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Blood pressure 105/61 am i going to die? My blood pressure is usually 117/70 something

Blood pressure 108/80. Should tell doc about these numbers? Normal tilt table. However these numbers are not normal for me. Ongoing tremor and rashes

Blood pressure 125 over 66 ? Is this to wide of a gap? I took it laying down.....It seems to far apart ?

Blood Pressure 125/65. I already do P90X and Insanity exercise programs. How do I lower my systolic pressure?

Blood pressure 128/93. Is that good or bad?

Blood pressure 140/83 is this high?

Blood pressure 147/87 is it too high?

Blood pressure 150/100 regularly?

Blood pressure 150/85 for a 65 years old woman who doest have any blood pressure problems,and her head is spinning when moving eyes.what could it be?

Blood pressure 151/91 today after having resumed my add meds. Should I stop?

Blood pressure 160/100 do I need to see doctor?

Blood pressure 171 over 105 is this severe could this slow down healing process if continually high?

Blood pressure 76/40 i weigh 93lbs. Is this normal? How can I raise it?

Blood pressure 93-66 . Is that high or low or ok ?

Blood pressure a little high today. Right on the border of normal. What to do?

Blood pressure acting up again. It's getting really bad after going back to work. What should I do?

Blood pressure and high cholesterol. Are they connected?

Blood pressure and pulse sometimes high. Blood tests and ECG ok. Also anxiety. Could thyroid be cause? Long family history.

Blood pressure around 180/110. Protien in urine is 1815. I'm 30 weeks pregnant. Blood work is coming back perfect. Ob wants to deliver now, should I ?

Blood pressure at times has been around 96/60. I'm scheduled to have 5 teeth pulled. Should I delay that because of my blood pressure being low?

Blood pressure automatic cuff: heart races everytime I feel the pressure of the cuff. Tomorrow, MD visit. How do I handle this?

Blood pressure drops rapidly when working out. Should i be worried?

Blood pressure fell to 114/71 in 36hrs from 167/95. Taken only 2 x 10gm lisinopril. Worried?

Blood pressure for a 30-year-old female 15 weeks pregnant it was 107 over 53 on a home blood pressure monitor?

Blood pressure for a couple of weeks high 150-170/80-95 at home. Doctor wants me to monitor for a couple of weeks, isn't this too high - need 2nd med?

Blood pressure going from 96/63 to 88/52. Is this pots acting up? Eating lots of salt and drinking a lot feel bad when its low. Ekg normal. Dangerous?

Blood pressure going up and down. Have lots of PRESSURE on my chest. Feels like it's about to bust. Pressure is very uncomfortable. Yes I have pacemaker?

Blood pressure has been elevated. Should I wait until it returns to normal before exercising? Just walking on treadmill, but are there risks while it's elevated? 151\109...Had sausage for breakfast two days ago...Can't do pork.

Blood pressure in right arm was: 142/80 and blood pressure in left 128/78. Is this normal?

Blood pressure increasing despite taking medicines for few days ...So what could be done ?

Blood pressure is 111/101 what do I need to do. Does it make a difference if I just finish eating. ?

Blood pressure is 125/85 am 11.5 weeks pregnant is this considered high?

Blood pressure is 127/96 today. Appointment is in 10 days. I am overweight and no exercise. Does this warrant emergency office? I am very worried.

Blood pressure is 128/66 and I'm 18. Is that high? Is that bad?

Blood pressure is 147/86, 19 years old and 200 lbs. I exercise 5 times a week (3 days heavyweights & 2 days cardio) what are my risks, and causes?

Blood pressure is 148/107 with a lot of medication, what is the risk of having a stroke?

Blood pressure is 165/104.. Dr wants to put me on two different blood pressure meds.. I am having surgery soon now I am worried?

Blood pressure is 205/111. Should i go to e.R.?

Blood pressure is 89/50. Why is the last one so much lower? Thought it must be about 60. Please explain?

Blood pressure is always high when I go to the doctor. 150/100. At home and manually, it's normal. I'm on propranolol. Is this typical? I'm a nervous

Blood pressure is higher and headaches?

Blood pressure is low, 82/60, what are some causes of low blood pressure?

Blood pressure is normal throughout the day but higher in the morning I've read this is common? 120's/70's most of the day140's/80's in the morning

Blood pressure last night my dad felt dizzy and blood present was 138 and 100. He has high blood pressure history. What can we do to help lower?

Blood pressure med (HCTZ) caused ED so i changed to candesartan. How long should it take for my sexual health to go back to normal?

Blood pressure medication are not working, had a full work up.What is the best blood pressure medication out there.

Blood pressure medicine do it effect your sex drive, male?

Blood pressure medicine--what is best if renal damage?

Blood pressure meds can anyone relate to dynacyrc side effects ?

Blood pressure monitor picked up two blips from my heart during 24 hour test. ECG is next.Blood pressure is 133 over 80. Should i worry about blips ?

Blood pressure of 104/79 is this healthy? What can cause is bottom number to be highish? Anxiety or lack of sleep? I have a newborn.

Blood pressure of 109/33. Take 5mg of enalapril once a day. Very active. No symptoms. So, is this okay? Diastolic pressure always low at docs office.

