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"if" someone does have high bp, do the readings usually stay high the whole day/evening or do they lower at times to "normal".

12 weeks pregnant, no sign of high BP before. I have been resting all day, my blood pressure is 140/98 pulse is 106. How high is to high?

30 year male. My high BP is 130 and low BP is 60 to 65. After work or cycling or running BP high and suddenly becom very low with unconciousness. ?

45 yr old male, type 2 diabetes, low BP, taken off BP meds, but still low, still dizzy. What can be done to bring up BP?

Are there any symptoms for high iop?

Beta blocker ( 5 mg bystolic) @ am causing low pulse rate low 50 day time and high 30 to low 40 while sleep.Is this ok/any risk. I take amlodipine @pm

Bp 116/57 pulse 60. Is this too low?

Bp 99/74 is this too low?

Bp diastolic running mid to high 80's? Should i be concerned? Family history high bp.

Bp has been high last few weeks. Currently 180/110. Is this sig enough for ER?

Bp too low on lisinapril 10 reduced to 5 mg which did not control bp before. Bp still too low after 5 days. Why would bp not be going up?

Can a 22 year old male wit high BP have a stroke?

Can gad cause high bp? Hctz (hydrochlorothiazide) made my BP lower than normal and i was dizzy a lot. Could it just be psychosomatic?

Can high altitude cause high blood pressure? My BP was normal at sea level but became very elevated when i lived at 6000' no changes to lifestyle.

Can low B12 cause high bp?

Can testosterone cause high bp?

Can vitamin d worsen high bp?

Can you tell me what is high anxiety ?

Causes for high BP I am on atenolol 62.5 mg and I still have very high BP can certain medications give you high blood pressure? Also I am young, fit

Causes of low resting hr of 52 in 32yo? Bmi of 32, high cholesterol, little exercise, but healthy BP & 3 normal ekg's. Have anxiety & low potassium...

Chf from high altitude, when do I call doctor?

Could my diabetes be because of low bp?

Could pheochromocytoma explain for having high & low blood pressure? & is it possible that HR be very high and BP low? Since it was suspected 2yrs ago

Do seizures raise your bp?

Doctor suggestion? My BP while at rest is 109/75 pulse 96. Is this normal, high, low? Thank you much.

Does dhea raise bloodpressure?

Does every who has high blood-pressure if you are overweight?

Does keflex 500 mg twice a day cause high BP or low bp ?

Does low BP cause tiredness or does tiredness cause low BP?

Does pot lower your Bp ?

Due to my anxiety BP is unstable. So every time my BP is high what do I do?

Earlier I asked question about low bp but just checked it & its 159 someone tells me thats high so what is normal bp? And what caused high bp?

For the last few weeks I am having headache & stress with high bp? But when no headache & stress, my BP is normal. Please advise?

Fruits for high BP pateint?

Granny suffers from BP problem. Is the med same for high n low BP both?

Have high bp, can I sky dive?

Her BP increase at mid-night to around 140 levels.In daytime its ok.Doctor has advised BP medicines.Why BP increase at night??What to do??

Hi I have high bp need some advice?

Hi, Pls can you help as to why my BP is high and swelling in left foot. I am diabetic and have high BP and am on medication for it. Thanks.

High above 100 usually around 105 resting pulse. Age 55 obese high bp and diabetic high cholesterol. Wat could be the reason of high pulse no stress?

High blood pressure runs in my family. My mom's BP will be as high as 200/? Sometimes. Why does my BP stay around 100/70-even when stressed out?

High BP runs in my family so I monitor it from time to time. I took it this morning and it was 95/66 p 93. I know that's not high but is that low?

High resting pulse and high blood pressure. Not dangerously high but high for my age and the fact that I am a top level athlete, why? How to change it

Hospilized for high bp, my CPK was 275. They weren't concern at er. Any thoughts? Could if have been from my high BP 220/118.

How can I control high bp?

How can I increase my BP if it is too low?

How can I raise my bp?

