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92yr old woman living on ensure or boost shakes for 11/2 month, fasting bl sugar was 230 . should I change to glucerna, which is most nutritious?

Baseline & fasting blood sugar is always normal. Blood sugar drops to 45/55 about an hour After eating a sugary meal. Is this dangerous?

iwant to know the normal range of urine sugar is 0.5 postingsugar is nrml

.My blood pressure runs 134/80 should I be on medication for high b.P. I started a exercise program 16 months ago.I work out 5 times a week for one hour mostley cardio some weights.I have lost 40 lbs.I was on b.P. Medication.My b.P. Had dropped to114/66

(-) carb diet taking lbs off. 100g's or less/day. Bg better (105-110 fbg) 2000 mg metfmn. When i stop lb loss - w/out+carbs -what eat? Fat? Protein?

• I am diabetic since 5 years,for the last 5 years my fasting blood glucose in between 125-134 mg/dL and my blood sugar level two hours after eati?

1 dr. Diagnosed hypokpp, 2nd opinion wants to rule out Isulinomas. Glucose 54 while insulin was 13. Could be cause by carb load day before?

1 hour after a meal and my blood sugar is 16.9 mmol is this bad???

1 hour after normal sized dinner my blood sugar was 215! 2 hours later it was 120. Significance of that 215? (I hadn't eaten in hours before dinner)

1 hr after eating dinner blood sugar 80? Chicken spinach and mushrooms. No sauce 10 m and m's. 89 at 2 hrs. What should fasting be? Is this normal?

1 hr glucose test for gestational diabetes came back at 68mg/dl. What does this mean? Is that low?

1 month ago fasting glucose 98, postpandrial 95.Today i just measure it with an apparat, i think 30mins after take juice and coffee.Was 165! too high?

1.5 hours after eating a salad and small hamburger I checked my blood sugar at home. It was 83. Is that too low (considering I ate <2hrs prior)????

1.5 hrs after low carb/high protein dinner my gluc level was 57 (checked 3 times). Few minutes later consistently 81. I felt fine. Error in machine?

1/23/16 A1c 5.3% Fasting 84 Estimated Mean Plasma Glucose 90. Lost 12 lbs.No sugar diet.Ate very healthy but not a lot of calories. 7/25/16-A1c 5.9%. Fasting 79. Est.Mean PlaGlucose 110.47 Nondiabetic-why did they rise? I am 51,121lbs 5'4 worried!

11 weeks pregnant. Failed the one hour glucose test. Could the result have been affected by having eaten a fruit bar right before the sugary drink?

12 hr fast blood test = glucose level 110 at hospital lab. At home I get consistent 84 on finger tip monitor, 2 hrs after eating. What to believe??

12 hr fasting gluc level is typically 110. But my gluc level is typically 80-90 only 3-4 hrs after eating meals. Why? And is this concerning?

123 5'4- A1C Jan.was 5.3- mean plasma 90. Lost 15 sugar diet.July A1c 5.9 and mean plas.110. Fasting was 79.Why did it go up?Health anxiety

130 fasting b/g at the time of c-peptide test. Results of c-peptide 3.4. Male, age 55, on insulin injections. Is my pancreas working at100%?

132 glucose reading, should I be concerned?

145 mcg Linzess didn't work. Try 290 mcg after eating in p.m. instead of waiting 30 min. Before eating. Could this be reason I'm having diarrhea?

15 minutes after eating breakfast my blood sugar was 152. However it tapered off quickly and was back under 100 after one hour. Is this normal?

16 mth old ketones every morning, 1.3 today..Not diabetic.3yr old brother ty1.Blood sugars normal, ketones 0.4-0.7 all day?Eats very wel.What cud it b

19wks preg.My gct value is 141mg.Then gtt values fasting=106mg, 1 hr=177, 2hr=164, 3hr=106mg.Am i diabetic? Need any medicines or how to control sugar?

