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1 time at age 20-22 I had my blood sugar at 60 mg and I was healthy how could of happened?

1. How to have a steady blood sugar level all day and don't feel spaced out due low b.Sugar? 2. Just remembered about glycimic index, any connection?

A kid ( age 7 ) has high blood sugar level. Is this serious?

About 2 weeks ago my blood sugar was extremely high while I was sick (T1 diabetic, I was wondering if high blood sugar can have an affect on periods. ?

All the symptoms of low blood sugar possible to be seen in people without diabetes drugs?

Any reason why are low blood sugar symptoms the way they are?

Anybody know how to get your fasting blood sugar levels down without going on insulin?

Are symptoms of drop in blood sugar visible to my bf?

Are we likely to see a 'smart' insulin where by it will stop acting if a person's blood sugar level is low?

At what blood sugar level should I go to e.R.?

At what level is blood sugar considered low?

At which level do the symptoms for low blood sugar start?

Blood sugar constantly at 8-10 mmol is this bad? Wat could it mean

Blood sugar diabetes at low of 4 mg?

Blood sugar falls to low 50s about two hours after eating. Can low blood sugar in the 50s affect my heart rhythm? I have WPW syndrome

Blood sugar goes down while bathing, why?

Blood sugar is little high but when I do regular walking and control on sugar it comes to normal.Do i need to start some medication increase workout?

Breathlessness, is it more likely to be a symptom of low or high blood sugar?

Can a 3yr old be diabetic with a low blood sugar or does it have to be high?

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Can eating antibiotic make sugar level drop or will it make them rise.Thanks?

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Can eating just sweets cause low blood sugar levels after the spike?

Can having low or high blood sugar level cause dizziness and falls?

Can having low serotonin cause you to have low blood sugar. Also can low hormones in a man or even thyroid that is not normal cause low blood sugar. ?

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Can ovarian cysts effect blood sugar? I had one rupture recently and have been having high & low blood sugar issues for 2 weeks. Also on bcp's

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Can you tell me how could i tell uf im still dehydrated and have low blood sugar please help?

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Can you tell me how I could tell uf I'm still dehydrated and have low blood sugar please help?

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