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Acid reflux what r best diagnostic tests, treatment?

After 5 months of lymphocytosis, what test(s) should my primary order?

After an exercise stress test when they say that further evaluation is needed, what does it mean? Do I need further tests? Is it necessary?

After many years of seeing specialists and having many tests done, a lot of symptoms were found but no diagnoses. Do i keep investigating?

After neurological examination,specialist said I'm surely narcoleptic.suggested polisomnogram + test mst. Are these tests necessary to make diagnosis?

All the symptoms of cushings but negative suppression test does it rule it out ?

Any quick and easy diagnostic test for influenza?

Are all diagnostic tests for digestive diseases done locally? What are they?

Are all diagnostic tests for intussusception done locally? What are they?

Are all diagnostic tests for klinefelter's syndrome done locally? What are they?

Are clinical exams for hip impingement always accurate? I.E. Can they miss it

Are physicians be able to order a test for gluten sensitivities?

Are there any biochemical tests to confirm breast carcinoma apart from clinical examination..

Are there any important lab tests that will help diagnose pyloric stenosis?

Are there any tests to figure out if I have a muscular imbalance?

Are there lab tests to confirm the diagnosis of mumps?

Are there lab tests to diagnose prostatitis?

Are there tests for adrenal insuffiency? What type of specialist would investigate this for me?

Are there tests that can easily detect gerd?

Are there tests to confirm the doctor's diagnosis of child with diabetes?

Are there tests to confirm the doctor's diagnosis of dementia with Lewy bodies?

Are there tests to confirm the doctor's diagnosis of histoplasmosis?

Are there tests to confirm the doctor's diagnosis of primary pulmonary hypertension?

Are there tests to confirm the doctor's diagnosis of puncture wound of the lip?

Asthma testing what are they going to do to me during this test?

Been diagnosed with gastroparesis, egg test... Isn't there an underlying condition too cause this ? I really need help what tests should I have ran ?

Before treating and diagnosing Graves, should you have a scan done?

Best way to diagnosis fiber myalgia which test is the best?

Blood tests and imaging needed for lymphoma?

Can a blood test alone determine if I have arthritis?

Can a CBC with differential blood test determine if a person has ebola?

Can a dermatologist provide comprehensive or accurate testing of STD's, including a physical examination and blood tests?

Can a PET-CT determine whether or not cancer is present in the body? Are there any other conditions these tests can diagnose?

Can an allergist be able to order a celiac blood test?

Can an early cystic fibrosis test rule out the possibility of a late in life diagnosis?

Can an EEG show that there is a vestibular dysfunction or is the diagnosis obtained from other more reliable testing?

Can lab results take a few days, or is my doctor reviewing my issue?

Can men have hypothyroidism, what are the symptoms, and what test should I ask my doctor for to determine whether I have it or not?

Can my dermatologist order and evaluate a test for thyroid?

Can patients order their own lab tests ? without a doctor

Can stool samples be used to definitively diagnose Crohn's disease or related disorders? Or is the only definitive diagnostic test a biopsy?

Can the doctor prescribe anti-parasitic medicine if they suspect parasite, even before test results?

Can there be a specific medical test to determine blockage in arteries?

Can there be non-invasive tests to detect vagina related problems?

Can you be mis-diagnosed with Herpes (non-STI)? How would you go about finding this out? Are there other blood type tests to confirm/dispute diagnosis

Can you have hyperthyroidism that comes off and on? And be the reason for sometimes normal labs and sometimes not normal labs without treatment?

Can you have seizures that do not show up on any test and what they i need answers asap?

Can you please lay out the labs I should have my doctor order to determine my blood type?

Can you please tell me general symptoms of pots and what tests are undergone in order to diagnose it?

Chest-PA View is normal, This is enough to confirm I don't have asthma issues? Else please share what tests need to done for the same please help

Cortisone test. What are they testing me for? Anything serious?

Could an allergist be able to order a celiac blood test?

Could gastroscopy examination results be serious?

Could the diagnosis of a.N.A positive be the reason for my hypothyroidism ?

Do doctors order tests in order to quell patients concerns?

Do endocrinologists perform the test that confirms hypoglycemia?

Do you know if there are non-invasive tests to detect vagina related problems?

Do you need a blood test in order to diagnose raynaud's syndrome?

Do you think a blood test for mumps is really necessary if there's no treatment?

Does a gastroenterologist perform anorectal manometry? Are there any other doctors that perform this diagnostic test?

Does a pcos diagnosis involve HGH test too?

Does an over-the-counter urine test exist to determine diabetes?

Does normal lab work rule out any thyroid conditions? It runs in my family and I have symptoms of it. Lab usually normal. Can ENT diagnose this?

Does one have to be specifically checked for anemia in order to be diagnosed?

Does routine bloodwork test for serious issues?

Does the doctor need to do to tests to be sure if the diagnosis is corns?

Electrodiagnostic test what are things that it can detect?

For early detection of disease, which common medical tests must a 60 year old have each year?

Have some question about my blood test result : its a first time that i see some abnormality , and is it required supplementary test?

Having some issues for 7 years countless tests need answers please help.

Hematologist ordered ultrasound of spleen. What are typical reasons for this test?

Hi.I wanted to know can a blood test diagnose epilepsy.

How accurate are Lyme disease tests? I find varying opinions online, but it sounds like it can be easily missed in tests?

How accurate are polysomnography exams?

How can a doctor diagnose a periformis syndrome.What tests should I make?Help please....

How can I confirm if I have diabetes? (Type 2 as opposed to Type 1 if I understand it correctly). Best test to determine this?

How can I diagnose phenylketonuria from lab results?

How can I find out if I have arthritis? Is it just with blood tests or I need x-rays too?

How can I perform an UTI test on myself? Is it possible without a microscope?

How can I screen doctors to find one who will listen and not just order tests? It is $50 to see a dr - this is $$$ to test drs and find one I like.

How can one diagnose if you have asthma? And how to confirm it using lab test?



How can you know if you have worms? Are there diagnostic tests?

How do endocrinologists perform the test that confirms hypoglycemia?

How do primary care doctors tests for gluten sensitivities?

How do they test besides exam for mvp?

How do they test for pelvic congestion syndrome? Did an internal exam and based on my symptoms is how he diagnosed me. Should I go for other tests?

How do you definitely diagnose Histoplasmosis? So far all tests are negative or indeterminate.I was given izatropazole and inconclusive tests?

How do you diagnose mythensia gravis, a blood test can't do it?What are the definitive tests when MRI scans are refused to be studied properly by neuros

How do you make your diabetes test normal so the doctor will think they made a mistake in diagnosis?

How do you test for metabolic alkalosis? If this is confirmed how is it treated?

How does a doctor determine whether a patient has more than 20% myeloblasts: is it done by examining spinal fluid or can a blood test easily det

How does a doctor test to see if you have leukemia?

How does dyslexia get diagnosed? What are the tests done?

How does MRI detect and identify possible diseases?

How helpful might it be for me to get to the exact nature of my neck arthritis? One test that could be performed is a discogram. Other test availabe

How is a blood test done when i want to quantify myself and do my own testing for specific things?

How is a diagnostic test of acromegaly (gigantism) done?

How is a pe diagnosed definitively, would a blood test give a definite result to determine this?