2 hour post meal sugar 104mg/dL, sugar early morning no sleep 114 mg/dL, sugar 93mg/dL after waking. Are these OK, or is 114 pre diabetic?

2 months ago my nrbc were 0.0. Today they are 1.4. I am 76 years old. Is this really unhealthy?

21 male normal weight non diabetic A1c of 4.9 in oct. Sugar levels go to atleast 200 after eating and fasting of 110. Is it time for another test .

22. My blood glucose was 5.9 uk. After 1 potatoe waffle 2 eggs and chocolate bar. Shouldnt it be higher? Hour after 5.2 mmo

22male 180cm 80kgs. Fasting blood sugar 95 and then 87after 2weeks respectively. Into vigorous athletics. Feel thirsty even after drinking I ok?

24 weeks preg, gct result 147.5(normal 100-140).Dr said is high & do fasting&pp.Result fasting 82 (norma 70-100) & pp - 97.5(norma 100-140).Am diabetic?

24 year old female. Had 4 fasting blood glucose tests with readings between 5.5 - 5.7 pmol . Tests were approx. 4 months apart. Am i pre-diabetic?

24/m had a panic attack/episode of svt. Picked up blood work today, magnesium at 1.8mg/dl which seems low, and glucose at 128mg/dl - any concerns?

25 wks pregnt.fastng blood sugar 100-105.two hrs after meals <120. Taking metformin 750 xr at this baby in danger of suden death??

25 years and male, After 14 hour fast my fbs =101(high) and my hba1c=5.4, why do I have high fbs but normal hba1c,am I pre-diabetic?

27 weeks with gestational diabetes. I ate bagel w/ peanut butter for breakfast w/ juice. Did glucose chk 2 hrs after it's at 236 should I be worried?

27 wks pregnant, gestational diabetes, morning bg above 95 rest of the day below 150 bg what can i do 2 help bring down morning bg? Want 2 avoid pill

28 male obese has fasting insulin 26 and fasting proinsulin 46 even while taking metformin 2000 mg. why is this happening? random insu/proin-140/400.

28 weeks pregnant fasting blood sugar 89 and 2 hours post meal 107 is this normal? Not diaganosed with gestational diabetes nor diabeteic?

28 weeks pregnant my sugar level 1 and a half hours post meal is 135 mg/dl is this normal? Not diabetic or diaganosed with gestational diabetes.

28 yr old male 230 lb, proinsulin is 400 ppmol/L & Insulin is 174 uu/ml. Both have max refrence of 20. Not hypoglycemic. is it insulinoma? why the inc

2yo girl waking up screaming every night, with 9 +11 at 53 instead of 60+ blood cell count, regular low grade fevers. What could this be?

2yo girl with 9 +11 at 53 instead of 60+ blood cell count with low grade fever and waking up at night screaming. What could this be?

3 days ago gastric empty study with technetium tc 99m sulfurcolloid oral.Day after til now I have had low BP and boughts of rapid pulse. Feel bad.Help

3 fasting glucs, 3 months apart. Results: 110, 110, & 103 (in chron. order). Is this downward trend significant? I have been cutting back on carbs

3 hours post meal blood sugar 101 4 hour post meal 92 are the values ok?

3 nights ago temp was 104 and I drank ACVinegar for food poison. Temp stayed 101. Now 97. 98.2-4 is my norm. Why so low now and still a little woozy?

30 to 45 mins.after break fast I sometimes feel a total run down feelings. I have no blood sugar. I am 69 yrs.with a very good health and very active.

3000+mg sod. Diet for 4 yrs had hbp avg 145/98. Chnge diet for 2 mo and avg around 128/88 but get spikes to 160/100 for few hrs ev few wks. Diet rel?

31 year old over weight male on diet hdl 51.1 mg/dl glucose 98.1 mg/dl esr 20 mm/hr prolactin 2747 miu/ml testosterone 5.11 ng/ml whats wrong with me?

