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Iam Nw 37th wk of pregnancy with gestational diabetes. Takg levemir 2x n novorapid 3x still not under control . Now reading says 240. Please help ?

Iam on janumet (sitagliptin and metformin) od in morning .I often take alcohol like 3or 4 drinks . Please let me know the exact gap between metformin and alcohol intake?

If a person is taking diuretics and laxatives during a seven day fast will it increase insulin levels in diabetics?

If a type 2 diabetic can maintain A1C scores <6 through exercise & diet alone, what are the pluses & minuses of taking metformin 500mg twice a day?

If I am pregnant and have diabetes, will taking insulin be bad for my baby?

If I have morning gloucose reading of 119 is it safe to take my diabetic pill?

If i was diagnosis with type 2 diabetes. I take insiln at night. 20units. It has been working good. But the last night my blood was 90. So i didn't take any units yesterday. But my blood suger has been great all day. 101 this morning and 120 after lunch.

If ur suger level is over 200 sometimes 400 everyday and ur eating healthy n ontime and taking insulin n tablets what cud b causing it to b high still?

If you have had a heart attack and are a diabetic and have taken avandia (rosiglitazone) how do you know if its from the drug?

II am aged 70years male type2 diabetic taking Voglibose0.3 with metformin.After one month getting constipation and bloating gas,?

Im 25, no symptoms, slim. Recently had a med checkup: fasting glucose 84mg/dl (max100),two days after 98. is it concerning or normal?so scared

Im 34 I have being diagnos with diabetis type 2 im taking my pills why my blood presure and sugar levels are hight?

Im 36 yrs old, I've been diagnosed with PCOS, hypothyroidism, high b/p, and type 2 diabetes. I have my b/p and hypothyroidism under control, and have brought my a1c down to 5.2 through the use of metformin and diet changes. I just had a miscarriage at 6

Im a 24yr old, 53kgs, 152 height woman with PCOS. My fasting blood sugar is 68. What dosage of metformin(glucophage) do you recommend for me?

Im on10mg Primolut N twice a day. Am non diabetic. Increases my sugar to130-140 when checked it 2 hours after meal.Fasting less than 100. Is it normal?

Im T2 diabetic from last 17 years & got my BS under control since 2009,kidney and liver functions R f9, Im having no appetite, using insulin humulin N?

Im taking janumet (sitagliptin and metformin) for diabetes and my sugar level is still high what do I need to do?

Im taking lactulose and I gotta question if your not a diabetic and You take lactulose it should not mess with your blood sugar levels should it?

In addition to taking onglyza (saxagliptin) & metformin, I take blood sugar naturally cinnamon supreme capsules by dr. Stephen holt. Please advise.?

Insulin level was 24 two years ago, then 6 months later was128 , then 6 months ago was 465. Finally dr. Put me on metformin. Is it going to go down?

Is 121 at 9.00am.high for a sugar reading.used 2 b a diabetic, but takin a True Aloe supp.Been normal since.(doc. No,s) this isn't 2 high is it.

Is 5 mg saxagliptin equal to 100mg sitagliptin?

Is actos (pioglitazone) still ok to take?

Is actos (pioglitazone) still on the market?

Is annona and mango ok for diabetic person who have high hba1c ? & if yes what is the amount& at what duration it should be taken? Thnx a lot

Is glucose level at 4.1mmo/l an 1/2 hours after breakfast okay for someone already on metformin?

Is Invokana a good med for me as my sugar level coming high inspite of having metformin 2000mg and gimperide 4mg/day.Am told it will help.Can I start ?

Is Invokana a safe drug for diabetics. ?

Is it advisable for me to take diamicron30mg. And glucophage (metformin) 750mg bid if my fbs is 8.5? Thankyou

Is it normal for a non-diabetic's blood sugar to constantly be between 55-75mg/dL? I feel no hypo side effects.

Is it normal to be prescribed metformin & acarbose when i'm not diabetic ?

Is it okay to take metformin before hba1c blood work?

