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A person having high bp, but in control with the help of medicine, can work out in gym?

A person with increased intracranial pressure is given mannitol, what effect will this have on kidney function?

A sudden rise in blood pressure that is most likely to produce a baroreceptor-induced, should I be concerned?

A zumbed (zumba) in the ear always is meaning high blood pressure?

Abnormal blood pressure worse if upper or lower number?

Absolutely terrified of taking blood pressure even if i do it myself.what can help me with this problem?

Acceptable blood pressure I am a male, age 60. Although very active, I do not exercise a great deal and am about 20 pounds overweight. Recently, i got a home blood pressure machine and it shows a blood pressure averaging about 157 / 97 (sometimes a bit

Adalat (nifedipine) ok during pregnancy to control high blood pressure?

Advice please? My mom has high blood pressure & starting to cough she might developing a cold, what can I give her?

Advice? When dealing with blood pressure during pregnancy what should I watch out for?

Advice? Would my blood pressure ever go down?

Afraid of having heart attack.Have slightly elevated cholesterol and anemia.I've been eating as well as i can.What are my chances of having one?

After a full meal, I feel a squeezing feeling of something to the left of solar plexus. Blood pressure normal. Why?

After eating medicine in how much time does blood pressure get normal.Thanks?

After having a high blood pressure and very fast pulse, my doctor found a large mass on my heart. I'm having chest pains. Should I go to the hospita?

After heart bypass surgery is it necessary to keep taking blood pressure tablets?

After heat exposure & exertion my BP can drop as low as 75/55. I have had full heart workup & blood work shows no kidney issues. Cause?

After how long, is it safe to take a blood pressure on someone who has had a mastectomy?

After inserted IUD will blood pressure get high?

After my workout why my blood pressure up very high.?

After starting blood pressure med I have been unable to poop. Is this normal?

After taking blood pressure medication i feel too much discomfort in my stomach is it normal?

After taking my blood pressure tablet I am having problems. My balance is out of control and I do not feel in control of myself?

After taking Prozac (fluoxetine) 20 mg my blood pressure drops for a few hours is this normal?

Age 27 Had kind of high blood pressure for a year or 2. Got it normal now. (I stressed a lot). would it be unlikely to cause HCM (THICK HEART) AT 27?

Age is 28.Wt is 69. My blood pressure was 180/110.Doctors prescribe me medication. I m having that for last 5months. Y my blood pressure is so high?

Alchohal is harmful for.Blood pressure patients?

Alcohol is a downer does it raise or lower blood pressure ? Shouldn't it lower since downer?

All blood work was normal and yes I am on blood pressure medication. ?

All i eat goes down. I've low blood pressure and i'm weak. (no laxatives or flue) i've an ed. It's like i can't maintain food. I'm really scared. ?

Also wondering if vertigo is common in pregnancy and if there is any way to cute it. Staying hydrated, good blood sugar. Any answers?

Am diabetic (take pills ) and I am on blood pressure meds. I just need to know what is safe and effective for joint pain in my knees ?

Am i considered to have prehypertension with blood pressure of 119/82. What are ways to improve?

Am i right that it's no issue to take one 200 milligram of ibuprofen per day to reduce risk of blood clots?

Am taking blood pressure medication an still am having neck pain?

Anti blood clotting effect of alcohol.How many hours,days does the effect last? Thanks

Anxiety sufferer for 20+ years manage it decent. Last couple days BP high and heart rate high is it normal to hit you again out of the blue. Thx docs?

Any long team health, heart, or circulation issue from raising the head of bed 4-6 inches to help with GERD. Would it affect BP? Thanks.

Any vitamins I could be taking for high blood pressure along with caduet?

Any connection between high blood pressure and sinus ? Do let me know pls. Thanks.

Any dangerous effect for hight blood pressure?

Any dietary changes I can make besides reducing sodium to help with high blood pressure?

Any health risks for having kind of low blood pressure?

