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Will propanol impact a 24hr urinalysis (mainly looking for Pheochromocytoma) ?

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With chronic high blood pressure what are my treatment options?

With high blood pressure and a fib, what exercise should I get?

With high blood pressure and type 1 diabetes is there a particular BP medication that would be better than others?

With my opening pressure from lumbar p. Being too high 35 and the doctor can't find what's causing it how can it affect me? Could it mean cancer?

With readings of over 94 in diastolic blood pressure, i've started exercising, ketogenic diet, less sodium, coq10 etc. Enough or do I need BP meds?

With the type of hypotension when arteries are vasodilated. What type of medication are the most effective for bringing BP to normal ?

Woke up 4 am pounding heart. Pulse was 104. Took blood was 9.2. Back to sleep at 6am blood was 8.0 but all post meal blood is normal. Why high fastg?

Wondering if high blood pressure cause miscarriages?

Wondering if it's better to have low blood pressure or high blood pressure with a head injury?

Wondering why number of warts increase suddenly?

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Would cymbalta (duloxetine) causes death or blood pressure disease? ?

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Would high blood pressure occur in all seniors with the diabetes?

Would high cholesterol in the blood make your left chest painful occasionally?

Would i be able to feel problems related to my brainstem? I've had on and of pressure around the area no pain just pressure. breathing bit hard then.

Would it be abnormal that my blood pressure drops when i get my period?

Would it be healthy or bad that my blood stops bleeding so fast?

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Would it be unusual for vigorous exercise to lower your blood count?

Would it be unusual or concerning for my blood pressure to drop after exercise?

Would ivabradine help prevent reoccurrence of SVT? or would other β-blockers be better? Looking for option that don't lower blood pressure as much.

Would low blood bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) cause you to wake up during the night 4 times, sweating with racing heart like body is being flooded w/ adrenaline?

Would luvox (fluvoxamine) tend to lower or raise your heart rate and blood pressure?

Would nitroglycerin help me with the pressure in my chest. Me and my heart doctors are talking about it. But some time it drops real low or real high.

Would pulmonary hypertension cause high blood pressure?

Would taking any blood pressure medicine when you run out work til you get more of your own work?

Would taking more salt in help my low blood pressure?

Would there be a secondary reason for sudden onset hypertension? Blood tests perfect, cholesterol 103 but glucose elevated at 128.

Would vitamin supplements can cause high blood pressure?

Would you most likely have high blood pressure if you have coronary atherosclerosis?

Would you most likely have high cholesterol and/or high blood pressure as cause of coronary atherosclerosis?

Would you recommend against taking propranolol (for tremor) in a person with low blood pressure?

Would you say it is risky oral sex for people with very low blood pressure ?

Would your blood pressure be higher than 130/80 if you had a pheomacytoma attack/crisis?

Y is BP in hypertension throughout the following day(s) after intense resistance training? once i do cardio it goes back to optimal. multiple readings

Year old with high blood pressure?

Yes I do have high BP and sleep apnea and chronic stress but i'm like 180 pounds and 5'8.5? Am i very overweight? Thanks for all ur help doctors

Yesterday and today my high pressure is 13 and the low one is 8.5. Should i worry about that?

Yesterday At check up my blood pressure was 140 over 90 . Was very worked up before they read it. Today it was 120 over 66. 24 yr old female. Bad?

Yesterday I had nose bleed two times, and a pressure of 150/100. My doctor just gave regular blood pressure medications. Please advise what else to do?

You see my profile meds. I went to give blood today , they said i can't because of my meds why?

You should wait 10min between BP checks to allow vessels to expand back. Can you use the other arm immediately and get an accurate reading?