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Is low BP after angioplasty normal?

Is my medication level too high if hr is fast?

Is petechiae possible from high bp?

Is there any circumstances when pills for high BP & high cholesterol may be discontinued by the doctor. My BP is stable since last 1 yr 130/80 ?

Last march my ECG is normal. Lately my BP is 130/120/80-90. My LDL is high but i lowered it. Is may chance high to develope cardiomegaly?afraid

Last march my ECG is normal. Lately my BP is 130/120/80-90. My LDL is high but i lowered it. Is may chance high to develope cardiomegaly?so afraid.

Lightheaded and still having low BP in low 90s/60s despite being on Florinef (fludrocortisone) 100 mcg daily &high salt diet &fluids. How else can I raise it?

Low BP and high pulse, what to do?

Low BP mine has been fluctuating with a sometimes high hr should I worry?

Low bp, high pulse rate, will stockings help in maintaining normal bp.

Might have had dangerously high BP levels when training. I need to measure it fast when it's high. do u have any advice on how to do that?

Motrin 600 mg. Can it raise BP ?

My 6 year old has really low bp, what to do?

My blood pressure 88/47 heart rate 93. I am on high blood pressure meds. But i never had BP this low. Why?

My blood pressure is 110-120/90 for almost 5 days. Is it very high bp?Is it dangerous?

My BP 22 yr old high, should I be concerned?

My BP is 110/90 is it very high?am i hypertensive?

My BP is 110/90. Is it too high?

My BP is 130/90.Is it high BP or has it a chance for high BP in future.

My BP is 146/92 is that high?

My BP is 153/103 is that to high?

My Bp is 155/111 being this high can it cause me to be unbalanced or give me vertigo?

My bp is 176/104 ,what level is dangerous ?

My BP is high 130 over 100, is it possible that my cholesterol is high too? Tnx

My BP is incredibly low, about 80/50 and a few times it has been even lower. I am an athlete, healthy and I feel fine. But I get dizzy sometimes. Is there anything I can do to raise my BP? Are there any risks associated with low BP?

My BP is low .How do I maintain it?

My BP os always low (around 90/60) and I have t.O.S. Is that the reason for my low bp?

My BP suddenly went dangerously high after living at high altitude for over 6 months. What is the reason for this?

My BP varies so much that i really don't know if I have high bp. Some readings good and some are a little high. How go i know if i need meds?

My BP was 149/105 is this too high?

My docs took me off BP meds as BP was too low. Now it varies from a low of 109/56 to a spike of 180/80 once per month. Avg. Is 119/64. Is this ok?

My husband age 45 takes blood pressure medicines twice still his BP is high..., when his BP is high creatinine level also increases..?

My husband had an unstoppable and profuse nosebleed. He doesn't have high bp, but it was high at the time. What could be the cause?

My renin was high before bring put on BP pills. Is it dangerous?

Never had high BP before then had 2nd csection, and BP was very high. Was told postpartum hypertension. 3 yrs later, still on BP meds. What caused this?

No ascietes, taking diuretic 5mg, low bp, high pulse rate, less urine output alternate day, abdomen bloating..Pl advice?

Ok chest pain aside is it normal to have high BP and pulse in am and too low at night?

On BP medication but what could cause a sudden spike in bp?

On meds to control high bp. Bp this am is 112/66 pulse 80. Is this okay ? Or too low? With meds my usual is 122/76

Please please help me! new high BP patient needs some good advise?

Safe level of BP and suger?

She is six months old pregnant with high BP how can she manage it down?

Should blood pressure always be taking at heart level? Mine reads high if taken below it and reads low if above the heart. Doc says mine is high.

Should High BP 135/100. Do cardio workout?

Should I be concerned about very low BP in a 6 year old?

Sir I have high blood presure 90-180 so what kind of exercise I do to low my bp?

Sir mera BP pressure low h please give me a best treatment?

Symptoms of low bp?

Systolic BP tends to go high but normal diastolic usually. Doctors have trouble treating as it drops my diastolic too low any ideas?

Taking 5 mg bystolic (nebivolol) @ 8 pm causing low pulse rate day 50 to low 60 and while sleep high 30 to low 40 . Can amlopdipine be substitute if you have cad.

This AM high pulse low blood pressure by 5 p.m. opposite high pressure low pulse?

What are causes/remedies for high BP at young age?

What are dietary advise for low bp?

What are some medications that can lower a high diastolic bp?

What are the causes and effects of low bp?

What are the main causes of high BP at young age ..And its can be cure at young age..If high BP is due to anxity.

What are the symptoms of high bp?

What BP number is considered to be too low?

What can cause high BP and low pulse. Mom had BP of 180/88 and pulse of 48.She is on BP medications.

What can I do if my BP is 156 over 113, is that high and what cand I do to lower it?

What cause a high systolic number in your bp? How is it typically treated?

What cause distolic BP to increase? I was in the low 70 last week now low 100's Systolic has increased but not as much

What causes low bp?

What causes high anxiety in the morning?

What causes high systolic and low diastolic blood pressure in a young athletic man?

What causes low blood pressure? Recently been having low BP for the past month. Never have had high no, always normal. On a beta blocker recently.

What could be the cause of low BP in a 25 year old woman?

What does a high diastolic reading in a BP reading stand for? What are the causes and implications? In addition to drugs, what can a patient do?

What does it mean when BP is low but pulse is too high?

What heart or vascular diseases could cause low BP 100-65; on a person with normally high BP controlled with Diovan (valsartan) and metoprorol?

What is a normal bp and pulse supposed to be in a 24 yr old mines been low 150s over high 90s and my pulse is between 90 to 110 for a week ?

What is an acceptable low diastolic pressure level?

What is considered dangerously high bp?

What is the best way to adjust to high altitude?

What is the best way to control high bp, creatinine, and protein?

What is the most effective BP meds for altitude induced hypertension? Bp is normal at sea level but off the charts at elevation?

What kind of exercise should I do for my high bp?

What should be the diet for a low BP person? What are side effects of low bp? Is there any precautions!

What should I do for high tyroid hormone day by day my heart rate and BP became higher my BP is 160/90 my age 23?

What should I do if I have high BP at 22?

What should I eat in low BP?

What the exercises and techniques to lower high bp.

What to do for low bp?

What to do if i know high BP can cause heart disease. I have low bp, can that cause anything?

What to eat when your pregnant and high bp?

What's the best way to control high bp, cretina and protine?

Whats the reason for low bp?

When having a stroke is bloidpressure high or low?

When is blood pressure high in a 78years old woman. She has had TIA and is under medication for hbp. What are the safe high and low limits for her bp?

Which is more associated with high bp, desi ghee or salt?

Which is more responsible for high bp: desi ghee or salt?

Why BP patient if takes more salt to increase sodium,can control high bp?

Why does low BP occurs?

Why is my BP always low?

Why might my pulse reading spike so high?

Why would BP be so high pulse low 168/138 67?

Will BP be low in liver disease?

Will dr lower a BP med if the pts' bp's becoming "too low"? How low is too low on a BP med? Bp 100/70 past few months but now dropping lower 95/68.

Will humibid give you a high?

Will low iodine cause salt cravings and high bp?