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high blood pressure reading 163/99, what to do?

.High pulse rate and normal or low blood pressure means in a diabetic patient who is using lisnopril 2?

100/64 blood pressure is ok or low?

103/64 blood presure is low or normal?

115/72 blood pressure having light chest pain no other symptoms what can it be?

141/ 99 is this high blood pressure count?

18w and 4d pregnant dealing with extreme fatigue dizziness and low blood pressure 98/68 should I worry?

2 months of persistent lightheadedness,pulsation in forehead,freezing hands, fatigue, dry mouth. Blood works,TSH, BP, Neuro test:normal. Any Reason?

27 weeks pregnant feeling light headed and looking pale. Blood pressure is 97/60. Is this normal?

32wks pregnant and have been having some dizziness for about a week and started a day ago a headache. Could it be my blood pressure or something more?

34 weeks pregnant and blood pressure 147/82 what should I do also having head aches and hot flash ?

38 weeks pregnant & I have been having diarrhea for the last two days & also headaches whenever I lay down , no high blood pressure! Is this Normal?

3rd day of lightheadedness, dizziness. Blood pressure as low as 92/60. I am not diabetic. PCP thinks Spironolactone is problem (taken 3 months).

51 year old female.I am dizzy all the time.I get the shakes bad.I am unsteady on my feet.blood sugar normal blood pressure normal.CBC normal.

53 y/o woman complaints of occasional blurry vision. No diabetes and high blood pressure.

58 old woman over wt. Hypothyroidism, colitis, healthy blood pressure not diabetic having shortness of breath & feeling pressure in chest & need 2 cough?

6 weeks pregnant. Blood pressure is 131/65. Pulse is 107. What does this mean? High blood pressure?

8 weeks pregnant, extremely dizzy and shaky, blood pressure 101/61 all day. Is there something wrong?

9 mos pregnant. Blood pressure and sugar normal. Feeling constantly tired, off balance and slightly dizzy. Just all around bad. Normal?

A 22 year old female who keeps having episodes of dizziness and very low blood pressure approx 110 over 56?

About my head pressure symptom and a partially empty sella. I also have a low thyroid function. Is this last related at my symptoms?

Always have low blood pressure, around 80/50 to around 95/65. Teenager; shouldn't it be higher? Suffer from fatigue, have exams soon, what should I do

Am i having high blood sugar because i feel dizzy, weak, tired and my heart is pounding really fast?

Am overweight have been crash dieting feeling dizzy and faint. Does any deficiency show up in blood right away?

Anyone know what is a normal blood pressure readout?

Anyone know what is a normal daily range for blood pressure?

Are high potassium levels related to chest pain, headaches?

Are low blood pressure and complex migraines related?

Are there pressure symptoms of constipation?

Are underactive thyroid & high blood pressure associated with chest pains?

At 25 years old, i've been experiencing severe brain fog lately. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure 4 years ago. Should i see a neurologist?

At my last check up, I forgot to tell the doctor about low blood pressure. Is that ok?

At what level of blood pressure would cause headache vision symptoms?

At what point (if ever) is low blood pressure considered dangerous?

At what point should i call 999 for someone with low blood pressure?

Been experiencing dizzy spells to the point of passing out when i laugh. Been occurring for the past yr. I do have high blood pressure ?

Been feeling light headed and dizzy. I do have history of high cholesterol and blood pressure. Is it my arteries or heart?

Been having consistent low blood pressure on a daily basis since I had my baby . What conditions can cause this? My thyroid is normal . Feeling weak .

Before one day i donat blood and i feel general fatigue and headache in that normal?

Blood pressure 102/54. Paulse 59. This normal? How low can blood pressure go and how low can paulse go

Blood pressure 120/62 why is the diastolic so low? is the wide pulse pressure bad?

Blood pressure 168/105. What need to be done and does it cause dizziness and lightheadness. And feeling faint. Or fatigue after wards.

Blood pressure 84/42 p67. Is that low. I'm laying down. How low can blood pressure drop and be safe. Better to have low or hi b/p?

Blood pressure elevated at the same time everyday, any reason why? 130/100

Blood pressure high on meds potassium level doc told me was low 3.3 lower back pain exhausted etc any clue to what it could be?

