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I am a glaucoma suspect.elevated pressure of 24 hgmm.planning for pregnancy in 3 you think I get glaucoma while pregnant.

120 over 90 high blood pressure for a 40 year old women ?SI

21yo male. stressful event of recent. blood pressure high. Base number sitting at around 140/92. long haul flight soon. on no med for condition.

A 56YEAR OLD male patien come to emergency dept. with high BP (180/100) and dizzines and not able to maintain the body posture...MRI shows chronic ?

blood pressure drops about 5 points when I stand ,lightheadness and chest pain had heart,lungs checked out and blood work, all normal.What is wrong ?

Have been having pain since yesterday n my left and high blood pressure 178over104?

Have recently been put on high blood pressure medication. I have had lots of test run on heart and all negative. My oxygen sat was 93%. Is this ok?

heart is pumping only 10% and even lungs are full with fluid, Sugar, blood pressure and diabetes. How long he can survive?

i can't take allegra d due to high blood pressure. i have nasal steroids but it doesnt seem to work for me. what can i take?

I do not want to be dependent on medication for high blood pressure, is there any alternatives?

I had high blood pressure in the 150s was put on bp meds so I stop eating salt for one year and exercise now I get lightheaded when standing help.

is it normal that the blood pressure of my mom is 151/79 mmHg Thnx?

my friend have high blood pressure and have pain in wrist whai is best for pain tylinol are ibprofun?

y husbamd is scheduled next week for a stress test becUse of shoetnes of breath its worst should he wait hes on BP meds also for high vlood pressure?

. My blood pressure is 144/88 I checked it at wlamart on the mechanie should I be worried?

.Is high BP part of normal aging?

'should i be worried if i''m coughing up blood after exercise?'

've also heard that 120/80 is right on the edge of high blood pressure. So is it high, or should I not be worried?

"can caffeine cause high blood pressure?"

"on my own I have been taking 1 baby aspirin every day for almost 3 years. How do I safely cut back. I am 69, female. I really haven't had a exam in many years. I have hiatal hernia. Blood pressure normal to low.

"why is blood pressure high in the morning?"

11 year old CP, seizure history, now not on meds. sudden BP and pulse low once. what could be the reason? what test to get done? any cardiac problem?

12 weeks pregnant and have been having bad chest pain checked my blood pressure and it was 140/66 and my pulse relaxing was 121 is all that normal?

14 weeks pregnant. Protein in urine but low blood pressure.

14 year old daughter has sudden onset of high blood pressure with readings at 148/118 . Urinalysis showed moderate amount of blood and protein at 30?

15 weeks pregnant no history of high blood pressure, but i been having headaches a lot is it normal (?

17 weeks pregnant taking low high blood pressure pills hbp developed in pregnany very light headed when taken cardiologist said suck it up any advice?

17 years old with blood pressure of 115/75-125/85. Is it normal? Weight:95kg Height:173cm He doesn't exercise and eat fast foods a lot

18 and i have low blood presure . I normaly donate blood but my blood preaure is normaly low and i couldnt last because it was 80 over 50 i think ??

19 weeks pregnant. Blood pressure is 116/58. Is this a healthy level?

19 year old girl. Feeling anal pressure on the inside. No blood, no pain no lumps but this pressure for about two weeks... Is it cancer?

19 year old male has high blood pressure, has been feeling pain in left side of chest for 2 days, should he go to the doctor and get checked BP fine.

19, female, anxiety, high bp. At times I feel one large heart pulse on the top of my head. It then leads to a tension type headache. Vessal problems?

2 yr back I had a stent taking drug for BP and heart ef is 30 pc. I am 63,doing normal physical activities. How long I can carry on?

20hours after taking my blood pressure medication i start to feel strange inside my body but when i take my BP medication all symtoms it ok?

20years old pregnant lady, 8weeks presented with high blood pressure she is primigravida.What is the cause?

22 years old. 25 weeks pregnant. 158 pounds 5 foot 8. Blood pressure 108/62. Is that low? Could it cause problems?

22 yr old male, active, vitals are all good but blood pressure is typically elevated. 122/89-130-92. I have anxiety as well. What should I do?

22yo M w constant palpitations with low nd high heart rate Up to 190 at rest as low as 50 Monitor shows Frequent PVT but different types Whats it mean?

23 yo no history of high BP or familial cardiovascular problems. Sharp headache on side of head upon ingesting caffeine. Aneurysm or brain tumor?

24 year old female blood pressure dropped from 140/90 too 122/80 in 3days.. I've stopped smoking is this normal? Safe?

24 year old male with consistent blood pressure of 135/80. I am active, eat healthy (low salt)but have a high stress work envi. Should i be concerned?

25 weeks pregnant and blood pressure was 140/90 tonight, should I be concerned?

26 weeks pregnant: blood pressure - 123/70. Is this within range? At what point do I need to worry about pre-eclampsia?

26 year old male, no insurance. My blood pressure is about 165/95, if I quit drinking and chewing, how much will my BP drop, numbers wise. Scared!?

26, normal weight, no diabetes, anxiety disorder. Every time i get BP checked, i get scared it'll be high and then it is. Normal? Should i worry?

27 year old women.. I have high blood pressure ben off my medicine for over a month.. Im i at serious risk for anything?

27yrs. 3 weeks pregnant. blood pressure is 130/82. is it alright? how to bring it to normal?

28 year old female. I checked blood pressure this morning and 138/98. Checked again now (6 hrs later) and 137/93. Should I be concerned?