32wks pregnant w/ gestational diabetes.control w/diet.last 2days eat too much carbs got high reading(124,153..)2x a day.did it put baby at risk?

35 M with normal chol aug 2015. Eat 6-7 servings if fruits everyday after that. Is this bad? Should i reduce? If so how much is fine. BMI 22.3 no diab

36 week pregnancy, done gct- fasting - 91 & after glucose 1 hour test- 170 (30 more then normal) is it fine or I am having gest. Diabeties ? Pls help

36 wk pregnant.My fasting,1hr,2hr result of 3 hr GTT test r normal,only 3hr has borderline high value-142.Is it still called gestational diabetes?

3hr glucose test. Hour 1 and 2 were high. Do I have gestational diabetes?

3hr gtt results mean what? Fasting 96 then 172, 130, 56 at 3 hours. Thank you

3vials blood draw today, blood sugar drpped to 53, dr gve me juice/cookies; left after 15 min, still feel light-headed, tired, "off".Normal one hr lter?

3yr old male lethargic, unresponsive. Blood sugar 43, after eating peanut butter and jelly sandwich, apple juice blood sugar up yo 208. Sugar in urine?

46yr make. I recently was told cholesterol 246. Resting glucose 106. I met with dietician. I will lose 15 pounds and clean my diet. I exercise a lot. Very active. I am most worried about glucose. Doc not. Should I. Can it be reversed? No diabetes in famil

4years ago my fasting glucose was 7.0 up to 7.9 mmol.I lowered carb intake .its now 6.0 to I diabetic?i hav all the I need meds?

5.9% on my A1c test. Can i still have sugar in in moderation in my diet. I am 51year old male. And i just found out im prediabetic.

50 ur old male with elevated A1c (6.1) high fructosamine (2.31) and extremely low fasting glucose (60). What is the next step?

51 year old not a diabetic. My fasting blood sugar is any where between 69 to 91.2hrs after meal is 91 to 115 on a given dr normal.

57 male, had light low carb breakfast, felt dizzy after 4 hrs fast, checked sugar on strip= 71 mg/dl. After 8 hr fast it is 114. Is this bad. Need med?

5hourgtttest 127 211 317 110 31. Was given prescription for glucometer and told to test/eat quick carb when low, said not diabetic. Good advice or seek 2nd op?

6 months ago insulin level was 34 mu /l , today results is 122.1 , glucose been between 115 - 120 , am i diabetic, is results bad. Fmhx type 1 dia?

6 months post gall blasdder removal, abdominal pain 2 hours after eating unless i eat just fruit or bread elev A1c 5.7, LDL 243, ALT 36 weight 112?

6'3" 155 lb non fasting glucose 62 mg/ dl. Ate meal oatmeal fruit peanut butter < 1 hour before. Doc surpised i didn't have symptoms. Why low level?

7 days after colon surgery(75 y old), hemoglobin 8.5 gm/dl (it was 11gm/dl).He has dizziness and delirium(stool is liquid bleed). What is the solution?

86 yrs old with high blood pressure. Want try glucosamine chondroitin for knee OA b4 surgery, scheduled next year.Pls advise amount in mg for intake?

90yo-stroke. No food-20days then ng tubes 6days led to high [email protected] Continuos [email protected]/h. Drowsiness. Shouldn't feed be divided into 6meals/day?

91female.thyroid &chol med only. thyroid level may be a little low right now.fever 102, vomit brown liquid not coffee grounds. no bm x2d. ER?prune jui

95 sugar level 2hours after a meal is normal?

A 5 year old child weight 28 kg :%0ahba1c test: 5.1%, fasting plasma glucose 112 mg%, liver sgot 47, T3 (liothyronine) 1.86, TSH 2.25, what should do for overweight?

A dietian made to me a test that measures insulin in blood before &after taking 70g of glucose then she gave me a low carb diet but i ain't diabetes ?

A few days ago I had a glucose tolerance test. At 0 minutes my bg was 79 and at 120 minutes it has dropped to 63.Does that indicate hypoglycemia?

