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Do you know if there are side effects from taking glucovance (glyburide and metformin)?

Do you need a prescription for Avandia (rosiglitazone)?

Does actos (pioglitazone) increase depression?

Does actos (pioglitazone) react with antidepressants?

Does eating amylase inhibitor dieting pills cause hypergylcemia? Thank you

Does eating amylase inhibitor dieting pills cause hypergylcemia? Thank you

Does taking metformin cause bun to increase? My fathers' is at 24Also how can it be decreased to normal?

Dr told my husband that he got diabetes and cholestrol,Dr give him metformin for life? Can diabtes goes 1day? Wht if he doesn't take it?

Drug interactions between ondansetron and gylberide/metformin?

During 2 years i began being ovolacto vegetarian not in standard way.Now i'm not.And i think I have hypoglycemia now.Is this because of those 2 years?

Dx of cardiomyopathy, CHF & diabetes. On metoprolol, lisinopril, pravastatin, metformin & lantus (insulin glargine). I have muscle pain when walking, bending, etc. Could it be the meds?

Dx of nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, prescription hctz/amiloride. Meds are making me urinate every 20-30min instead of slowing me down. Why?

Effects on organs of metformin HCl 500mg, for non- diabetic?

Endo just prescription me Niaspam 500 mg always have high trgly. Not diabetic. Can't I just use OC Niacian @1000mg? no flushing

F 29, pcos, insulin resistance, take metformin 500 ER x2. Is basmati rice better than normal rice for this condition?

Fasting blood sugar 140-150, random 123, HBA1C 8.8. Sitagliptin / Metformin Hydrochloride since one month. Weight gain 4.5 lb. How to control Fasting?

Fasting range - 115-120. Pp range 150-156. Hba1c - 7. Am i diabetic. If yes can I reverse this without any medication. Currently consuming no medicine?

Fasting sugar is 139 n pp is 152.Taking metformin 1gm after breakfast. Tell me solution?

Fasting sugar is 140 &PP at times 280.HB1AC 6.2.Am on metformin 2000mg &glimperide 4mg/day.Is it ok to add farxiga 5 or 10mg/day.Tired of high levels!

Father in law had cabg on 5Apr,diabetic.Hvng InsulinR in morn,lunch&InsulinN at nght.Glu lvl below 200 till last wk,but gng ≥ 200 last 3/4 day.Suggest

For a person early 70's, slight blood pressure 130, with type 2 diabetes using insulin before meals, which of the two is better atacand or micardis (telmisartan)?

Friend is diabetic & takes glycomet gp2.Off-late fasting coming 130-140 & PP 240-250.Are there other meds he should take or shud he increase glycomet.

Friend is on metformin 2000mg&glimperide 4mg a day but his sugar is still high both fasting&PP.What med shud he add & its dose.Invokana not there yet?

Friend on kombiglyze (5 mg sexaglyptin,1000 mg metformin)& blisto (4 mg glimpride ,1000 mg metformin)once daily.Fasting comes 110 & PP 200.Help.

Friend on metfromin 2000mg and glimperide 4mg a day.Fasting in range though PP comes from 180-200 even after meds.Whats causing it and how to control.

Gave birth 6wks insulin resistant(high c peptide).got gestational diabetes @24 weeks.perfectly controled with it likely that its gone?

Generic form of actos (pioglitazone hcl)?

Gf is prescribed micronase (glyburide) in am; is that before or after breakfast?

Glaze is ksa madicine formoula is 80mg gliclazide oral hypoglycemic given to my diabetic mom since 7 years what is its function?and why?isgiv

Glimepiride and metformin hydrochloride which group of drug are they in and what are their purposes?

Glimepiride and metformin hydrochloride, what group of drug and what purpose does it used?

Glimepiride and metformin hydrochloride, which group of drug and what is it used for?

Has anyone had success using byetta along with actos (pioglitazone)?