Any home idea for helping control high blood pressure?

Any med reason why strenuous yardwork would be causing orthostatic intolerance and panic feelings when I stand assoc. with elevated BP/HR. ?

Any medicines to reduce high hemoglobin without any side effects?

Any natural remedies I could be taking for high blood pressure with caduet?

Any natural remedies/vitamins I could be taking for high blood pressure instead of caduet?

Any quick way to lower high blood pressure?

Any reason why my BP still elevates from 150/70 to 170/80 in dr office even on meds? 118/65 at home. Don't meds prevent white coat effect?

Any reasons why high BP is resistant 2 BP meds &despite fluctuating/differing high readings my m.A.P always =119? Is it possible my body is purposely maintaining this m.A.P?Ie 151/103, 143/107=map119

Any side effect from taking irbesartan for high blood pressure?

Any suggestion to control raynauds disease when I also have high blood pressure?

Any suggestions for lowering blood pressure?

Any suggestions for natural ways to lower blood pressure?

Any suggestions on which way is the proper way to take your blood pressure?

Any thoughts on fanapt for a diabetic with cardiac disease...Or invega (paliperidone)..Will they change heart rythym or raise sugar level..Not familiar w/ them?

Any way is there any way to lower blood pressure without taking medication?

Any way to lower your blood pressure naturally without taking the medicine doctors prescribe?

Anyone have suggestions for a cheap yet effective blood pressure monitor? I've seen some really expensive one's and i feel i don't need that. Thanks.

Anyone know of any home natural remedy for high blood pressure?

Anyone know what is a healthy blood pressure?

Anyone know what is a natural remedy to make high blood pressure go down?

Anyone know what is a normal blood pressure range for a child of 11?

Anyone know what is a normal blood pressure range for children?

Anyone know what is a normal blood pressure reading?

Anyone know what is a possible cure for high blood pressure?

Anyone know what is a quick and effective way to lower blood pressure?

Anyone know what is a safe blood pressure level for a child?

Anything eaten tastes sour. Has had a stroke recently and has high blood pressure. 72 years old and takes medication for high blood pressure & stroke?

Are 2 vessel cord baby's and high blood pressure later in life related?

Are 2 vessel cord baby's and high Bp later on related?

Are all blood pressure medications safe for the kidneys?

Are alpha, beta or calcium channel blockrs best for severe vasoconstriction that happens when person stands up, exercises, gets cold, or other activities?

Are bananas good for high blood pressure and diabetes?

Are bb contraindicated in patients with hypotension? If so, is the "pill-in-pocket" approach preferably? I have SVT & my BP tend to be low 90/60s.

Are blood clots in the arm connected to blood pressure cuff left on at all?

Are blood pressure and mastectomy related?

Are blood pressure meds the main cause for erectile dysfunction? If so how and why?

Are cardamom and hawthorn a possible cure for high blood pressure?

Are chest red and throbbing ears a sign of high blood pressure?

Are cold feet associated with very low blood pressure?

Are cold hands and feet a symptom of high blood pressure?

Are correlations of blood pressure and causes of death well documented and if so where are the reports?

Are deprivation tanks ok for people with high blood pressure??

Are ginger tea and cinnamon sticks tea bad for patients with high blood pressure?

Are groundnuts bad for high blood pressure?

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Are high blood pressure pills effective?

Are high blood pressure pills worth the bother?

Are high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and diabetes all related?

Are lab tests really necessarry when taking blood pressure medication? Why?

Are many red veins in eyes for many yrs a sign of High Blood Pressure in Adults?

Are most strokes in pregnancy due to high blood pressure conditions or blood clot somehow going to brain? im terrified of pregnancy because of this

Are nitrates&Cal-channel blckers strongest vsodilators?Have heart pain,RLS& feelings ofconstriction,need helpto find a solution to improve blood flow!

Are nuts like Almonds bad for high blood pressure patients?

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