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Can 16 hpf occult blood in stool can be caused by 300 sugar level fasting?

 if my blood glucose number is so important, how do I control it?

if we have high cholestrals, daibetes which will some day turn to higher daibetes, sugar i am a patient of all these and more what can i do doctor?

?All other blood work normal but lipase level is 1691???

. What does this mean? Diabetes Mellitus 125 mg/dl

2 year old high globulin in blood test? Is this dangerous?

245 blood sugar level is it dangerous?

9 blood alcohol level, is it fatal or can someone survive with this level?

9 mos. Ago glucose level was in normal range. Could someone develop diabetes in that amount of time?

A blood sugar level of 1000 requires you to have IV dextrose, why?

A fasting blood sugar of 130 mg/dl considered as diabetic? How to make it normal?

About how long does it take blood sugar to change into fat?

After a blood test i was told my iron was high. What can I do for this?

After a blood test the doctor said I have low beta cell function. Weight, glucose, cholesterol and basal insulin level are ok. Is that normal?

After a major motor vehicle crash my blood glucose level was elevated, why?

After delivery blood sugar levels?

After pregnancy diabetic level?

Already diabetic but can conceiving cause even higher blood sugar levels?

Always so cold, low blood pressure 77/42 sometimes. Low blood sugar. ACTH stimulation test ok. But sometimes low cortisol. Ideas?

Am 15 weeks preg. Took my blood sugar level.45 mints after meal its 154. Am i diabetic? Am 27 years old.How to check the correct blood sugar level?

Am 19wks pregnant.Little diabetic now.Fasting sugar 106.Am i need medicins? Or just food control? Am i need insulin therapy to this level of sugar?

Am diabetic heart patient on oral medicine. My last hba1c was 6.7. My fasting sugar is less than 100 normally.Can i be put on insulin.

Anxiety attack affect fasting blood glucose?

Any advice? I have had a routine blood test, which says my iron levels are dangerously low?

Any way for a person with reactive hypoglycemia to raise their blood sugar quickly without an insulin response?

Anyone know what is a high level of blood sugar during gestational diabetes to have big babies?

Anyone know what is a normal blood glucose level for non-diabetic?

Anyone know what is a normal blood sugar level for people with type 2 diabetes?

Anyone know what is a normal cholesterol level in a blood sample?

Anyone know what is a normal glucose level for a 10 year old w/ type 2 diabetes?

Anyone know what is a normal glucose level?

Anyone know what is a normal/good blood sugar level for some one who has not fasted?

Are chickpeas (garbanzo) bad for diabetes? can they increase blood sugar in person with type 2 diabetes?

Are hemoglobin A1c levels related to glucose levels?

Are high blood urea nitrogen levels bad?

Are low blood oxygen levels normal?

Are papayas good for a diabetic? My bs is elevated, may be due to my intake of it.

Are the peaks and valleys of sugar levels as drastic in diabetes II as diabetes i?

Are there any alternative to treat diabetes, high blood sugar and insulin resistance problems?

Are there any benefits of having a high iron concentration in the blood?

Are there any medications to stop blood glucose flucuating from high to low?

Are there methods to measure blood sugar levels without having to take a blood sample?

Are there side effects during the 1-hr glucose challenge test for gestational diabetes?

Are they working on an insulin pump that can also give continuous blood glucose levels?

Aren't we diabetics supposed to count carbohydrates faithfully to prevent blood sugar spikes?

As a type 1 diabetes can I use lactulose for constipation. Will it raise my blood suger?

At what mmol wud your blood sugar need to drop before saved glucose is released into bloodstream?

At what point should I be concerned about my blood sugar levels?

At what range in mmol , will your vision blur from high glucose levels?

At what rate will sugar levels drop after glucose tablet?

At which blood glucose level for hypo/hyperglycemia does breathlessness occur?

At which level does blood sugar start to cause damage?

At which sugar level start metformin?

Besides diabetes, what would cause you to have sugar in your urine?

Besides juice, what are other good ways to treat low blood sugar?

Best drug for controlling high Blood sugar PP values?

Best drug to control blood sugar level?

Bilirubin level was 1.1 during blood count, is that too high?

Blood ammonia level was 38 is this a little high?

Blood calcium 10.6. Is this too high?

Blood glucose 450 non fasting then meter says "hi" , how can I lower blood sugar? I eat low carb and exercise already but I don't want to use medicine

Blood glucose levels of 243. Is this normal?

Blood in urine, very low vitamin d levels, chronic fatigue. What could this be?

Blood pH level 5.2, how to increase pH level?

Blood sugar 68 and insulin 11.5, c-peptides 3.14 ... Non diabetic. Is this high?

Blood sugar level is 350 what should I do?

Blood sugar level is 800 how do doctors get the level down quickly?

Blood sugar level is below 60 for more than 20 hours even after consuming sugar?

Blood test report: homocysteine level high/ blood platelets low/ bilirubin high. What could be wrong?

Blood test results-what do I need to do next? Low omega 3 / high homocyteine 14 / acth is too high.

Blood test: low vit d levels, very high creatinine and cholesterol.. what could that mean? Thanks in advance.

Blood urea high 0.58 & creatrine 0.98?

Blood work bun/creatine level is 26.8, is this high and why, should I be worried?

Bloods are showing high lactate levels, was is it and what is the cause ?

By fastening by blood sugar read 134. Is that diabetic?

Caffeine could raise blood sugar in non diabetics as well?

Can diet soda cause elevation in blood sugar?

Can having glactoria cause high protein in the blood?

Can (severe) vitamin d deficiency cause low blood sugar or insulin problems?

Can a chronic carbohydrate metabolism disorder result in hyperglycemia or glycosuria?

Can a cortisone shot cause a spike in my blood sugar level?

Can a donut with 380 cals., 21g fat, 15mg cholesterol, 460mg sodium, 46g carbohydrates, 25g sugar raise your blood sugar, cholesterol &blood pressure?

Can a evelvated blood serotonin level cause dizzyness?

Can a high IgE level in the blood be an indicator that I have cancer?

Can a high INR level effect blood pressure?

Can a high protein diet cause a high globulin level on blood test? Also have iron level at 49the &i enlarged spleen. Advice?

Can a partial pancreatectomy and a splenectomy cause blood sugar levels to fluctate?

Can a person develop diabetes from consuming too much sugar over a period of time ?

Can a person which drink less liquids have high blood density? (high HB and other blood elements)

Can a person who has diabetes mellitus have alcohol levels in their blood, even though they don't drink?

Can a sudden drop in blood sugar levels cause epinephrine release even if it doesn't drop below 5.Ommol/l?

Can accupressure treatment cure diabetes or can it at least reduce the blood sugar levels to some extent?

Can allergy reactions to meds cause high blood glucose im not diabetic im 21?

Can an increase of blood level cause palpitation?

Can anemia affect the results of your blood alcohol level?

Can any kind of infection cause CRP to be high in blood?

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Can blood transfusion causer lower creatinine level?