Has anyone had success using byetta with actos (pioglitazone)?

Have had loose stool for about a month now on janumet, (sitagliptin and metformin) blood levels and colesterol good, but stool very runny all the time?

Have type 2 diabetes on metformi what would cause sugar to be 298 then test agin 30min later be 86. Fasting have not taken med yet today. ?

Hello Dr. I am a type 2 diabetic, I take Janumet (sitagliptin and metformin) 1000/50 two times per day. I was put on seroquel xr and have noticed an increase in my blood sug?

Hello dr. My hbac : 6.3, sgpt 50, MCV 80.4 and MCH is 26.3, could you please give me the tips to make it , right now I am taking kombiglyze XR (saxagliptin and metformin) 1000 m?

Hello! Is there a prescribed diet for PCOS? Is cutting down sugars recommended? Also, does inositol help?

Hello. Is omega XL safe for diabetics taking insulin metformin glipizide Lipitor (atorvastatin) diazid tricor & bp meds, spiriva advair. ?

Help in diabetic highsugar and meds not working?

Help! my husband does not think he needs to take his diabetic medicine if he is now taking insulin shots. Is this right?

Hi doctor , for recently diagnised people for diabetes type2, which is best to start with immediate release metformin or extended release.

Hi doctor. My blood sugar level is 130 fasting.180 random. I am not taking any medicine yet. Try IG to control it by walk and diet. Wat dovu suggest?

Hi from 2004 im with diabete 2 im using Diabos 5 mg twice a day and Metformin 850 mg so is it better to use insuline or the medicaments im usin?

Hi I am a newly diagnosed diabetic with 15kg overweight.Age 36 .I am adviced metformin 1000 mg b.D along with insulin.

Hi I am in a pre diabetes stage. Should I take metformin HCI ? I am 54 years old.

Hi iam a diabetic and want to switch on lchf diet what do u suggest?

Hi Inspite of medication and diet control and exercise my dad's fasting and pp sugar coming high. What could it be and what should he do!! Please help?

Hi Inspite of medication and diet control and exercise my dad's fasting and pp sugar coming high. What could it be and what should he do!! Please help?

Hi, If PP sugar is high what medicine dose needs to be raised, kombilglyze( metformin & saxagliptin)or blisto( metformin & glimperide.Pls help?

Hi, my father is suffering from type 1 dibaties, he is taking metformin 500mg twice daily after meals.Is it sufficent.

Hi, What is the maximum dose of glycomet 2 fp\or diabetics in a day?

Hi. Can someone tell me the difference between glipizide 5 and glipizide 5 ER? Thanks!

How accurate is it that if you are only taking pills for diabetes your only pre-diabetic?

How can I control my PP sugar level...Fasting is controlled.What extra edge I need to do to control it.Am eating meds, walk and eating also controlled?

How can I lower my sugar lwvel after a meal though i take janovia besides metformin?

How common is lactic acidosis with metformin use? What should I look for in terms of symptoms? I take 1500mg metformin and 100mg Januvia

How do suger medison?

How does actos (pioglitazone) help in controlling my diabetes?

How does actos (pioglitazone) help my diabetes?

How does antagolin benefit a pre-diabetic?

How does clonidine effect a diabetic taking glucophage (metformin)?

How does drug get its name? Why does it sometimes have two names, e.G. Onglyza & saxagliptin?

How does metformin treat diabetes?

How does nician suuplement affect glucose level as mine was high, fasting? I do take 200 mg.Fenofibrate and 2 HIV meds combivir/sustiva. Thanks.

How does not eating/fasting effect you when taking coumadin/warfarin? Should i take lower dose if planning to fast? I plan on fasting for 72 hours.

How does prandin (repaglinide) work for diabetics?

How dose amaryl (glimepiride) affect blood sugar?

How exactly does pantoprazole cause hyperglycemia?

How janumet (sitagliptin and metformin) is beneficial compared to just metformin?