A gir \u0026#40;11 years old\u0026#41; urinates too frequently.So we took her glucose test in blood on morning.It was once 122mg/dl \u0026 the second day 132 mg/dl?Is it like juvenile diabete type 1?

A year ago my hba1c was 32mmol/mol, now it is 27mmol/mol.What does this indicate concerning my glucose regulation?Good or bad?

A1c 4.9 low carb diet glucose test passed but get dawn phenomenon of 110 or so why?

A1c 4.9 low carb diet, glucose tolerance passed but get dawn phenomenon of 110 or so why?

A1c 4.9 while on low carb diet passed glucose tolerance test go to bed sugars at 100 or lower wake up 8 hrs later sugar 110 or so why & am i prediabet?

A1c 5.2 -CPeptide 1.5- Insulin level 4.3 uIU/mL. MPGlucose 87.16. One doc told me to start Metformin because of low insulin level. 2nd doc said I was NOT prediabetic.Fasting runs86-93. Do any of these numbers say prediabetes or am I normal? Anxiety!

A1c 5.2 , CPeptide 1.5, Insulin level 4.3 uIU/mL, Estimated Mean Plasma Glucose 87.16. Fasting was 79. Was told to start Metformin...why? Do these numbers mean I am diabetic? Afraid to eat certain foods now.

A1c 5.3 non diabetic.Why does my fasting number go up if I fast more than 8 hours? Fasting range 90-104. 109(rare). Is this a normal response in some people? Should I eat a snack at bedtime to make fasting shorter? Seems to rise at 12 hour. Worried!!

A1c 5.4% Average Glucose is 108 and fasting insulin 19.9 uIU/mL in 19 year old male with Hashimoto's. Are these levels common with thyroid issue?

A1c 5.5. Fasting gluc (plasma) 109. Fingerstick gluc always <95 upon waking. So am I "normal" or am I pre-diabetic? Confused by conflicting data.

A1c 5.5. Fasting gluc 109 (111 3 months prior). Fingerstick tests at home ALWAYS under 85 upon wake up. My GP says I'm "pre-diabetic." Thoughts?

A1c has dropped from 7.0 to 6.4. I take no meds. Low carb eating. Am I still considered diabetic?

A1c is 6.4. 2 hour after eating is 6.0 to 6.7 Before dinner around 5.4 But fasting is still in 7s and 8s! Why!? Plus if I take it at 5am it will be 7!

A1c is 6.4. But fasting is still between 6.6 and 7.6. All daytime readings are under 7.0. Is that okay? Good control? Can't get fasting to drop!

A1c was 4.9 but i cut out carbs having glucose test because fasting sugar in meter has been 104 or 105 could i still be diabetic?

A1c5.8;was 5.7 about 5 years ago&was never told pre diabetes;non fasting glucose 104;hypothyroid tsh [email protected];t4-1.6 with high normal 1.7;concerning?

A1cshowed both times 6.0. Doc said im type 2 diabetic now says borderline im confused my fasting in mornings are. In 120s to 160s?

A2 hrs after meal my blood glucose reading is 17?

Abdomen cat scan revealed 2 liver hemangiomas, had only one in the past, can these cause low blood sugar, low fasting glucaon, BG inbalances? Thank yo

About how long will the sugar from a chocolate candy bar remain in the body (standard blood test coming up)?

According to quest diagnostics, fasting blood glucose should be 65-99. Mine is 127, is this too high for a diabetic?

Acupuncturist recm'd i eat 4-5 small meals a day and 25g of protein @ each meal. Isn't that more than the body can absorb? Pros cons? 145f inactive

After 1-2-3 hours from a meal glycemia is always doesn't grow.basal Insulin is high. Could it be early diabetes?insulinoma?wrong diet?thanks

After a full thanksgiving meal including the pumpkin pie my blood sugar was 145. Does this mean I am now diabetic?