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100 pts diff between systolic and diastolic BP with normal EF/stiff heart (diastolic HF, BNP 600), syncope. Advice for LVH and can it be amyloidosis?

Blood pressure - what is happening to my body during the systolic and diastolic numbers?

Blood pressure reading 157-97-61 can't get diastolic reading down. Any advice?

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Bp is higher in systolic?

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Can white coat hypertension or anxiety while measuring blood pressure affect the diastolic reading?

Can you describe the meaning of diastolic pressure?

Can you tell me about normal systolic, high diastolic, with little difference in numbers. 118/100?

Can your diastolic pressure be higher than your systolic. i know the top is systolic, and the bottom is diastolic. is it possible ?

Describe cardiac cycle and relate systole and diastole to the two numbers measuring blood pressure?

Diastolic pressure is the minimum pressure exerted on the venous or arterial walls, is this true?

Diastolic pressure under 60 bad?

Diastolic pressure, systolic and central venous pressure (cvp). What does it all mean?

Does a systolic bp higher than 120 and a diastolic higher than 80 indicate prehypertension?

Does an elevated systolic BP need treatment if diastolic in 70's. How is this treated to prevent diastolic getting pushed too low?

Does constrictive pericarditis cause elevated right ventricular systolic pressure?

For what reasons might systolic blood pressure increase with exercise but diastolic doesn't?

From where does the diastolic pressure (80mm.Hg) come ?

Have dysautonomia, dystolic BP is always 55-66, does a higher systolic try to compensate for the lower dyastolic? Systolic jumps up on movement.

He has a wide range of blood pressure readings from both high range to low range on both diastolic and systolic. He occasionally passes out.

Hello! are there any medicines that selectively decrease systolic BP but don't affect diastolic the same time?

Help please? I want to know what are the main causes of low diastolic bloodpressure?

Hi if my systolic is 140 and diastolic is below 90 , is consider prehypertension ?

High disystolic pressure than systolic pressure how n why?

Holo systolic murmur and high blood pressure in a young man?

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How is pressure measured for a spinal tap mmhg or cmh2o?

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How is systolic pressure measured?

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I am 19 years old. What is the range for my heart range as well as my blood pressure?

I have isolated systolic hypertension of 150/70. All meds i've tried push the diastolic too low (<60). Which med lowers systolic but not diastolic?

I have over night systolic hypertension ?

I have stage 1 diastolic dysfunction what can I do to help myself?

If a diastolic pressure rises a lot more than the systolic pressure, what does it mean?

If a patient has a blood pressure of 120/80 (systolic/diastolic), then what is their arterial pressure?

Is 133/67 good bp? Is the diastolic low?

Is a precise mathematical relationship between pulse rate and systolic pressure?

Is a systolic blood pressure in the 120's and 130's considered too high?

Is diastolic dysfunction grade 1 with mild concentric LVH can be reversed? If so, how? Note that the high blood pressure is well controlled

Is diastolic pressure up to 95 and systolic up to 13 normal? No previous history.

Is dystolic more important than systolic when taking a BP reading ?

Is having a consistently lower than normal diastolic blood pressure a good or bad thing (i.e between 40-50 mmhg) if the systolic pressure is the normal range (i.e in the 90s mmhg)?

Is having a high top number (systolic) blood pressure, but a normal bottom number (diastolic) cause for concern?

Is it normal for your diastolic pressure to raise 10-20 points while standing?

Is it normal if your systolic pressure is only 10 points higher than diastolic?

Is it normal to have a high systolic number and low diastolic number for blood pressure?

Is there a heart valve disease that causes elevated systolic and diastolic blood pressures?

Is there a problem if the systolic number of a blood pressure is bellow 80 but the dystolic is just normal?

Is there an equation connecting systolic pressure to pulse rate?

Is there any average ratio between systolic & diastolic blood pressure?Example 118

Is there anyway to lower your blood pressure if you have dsystolic dsyfunction also I have normal stystolic pressure?

Is this blood pressure dangerous : systolic:93mmhg ; diastolic:54mmhg ; pulse/min :55 ?

Is this normal blood pressure: systolic: 125-135 diastolic:70-90 heart beat:80-95?

Left ventricular systolic pressure and aoritic systolic pressure, what to do?

Managemnt of hypotesion.Systolic bp90.Distolic 58.Pul85?

My blood pressure has a normal systolic yet a high diastolic. What does this mean?

My blood pressure is 63 at diastolic and 193 at systolic,please tell me my health indications!

My diastolic blood pressure hovers around 90 but my diastolic is ok, usually under 130. Should I be on medications?

My friend has a great disparity in the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. For example 130/60. Is that a problem?

My systolic blood pressure averages about 130 my diastolic 78 is that high?

Please advise what is the implication when there's a great difference between systolic pressure and diastolic pressure?

Please answer! what underlying problems might lead to a high diastolic reading, with a normal systolic reading?

Should I be concerned about high systolic and normal diastolic blood pressure?

Should I be concerned if lately I have had a difference of 50 between my systolic and dystolic blood pressure?

So its impossible to have an equal diastolic and sytolic pressure? Why?

Systolic blood pressure the upper one?

The systolic one is about 120. The diastolic one is 90. It's ok to too high?

Toddler has a high systolic, but low diastolic bp. What does this mean?

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