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Am I right there is a high pulse rate during pregnancy?

Any issues- low body temperature, low blood pressure, and low heart rate?

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At 16, is having a fast resting heart rate (about 90bpm) normal with low blood pressure? Also is low blood pressure bad?

At what maximum rate can high blood pressure be lowered?

At what point does a high heart rate during exercise become dangerous? Would an extremely high heart rate of 250-270bpm be considered dangerous?

At what rate should my heart be at while I am doing a cardiovascular workout ? If it's too high what should I do to lower it ?

Blood pressure 102/65, 54 BPM heart rate. I don't exercise and have a bad diet. Is this low of a heart rate/bp normal? Can lack of sleep cause it?

Can a high heart rate cause a headache?

Can a low pulse rate cause low energy/headaches?

Can a person with low blood pressure have a pulse rate of 90?

Can a spinal tap cause low heart rate? If not what could cause low heart rate? What am i @ risk of due to having low heart rate? How to gain normalhr

Can adderal raise your blood pressure and pulse rate?

Can anemia cause tachycardia? If so how low does it have to be? I'm at 10.0. Also whats a normal bpm rate?

Can burping cause the pulse to increase.Is a pulse of 100 high.Thanks.

Can having high LDL levels make it more difficult to lower heart rate during exercise?

Can high cortisol cause tachycardia, pvc's and flushing?

Can i live longer if low blood pressure with high pulse rate?

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Can you have high blood pressure and a low heart rate at the same time?

Can you please tell me about damages of having a high pulse rate?

Clonidine 0.1 mg or propranolol 10mg to help resting heart rate come down? My heart rate is usually 105-120 and blood pressure normal to slightly low.

Could low dhea sulfate or low pregnenoone levels cause your heart rate to increase with excertion heart test are normal echo stress test?

Could hydroxyurea raise your pulse rate?

Could low pulse rate cause low energy/headaches?

Could low serum iron (level 12) without anemia cause pvcs and occasional rapid heart rate?

Could too much diuretics explain light-headedness and mildly elevated heart rate?

Diagnosed with high pulse rate problem please help?

Does a fast heart rate or pulse measured say on my neck with my fingers usually mean that my blood pressure is higher/high?

Does bad circulation cause high heart rate?

Does blood pressure increase with pulse rate? I've noticed higher BP readings when my pulse is higher.

Does cardiac arrest result when your pulse rate drops low?

Does endocarditis have a high mortality rate?

Does having low blood pressure equal low heart rate?

Does high blood sugar cause your heart rate to be low?

Does high BP cause hypoventillation (i.E: why does stimuation of the arterial baroreceptors cause a decreased breathing rate)?

Does high heart rate during excercise cause rabdomyolosis?

Does low heart rate cause dark under eyes?

Does my extremely low BP mean I have a weak heart?

Does peripheral nervous system cause low blood pressure and low pulse rate?

Fetal heart rate at 5 weeks 6 days was 100. My doctor said this is it really low or does the baby still have a chance?

Have high pulse rate high blood pressure so will I have mi or cva?

Hello doctor my heart rate is so fast and BP also high doctors told me that the reason of high BP is your fast heart rate I am 23?

Help! Is 200 too high heart rate while exercising?

Hi I am a 17 yr old female and i just checked my blood pressure and it is 122/79 and i have a pulse rate of 80 is either one of those high or low?

High heart rate after car crash?

High pulse 106 high temp petrified myocarditis reasure me????

Hoping you can tell me, is high heart rate dangerous?

How can a high heart pulse kill you?

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How can I best treat high pulse rate low blood pressure?

How can I control my high pulse rate and palpitations and why it happens?

How can I tell if my heart is racing or just high hr?

How can it be that my blood pressure increases when my pulse rate goes low?

How can you determine if your blood pressure is high or low when checked and if your heart rate is normal?

How common is it for your pulse rate to go high during a vasovagal response?

How dangerous is a high resting blood pulse rate?

How dangerous is high pulse rate of heart ?

How do you know whether you have a high or low risk to having a heart attack?

How high can heart rates go with pheochromocytomas. Also,do they cause headaches?

How low can your heart rate be before getting ablation surgery for a high number of PVCs?

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How to deal with high heart rate?

How to tell why I have a high pulse rate and is it possibly dangerous?

How will my doctor examine me for a low heart rate?

I am 18 and overweight. I have a fast heart rate 90 plus I think high blood pressure. What is my outlook?

I am 19 year old male not overweight sometimes my heart rate gets low, the high 40s and low 50s. Normal EKG echo and holter monitor should I worry?

I am 35 & high blood pressure 148/96.During exercise what should be target heart rate for me as i m having high b.P?

I am 35 & high blood pressure 148/96.During exercise what should be target heart rate for me as i m having high b.P?

I am a patient of thyroid and after pregnancy my pulse rate is high99 but my thyroid report is normal so what should I do for a normal pulserate?

I am on toprol (metoprolol) XR for high blood pressure and tachycardia. Would eating watermelon help with my heart rate also? I also have chronically low potassium

I don't know if i should take the 25 mg of atenolol for my fast pulse rate due to the fact my BP is always low. ?

I feeling that my heart beat is high if it is high is it problem?

I got my blood work done six years ago and it was normal. Now I have low hemoglobin, low MCH, high RDW and low potassium. I have dizziness, bouts of rapid heart rate and heart palpitations. I have normal cardiac workup. Could it be because of bleeding? Is

I have a low heart rate but i'm overweight? A low heart rate is better than a high heart rate right?

I have a very high heart rate while exercising and a very low heart rate while resting. Is this normal or do I need to see a doctor?

I have fatigue and increased pulse rate. Should I have ekg?

I have high heart rate and normal blood pressure, what to do?

I have sleepless nights and fast heart rate my blood pressure is high i can only sleep in the day?

I just took my heart rate and it was 67. How low is too low?

I need my pulse to be at a certain rate so I can donate blood how do I keep it under 100 bmp?

I suffer from a low heart rate and low blood pressure. What can be done?

I was wondering what does it mean if I have a high oxygen saturation, but a low heart rate?

I'm curious what could happen when cardiac output is low and what if it's high?

I've been having problems with low BP and high pulse now all of a sudden it's turned around and BP is high and pulse is low and I have chest pain?

If someone has heart failure due to old age, is their contractility high or low?

Ihave high blood pressure and increase hart rate?

Ihave high blood pressure to130/110 and increase hart rate?

Is 100 BPM at 18 weeks pregnant to low?