Blood pressure of 140/99 at 35 weeks pregnant bad?

Blood pressure of 86/71 and 38 weeks pregnant is this okay?

Blood pressure runs 110/73 , but sometimes jumps to 170/106 already taking BP meds for skipped beats and atrial runs, reasons this would happen?

Blood pressure spiked to 215 /117.sat nite. Went to er. Did ecg.blood work. Said blood fine.ecg fine. Increased rampril from 5 to 10 Still same spikes?

Blood pressure still high with medications after 5 years.why?

Blood pressure supposed to go up during the day or always stay (normal)? Also how high could it get for healthy person (not exercise high)?got 150/100

Blood pressure taken at home on calf was 220/115. is this normal? Taken with home blood pressure cuff

Blood pressure today was 116/90. Is it time for meds or is there another option.

Blood pressure treatment necessary if I control salt?

Blood pressure was 130/67 is this bad?

Blood pressure was 130/70 and two days later checked it and it was 147/90. The morning after that it was 132/80. Should i be worried?

Blood pressure was 160/110 then took it again 5 minutes layer it was 130/90. Does this mean I have high blood pressure? Wasn't anxious or in pain.

Blood pressure was 167/104 today. I have never seen it this high. Is metropolol 25 mg or lisinopril-hctz 20-12.5 better?

Blood pressure was 204/143. What risks could there be if i didn't do anything about it?

Blood pressure went up from 142/90 to 155/92 since march. Will my blood pressure lower? What do I need to do?

Blood pressure will not come down and stay there?

Blood pressure woes: is it or is it not. Very confused!?

Blood pressure: Is 116/35 within a normal range or is it dangerous?

Blood pressure:133/78 pulse 103, is this bad? Im 27yrs old 14 weeks pregnant with second. Had high BP when in labor with my last baby and after.

Blood sugar is 210 feel out of place do I need to go to ER?

Blood sugar low, does it cause my blood pressure high?

Blood test pressure was 105/80. Checked it roughly 10 minutes later and it was 148/126. Can this indicate a blood pressure problem that's causing dizzy?

Blood work lymph was 20 which is low dr said everything else is great . high blood pressure pain in left leg?

Bloodpressure 160 over 90. Inr 1.5. Cholesterol 6, 5. It feels as if blood is boiling. Severe burning pain both legs, left arm and mid back, Cold.PE?

Body temp ranging from 96.5 -97.9. Pulse 50-60. No major heart issues. No high BP. no thyroid disease or diabetes. What's happening?

Both of my eyeballs feel swollen. I do have allergies but take medication for that. I also have Chiari Malformation and High blood pressure. My eyes h?

Both shoulder blades hurt sharply and it also hurts when I take a big inhale. it's been 2 days. i do have high blood pressure. just began working out?

Bp 100/60 normal? I'm 5'1 105lbs. Usually lower than 120/80 but not usually that low, although i don't check often.

BP 100/80 when standing. Doctor said no change to meds until I see Cardiologist. What can I do to raise systolic until then? I do get lightheaded. Thx

Bp 97/62 pulse 140...Bp usually reg if not high. Have migraines, fibro and chronic fatigue.?

Bp at 153/92 due to lack of sleep. What can I take to lower together with resting of course?

Bp at rest after activity is 100/69. But when active it is really high. Sometimes i think i may get a heart attack. Should i be concerned?

Bp erratic but usually normal. Stress and dr. Visits spike it. Stopped smoking, lost weight, diet, less alcohol etc but no effect. Meds drop too low.?

Bp goes down on days i forget to take my high blood pressure meds?

Bp increase due to gastric poblem and later left armnumbness?

BP is 88/64 pulse is 70, 33 year old female. I'm very active. Is this pressure ok? Also it lowers slightly after I go for a run

Bp is very low(88/56)...7 weeks pregnant... Is there any problem?

BP low my whole life. Typical 90's/50-60's. Lately seems lowest of low. Get weak at times when all blood tests normal. Can cardiologist investigate?

BP meds increased x2 mths ago, but bottom number has increased over past month. Vegan diet and normal blood work except GFR 79. Should I be concerned?

Bp normal, slightly elevated cholesterol and anemic.Dr just said to diet and exercise and it'll beok. But i'm afraid of having a heart attack.Advice?

Bp usually low , sometimes 100/49 .. Can beetroot juice or raisins help to increase the bp ?

Brain aneurysm coiled 3 months ago. Blood pressure lot lower since.Diagnosed as postural hypo tension.Worried.Thanks.

Brain stroke , hospitalised, pulse fluctauting, BP low, giving saline solution, INR 3.05, waitingto do tracheostomy. will it help to get better?

Brain stroke recovered,suddenly ammonmia up 99mgc/dl, encephalopathy,motion3times, still unconscious,bp very low, giving saline sol to maintain,advice?

Breast augmentation with high blood pressure?

Brief question. Can astigmatism cause blood pressure to raise?

Brother is taking 6 different blood pressure pills concurrently. His feet swell intermittently. Had heart valve replace. He is being told to undergo d?

Brother taking 6 different blood pressure meds. Feet swell sometimes. Drs want him to undergo dialysis for bp. Does this sound right?