile??give me figures and percentages??

Do the IQ tests (weschler, stanford-binet, etc.) truly measure intelligence?

Does anyone know the normal values for an abg?

Does baclofen have any value?

For muscularity assessment, does creatinine measurement has to be made always in 24 h collected urine?

For those with mds what is the rate at which hb and RBC decrease per year. I know it may vary between patients but on average. Is it 1, 2, 3 ...?

Glaucoma 2 eye dr opinions for baseline pressure. One said 27 & other 31. Target 18-19. Treatment result is 18. Which baseline number most accurate?

H ow accurate is a stress echo if you do 10 or more Mets and reach 90 percent of maximum predicted hr?

Had u/s at 14w doc said bby measured at 14w also. I asked about bby measured at 12 weeks she said no waybby measured in 14w range. How accurate is it?

Healthy people can have a rnfl thickness 0.19 mm ? What is the healthy range for rnfl? (i'm sorry my english is bad)

Help please? What is considered borderline on the eye chart?

Hi, Following on from last question (darn 250 limit) Are there any correlation between D Dimer values and size of clot? I.e. the higher the D Dimer value the bigger the clot? Thanks

Hi, Please can I know the formula to calculate GFR..please help!! Thanks.

How accurate are these Framingham cardiac risk calculators for 35 old males?

How accurate is fitbit's bioelectrical impedance analysis aria scale?

How can I accurately measure my height at home?

How can I calculate frequency of alleles?

How can I calculate or estimate surgical blood loss?

How can I find reference ranges for Normal echocardiogram ?

How can u drop the numbers on ur scale?

How do I know exactly what does your BMI indicate, and is it something to use as a guideline to weightloss?

How do I know if I have dislexia if i can't tell if three numbers are 666 or 999?

How do you calculate to obtain an accurate BMI value?

How do you knwo your frame size to obtain an accurate BMI calculation?

How is a hba1c percentile determined?

How is the pulse measurement performed?

How to calculate calorie needs for bedridden pt with only the condition and age given?

How to do range of motion assessment in pediatric.

How to interpret fhr traicing?

How to interpret relations, equivalence classes and counting subsets. 10pts best answer!!?

How will i calculate my yellow and red ranges on a PEF meter? Or will my MD tell me?

How will you measure waist to hip ratio?

How would the PD be adjusted based on the "usually one-half" advice?

Human height can be measured correctly when lying down?

I am 24 yrs old. I am 5ft 5 in and i want to know my weight range for my age and height... I am finding to many different answers online?

I am 53, 6 feet tall, and I weigh160lb. According to echosound measurement my spleen is at 138 mm. Is it enlarged? Blood tests are ok...

I am a 46yr female a blew uptoo 550 0n a standard range peak flow meter is this good for my age an good peak flow number result .

I get an average blood glucose reading (over weeks) of 5.3 mml on my OneTouch Ultra and a 6.3 one shot at the Lab. Discrepancy?

I know that each lab station has different reference ranges but will your actual result be the same no matter where you go?

I live at a mile above sea level, and decided to use a spirometer to measure my intake of air. I recorded it at 2500ml, should I be concerned?

I saw that with final kidney failure, the seric creatinin curve had usually an exponential feature, is there some statical analysis proving that? Thnx

I understand that there are different ways of measuring lactate. Would a level of 4.1 mmol/L be likely to cause pain?

I want increase my hight my phono number is +61405736498?

I would like chart of normal ranges for ultrasound carotids?

I'm just wondering what is 110 percent below normal value in cpeptide i'm not understanding?

I'm wondering why are there different ways of calculating your total cholesterol?

If your liver numbers are in the normal range, does it matter what they are?

In burning case how we can calculate TPN calories osmolarity flow rate and how label it?

In respect to my previous question, could you please calculate equivalent values in mg/l or mmol/l vs 14.78 mg/dl of actual homo-cysteine reading? Ty.

Is american society of echocardiography a reliable source for echocardiogram reference values? Is that what most use as a source?

Is canadian blood test values or measurements diffrent from american?

Is having a low estimated GFR something to worry about if otherwise i'm in good health?

Is it better to use predicted value or your best value to calculate the red / yellow / green zones wrt a peak flow meter test?

Is it possible for total body water to be calculated using radioactive RBC as indicator?

Is it possible to measure the severity of exertional dispnea?Can I find a questionary or a classification to measure exertional dispnea online?thanks!

Is the average testicular volume different when measured by us versus other methods of measurement?

Is the Ef determined by the Ultrasound itself or is it visually calculated? Mine was 50/55 visual and 63 by the machine which is accurate?

Is the particle size of LDL a reliable indicator of risk? And if so, when is it worth having the text done?

Is there a more reliable calculation of predicted height involving both chronological age and bone age?

Is there a significant difference or any at all between the results of bariatric procedures in patients in the 40+ age range and the 20-30 age range?

Is there a way to estimat a patient Po2 from a ABG? Example if you have a mixed venous specimen?

Is there any device to measure the actual thickness of the cornea?

Is there any special test only to measure the precise size and weight of prostate gland ?

Isn't there a big difference in terms of health risk between LDL and vldl? If so, why isn't this test typically part of a standard blood profile?

Last year liver measured at 13cm. this year it measured 14.6cm is this bad? Why the difference?

Liver us last yr measured 13cm at right midclavicular line. This yr measures 14.6cm doesn't tell if it was measured at the same line. Why diff measure?

Margin of error in creatinine levels see creatinine margin of error on internet. Unfortunately doctors don't know/understand this.?

My 3.5 y son isn't letting us measure his temp except by axillary which is inaccurate. how many deg. should I add to the measured value on beurer ft09?

My BMI is 41.Esr=24 s(<15).Crp=5mg/dl (<0, 5). My dietologist say that the alterations are due to my obesity.Is it true? Thanks

My cholesterol is 225, does that mean I should have less than the average person?

My creatinine value is abnormal, what types of medicine will improve it?

My doctor wrote below average iqin the chart. What does this mean?

My ef number was 78%, higher than standard range. What does this mean? On echocardiogram.