Blood pressure is 106 64. Is this low?

Blood pressure is 140/88. Little high? Im 25.

Blood pressure is running extremely low (90/40). Cardiologist said increase sodium to 5,000 mg daily. Is this safe if my sodium blood level was normal?

Blood pressure lower at night (100/50), or when very tired. Is this normal? If so, does it have to do with the fact a tired body is more relaxed?

Blood pressure numbers explanation?

Blood pressure of 154/84 is normal range?

Blood pressure readings only 10 points apart. Should i be concerned?

Blood pressure rises instead of falls when I stand up. Is that abnormal?

Blood pressure this morning 103/65 8 hours later 155/95 no change in activity could this be a sign of infection?

Blood pressure went from frequent prehypertension to optimal from only 2 days of running. was high blood from anxiety/stress only?

Blood sugar is 403 & dizzy. Should I go to ER?

Blood test neg. for diabetes, hypoglicemia, anemia or thyroid problems. Healthy EKG. Always lightheaded, dizzy and anxious. Maybe dehydration?

Blood work normal but always tired and weak with low blood pressure .Whats could be the cause?

Blood work, eye test blood pressure all normal, should I relax about brain tumor? Dizziness head/face pressure nausea sometimes 23, health anxceity !

Bottom number in blood pressure is high, what to do?

Bubbling feeling at lower abdomen. Symptom of? Also accompanied by dizziness. Low blood pressure by nature.

Can "low blood pressure" cause white spots on the brain?

Can a drop in sugar levels cause naseua and headaches as wwll as dizziness and lghtheadedness and no balance?

Can a person have normal sodium level but still have all low blood pressure symptoms ?

Can a person raise their blood pressure reading just by thinking about it rising?

Can a sudden drop in blood sugar lead to dizzy spell, nauseous, increased heart rate?

Can an ECG also show a blood pressure reading?

Can anxiety and pain cause a significant spike in blood pressure?

Can bed rest cause low blood pressure?

Can black floaters caused by an episode of migraine and high BP some 6 months ago, ever go away?

Can blood pressure fluctuate significantly back to back tests? First one 129/87, second 119/79. Fluctuates a lot day to day. Sometimes high, some norm

Can blood work be wrong for high potassium left out too long?

Can checking your blood pressure to close together raise it more?

Can Clarithromycin cause low blood sugar levels? Tiredness, shaking, dizziness, headaches, hunger and cravings after taking it. Should I stop?

Can consuming a lot of sugar before a blood pressure test cause a higher blood pressure reading?

Can dehydration Cause POTS?Isn't POTS due to malfunctioning valves due to sustained elevated blood pressure in legs?Couldnt dehydration precipitate it

Can doctors tell me what does low blood pressure mean and what leads to it?

Can gastritis cause dizziness and drops in blood pressure after eating and exercise?

Can high blood pressure cause extreme fatigue and some chest pains?

Can high blood pressure cause extreme head ache?

Can high blood pressure cause motion sickness?

Can high blood pressure induce flashes in vision?

Can high blood pressure make your CEA level go up?

Can high blood pressure mean bed rest for me?

Can high blood presure leads to frequent urinating?

Can high BP average 145/95 cause lightheadedness on a constant basis?

Can high cholesterol make you light headed?

Can high humidity cause headaches?

Can high-blood pressure cause agitation and anger?

Can I do running when I have a high blood pressure. A month ago it was 215/170?

Can insomnia be caused low blood sugar causing release of adrenaline?

Can intense nervousness be a sign of high blood pressure?

Can lack of exercise and constant stress cause high bp? All other tests for heart problems, kidney problems and blood problems have come back normal?

Can low oxgen make you chills chills at 84 degrees pulmonology high blood pressure

Can low blood make you dizzy?

Can low blood pressure 92/56 cause dizziness, short of breath, palps. My pcp thinks its due to my diuretics, she now as changed to a different type?

Can low blood pressure be caused by over-exercising?

Can low blood pressure cause daily frequent two to three second blackouts while sitting?

Can low blood pressure cause lack of concentration and fatigue?

Can low blood pressure make you feel panicky?