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My dad having early stage diabetes and high cholesterol,medicines taken are RANBAXY and Gliclazide , is it ok for him to drink Espring (AMWAY) water?

My diabetes was controlled w/diet &pills. After taking prednisone 4 bells palsy my fasting readings r 200+. How can I get my glucose back to normal?

My doc's been trying diff. Mg's of sugar pills, i'm on glyburide 10mg bid and #'s not getting better. #'s bet. 160-250. Should i just be on insulin?

My doctor prescribed me metaformin 2000 daily, will it harm me if im not diabetic?

My doctor prescribed victoza (liraglutide) for my type 2 diabetes, Is this medication safe?

My doctor put me on 500mg of metformin at bedtime for midline weight control. Life insurance companies now rate me as a diabetic. What should I do?

My dr said my blood sugar is high (6) and gave me metforin, 2000mg and i feel awful. This is thw first I've heard my sugars were prediabetic.

My father has been given VogsiteMD 0.3mg before bfast as his PP is high,fasting is ok. This medication is an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor. Will it help?

My father is 57 yrs old. He hav diabetes for last 10 yrs.He is taking sugar tablets (glucored forte).Now its above 250.How we can make this to normal.

My friend is diabetic and his fasting and sugar are coming high. Should he add sitagliptin/vidaglipin to his existing med glycomet gp2?

My friend takes metformin & sexagliptin of 2000 mg/day. His sugar though still is high . Can he take the max dose of 2550 spread out in 3 instalements?

My GP said I have Syndrome X (dysmetabolic syndrome) I am pre-diabetic with high insulin levels.I have gained about 40kg in 2 yrs.Endocrinologist yes?

My grandfather has been prescribed diabeta (glyburide)? Anything to know?

My hba1c is 7.1. What medication shoild i follow?

My hba1c is 7.6 taking metformen 500 bid.What should be my ideal diet to control blood sugar level.Thanks?

My HGA1C is 6. I have never been diagnosed with diabetes. I am 10.5 was pregnant. Any advice of what to do to lower it? I work out daily 60mins.

My husband got diabetes ,some Dr answered me before. But I want to knw if he doesn't take metformin and kep on diet is it dangerous for him?

My husband has diabetes his A1c is 9 and he is losing weight he takes humolg pump, amlodipine besyla?

My husband has the systoms of potassium over dose do I just let it balance out give him something salty or a dose of glyburide my husband has the systoms of potassium over dose do I just let it balance out give him something salty or a dose of glyburide

My husband is diabetic and take metformin and januvia (sitagliptin) but he's sugar is always over 200 and up what is wrong?

My husband is diabetic and takes lantus (insulin glargine). Last night he missed his dose by four hours. Can taking it late cause severe body aches and nausea?

My husband is on amaryl (glimepiride) for diabetes. Can he use nicotine patch while on amaryl (glimepiride)?

My husband is taking 4mg Amaryl,lipitor (atorvastatin) ,cozar 5mg trejanta.suar level after 2h of getting meal is 298 .have urine protein also.suggest medicine?

My husband was told 2 years ago he diabetic type 2. He is taking 2x diabex p/day and drinks light beer weekly, his reading stays at 19 what can he do?

My lst meal was @3am& had fbs test @3pm my result is6.7. I took metmorfin. My hba1c% is 4.85& rbs 6.2nonfasting do I have diabetis. I stop taking metf?

My mom is taking invokana100mg,diamcrom&kombiglyze to lower hba1c from10.3.she is drinking 1.5L but she isn't going alot to it ok

My mom is uses cetapin XR of 500mg...She is 36..And diabetic patient...Give her useful tips to control..Sugar..

My mom isn't eating sweets or alot potato & she is taking her medicine but her hbA1c increased from 9.7 to 11 in 6 months. I am so afraid ?

My mother is taking Amaryl (glimepiride) half a tablet in the morning and is making a diet, because Hemoglobin A1c Testing result 9.3. Is this dangerous result?

My mother a diabetic on heavy medication. She's taking vitagliptin , metformin, voglibose, .She has serious bloating and gas issues.All the time burping?

My mother has impaired fbs i.E 118 mg/dl. Should she take any medicine? Or diet modification can help?

My mother in law is iddm just had an episode sugar of 35.She was disoriented igave her 2 glucose tabs her sugar is up to 89 should I give another?

My mother is 56 yr old, 117kg is her wght, she is diabetic type 2, is taking victoza (liraglutide) injection for weight loss and lanctus for diabts. R these meds safe?

My Mother using Glycomet two times a day alongwith Glycigon-M tab.for sugar.used to get Motion in Black, has gone i when Glycomet stopped ?why?

My mother was diagnosed with diabetes last year with hba1c 8.4. she is taking glyciphase 1g daily.she has hba1c 5.6 for 6 months.can she leave medic.?

My mother who is 63 yrs old .. she is under medication of sugar and BP.. her sugar n BP is normal .her creatine level is 165 .. is it alarming?

My mothers diabetes is 443 mg/dl should she be taken to the hospital?

My older sister has t2dm, is taking oral hypoglycemics, but is still finding her bgls are rising as high as 15 fasting. Should she be taking insulin?

My one year old kid intake 60 mg tablet for diabetic named actos (pioglitazone). Please help on this?

My parents have diabetes. I want to loose weight. My fasting blood sugar is on the higher side. Can i take metformin as preventive medicine? How long?

My partner is a diabetic and is taking amoxicillin. can it raise his blood sugar?

My PMD diagnosed me with PCOS & insulin resistance with no blood wrk or exam. Sugar was 84-104. Put me on metformin & im excessively sweating on it.

My sister went to the doctors this morning and they checked her sugar. It was 419. They gave her an insulin shot and metformin. Her sugar is 470 now. ?

My two year old ingested a 1000mg metformin what should I do?

My tyrhoid is mess up and my sugar is low but I'm not diabetic , but my endocrinologist prescribe me Medforming 500mg one a day . Why is this?

My wife diabtic, taking diabend b.D , fasting blood sugar 200, doing excercis, not reducing bloosugar?Why?

Need help for friend who is diabetic and is on metformin & glimepiride.Cretanine is 1.2 & albumin 34.Is his kidney health serious & are these med ok.

Need to know if shud start Invokana 100/300mg with metformin 2000&glimperide 4mg/day.Am told to get C-peptide & then decide if to continue glimperide.

Newly diagnnosed diabetic. 65 y/o man. Takes oral meds and uses insulin pen at night. Ok to use both? And his sugar is very low in a.M. & high in a.M

Open to new and expensive med/treatment for sugar and kidney.Diabetic & now cretanine 1.2, microalbumin 34!On glimepiride& metformin which is 1st line?

PCOS & on 1000mg metformin. I take it after dinner. Is it correct? Shall I take it prior or post my meal? Increase my dose to 1500mg?

PCOS with insulin resistance. 26 wks pregnant. Fasting blood sugar each month about 68. Failed one hour glucose 146. Do I have GD or is fail due to IR?

Pioglitazone is a banned diabetic drug ?

Pl. help am on metformin 2000mg and glimperide 4mg/day.Inspite it fasting sugar 125 & PP 200-210.any adjustment/change in med that can bring in range!

Please describe the medication: actos (pioglitazone)?

Please describe the medication: amaryl (glimepiride)?

Please describe the medication: avandia (rosiglitazone)?

Please explain what are the differences between glyburide and glimepiride medications?

Please help, how much naproxen can a 250lb diabetic take in one 24hr period?

Please let me know if there is any change in hemoglobin if i take glucon-d?

Pls suggest meds for a friend whose fasting is 140 & pp 250.both elevated inspite of having glycomet there any med he can add or increase dose?

Prescribed Metformin HCl 500mg in March,: glucose 74 and BUN 18 in May, glucose 62 and BUN 24 in September. Should Metformin HCl 500mg be stopped?

Rashes cause by glucophage (metformin)?

RDW are 15.6%. I m diabetic taking istamet 50/500 tablet one everyday. Is this reading healthy?what medicine do I need to take?

Recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes fasting bgl is around 300. Can get upto 400 after meals i am on pills - should I be given insulin to lower it?

Saw a research in which lantus (insulin glargine) and metformin combined treatment linked to high death rate.Plz elaborate or correct me .Is taking both together safe ?

Shaking sometimes im type two diabetoc on meformin thyroxine rampril ?

Should an elderly diabetic woman be worried about taking protein powder?

Should glucovance (glyburide and metformin) 500 mg be taken before or after meals?

Should i be checking my glucose if i take a pill for diabetes

Should I skip my glucophage (metformin) if my glucose dips to 60s?

Sir i'm 26 yrs old recently diagnosed with blood sugar336 fasting and doctor has prescribed with medicine melmet1000sr please give ur suggestion?

Sir I am having diabetic for the past 7 years I am using amaryl (glimepiride) forte 2mg but sugar is 225 for the past 3 years what to do?

Sir, diabetic is well controlled. I took medicines for gasto as well. I still feel not hungry.I have been taking metformin tablet for last 6 years.any other tests do you recommend ?

Sleep 6-8 hrs a night but still badly sleepy & difficult time fully waking up cause? Htn pcos provera (medroxyprogesterone) 10mg zestoretic 10-12.5mg 209lbs pre-diabetic

Suffering from diabiaties 2 for last 4 month taking diabeton mr 60 mg tablet glucose level from 322mg/dl to naw come 112mg/dl (empty stomach) wht 2do

Suffering from diabitie type 2 last 4 monthy glucose level from 322mg/dl come to 104mg/dl(empty stomach)can I do heavy weight(bodybuilding)training?

Suffering from pcos but glucose tolerance test 100 mg n fasting sugar tests are normal still can I take metforminam i insulin resistant still ?

Suffering with type 2 diabiaties last 4month currently taking diabeton mr 60mg .Blood sugar empty stomach 140mg/dl and after meal 192mg/dl what i do?

Sweet smelling urine on metformin, is that normal? Are they linked? Pre-diabetic but I do have PCOS

Sweet smelling urine on metformin, is that normal? Are they linked? Pre-diabetic but I do have PCOS

Switched from medicine to insulin 1 month ago b/c glucose levels were high. Now levels are even higher (380-400 ) despite taking insulin (30 morning+20 night). Doctor is saying to wait and see. Does it takes time for body to accept insulin sometimes?

Take 500mg 2xday metformin over a year now i have diarrhea just about dr. said to stop artifical sweetner?

Take 5mg of onglyza (saxagliptin) for well controlled type 2 diabetes..want to add luvox....will onglyza (saxagliptin) have to be adjusted?

Taking glyburide/metformin for type 2 diabetes. On a ketogenic diet. Avid bicyclist. Worried about meds causingn blood sugar drops on my bike ride.

Taking indiangooseberry extract for supposed health benefits.fasting glucose avging 80.In past avg high 90s.but no change in is this possible?

Taking indiangooseberry extract.supposed health benefits.fasting glucose was usually mid-upper90s,now avging 80.not this too low?or better

Taking janumet 50/100 once & lantus 10 units and walk 40min daily. Winter arrive and my sugar gone haywire. Please help me. why winter is so difficult?

Taking Medicine Janumet (sitagliptin and metformin) 50/500, I found a Generic Substitute From Glenmark Pharma as Zitamet 50/500 same Saltbut cheaper in price, is it ok, safe and work same?

This question is for an endocrinologist: I am a type 2 diabetic I am over wieght I take metformin 500mg twice daily. My blood sugar before I eat is 130 after I eat with my meds is about 85-100 I started to feel pins and needles through out my body and my

Tony has type 2 diabetes and is taking insulin once a day at bedtime. When should he be testing . He takes glucophage (metformin) twice a day?

Took wellbutrin 2 days and stopped cause I noticed sugar was 126 in am day 2 if this is the cause of elevation... How long to normalize? Not diabetic

Trying to correct high glucose is it true 1 unit rapid insulin lowers glucose by 50? If I use correction dose when should I retest to see if it workd

Type II diabetic for1 yr . Lost 50 lbs. Thru exercise, diet. Am taking metformin, onglyza, (saxagliptin) lipitor. Is there hope that i can get off these drugs?

Type2diabetic W/BADstomach cnt take pill My Dr is startin me on low dose insulin What the weakest nonrefrigerated low weight gain Insulin i can afford?

Using amaryl (glimepiride) 3 before breakfast. Glocophage500+ glocovans 500?

We missed the appointment because we have no electricity at this time. We will reschedule appointment. Here are the things we need to discuss with you. 1. Recurrent kidney stones taking urocit k 2. High fasting blood sugar taking Metformin 3. High para

What about actos (pioglitazone) as oral anti diabetic ?

What are effects of the medication diabeta (glyburide)?

What are good alternatives to avandia (rosiglitazone) for treating type II diabetes?