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135 suger level in random with glucophage (metformin) 500 mg? How much it is in control in your opinion?in fasting it is 117?

13yr daughter admit to hosp.For new onset type 1 diabetes . Lowest bs is 216.Was started on novolin insulin drip this am.Will this help her lower bs?

17 y.O. Wf, dxd ir, on metformin 500 mg bid, eating improved. 2 hr pp glucose 70 / insulin 46. Could this something other than ir? (insulinoma, etc)

34 M, T2 diabetic since 3 yrs. A1C-5.3, on metformin 500mg. How to preserve my Beta cells for long. is it affected even if my sugars are under control?

35 year old blood sugar 557 taking metformin 500mg once a day out of town what can I do until I get home?

35 yr old diabetic. a1c 7.7 Taking 100mg Januvia. couldn't handle metformin er. Dr. trying brand name Glumetza saying it is easier on stomach. why?

35 yr old male. On 1500mg metformin xr and 100mg januvia for type 2 diabetes. Kidneys fine. Worried about lactic acidosis. Is it rare in my case?

38 yr m, wid 6 yrs of diabetes.Suffered sci at d12-l1 5 yrs back. Walking now.On metformin 1gm bd & vildagliptin 50 mg bd.Fasting120.Pl advise?

A friend is diabetic & is on meds for years.His cretanine level has gone up.Is it better if he takes insulin than oral meds to keep sugar controlled.

A friend is diabetic & on meds.Cretanine now is 1.2 and albumin 34.Takes metformin & glimepiride.Are these meds safe when levels are high for kidney.

After being on METFORMIN500 for 7 months. My blood sugar got normalized. A1C now 5.3 Mean plasma glucose 111.Fastin (phentermine) 98.the2 hour test 87. Did medicatin correct the problem and how is that possible?

After reading on health tap, i'm wondering if metformin would help me. I have pcos and am borderline diabetic. Could this be prescribed for me?

Age:24 S: male w:78kg H: 178 cm fat : 25% have type 2 diabete taking galvus met 850mg 1 serv per day .HBa1c:6 can i take CLA as as fat burner ?

All the symptoms of hypoglycemia but no insulin taken recently?

Am dibetec what to do?

Am confused now.A dr said take metformin when my friends cretanine is 1.5 another dr said repeat KFT.In the meantime my friends sugar is high.Help pls?

Am cortisol too high- taking metformin for hypoglycemic symptoms-would like to address adrenal problem also-can i take seriphos at the same time ?

Am diabetic am only taking metformin/glypizide what can be the effectt of this?

Am on glucophage (metformin) 500 tid my glucose is high any advice?

Am on oral meds for sugar fasting is in range while PP is high.Why does it happen and can it be controlled if dosage is looked into.Thanks.

Am taking 250 mg of metformin and just had a 301 bllod sugar reading. What should I do to bring it down?

Any complications from taking janumet (sitagliptin and metformin) for type 2 diabetes?

Any medicine to to lower sugar in diabetes 2 when it's hovering @ 230 and rapid insulin of 2ml will cause hipo. Novonorm & metophormin is not enough ?

Anyone here have or know someone who is diabetic that takes actos (pioglitazone)?

Aoa. My son agee 12 years is diabetic type 1. His bsr is 51 before lunch. Kindly tell me can hee take insuline after lunch.Thnx ?

Are Glimepiride & glipizide the same drug?

Are special advantages of janumet (sitagliptin and metformin) over metformin?

Are there any recalls on avandia (rosiglitazone)?

Are there any safe substitutions for avandia (rosiglitazone)?

Are there any serious consequences of taking actos (pioglitazone)?

Are there long term effects of diabetes medication (glyburide, metformin)?

Are there many recalls on avandia (rosiglitazone)?

Are there other diabetes (type 2) pills besides metformin and glyburide?

As diabetic is glucose of 122 good after 3 hrs of eating? Since it's gone down tremendously, should I lower dosage?Take 2.5 onglyza (saxagliptin) & 500 metformin.

As lowering the sugar i take metformin 500mg

At over which level in mmol for fasting glucose should diabetes meds b started if diet and lifestyle changes hav been made?

Avandia (rosiglitazone) is a miracle drug for my diabetes, but heard it is not safe to take?

Avandia (rosiglitazone) is a miracle drug for my diabetes, is it safe to take?

Avandia, (rosiglitazone) is it safe to take?

Aviva Plus gluco-meter readings fluctuate btw 102-122/mL over 3 yrs, ie @Pre-Diabetes T2 Genetic. 5'10 165lbs healthy. Need I take prescribed drugs?

Been dignosed diabetic taking metformin , craving sweet stuff?

Been on 1.2mg victoza (liraglutide) and still not putting my sugars down much dr. said do 1.8mg i take it at bedtime but my sugar spikes during theday is night ok?

Being type 2 diebitic patient with medication tab glycomet250 , sugar level not under control i.E. Minm 150fasting/250pp. No effect since last 6months?

Blood sugar levels 460 while taking methylpredisolone 4mg pack?

Blood test shows A1c 6.9. Dr says metformin and diet, plus a statin. Early stages of diabetes 2. What number to aim for to control with diet alone?

BUN is 24: Glocuse is 62: Creatine is 0.9: Started taking metformin in March. Should it be stopped ?

Byepass surgery persons are still suffering controlling blood gucose level even tabelets alongwith insulin taken?

Can 200mg of spirolactone for hykpp worsen hypoglycemia?

Can 5 mg Onglyza (saxagliptin) be divided for a short perion of time to test results?

Can 6-8 months of 1 mg methylprednisolone per day for acne cause you to develop a diabetes condition? Or just raise blood sugar while taking it?

Can a diabatic person take low calorie suger?

Can a diabetic control his sugar level by oral tablets and excercizing.

Can a diabetic man (and who has cholesterol and tryglecerides ;taking amaryl & glucophage (metformin) & liponorm) take sinecod ( butamirate citrate ) for cough ?

Can a diabetic person taking amaryl, glucophage (metformin) \u0026 liponorm, take abc multivitamin \u0026 multi mineral ? Is it safe ?

Can a friend add 1mg glimperide in morning & evening to his already existing dose of 2000mg metformin & 4mg glimperide.His sugar is high.Is it ok!

Can a person who has diabete, cholesterol and trygleceride who is taking amaryl, glucophage, (metformin) liponorm take omega supplements ?

Can anyone tell me what the drug actos (pioglitazone) does?

Can doubling up on my diabetes medicine, metformin, have any bad side effects? I'm trying to lower my blood sugar faster.

Can glucophage (metformin) be used for weight loss? If it could be used what is the dose?

Can I add farixga 5mg/day along with metformin 2000mg/day & glimperide 4mg/day.Really tired of sugar coming constantly high.Shud I eat in morning.Help?

Can i continue amaryl (glimepiride) 2mg and discontinue janumet ?

Can i diet with the help of metformine hcl?

Can i eat grapefruit while taking januvia (sitagliptin)?

Can I get pioglitazone (actos) online?

Can i take cinnamon 1000mg daily for sugar metabolism, even if I have allergies and gerd.

Can I take Cla & myoleptin if Im diabetic?

Can I take glucotrol (glipizide) with metformin? Thanks in advance.

Can I take janumet XR (sitagliptin and metformin) and doxycycline at the same time? Thanks in advance.

Can I take metformin and insulin at the same time? Thanks in advance.

Can I take my Invokana and Glyburide after my scan?

Can I use amaryl(glimepiride) med. For pcos?

Can luvox be used with vytoryn and onglyza (saxagliptin)?

Can metaformin, fosinpril, glyburide, simvastain, or omenprazole cause mood swings?

Can metformin cause dizzy spells and loss of balance? Not diabetic. Taking it for insulin resistant pcos. So dizzy i've actually fallen a few times

Can one do weight training along with whey protein if one has type 2diabetes , given that the hb1ac is within the prescribed level.

Can rosiglitazone, sitagliptin and metformin be given together to an elderly patient?

Can someone take insulin tablets ihey suspect they might have diabetes but are afraid to discover it?

Can symlin (pramlintide) be used when takeing metformin for diabetes? Any answers appreciated!

Can taking green coffee bean or raspberry ketones affect diabetic medications (victoza, metformin, lisinopril, simvastatin or levothyroxine?

Can taking one Metaformin cause lactic acidosis?

Can you donate plasma if youre on metformin or simvastatin? what if youre 4ft5 and 126 lbs? Im out of work. does it make you really sick?

Can you please tell me about glucon glipizide?

Can you stop taking metformin once your blood sugar is back to normal. i am not a diabetic but my sugar is a bit high and i have put on a bit of weig?

Can you take actos (pioglitazone) and amaryl together?

Can you take metformin if you don't have insulin restrains or type 2, taking it to lose weight and get pregnant 1500mg, will it cause sugar to drop?

Can you use acarbose or glucobay or precose for weight?

Claren is a diabetic and sugar is high when she eat it comes back up. I don't know what medication she take. Do u have an idea what it could be?

Could bitter melon by tablets work for people with type 2 diabetes so they don't have to take januvia, (sitagliptin) metformin or any pharmacist medication?

Could taking metformin prevent diabetes?

Could you tell me what happens if you overdose on metformin when you're not diabetic?

Creatitine 6.50mg/dl, urea 115mg/dl, patient 41yrs & on allopathic medicines for last 6 yrs. Very strict diet control & without protine diet. Pl advise.

Currently taking 2 500mg of metformin HCl ER daily for type 2 diabetes. Pooping orange pill shape objects.

Dear Doc . I m a diabetic. I take G formin plus which has metformin hydrochloride 850 mg lipikind and Glibenclamide 5 mg. .may I take spirulina?

DHEA 25 mg is taking 3 times a day. During Ramadan ( Fasting month) if it is taken 2 times per day, then is it a problem?

Diabetes since15 years hypothyroid since 8 years now at menopause hba1c is 6.3 TSH is 3.4but triglisrides are 260 &uric acid is2.6 how to improve ?

Diabetic after hot shower my sugar level is 50 why diabetic taking meds

Diabetic type 2 now taking twice a day glimipiride2mg with metformin 500mg pl suggest better pills?

Dizzy. Faint. Light headed. Sunlight became too bright while grass cutting I am a diabetic. I take metformin. Victoza (liraglutide). Lipitor. Avapro?

Do only T2 diabetics on meds experience hypoglycemia? I am t2 on no meds but sometimes get BG of 63 during exercise. I get very weak. Is this ok?

Do you know any diabetic drug for type 2? I've used onglyza, (saxagliptin) metformin and now glumetza. They all gave me pain.