How correlates BP and heart rate? Why for me high BP (145-95) and low hr (58-62)? What means that?When is high BP accomploshed with low hr?

How correlates low BP and low diuresis?Which low BP value is considered dangerous?In ER my pressure was 130/80, at home 105/65.I take pils for high bp

How do I control my BP level?

How low can your BP be before you lose consciousness?

How low does a person's diastolic pressure have to be to be considered too low?

How many times a week does you BP have to be high to have high bp?

How to control high BP without medicines.

How to control high bp?

How to lreduce my bp?

I am 19, and my BP has gone low a multiple times, what do I do to keep my BP normal?

I am 29 years some time my BP so high any food low to bp?

I am 44 years old and my gp said my blood pressure was high! my lower reading was 89! what is the ideal BP reading?

I am 53. Recently my BP recorded 130/100 is it alarming? I don't have any history of high or low BP.

I am an diabetic & High BP. I am on METFORMIN850SR 2 times a day, Jalra M 50/500mg and TETAN AM for BP. My Fasting sugar is high.Is is due to BP Meds?

I am having high BP at 22. What should I do?

I am on 25mg cozaar (losartan). is that a low dose? Blood pressure runs 130-150s/high 80s to 100s. I worry about BP getting too low. Dr. said 25mg is low rx

I checked my BP and it's 92/67 is that too low

I had an acute cough from 6days and last night i had high bp.I have no histroy of high bp.What is the possible cause of this?

I had borderline of high cholesterol a year ago or 11 months ago, should I repeat the test? Also had high BP but decreased, and moderate pulmonary HTN

I had borderline of high cholesterol a year ago or 11 months ago, should I repeat the test? Also had high BP but decreased, and moderate pulmonary HTN

I have bp of 60-110 is it too low? How can I improve my bp ?

I have headach with low bloodpressure?

I have high BP and palpitations every now and then . I take medication for high BP i going to high altitude place less oxygen. Adv. Precaution?

I have high BP what should I do?

I read that high BP can cause the LV to thicken or enlarge. I had higher BP but normal now. Would this be unlikely at age 27 or 28?

I want to know how to make low BP normal?

I was diag with high BP at 14. I was a healthy weight 105. Now im 28 and still have very high bp, fast and irregular heart beat and no one knows why?

I'm on bystolic (nebivolol) 10 mg. To treat my high blood pressure & high pulse rate. I've noticed my pulse is staying in the low 50s. And b/p 100/55. Is this ok?

I'm overweight, dad and grandpa high blood pressure. My Bp always high even when relaxed but doctor say it anxiety, although when he check it was high?

I've been having low systolic BP in the afternoons. Morning and night BP is normal. It happens only when standing or doing so activities. Any advice?

I've been having problems with my BP being low but just recently i got several diastolic readings in the 40's systolic not so low i'm very dizzy. ?

If I'm short tempered, could I be prone to high bp?

If the BP is 116 is that low?

If your systolic BP is in the high 120's or low 130's is that considered high?

Is 100 over 66 a low bp...I don't exercise?

Is 100/50 BP low?

Is 108/64 a low BP ? im 22 .

Is 108/68 a Low BP when on BP medicine?

Is 113/54 low bloid pressure am on bistolic 10mg?

Is 133/99 a high bp at age 18?

Is 25mg losartan(cozaar) a low dose? My blood pressure ranges 150-130/90-100 and doctor put me on low dose. worried about BP going too low.

Is 90/60 a low BP ?

Is 98 over 60 to low of a bp...I'm 40 an i don't exercise?

Is a bp of 90 low in a male aged 67?

Is bp higher day after drinking ?

Is diastolic pressure of 90 mm Hg too high for a person in their 20s? If so, what are the recommendations for lowering it?

Is essential hypertension the same as regular high bp?

Is high BP a hereditary illness?

Is it dangerous to exercise with critically low hct?

Is it normal for BP to be elevated after exercise?

Is it normal to have low BP after an angioplasty?

Is it ok to lift weights if you have high bp?

Is it possible for someone who suffers from high BP to sometimes have abnormally low bp?