Is it possible to control b.P and diabetic now I am using losar 25 once in the morning at 9.00 a.M and gligid m.R 30 and glycomet s.R 500 twice?

Is it safe to take metformin while on a very low-carb diet?Could it cause low blood sugar?I'm on victoza (liraglutide) too.So far, no low bloodsugar symptoms at all!

Is it safe to take onglyza (saxagliptin) and metformin at the same time?

Is it save to start my 13y/o type 1dm daughter on lisinopril for her proteinuria?She doesn't have htn or out of control glucose levels.Im concerned

Is it wrong if my mom is taking her breakfast late (10 or 11 o'clock) cause she has diabetes ?

Is janumet (sitagliptin and metformin) more effective compared to just metformin?

Is janumet (sitagliptin and metformin) safe to take? I am type 2 diabetic.

Is Janumet XR really the safest medication for diabetic?

Is juicing safe for a diabetic diet? I am t2 insulin diabetic. I'm 54 years old. Diabetic since 1998. Thank you.

Is metformin effective for low (but w/in normal range) C-petide? Negative on GAD 65 and ICA (islet).

Is metformin for a 56 yr old male/240 pounds with diabetes safe to take if serum cretanine is 1.5 mg/dl and potassium is 5.5mEq/L. pls help.thanks.

Is metformin hydrochloride (glucophage xr) nephro toxic?

Is metformin safe to combine with a ketogenic diet? (in a non-diabetic.)

Is metformin sr 1000mg once daily is better or metformin 500mg twice daily is better for fbs158 n pbs192?

Is microalbumin among diabetics common. I am diabetic for the past 8 years medication i take is metformin for sugar. And almetor for BP . Miral 42?

Is Pioglit bannd.what is alt.? Recommends metformin.500mg,glimRourke 1mg..visit also banned. Confused. Pl.Guide me what to take .

Is prandin (repaglinide) helping diabetes ?

Is sitagliptin phosphate &metformin Hcl 50/500 safe to take for type2 DM?

Is taking 2000 miligrams of metformin a day too much for someone thats only 4ft5, thats how much my doctor wants me to take, im prediabetic?

Is taking metformin with pioglitazone and glimperide tablets safe for long time use?

Is the glipizide more effective than glyburide and januvia (sitagliptin)?

Is their really any difference between onglyza (saxagliptin) and Januvia?

Is there a diffrence between actos (pioglitazone) and amaryl?

Is there a downside to glucophage (metformin). I have been asked to take 1gm in the morning and 1 gm at nite. My hb1ac is 6.2 but I am on this to lose weight.I?

Is there a generic drug that compares to onglyza (saxagliptin)? It's very costly. I also take metformin 500 tid & glucotrol ER 10 bid.

Is there a generic version of the med prandin (repaglinide) to control my blood sugar?

Is there an aternitive for avandia (rosiglitazone)?

Is there any connection between Prozac and diabetes? After being put on prozac, diabetes type II went out of control to the high side and it is still out of control even after switching to insulin (both long and short acting). Is there any connection betw

Is there any contraindecation in using glucophage (metformin) with antiacid drug?

Is there any danger in taking halls cough drops.l have diabetes. Not worried about the sugar as I only take a few.

Is there any difference between glumetza ER and generic metformin er?

Is there any interaction between airtal (aceclofenac) and amaryl or glucophage (metformin) ? Are they safe together ?

Is there any one sure way to get my PP in control.Am taking 2000mg metformin, 4mg glimperide daily.Walking too for 35 to 40 mins but its not brisk.

Is there any other medicine that can work best for my mom who has diabetes.She is on Blisto 4MF and Kombiglyze XR (saxagliptin and metformin) as prescribed by Dr.Still high.Help?

Is there any research over glucophage (metformin) and TG relationship. I feel that glucophage (metformin) has reduced my TG drastically from 500 to 200. Plz comment. thanks?

Is there green tea interaction with synthroid, avandamet, (metformin and rosiglitazone) diavan?

Is this antibiotic gv Cefuroxime cv likley to raise sugar levels. Just wanna make sure as my father is put on them for a week twice a day.Help?

