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BP 85/45 pulse 38, I have ckd 4 and insulin diabetic, weak, chest pressure, fainted.Is this okay? Cardio Nurse said its okay. Is it ?

/blood sugar 165 blood pressure 154/85 pulse 101 is this ok?

114 pulse and blood. Pressure 103/81 with a splenic artery aneurysm?

114/71 blood pressure pulse rate 66. I just went out down and up my stairs to my place and my pulse never really went up. Should i worry?

130/93 blood pressure ..I am 33 yrs. Old is this normal.?

134/55 blood pressure and pulse 53 BPM at rest. Are these vitals cause for concern.

17 year old female blood pressure 98/56 pulse rate 52. Is this low?

22 male resting at night. Blood pressure 114/57 hr. 56 is this ok.

23,5'9 290 pounds and am sedimentary, yet I have a resting heart rate of 50 bpm, have perfect blood pressure and low cholesterol. something wrong?

31 weeks pregnant with blurry vision, a pulse of 103, BP of 130 to 140/ 80 to 90, and can't breathe, What should i do? Dr says its just pregnancy.

34 year old female has blood pressure around 110/70 but high pulse (90-110) even at rest. Does this indicate heart related problem?

53 year old male with blood pressure 119/69 pulse 66 and pulse pressure 50 is this normal ?

62 yrs old female blood pressure is 116/60 pulse rate 59?

After eating my blood pressure is sometimes above 125/85 is this normal? When not eating my blood pressure is around 110/70 sometimes 100/60. HR 70-90

Age 72 and on blood pressure medication and now warfarin is a reading on a monitor 112/78 heart rate 78 ok?

Anxiety causes a 85 to 100+ heart rate but blood pressure Always 100/60 to 87/44... Should I be worried?

Are low pressure readings (70/50 pulse 61, 77/42 pulse 107) cause for concern?Symptoms sweating & dizziness.Diag of atrial fibrillation. On florinef (fludrocortisone).

Ask again. With a b/p of 166/92 and pulse pressure of 74, could that signal my diastol heart failure is getting worse?

At my 6yo daughters physical her bp was 82/63 and pulse 100. Is this considered too low for bp? She was sitting. Is pulse too high? I have POTS

At resting my blood pressure was 96/60 pulse 96. hear trate has spiked to 151 at rest should I be alarmed?

Before bed laying down. Blood pressure is 92/47. Paulse 61. Is this normal?

Blood preasure results are 160-106/pulse 104?

Blood pressure - my resting blood pressure was 122 over 93. I am a 22 year old female and not sure what this reading means?

Blood pressure 100/70 and heart rate 57 is this ok?

Blood pressure 109/56 and pulse 52-58 at night... Is this normal? I'm on propranolol for WPW

Blood pressure 118/69 and heart rate of 79. 26 weeks pregnant. Is this healthy?

Blood pressure 124/74. Paulse 68. Which number matters more? Top sys. Bottom dia. Paulse should be around?

Blood pressure 127/68 pulse 74 is this good?

Blood pressure 129 over 84 with 76?

Blood pressure 140 over pulse during angioedema episode?

Blood pressure 142/74 pulse 37 good?

Blood pressure 143/98 second reading 157/87 the strap was very tight. 2 weeks ago at physical BP was normal. Should i be concerned?

Blood pressure 144/133 dizzy, shortness of breath, fatigue, chf, why is my bp so close from sytolic to diastolic ?

Blood pressure 145/71, BPM 89, on effexor (venlafaxine). Should I be worried about it?

Blood pressure 152/72 heart r ate 120 during exercise ok?

Blood pressure 163/107 hr 93 what should I do?

Blood pressure 85/55. