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123 5'4- A1C Jan.was 5.3- mean plasma 90. Lost 15 sugar diet.July A1c 5.9 and mean plas.110. Fasting was 79.Why did it go up? Non Diabetic

200 grams of sugar in one day four times a month. Is this bad? My A1C was 5.6 two years ago as well as glucose 83. Should I be worried?

84 yrs. Pancreas atrophy. Type 2 controlled by diet for 8 years. Fasting glucose 91 but postprandial is now 175 after 2 hours. A1c been 5.9 previous.

A1C 5.3- Estimated Mean Plasma Glucose was 90. Finger stick was 84. What does this all mean? Am I prediabetic? Health anxieties....

A1c 5.7, creatinine 1.37. No history of diabetes, but 2 uti's in 1 year. Chol 208, LDL 146. Everything else includ CBC is normal ?

A1c 5.8 and fasting blood sugar of 190. Is this a situation to start metformin or is my A1c good?

A1c 5.8 is this diabetic or prediabetic?

A1c is 6.2 home tests run 135 to 201 what should my blood sugar run?

A1c next week. bs r usually no more than 105 for morning read.prediabetes. will A1c b normal? check about 3 times a month.

A1c was 5.3 first mornings fasting blood sugar 99 or lower 89. A few times fasting sugar was 104 or 106 under extreme anxiety so is this diabetes?

age 32 but

Am i considered a diabetic if A1c is 6.6, fasting blood glucose 84, and 2 hours after eating 107.

Am i considered a diabetic if my A1c is 6.6 and fasting blood glucose of 84?

As a type 2 diabetic i'm told that a 7.0 A1c  level  is  acceptable. Is that correct?

Blood glucose fasting 125 hb1ac 6% pancreatic amylase 23 (nor 30-110) bmi 30 almost bedridden due to L3 L4 operation pls adv 2 STOP PROGRESSION TO DM?

Can a hemoglobin A1c test tell if I have pre-diabetes?

Can I still have diabetes although I have a 5.5 a1c with a 88 fasting Blood sugar? But still have symptoms

Can methocarbamol 750 increase blood sugar. My A1C is 5.7 and fasting blood sugar is 106. I take 1/2 pill/day.

Can the Depo-Provera shot cause an elevated A1c level of 5.7?

Can you tell me how to lower my hemoglobin h A1c levels?

CBC:All normal but fasting Glucose 112, lastweek 109, Dec 98, A1c is 5.2% (normal). No exercise, no overweight, never diagnosed. Hc & Hg normal. Tips?

Could eating more carbohydrates increase a hemoglobin A1c test in a non-diabetic?

Creatinine level is 1.27.. Gfr 57, A1c 5.7... Md said drink more liquids...I think the numbers suggest greater problems. Thoughts?

Dads HbA1C was 6.2 at 21/1/2015,he made diabetic diet: HbA1C was 6.0 at 4/4/2015,can he now check HbA1C again?

Diabetes and hemoglobin a1c: what is the relation?

Diagnosed as diabetic, w 3 FBG over 126, but by diet and exercise have lowered your a1c 5.9 to 5.4 are you no longer diabetic but glucose impaired?

Difference between A1c and serum glucose?

Do I need to fast before Hemogloblin A1c lab work?

Do you fast for a hemoglobin A1c test?

Do you have to fast for hemoglobin A1c test?

Do you know the highest acceptable A1c for diabetic pregnancy?

Does 5.7% for A1C mean you have gestational diabetes? I am 17 weeks pregnant and in my blood test my A1C was 5.7

Does an 8.3 hemoglobin A1c test result during pregnancy mean I am diabetic?

Fasting ... C peptide 2.4 ng/ml, BG 97, insulin 11.2 , A1C 5.8% normal or ok?

Had ketoacidosis and pancreatitis. Could "diabetes" just have been temporary due to stress of illness? A1c is 5.3, 1x daily shot insulin, no spikes?

Hba1c of 5.7, am I prediabetic, what to do?

HbA1c was 5.8, fasting gluc (taken at same time) was 96. My HbA1c was 5.7, 5 months ago, & 5.6 a year ago. Is this upward trend significant?

Hello I just had my A1C tested it was 6% this time but back in October it was 5.7% what can I do to get this number down. I don't have diabetes?

Hemoglobin A1c 6.0, could I have diabetes?

Hemoglobin A1c 6.0, do I have diabetes, how to know?

Hemoglobin A1c fasting test result of 5.8 ? Good, fair, ?

Hemoglobin and hemoglobin a1c, what's the difference?

Hgb A1c is122 and triglysride is 205 dr give me lovaza is it good for me? Or mot

Hi dr my age is 22 and my hba1c is 6.9% can I reverse my diabetes?

High A1c over 13 but numbers don't correlate, MRI and us abdomen are normal, what are other causes. On metformin and starlix (nateglinide) check bs 4x per day.

How can I lower my hemoglobin A1c levels?

How deos a hba1c work?

How precise is hemoglobin A1c with indicating hypoglycemia?

Husband's A1C 6.1 while FBG 90 and 82 a week apart. Why is A1C elevated while FBG is normal? FBG always been in normal range; never had A1C befor

I am 48; prediabetic (A1C is 6.4 )my doctor says my GFR of 89 is normal. Is this accurate ?

I am 56, diabetic type 2, A1C 6.9, creatinine 1.18, uric acid 7.6 Is my situation serious?

I am a t2 diabetic taking insulin. A1c 6.2; 55 yrs old. What does a fasting c-peptide result of 3.4 indicate? Am i making normal levels of insulin?

I am diabetic type 2, my last A1c sugar measurement was 5.9, what does that mean?

I am diabetic with a 8.8 A1C. Does that effect a alcohol blood tests accuracy?

I am type 1 diabetes, good blood sugar of 6.6. I have lost about 30 pounds over 17 years. from about 205 to 178 . Is this normal age 57?

I did some blood work and got Hgb A1C = 5.8 && HDL = 39. Do I have pre diabetes? I am athletic and eat pretty well. What to do? Thanks

I had gestational diabetes and father has type 2. I went for my yearly check up and have A1c of 5.3 but a fasting glucose of 101. Should i be concerne?

I have my a1c down to 5.8 does that mean I'm no longer diabetic?

I recently took an A1c test and blood glucose. The results from the A1c is 7% and fasting glucose 84. Would i be considered a diabetic?

I'm 18 weeks pregnant and a non-diabetic. My A1c was 5.2, is this a good number to be at?

I'm a type 2 diabetic and my A1c level came back at 5.7 is that good?

I'm a type2 diabetic, and managing it very well (a1c, 5.6). Was advised to tale a low dose aspirin daily as diabetes thickens the blood. Please advise?

I'm diabetic(a1c=6,6 without therapy.a1c=6,2 with metfor.).l suspended therapy for 3 days and checked glycemia every 2 h:never hyperglycaemia!healing?

I've never been diabetic, just had blood work, A1C is 5.7% does this mean I'm diabetic or I just need to diet and exercise?

If I had a normal A1c of 5.4 in July 2016, and you didn't take care of yourself can 6 months later can it develop to diabetes now.

If I have had 3 FPG of 129,141,126 over a space of 5 months, would I be considered a diabetic even if my A1c was 5.9?

If my A1c is 6.2 and my blood sugar is 104 should I be put on medformin?

If my hemoglobin A1c = 5.7%, am I diabetic?

If not all diabetics develop nephropathy, why did i develop it (i think)(proteinuria only) when all of my a1c's (last one 5.8) and fbs are nl/near nl?

If you have an A1c done for the first time and it is 5.5 could you still be diabetic?

If your daily glucose readings are good (under 130 before meals and usually no higher than 202 after) what could be causing A1c to go from 5.2-5.6?

If your fasting glucose is 99 and your A1c is 5.9is that considered pre-diabetes?

In 1973, a dr. Told me that my fbs of 120 was normal. Now i'm told it's not (i'm type 2 diabetic). How have the 'normals' changed and why?

In June 2013 (A1C of 5.6), now June 2014 (A1C 5.8%) is that predict new-onset diabetes that is associated with pancreatic cancer? I'm 32 y/o slim man

Is a 6.3 A1c borderline for diabetes?

Is a A1c level of 5.7 considered pre-diabetes? Could it be elevated because of weight gain?

Is a blood glucose A1C 6.5 high and need of medication?

Is A1c below 7 considered mild diabetics?

Is an a1c of 5.8 and a 99 fasting glucose level a reason for concern?

Is an A1c of 7.0 and FBS 141 diabetic?

Is having an a1c of 6.9 considered a diabetic?

Is it normal for a 3yr old to have a blood glucose of 168?

Is the test for blood glucose named CA1 or A1C?

Last time my A1c was 6.1 now its 5.8. I have morning fasting sugars around 130-140s am i diabetic?

Looking for hemoglobin A1c advice?

M57, my fasting sugar 120, A1c 5.6, random during viral infection is 240, should I start glucophage (metformin)?

M58 could prediabetic (fasting sugar 124 a1c=5.7) cause delayed healing of ulcer on pharynx. ?

M58, how accurate is A1c test, because my A1c is 5.8% but my home instrument gives fasting 115 to 150 depending on the diet I take night before?advise

M58, my fasting blood sugar and A1c don't match, for example fasting is 150 and A1c is 5.7 why is it so? Both done at one month interval.

Male 58, what are pros and cons of starting glucophage (metformin) when my sugar fasting level is 125 and A1c 5.7. ?

Mom dropped A1c from 6.5 to 6.1 trigs from 983 to 212. Doc said she was a type 2 diabetic b4, Now that her numbers improved is she still a diabetic?

Month ago a1c of 7.0. Inflated due to fbg hi. Lchf diet. No meds. Dawn ph. Still 7.0 to 8.5 keep on??

More meaningful for determining if one is pre-diabetic, A1c or fasting gluc? My A1c is 5.5. Fasting gluc was 110 in August, and 109 yesterday.

My a1c 4 months ago was 5.8. What's the chances of it turning into diabetes now?

My A1C is 5.7 does that mean I'm not diabetic anymore?

My A1c is 5.9 my fasting glucose is 91. Am I prediabetic? My BMI is 20.7 I do exercise 2-3 times a week. What should I do? Is it serious situation?

My A1c is 6.2 and bs fasting is 71, what should be correct dose of metformin?

My A1c is 6.5. How much lower should I aim at? At what A1c number should I feel good about my work?

My a1c is 7.2 am i in danger?

My A1c was 6.0 and recent fbs were 154, 147, 163, 153. Should I wait until A1c is 7 or see a doctor sooner? I was on the Atkins Diet.