It's okay to use amaryl(glimepiride) med. for pcos right?

Ive been sick a lot can gluthaione help me as supplement? Couldnt tolorate regular vit. It makes me nauseated have diabetes,cholesterol,hypertension

Lost 70 lbs. Sugar cravings . Will gymnema help? Dosage?Take levothroid and blood press.Meds...

Lost about 10 pounds and i was taking metformin but i stopped because my sugar. Would drop low i test my self u think i don't have diabetes anymore?

Loved one recently diagnosed with diabetes. Glucose sometime 140s or 160s, sometimes 120s. Above what level is dangerous? Using glucophage (metformin) to help.

Male, 29, diabetic (MODY Hba1c 6.5 kidneys liver heart OK. Janumet (sitagliptin and metformin) then metformin only at night). Heard Serbian ginseng good for fatigue and sugar?

Male,29,diabetic (MODY hba1c 6.5, janumet (sitagliptin and metformin) once and metfor 500mg at night) Whenever i travel say around 70km or more my sugar increase over 220 mgdll?

Many people say metformin 500mg doesn't have that much of an impact for pcos and prediabetes. Is this true? Only been on for like a month..

May I know d difference between glycomet sr 850 and glycomet 850..I have pcod for which I have been prescribed this med.. Regards?

Metformin tablets glycomet 250 mg is not effective. Can i take glycomet sr 0.5 or glycomet CP 0.5 ?.

Micronase (glyburide) --how is it used?

Micronase (glyburide) ok at breakfast?

Middle backache due to diabetic medication ( glucophage (metformin) or glucontrol) is it possiable?

Mom has type 2 diabetes and takes glimperide and metformin hydrochloride her weight is gaining she is housewife and does home work, cooking , cleaning?

Moms fasting sugar is 140 & PP 210.Is on meds as prescribed by Dr.She is on Blisto 4MF morning & evening & Kombiglyze XR (saxagliptin and metformin) in evening.How to control.thx?

Most times after taking my diabetes drugs (glucophage (metformin) and daonil), i feel tired easily. Is this normal?

My tab amrail 2m.get and galves met 50/500 diabetic type 1 and now fasting sugar level is to day 117?

My 12 year old daughter is diagnosed with type1 diabetes. She takes regular insulin shots 20 + 25 unit daily. However hr sugar level is getting normal?

My 2 hour glucose test was littlel elevated , I was diagnosed with PCOS which is better Forxiga or Metformin?

My 2 year old son may have ingested a 5mg metformin?

My A1c is 6.5. Is that good enough. I want it to be lower to stop taking medicine. Now I take 1 metformin 500mg 1 day and next day have 2.5 mg onglyza (saxagliptin)?

My age is 56 and my blood sugar level is around 200 after taking tablet galvus met 50/850 mg twice a day, please advice me how do i manage it??

My aunt after operation for renal calculi was having pus discharges she was on insulin 16 unit daily. Ages 55yrs , wt .55kg right dose of insulin her?

My blood chenistry always shows glucose around 50. Could this be a side effect from taking keppra, (levetiracetam) I don't have diabetes?

My blood sugar before dinner is 118 but after 2houre after dinner its 232.Why this much different.I'm having 500mg metformin tab twice daily.

My blood sugar level is 203 fasting n 307 pp what medication should i start and is there any other way to cure without medicine?

My blood sugar reading has risen to 6.0. Our physician has told me I'm borderline diabetic. It has risen recently from 5.8. Can exercise and diet control the condition? Also I currently take prescribed meds for hypertension. Thank you.

My blood sugar was 250 this morning,425 at lunch time. I took a metformin 500mg then. Just checked it now and all the machine said was high.

My blood suger level avarage 300, which medicine i shoul take?

My body doesn't tolerate diabetic drugs. I was on onglyza (saxagliptin) and metformin and changed to glumetza 2 days ago and already not responding well.What to do?

My cousins PP sugar levels are high even after meds.The fasting sugar is ok.He is on metformin 2000 mg/day.Whats causing it and how to control.Help?