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I am a type 2 diabetic and my fasting sugar is consistently high (135 or 7.5) and random at the higher end. I am taking diabex (500mg) 2 times a day. Is it time to increase diabex or get insulin? Thanks

I am a type two diabetic controlled by insulin and metformin. Period 10 days late neg hpt. What's wrong?

I am diabetic 2 patient my PP Sugar values remain above 200 now. I am on metformin 1g plus glypride two times what will be useful for me.Jenumet or ?

I am diabetic 5 years & facing dizziness from noon everyday till night for 1 year. I take Novomix 30, no oral medicine. Does Diabetes cause dizziness?

I am diabetic and have been drinking can I still take my medformin ?

I am diabetic and have cp. Last night didn't feel well bs was 597. Took some insulin and was then over 600. Have diarrhea all day. Emergency?

I am diabetic for more than ten years. Is there side effect in continious intake of metformin and glimepiride 2x a day? Thanks

I am diabetic my fasting sugar is 165 mg/dL and after meal is 250mg/dL ..i take jalra 1000mg medicine twice a day .i want to ask is it okay ??

I am diabetic patient for lat 10 years. For last 4 years taking Glucovance and Janumet (sitagliptin and metformin). from last month insuline. Avarage sugar 13. Natural remidy ?

I am diabetic since 2002.Now my sugar count rising inspite of regular medication.Please help me.

I am diabetic since 3y and metformin sr 500 a day .Latest bs 136/226 having metallic taste past 20 days. What do you suggest?

I am diabetic, I took my blood sugar it is 455 I took 80 units of levemir (insulin detemir). Have chest pain from cough maybe. What should I do?

I am diabetis I am having medecin call metformine 1 at night. And. Half of the same. In the mornimg want to know what can I eat?

I am new to diabetes and woke with a fasting blood sugar of 251, i took 4 units of novolog and 1 metformin. What now?

I am on janumet (sitagliptin and metformin) 500 od. Yesterday my random was 195 though i had high carb diet but after swimming it came down to 100 is this correct.

I am prediabetic and taking 500 mg of metformin. I have lost 10 lbs and have about 30 lbs to go. Is all safe with metformin/safe with my prediabetes?

I am taking DHEA supplements and 500 mg of metformin per day yet my blood sugar keeps rising. is there a negative interaction with DHEA and Metformin?

I am taking janumet (sitagliptin and metformin) 1000 mg twice a day ( 250 pp) with lipicure tag for high cholesterol 252 for 20 days....Still sugar level is 225 pop and 158 fast?

I am taking janumet (sitagliptin and metformin) 50/1000 twice in a day still my sugar level is 220 any better tablet you can advice me please?

I am taking medication for my sugar diabetes but the last 3 weeks its been running about 250 what else can I do to lower it?

I am taking metformin 500 mg only once a day. It causes some GI upset but nothing crazy. I have some insulin resistance, is this dose effective enough?

I am taking metformin but my endo said that i an prediabetic not diabetic ?

I am taking norizec 2mg before meal and metformin500mg after meal twice a day for my diabetes for a long time.I had hyperacidity always at dawn?

I am type 2 diabetic from last 7 yrs how safe is janumet (sitagliptin and metformin) 50/1000mg .I take it twice daily....

I am type 2 diabetic. I have been given glycomet 250 but my fasting level is still 160 and pp of 280. A new medicine, with no side effects to kidneys.

I am type2 dm presently on 1mg amaryl (glimepiride) in the morning and 500mg metformin in the afternoon.My hba1c is below 7.Ppbs in lunch &dinner not normal.

I am type2 DM taking amaryl (glimepiride) 1mg once daily.i am 30 year old female.i am not getting good control with tablet can I use insulin? Which is safe?

I am(25yr)using metformin 500mg daily once since 1 month due to high blood sugar. Now its normal. Follwing diet &regular exercise. Can i stop med nw?

I currently take januvia (sitagliptin) for type 2 diabetes. Could this be inhibiting my attempt to lose weight?

I don't have diabetic but taking pridnisone 3weeks before now showing blood suger 235 after food it recover with tretment?

I feel more hungry , I am not diabetic & my thyroid levels are normal. After i started to take ppi's the hungry reduced. I can't control without ppi's?

I had been taking metformin 1000mg/day. My fast glucose is avg 90 since 2 month. Is it possible to reduce doses? I control diet & exercise regularly.

