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blood test IGG 17.95 positive and IGM 8.50 negative. stool test was negative. do I infect with h.pylori?

2 different stool tests one detected Dientamoeba fragilis the other didn't, does that mean it was a false detection?

7negative stool test done at different times, have anemia, not bleeding, endoscopy negative doc still wants colonoscopy. Why when all negative?

A 3 years kid can has celiac desease? Blood test first time was positive.. After 1 year with a gluten free diet, the test was negative...

After salmonella can I have post infectious IBS , its been almost 4 months. Blood test, stool test , ultrasounds. All came normal?

Am I likely to have IBD with these test results= fecal occult blood, CRP, ferretin, ESR, CBC, coeliac screening. ALL normal results. Still be ibd?

Are the results of h.pylori stool test relevant if one takes PPIs during the test?

Are there any tests for halitosis?

Blood tests negative, but gut acts positive for gluten intolerance?

Blood tests positive but biopsy and urease test negative for h.pylori. Is this normal?

Can a blood test diagnose helicobacter pylori?

Can a CBC detect malabsorption?

Can a ulcer be missed with the breath test?

Can an H. Pylori stool antigen test and/or endoscopic biopsy ever give a false-negative result?

Can creon cause a false positive test for acute pancreatitis?

Can I have celiac if a skin test showed negative for guiadin?

Can i re-take pylo kit for 2nd week? After taking it for one week and still h-pylori bacteria test positive!

Can I still have gallbladder surgery if I just tested positive for cdiff?

Can i tell me how i can test for parasites in my body?

Can stomach biobsy during endoscopy gives false negative result for helcobacter pylori?

Can the doctor diagnose candidiasis with a colonoscopy, or blood tests?

Can virus be detected in stool test?

Can you still have Crohn's if your colonoscopy test is negative?

Can you still have h pylori after having a negative blood test for it ?

Can you tell me name of the test to identify bile salts?

Can you test negative for h-pylori and still have it?

Can?One do an?H pylori home tests?

Celiac negative in blood panel done..Just had bowel biopsy for testing that and malabsorption issues. Common to have neg in lab and still have it?

Dear sir Please help me . I did the stool test, blood test and biospy were negative h.pylori.but breath test was positive.what to do?

Diarrhea for 4 months, no blood. Gi doc tested for c-diff, parasites, colonoscopy, IgE other tests?

Do i need to be empty stomach for hgb electrophoresis test ?

Do they test for gastroparesis, if not what could we do?

Do you have to test positive for something to actually have celiac sprue?

Doctors, what is the difference between h pylori blood tests?

Does a positive fecal leucocyte test (when negative for all other bacteria, viral, and parasitic targets) ALWAYS indicate IBD?

Does anyone know what a gliadin ab blood test is for?

Does basic blood test (cbc) tests for h pylori bacteria?

Does the test that checks for blood in your stool need to be done by a gastroenterologist, or can any doctor do it?

Eating tomato can cause occult blood test positive?

endoscopy show erosive gastritis and biopsy was h.pylori negative, but blood test IGG was positive. do I have h.pylori?

Erosive gastritis. h.pylori blood test positive, breath test positive, stool antigen test negative, biopsy negative. what to do ?

Fecal occult blood test positive 3 times out of 3, normal colonocospy. Chronic diarrhea. What now?

H.pylori blood test IGG positive and IGM negative. I didn't treat h.pylori before the test. do I have h.pylori?

Had hpylori blood test showed +IGA AB, now hpyloriantigen stool test came back -. is this definitive that there is no hpylori bacteria present?

Helico bacteria pylori i have been tested positive on a blood test for this but negative on a stool test so the doctor wont treat me with the antibiotics. What does this mean for the future?

Helicobacter pylori test, how to interpret results?

Help docs, is h pylori antigen a blood test or stool sample test?

Help! I am waiting for another appointment with my gasto specialist doctor but why would the blood test be positive if the endoscopy is negative?

Hi,I would like to know can a blood test detect cryptosporidium.

How accurate are occult blood stool IA tests? I had 7 done, all negative, have anemia, I know its from food, not bleeding, doc still wants colonoscopy

How accurate are stool tests? Had one for celiac. Neg

How accurate are tests these days. Like hiv. Stool test. Cancer test.