29/f i've had extensive heart testing over the year and last month all turns out fine. Why do I have a weak pulse in the morning? low blood pressure?

3 years kidn transplant, creatinine has gone up slightly. Sore stomach, Put on half a stone and bp is high. Also breathless when only standin ?

31 weeks preg. And passing out and not remembering it, blood pressure, sugar level, etc. I see ER every week.

31 weeks pregnant. Elevated blood pressure. Headaches. Anxiety attacks. What is this? Had an appointment and they said they're not worried about BP...

31 y/o african american female and obese. Have high blood pressure and poor circulation in legs. Want to start a diet but i lose focus. What can I do?

31 years old double bypass both chest arteries. Strong undamaged heart controlled diet controlled blood pressure exercise daily controlled cholesterol?

32 male. Have been experiencing pvcs and heart palpitations. Have a history of high blood pressure but have been making some lifestyle changes.Advice?

32 weeks pregnant High Blood pressure. What should she eat and what types of vegetable?

32/male had shingles 2 months ago. nervous about stroke now based on new study. no diabetes or high bp and weight train every day. Still very worried. Am I at high risk?

32yo, bmi=32, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia & anxiety. My fibro pain/anxiety makes me fear i'll have a heart attack during much needed exercise. Help!?

34 weeks & 3 days pregnant. Please let me know the normal blood pressure range during pregnancy? Mine is 130/80 today. Pls help me out

35wks pg had check up other day. My blood pressure was a little higher. My hand and feet have started swelling. I woke with room spinning an headache

36 year old male with hypertension had 3 heartattacks, today had blood in stool and on tissue.?

37 weeks pregnant i know its normal to have a lot of pelvic pressure but when is it to much pressure?

37 weeks pregnant with high blood pressure and difficulty breathing? What should I do?

37 weeks pregnant- blood pressure was 150/96 today and doctor told me to rest and elevate feet. Blood pressure has been normal throughout pregnancy?

38 weeks and blood pressure is 127\91 is this bad?

38 weeks pregnant an really high blood pressure what does that mean?

400 lbs, 5'9". Perfect blood pressure & blood sugar. High insulin and testosterone levels. Abnormal weight gain since childhood. Strict diet. Why????

45 year old woman, with high blood pressure is presenting with an AAA. Can antihypertensives control an aneurysm or does the patient need surgery?

47 male.Cardio said my heart is slightly enlarged.I had high BP and cholesterol that required meds.No longer take them due to weight loss/lifestyle changes.Now both are normal.Will my heart decrease?

50 Mg Trazadone for insomnia lowers blood pressure/heart rate too much, feel drowsy & crummy.. 25 mg not enough for sleep. What are other options?

50 y/o overweight, out of shape, & high BP (medicated). Doing heavy yard work, multiple episodes of SOB and lightheadedness. Should I see MD?

51 yr old diabetic woman with high cholesterol and takes no meds is blacking out when standing what could be the problem?

55 year old heavy coffing does not smoke.He said it his blood pressure meds are cause is this possible?

60 year old woman with very low blood pressure on low-salt diet (by choice). Good idea or is that a problem?

64 blood pressure, 86 pulse for 51 year old make, generally healthy, non smoker. No other health issues. Is this okay?

67 year old female with Stroke in eye. Had eye length surgically replaced cardiomypathy diabetes and high blood pressure. How do drs treat this?

73 f with high blood pressure having hard time swallowing food. Help?

76/40 blood pressure. 94lbs, and have GERD which caused 12lb weight loss. Doc says he isn't worried, just eat more salt. Should i get 2nd opinion?

8 weeks pregnant and my blood pressure is only 96/64. Is that bad?

8 year old has slightly low bp, 144 blood sugar and had a sezieure also vomited few hours prior to sezieure. What could be wrong?


88 yr old mother used to be hypersensitive when having blood drawn or BP taken. Not now that she's become incontinent (both urinary & fecal). Normal?

9 mos pregnant. For a few weeks have had eye pressure behind one eye only. Blood pressure and sugar fine. No pain or headaches. Could this be sinus?

A 19 y/o student has a high BP of 145/100 and when check again next day it is normal 110/70.Why is it high on the first day?

A blood pressure of 170/98 can't be good. What can I do now to lower it as soon as possible.?

A cat scan found that I had hydrocephalous. I have been having severe headaches daily. My blood pressure has been extremely high requiring myy Diovan (valsartan) ?

A doctor recently checked my blood pressure at 80/40. Should i be concerned?

A doctor says heavy exercise during night (after working entire day) is harmful, increases risk of heart & high blood pressure. Is it true?

A doctor told me drinking a lot of water can cause high blood pressure and sweating is also not good for high blood pressure is this true?

A fit man with diabetes and high blood pressure has a rock hard highly bloated abdomen with occasional pain, what can be the cause and treatment/care?

A friend found out some very disturbing news and took 12 vistirals and 6 blood pressure pills. He will not allow us to call an ambulance. What should we do?

A friend of mine told me that sleeping late everyday drys up your blood. Is that true?

A friend was just diagnosed with a high blood pressure emergency, is that a serious condition?

A friend was perscribed viiagra after takeing high blood pressure pills why is that?

A friend was taking lisinopril hct for high blood pressure top lip swolled very large what cause this?

A heart medicine or blood pressure medicine?

A lot of pressure and blood in the toilet at 39 weeks..Is this bad?

A patient has ahi 15.5 and has been unable to lower it although he has increased search pressure or put in cpap mode with p90 pressure . What to do ?

A persistant low blood pressure 60/90 over 10 days. What does it indicate for a house wife aged 40.?