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Are there racial disparities in regards to high blood pressure?

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Are you supposed to check your blood pressure reading when you're up and moving around aor when you're laying down a rest?

Are you supposed to spread your high blood pressure meds throughout the day so not to lower the pressure too much at one time?

As a doc, what's the best number of a1c? I read that they might lower it, lower than 7.00. Is that true?

Asleep, fatigued through whole day, headaches/ migraines that aspirin doesn't cure. I though maybe low blood sugar. What to do?

AST-62 on routine lab. 7 wks. prior was 43. ALT- 31. On statins and BP med for yrs w/ no problems. Why AST so high all of a sudden?

At around what blood pressure do they want to keep you in hospital when pregnant? I'm 153/99 at home and on medication.

At home my blood pressure on cuff and reg is always less than 130/80 but i went to dr today (due to bronchitis) and it was 172/112, should I be concerned?

At hospital I was told I had high blood pressure? I checked at home and it's fine 3 times at home?

At the grocery store i checked my bp it was 159/93 but when i was at home relaxed it was 129/77 could i have high blood pressure or is this normal?

At the gym, become fatigued, even after eating an hour before, what could possibly be the prob? History of high cholesterol and heart issues in family

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At what blood pressure should a 28 year old with good health go to the hospital? And at what BP should I take aspirin or Bayer to be cautious?

At what blood pressure would you recommend going to the er?

At what dose does Effexor (venlafaxine) become an snri and is high blood pressure common with its use?

At what point is blood pressure so low that regular anti hypertensive med should not be taken?

At what reading should a person who has high blood pressure go to the ER for blood pressure? My stubborn father w stent is 172/101

At what systolic blood pressure do you recommend a person 73 years old who does not show any thickening of the heart walll to go on medication?

Athlete's foot pretty regularly, and read that it may be related to high blood sugar. Any thoughts?

Average weight to avoid high blood pressure?

Back pain makes blood pressure spike .. 130 over 90 but not always. Should I take meds for BP daily?

Been diagnosed with Meniere's. Right now the pressure is extremely bad. Taking hydroclorothiazide & diazepam. Anything to reduce acute pressure?

Been having 2 weeks period and now my blood pressure is low, do I need urgent care?

Been having a Hard time breathing, feeling like I cant get enough air. Swelling in legs and feet. Have issues with high heart rate and low blood press?

Been having headache for 3 days. Checked blood pressure 94/68 heartbeat 85. Should i worry?

Been having low blood pressure and seeing white dots all the time should I go to a&e?

Been monitoring BP, and when it drops to the 90s over 50s I have fasiculations, confusion, stuttering. How can i keep my BP from getting so low?

Been obsessively checking my blood pressure (50+ times a day). Will this do any damage to my arm/arteries/etc? Arm feels slightly sore now.

Been on 20 mg of Prozac (fluoxetine) for 3 months my blood pressure goes low in the middle of the day is this a side effect?

Been on travatan for 1 mo. Pressure dropped from 28 to 16-18 and pressure re- checked in 3 mos. Is there any reason to believe pressure won't?

Been recently having low blood preasure. I gave birth 6 months ago and still have it 90, 95 or 100. Can this be because of breastfeeding?

Been running a fever of 105 for a few days and doctors did blood work and so far have found bandemia. What is the worst thing it could be & simplest?

Been taking Triamterene/Hydroc for blood high blood pressure, I noticed that since I been taking it, I have trouble concentrating, bad memory?

Been told High blood pressure. Perscribed Mirtazepine/Romeron for OCD as hated SSRI. Will this affect my blood pressure due to weight potential gain?

Been under a lot of stress lately and bp has been 130 area over high 70s low 80s. Should I been worried it's been staying in pre-hypertension area??

Before blood pressure test what helps u to get a good reading?

Before taking high blood pressure meds i had a hard time getting an erection. Hb lead to chf. Bp well under control now and erections has somewhat imp

Being hypertensive, what should I take to treat colds? I heard some types of medications could raise your bp.

Being sever diabetic suger is 370 blood pressure 336/198 what should I do?

Being under emotional stress and anxiety could elevate the wbc?Mine was 13400 with 10500 neutrophils.Hyperthension meds could also elevate the wbc?

Besides lowering blood pressure why is verapramil picked as the prescription, over other HTN meds, by an MD?

Besides lowering salt intake. Are there any natural herbs or remedies that can lower really high blood pressure quickly?

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Best foods to lower down hypertension or high blood pressure. Thanks?

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Best way to treat cramps if you have high blood pressure?

Bh contractions, slightly high blood pressure, cervical pressure, when in the restroom feel the need to push swelling in hands and feet?

Bleeding from penis. 36 yrs old. I have type2 diabetes and use to have high blood pressure but its under control now?

Blood pooling in arms. They ache and have white splotches on palms and finger. Called in event monitor normal. Bp 117/78 high for me. Dangerous?Cause?

Blood pooling to feet all blood work normal also have pressure in head and drainage in back throat any ideas /suggestions?

Blood pressure 102/54 and i'm bulimic? What should I do?

Blood pressure 104/65 is this low?