I hav been told im insulin resistant, my sugar is between 300 & 400 for about 4 wks. Doc changed med to actos (pioglitazone) & glimeperide, not working, please help?

I have cuts on my foreskin im diabetic I've been taking insulin from wal-mart novolin -n without prescription, im thirsty a lot and tired often?

I have diabetes since 2008.I use 28 unitslantus on 9pm per day.All was ok but i get up with high bloodsugar last 2months.What could be reason of it?

I have diabetes type II i always use prandin (repaglinide) tablets thrice a day sir I have problem my insurance not approved prandin (repaglinide) tab. Is there any generic tab

I have diagnosed hypoglycemia. My blood sugar drops when I take allegra (fexofenadine). Why would this be?

I have gas problems and feel like want to go to toilet after every meals. I am taking metformin and glimepiride for sugar. also amlong 5.ecosprin av, ?

I have GD, diagnosed at 24 weeks, was insulin resistand pre pregnancy.control GD with diet,numbers are in i still need to deliver before 39w?

I have had hypoglycemia 50-70 for years, I started a glutamine supplement and have had NO hypoglycemia. What could cause this?

I have heard abt tablet sugar nill this tablet can finish the diabities please tell me if it is effective?

I have neuropathy and have not yet gotten diagnosis on diabetes, but I am now on a strict low carb diet- can I be well if taking geodon (ziprasidone)? I have to take it.

I have pcos and i take metformin tab 800mg daily. I complain of headache due to lowering my blood suger. Is metformin bad? And i want to lose weight.

I have pcos. My doc put me on 500mg metformin once a day but it doesn't seem to really help. Is this dose to small?

I have prediabetes and my triglicerides is 231 , can I take cinnamon tablets to help with my blood sugar?

I have type 1 diabetes, can glucophage (metformin) be taken with or in place of novo rapid?

I have type 2 diabeties, i take metformin 500mgs, i test positive for alcohol speraticly, i don't drink at all, someone please help explain.

I have UTI so my doctor advice me to take cotrimoxazole 2x a day, can I still drink metformin for my sugar?

I heard that cinnamon can low hyperglycemia& HbA1c so my mom is taking 1 mug everyday before eating (from 1month ago)so when should she test the HbA1c?

I heard that cinnamon low hyperglycemia & HbA1c so my mom is taking 1 mug everyday before eating (from 1 month ago) so is it good with the medicines ?

I just added levemir to my metformin 1000mg, victoza (liraglutide) 1.8mg i always feel weak and sleepy my glucose is not low still 150s in morning is this normal?

I m 7 weeks pregnant. I have a fasting blood sugar of 107. My doc has prescribed duphalac syrup to avoid constipation. Is it ok to continue with it.

I m diabetic for 9 years, taking Istamet 50/500 mg and pioz MF 7.5 , 2 times. Now I am not feeling hungry. Never desires to eat. What test you prescr?

I m diabetic patient i m using metformine 850+glimpiride 2mg Morning &evening eventhen 50% sesivity in my feet plz advise me?

I m suffering from diabetes from last 13 years i m taking medicine glicomet gp3 850 morning b b/f and dinner but still not control sugar level .

I qm takng onglyza (saxagliptin) 5 mg once a day. Is there any problem if i swith to sitagliptin 100 mg once a day?

I take byetta and januvia (sitagliptin) along with metformine. Is it harmful?

I take gliclazide 80 mg before breakfast and pioglitazone 30 mg and vildagliptin 50 mg after breakfast and before dinner gliclazide 80mg. Is this ok?

I take metformin twice a day, ac1 is at 6.5, check my sugar at fast and it was 224, what should I do?

I taking janumet (sitagliptin and metformin) for diabitic 2. Can i replace it for trajenta?

I think psych med or combination of'em r elevatin glucose levels.Ben havin shakes an noticed only sugar -based items stops the shakes.Not a diabetic?

I took 2 1000mg metformin pills and i ate a soup and my glucose is 357 what does this mean?

I took one glucose tablet (otc) 5-10 minutes before a urinalysis and i got 100mg/dl. Could the glucose tablet cause that?

I took two 100 milligram tablets of januvia (sitagliptin) in less than 4 hours apart .My sugar was 385, should I be worried?

I use 4 mg amaryl (glimepiride) morn and night, added 100 mg invokana, sugar 150-165 at night, can I increase either drug, 61 yr male, 189 lbs, a runner.