How long does it take amaryl (glimepiride) to work?

How long does metformin take to start working . I've been on it two weeks. I have pcos and type 1 diabetes and am worried about my blood sugar.?

How many grams of sugar is in a 45ML dose of Lactulose syrup? My doctor has me on this daily for constipation but I have type 1 diabetes. Scared??

How many times can I take glucovance (glyburide and metformin) ( metrofin 500+ 5mg daonil) to control my diabetes type 2. I now take it once daily but my levels are high 200 ?

How serious is fbs of 43 for diabetic f79? She is on post-surgery prescription of gluformin g3 forte x 3 +glucobay 50 x 3 +pioglit 30 x 1.

How should you test your blood glucose when your doctor advises you to take medication for diabetics with meals ?

How tell when januvia (sitagliptin) isn't right for you.

How to control diabetes with food creatinine level is 1 with age 57.fasting 160 random 260.taking glucophage (metformin) longlasting750mg.what todo.

How to figure out how much carbs to take as a diabetic?

How to take metformin500 tab for diabetes.; pre meal or post meal which way it can give good glucose control?

How to tres erectile dysfunction since I have glucose level 160 after food takinh 850mg metformin hydrochloride?

How vildagliptin woeks?

Husb. Had ivp thurs. Stopped metform. Creatinine test not read because doc unavailable. Blood glucose now over 400. Gave insulin. Can i give metformin?

I am diabetic for 5 years. I take only Insulin. Doctor prescribed my Ursodeoxycolic Acid 150 mg tablet twice daily for high SGPT (156). Does it work?

I am 128 lb and 5foot 3in. I started a work out regimen last week and have been taking raspberry ketones twice a day. Any negative affects of ketones?

I am 22 , my height is 5"3, weight is 57kg, I have pcos, periods last for 2 days only, I have hirsutism, fasting glucose is 80, what medicines shoud i take?

I am 26 old n using istamet 50/500 mg tabs twice a day and from past 1 month my blood sugar levels 140 n post lunch 220 varying suggest me other tabs.

I am 34 y old man I am suger patient last 6yers , I am taking medicine glucovance (glyburide and metformin) 500/5 in a day 1/1/2 . Please let's me know , any side effect?

I am 35 have diabetes for 5 yrs. Is it ok if i only take insulin but no oral medicine to control blood sugar? Now I take Tresiba 30 units at bedtime.

I am 37 years old and have diabetes for last 6 years and right now taking metformin 3 times a day and glybride 2 times a day but still my sugar is hi?

I am 45, diabetic since 16 years, 2 stents 2 yrs. Last HBA1C was 6.2. Taking getryl 2mg and vildomet 850. Should I shift to insulin. Dr says my call.

I am 57 years old.My sugar lavel is 400 in the evening and 250-300 in the morning. I have take insulin 12ml from last 7 days but sugar not control.

I am a 38 year old woman with pcos with insulin resistance and impaired glucose tolerance in 2005 I have been take metformin since then I've lost 70 po?

I am a 69 year old hypertensive. Besides my regular medications, I was recently prescribed glycomet sr 1000 mg at night. My blood sugar was 90 in fasting and 130 in pp. Is this medication required?

I am a diabetic 2 patient and being prescribed glycomet 250 once after lunch. But still the levels are 156 fasting/280pp. Pl.Recomemend any other medi?

I am a diabetic 2, and take Metformin, 500 mg 3x a day for the last 4 and one half years. It seems l am having a problem should l be reevaluated?

I am a diabetic and ever since they put me on insulin which I take once a day plus Januvina once a day they have ranged from 6-7 now 15-20.4 wsid?

I am a male 65 years old. A type 2 diabetic for last 7years. Take metformin 500mgs twice a day after breakfast and dinner.Hba1c is 6. When to insulin?

I am a type 2 diabetic and am taking avandia (rosiglitazone) and amaryl can they make you gain weight as a side effect?