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23 year old male frequent urination, always hungry. Blood glucose was 5.0 mml and blood and urine test last month was negative. Could it be diabetes ?

33 weeks pregnant and glucose in urine today? I had a 2hour diabetes test only 3-4 weeks ago and it was negative for diabetes. Causes?

3hr glucose test how to read tha test by each to determine if you have gestional diabetes how high is to high?

About 6 months ago i just test my blood before eating. It was 106.If I have diabetics please tell what I should do?

Am I at risk for diabetes if my glucose tolerance test came out positive.

Any endocrinologists for diabetes that have developed pain-free glucose testing?

Any suggestions on which test is more accurate to diagnose diabetes?

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Are fingerstick cholesterol tests accurate?

Are random blood sugar test for glucose accurate for diagnosing diabetes?

Are two blood glucose tests enough to rule out diabetes and hypoglycemia?

Best urine/blood test for diabetes insipidus?

Can a blood alcohol test detect diabetes?

Can a fasting blood glucose test alone tell you if you have diabetes?

Can a fasting blood glucose test alone tell you that you have diabetes?

Can a general practitioner order the tests for diabetes insipidus...?

Can a patient be tested for hba1c any time?

Can a person be diagnosed with diabetes just from a non-fasting ac1 test result?

Can a person be hypoglycemic with a negative diabetes test?

Can a urine test detect diabetes? Thanks!

Can a urine test for pregnancy also detect diabetes or high blood sugar?

Can an A1c test tell if I have diabetes?

Can antibiotics affect the results of a gestational diabetes test?

Can having too many sweets affect glucose screening test?

Can hypercalcemia and hyperglycemia be found on the same test?

Can I have a false screening test for gestational diabetes ?

Can non-fasting blood sugar tests done during the day determine if you have diabetes?

Can you be diagnosed diabetic from glucose tolerance test results?

Can you develop a local infection from a glucose fingerstick test?

Can you do glucose random test from fasting patient?

Can you tell me how diabetes can be detected?

Can you tell me how useful is urine in diagnosing diabetes?

Can you tell me if a child has juvenile diabetes does glucose always show up in a urine sample?

Can you tell me what a diabetes urine microalbumin test is for?

Could I possibly be a diabetic? Do routine blood tests screen for diabetes?

Could you tell me what happens during a diabetes test at the dr's?

Diabetic, is there a way to tell if I have ketones without testing and what to do if think I have them. I'm at home and not feeling good.

Do i need glucose and ketones in my urine to be diagnosed with diabetes?

Do you know which ketone does a diabetic test for?

Do you need to fast for a microalbuminuria test?

Docs, could a cholesterol test tell you if you have diabetes?

Docs, when testing for diabetes what number is a good number?

Doctor I conducted blood FBS test and my result FBS is 6.1. Doc please am I diabetes or prediabetes?

Doctors, what are the tests for if someone might have diabetes?

Does a fasting glucose blood test rule out diabetes type 1 and 2?

Does a normal fasting glucose and normal A1c test rule out diabetes as a cause of neuropathy?

Does anyone know what tests to ask for to test for diabetes when fasting for cholesterol levels anyway?

Does sgpt test need fasting?

Does your fasting blood glucose have to be in a specific range for a doctor to order a gtt ?When will a doctor order one?

Every time i get a glucose test in doctors office my fasting glucose is between 92 and 98. Is this an indication i'm developing diabetes?

Fasting glucose 8 on glucometer. Am I diabetic or might be prediabetic? What tests should be done? I am trying to conceive, will my baby be at risk?

First glucose test for gestational diabetes came back high. What is possibility I have it?

Glucose random blood test high .Should I be concerned and do I have diabetes?

Had a symptom for diabetes, doctor told me to get a random blood sugar test for glucose. My doctor told me my blood work was fine. Are random blood sugar test accurate to diagnose diabetes?

Had blood test for diabetes last month and they made me fast. If they said i don't have diabetes. That test would know 100% right?

Has anyone else been tested for gestational diabetes and had a partially positive 3hour test?

Has anyone ever falsely been diagnosed with diabetes. I had a fasting lab done and my sugar was 271.?

Having symptoms of type 2 diabetes, + my father has it. I'm 29 and tested negative for gestational diab last year while preg. Could i still have it?

Hi i have not been diagnosed with or tested for diabetes but I have been testing my blood sugar and it can range from 5.5 to 1.6 what does this mean ?

Hoping you can tell me, is simple glucose test can diagnose diabete?

How accurate is a hemoglobin A1c test in indicating hypoglycemia?

How accurate is the A1c test for diabetes?

How accurate is urine dipstick checking glucose and ketones to diagnose diabetes ? Is common ?

How can I be tested to confirm i'm insulin resistant? Please explain.

How can I confirm whether I have diabetes or not?

How can I test urine for diabetes?

How can you test you for diabetes?

How do drs test for diabetes?

How do fasting insulin test and glucose test differ?

How do we test for diabetes before ttc?

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How do you know if you have either diabetes or hypoglycemia without performing any tests?

How do you test a teenager for diabetes?

How do you test for diabetic complications?

How does one know if they have non diabetic hypoglycemia? What are some of the signs and what tests do they need to dx it?

How does the fpg test define diabetes and pre-diabetes?

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How to diagnose diabetes through blood sampling?

How would you know you have diabeties without being tested for it?

I am 24wks preg. Dr wants me to do glucose test but I don't have time in my life for this. There's no fam hist of diabetes. Is this really necessary?

I am non diabetic , should I have a blood glucose test?

I am pre-diabetic and score was bad on my ogtt test. What should I do?

I am puzzled about gestational diabetes test?

I have diabetes and need proof to show employer but have no PCP. How can show them that i actually have diabetes?

I need to know if there is a genetic test for diabetes?

I was just wondering when and how to test blood sugar for diabetes?

I was wondering does the hypoglycaemia test differ from normal blood sugar test or its the same?

I'm curious what occurs during a diabetes test?

I'm diabetic type 2 I'm having a fasting kidney and liver blood test will it show cannabis in the test if I smoke it?

I'm just wondering, if your glucose screening shows gestational diabetes, what do they do about it?