I want to know if 500 mg of metformin (with breakfast) and 200mcg of chromium picolinate (before each meal) counteract metabolic damage of quetiapine.

I want to know that hypoglycemic medicine(metformin) should be taken before or after meals and at which time of the day?

I was diagnosed with prediabetes and prescribed metformin. My blood glucose is now is 80-90. I've noticed mood changes - temp side effect of lower bg?

I was on janumet (sitagliptin and metformin). Now on glyburide/metformin and I have blurred vision. Should i be worried?

I was recently diagnosed with high blood sugar and prescribed sitagliptin and metformin 500mg after breakfast and 1 tab of remylin d. Yesterday my blood sugar levels were fasting 81 and pp 64. Why the low pp reading and what should I do to correct it? A

I was recently switched from januvia (sitagliptin) to lantis insulin and almost immediately developed extremely hig blood pressure attacks as high as 257?

I was recently switched from januvia (sitagliptin) to lantis insulin and almost immediately developed extremely hig blood pressure attacks as high as 257. Normal?

I was told by my pcp that i had diabetes without being tested for it and i wanna know what should I do about taking the metformin?

I was told that i was a diabetic and was put on metformin500mg by my pcp without being checked for it & my concern is should I take it or nt?

I wish to have my blood sugar levels tested to see if I may be diabetic, but am currently taking Amoxicillin for a cold. Will this affect my reading?

I would like to know if I am taking l-lysin will that help my sugar or not?

I'm 53 I 've diabetes d2, I take 1 pill of Metformina 500 mg.and 1 of Sitagliptina 25 mg. my average is 100mg/dl can I reduce the medecine or not?

I'm a 59 year old male, overweight, glucose 95, should I take metphormin, if so, at what dose? Are there any side effects? Thanks

I'm a diabetic I have hyper hbp & i bought some multi-betic multivita over the counter&itook them before i was told i had hbp should ikeep on?

I'm a diabetic taking metformin500mg without being tested she only checked my A1c levels and she said it looked ok so should I stop taken it if idk?

I'm a diabetic type 2 patient, how should I take glucophage (metformin) drug, before or after meals?

I'm a diabetic type II patient, how should I take glucophage (metformin) drug, before or after meals?

I'm a type2 diabetic.Currently on metfomin by my doc.My friend gave me norvolog flexpen to use.Can I use it?My metfomin does not help . I no insurance

I'm diabetic and just had my metaformin doses changed from 1000 mg a day to 2000 mg a day and I've been extremely nauseous, what can I do?

I'm diabetic and take metformin, can I still donate blood?

I'm diabetic with pp 300, taking glimepride 1mg plus metformin 500..1 in morning & evening.My hands and feet still have tingling sensation?

I'm having metformin 500mg twice daily.Now my hba1c is 6.4%..So is it ok for me or I have to increase metformin dose.

I'm htnsive/dyslipidemic under meds and pci stenting 6 mo. Back and I have impaired glucose tolorence. Do i need medication for sugar?

I'm not diabetic. Was told i was & given metformin by doctor. Took 1 dose of 500 mg now my pancreas is not working good. Could it be the metformin?

I'm on Janumet (sitagliptin and metformin) and have bronchitis. What meds can i take.

I'm on metformin and my bloodsugar reads 158 1hour after dinner is that good or bad? Should i ask my doctor for more meds to control it.

I'm pre diabetic and having metformin 500mg twice daily, since one year.Now my hba1c is 5.7%.Is there any chance to get off from metformin.

I'm scared to take Metaformin.I have PCOS and I'm pre diabetes because of it.What are the chances of lactic acidosis.Would I know if I had it?thanks

I'm taking metformin for type 2 diabeties an is at a steady 5.9 I do bodybuilding an an going to start steroids how do I do it safely?

I'm taking plexus slim. they say it has chromium and helps glucose absorption. I just found out I have PCOS and am on metformin. will they interact?

I'm taking the drug januvia (sitagliptin) for type 2 diabetes is this a safe drug to take?

I've puffy cheeks & PCOS. Will correcting Blood sugar with Metformin help this?

Iam 34 wks pregnant and diagnosed as gestational diabetic. Is it safe to take lactulose for constipation as the solution is sweet?

Iam diabetic .I will do simple proceture under simple mask anasthesia my hba1c is 7.7 is the anasthesia not harmful with this hba1c?

Iam diabetic and i take one metformin 500mg.Is it sufficient to control sugar?