How accurate is an o & p stool test?

How are fecal occult blood tests performed?

How can a dr test your microbiome ?

How can I test for parasites in my body?

How do doctors test for hemorrhoids?

How do I give stool specimen for laboratory test for parasites?

How do you test for gallstones?

How is H. Pylori best dianosed? Is blood test reliable

How long before a fecal calprotectin test do you need to abstain from ppi's?

How to perform a stool test for parasites?

How to test for worms?

I am in debilitating pain from my "ibs" and tested positive on hydrogen breath test. What now?

I am taking digestive enzimes but they are producing too much gas ans bloating, even more than before the.My sibo test was nega but positiv forCandida?

I did the h.pylori stool antigen test 1 month after the antibiotic treatment. the result was negative. am I h.pylori free now ?do I need another test?

I had an annual rectal test with my physical that tested neg and also sent in stool sample which was neg. What about cologuard? Colonscopy for 2017.

I had h pylori about 5 years ago. I was feeling sick again and my blood antibody tested positive but my stool test was negative. Do I have it?

I had the stool test and came out negative guess ok but a few weeks later in sigmdoscopy dr detected a colon polyp, why is that?

I have been diagnosed with erosive gastritis .My endoscopy test reveals hpylori negative . can I be cured? Kidney panel,CBC and thyroid test normal

I have celiac blood test negative and no IgA deficiency but biopsy is positive. Any other way to confirm and is it possible to have these results??

I have had a stool screening and was normal/ neg for parasites. I also was neg. for h pylori and ?

I have just had a partial laparoscopic colectomy and my surgery is 8 weeks old. My Hemocult Sensa Test showed 2 specimens positive and 1 negative?

I have positive blood test for celiac desease but negative endoscopy, what's going on?

I just finished h.pylori antibiotic.2 week after the treatment i did the stool test and it was negative. it it accurate? do i need a breath test?

I showed my tests results of hepBV PCR (detected) to my gastroenterologist and he said to test again after 6 months.y is that? I got blood transfusion

I tested negative for H.pylori last year via EGD. Is it still possible to contract it a year later? How do you test for it without another EGD?

I tested positive for ulcerative colitis on the ibd panel. Yet, my colonoscopy came back normal. What could this mean?

I tested positive on hydrogen breath tests for lactose, fructose, and lactulose. What additional tests should I request? I still feel sick.

I want to know about my test, TSH=0.82 lymphocyte=45% helicobacter pylori(IgM)=14.4 parasitology,test stool=blastocystis hominis few heaceck too much?

I've had 12 weeks of gastrointestinal pain. Have had ultra-sound, endoscopy, stool test, 3 x blood tests, Nexium (esomeprazole) hp7, tinidazole. Can you have pancreatitis with normal blood amylase levels?

If a patient have never treat h.pylori and the blood test IGG come positive and IGM negative. do they have h.pylori ?

If breath test is positive for h.pylori but endoscopy and colonoscopy is negative which is more accurate?

If EGD came up negative for celiac, do I need to do a celiac panel blood test?

If ESR is not accurate, then what lab test should I need for monitoring my inflammation in the colon?

If feces for a fecal occult blood test touch toilet can it give false negative when testing ?

If h pylori antibodies blood test comes out negative, does that mean I dont have any ulcers ?

If I have celiac and took a blood test would gluten show it?

If I took a sweat test for Crohn's diease and tested positive, does this mean I have crohn's?

If i'm a carrier of c diff & had a stool test done. Would toxins show up in test? I no most docs are carriers. Would they test positive if tested.

If you have a false positive on a stool guaiac, do you repeat the stool guaiac or proceed to colonoscopy?

Is a blood test for H. Pylori reliable?

Is a GI test the same as haveing a colonoscopy test

Is a positive immunochemical fecal occult blood test concerning? What are the chances it is something serious?

Is a stool test for h. Pylori more accurate than other tests?

Is irritable bowel syndrome cause a false RPR test?

Is it enough to check the blood for HPylory when a duodenum ulcer is assumed? My lab result was negative.

Is it possible for a doctor do a blood test to detect lactose intolerance?

Is it possible to be lactose intolerant even if the nhs blood test is negative?

Is it possible to have parasites in your gut and still have a negative result on a stool test?