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A 65 years old diabetic who takes insulin as treatment, can a person take any oral medication instead of insulin to control the disease?

A new drug a modified version of niclosamide,that treats intestinal parasites,could be the key to reversing type 2 diab.Can it be taken by a diabetic ?

Again, I have type 2 diabeties and take 500 mg of metformin 2 times a day, i don't drink alcohol yet i keep testing positive for it in my ststem?

Age-47 FEMALE .Addicted to sugar.She is not willing to quit desserts and sugar.What can i do to control her.She is NOT a diabetes patient.PLEASE HELP.

All the people who were taking beta-blockers for several years diabetes. Me and tell me to stop eating them because i damaged pancreas that i'm scared?

Am type 2 diabetic kindly explain the effects of excessive red meat consumption in our body for diabetic patients and how it effects.

Amino 2222 softgels can use type 1 diabetes patients ?

Amway nutrilite glucose health alone enough to control type 2 DM?

Any sspecific precautions to be taken for a diabetic patient before/during angiography?

Any weightlifting tips for diabetics? Also, how can I use my insulin more effectively?

Apart from pers. pref or known med sensitivity, shouldnt 62 yr old Type II diabetic be prescribed diabetes med, not just given dietary restrictions?

Are curry & vinegar a help to diabetics in that they assist in glucose control?

Are Glide tablets good for treating diabetes?

Are glimepiride&metformin safe drugs for a diabetic of12yrs.Cretanine now 1.2.Are these drugs safe or they shud be changed.Any advice to change meds.

Are there any diabetic medications that cannot be mixed?

Are there any herbal products to help with type 1 diabetic autoimmunity?

Are there any medicines that people with diabetes should specifically avoid?

Are there any natural supplements that are used to aid in the control of early onset diabetes?

Are there any serious side effects or allergies to the glucose drink used in prescreening gestational diabetes?

Are there certain medicines or types of meds that cause hot flashes in men? I take meds for bp, prevention of kidney stones, diabetes & depression.

Are there safe alternative therapies for child with diabetes insipidus?

Are you a type 1 diabetic. Do you take any herbal medication or fiber to assist you in your keeping good blood sugars?

As a type 1 diabetic, how can I increase getting over a injury a lot faster then normal? Is there a supplement that will help me please help. Very needed

Besides diabetic benefits, what're others that metformin offers?

Can a 70 yrs old diabetic patient with proneinurea use methotrexate to treat psoriasis?

Can a type 1 diabetic drink over-the-counter percogesic?

Can a type 1 diabetic take victoza (liraglutide) along with their regular insulin therapy as a add on treatment ?

Can a type 2 diabetic have a hypoglycemic episode if they are not on any diabetic medication. Only controlling by diet and exercise?

Can a type one diabetic use C4 extreme pre work out mix, before a workout?

Can anyone tell me what can I mix vodka with for diabetic?

Can diabetic type 2 patients safely use viagra (sildenafil)?

Can diabetics use ckls detoxification?

Can diabetics use honey or is that too muvh sugsr?

Can dried dates be consumed safely by type 2 diabetics?

Can enzyme supplementation aid in managing diabetic nephropathy?

Can i combine diabetes drugs and multivitamins at the same time?

Can i have chocolate? i am DM patient.

Can i safely use slim fast with type 2 diabetes?

Can i take claritan if I have diabetes and hypertension?

Can i take formula t10 if i'm 16 type 2 diabetic?

Can I take manuka honey as I and type 2 diabetic?

Can i take orange in type 2 diabatics.

Can mercurochrome be used for diabetic ulcers?

Can metformin be used at prediabetes for prevention when exercise is not really an option?

Can papaya be taken by a heart patient and diabetic?

Can people have hypertension, hyperglycemia , and hyperlipidemia use food for long term cure?

Can person with no diabetes take sugarfree tablet?

Can pregnant woman with diabetes type 1 take glucophase 750 ?

Can some diabetic medications or some water pills reduce your erectal capabilities?

Can statins or any diabetic medication cause pulptation?

Can taking midodrine affect someone with diabetes?

Can tripping out on nutmeg be dangerous for type 1 diabetics?

Can type 1 diabetics really have 15 years taken off their lives?

Can you drink actimel plus if you have diabetes ?

Can you give Ceftriaxone Sodium to a type one diabetic and if you do what are the dangeers?

Can you let me know how many grams of sugar is safe for a type 2 diabetic?

Can you please explain why women with pcos and people with type 2 diabetes take the same meds?

Can you please tell me about the effects of MS contin (morphine) on a type 1 diabetic person?

Can you take ginger root. If you are type 2 diabetic?

Can you tell me about stevia extract for diabetic patient?

Can you tell me if a type 1 diabetic person takes MS contin, (morphine) can it affect the person?

Can you tell me if I am diabetic and have no meds, what to do?

Can you tell me if it's good to take glycomet gp2 for diabetic person?

Can you tell me if there are good diet pills to take when you are a type 1 diabetic?

Can you tell me which are the proper nsaids suitable to be taken for me , because I am hypertensive & prediabetic ?

Can you treat prediabetes or diabetes prevention using the app?

Considering gastric bypass surgery current 334lb on blood pressure med. Pre diabetes With this surgery will i be able to stop BP meds & avoid diabetes?

Could a diabetic patient have vita-ex gold plus for energy?

Could you please suggest any sugar drug which does noteffect much on kidney.What about galvus met.

Could you possibly put diabetes under control without medicines ?

Creatinine 1.4 should we consult our doctor and start medicines or control diabetes. Diabetic since 12-13 yrs and hypertensive also?

Daughter, 26, has type 1 diabetes since age 2. For long term health should she take a 81 mg aspirin in addition to managing her diabetes well?

Diabetes can take whisky?

Diabetes meds for sugar I am a diabetic.Doctor gave me codene for sinus infection. Is it safe for me to take?

Diabetic taking Breo and causing high sugar. Does Anoro affect sugar in the same way. If yes what asthma med is safe for diabetics?

Diabetic type 2 on multi inj of insulin on 2 atypical antipsychotics plus bipolar meds how have diastolic dysfunction stage 2 do I lose safely weight?

Diabetic type 2. What happens if I don't use my medication?

Diabetic.Age 29. I've controlled bs to avg 90, exercise regularly, eat healthy, take meds. If this continues will there be any diabetic complications?

Do doctors think it's fine to take honey if we have diabetes or hypertension?

Do i need oral medicine even if my type 2 diabetes is within acceptable limits?

Do you know if aderall is safe for a diabetic type 1?

Do you recommend doing another course of Antibiotics for patients with CHD and diet/exercise controlled Diabetes if 7 days Doxycycline didn't help.

Does medication thats used for asthma cause diabetes?

Does anyone here take metformin (for diabetes) and do well?

Does anyone know the reason that some diabetics are prescribed insulin while others can take oral meds?

Does diabetic medication affect the kidneys?

Does everyone who has diabetes need to take medication?

Does long term niacin supplementation cause type 2 diabetes?

Does taking metformin for diabetes affect my glaucoma?

Does taking midodrine affect people with diabetes?

Does taking midodrine affect someone with diabetes?

Dr i am 23 and i am diabetic but i dont take medicine .. can i fast in ramadan?

Dr i am 23 and diabetic After i year also my hb1ac is 6.1 % What do u suggest My weight is 88 kgs?

During diabetes what are steps to be taken to be healthy?

Glimepride or metformin sustained release? Which anti diabetic tablet is safer for stage 2 renal disease (diabetic nephropathy)

Glumetza was prescribed to me - I don't have type 2 according to my doc but high insulin levels ... I also had a severe vertigo 10 days back ...advise?

Has you heard of taking chromium or an herb for gestational diabetes?

Hi doc ...may i know how do brain use glucose in diabetic patients ? thank uu :)

Hi Doc! My has hypertension & diabetes, she's taking her meds for hypertension&diabetes. Can she take a slimming tea that contains Senna Leaves &pods?

Hi docs, thanks for your time.I'm diabetic what is the relation between my weight and how much insulin i take? And how this relationship affect me ?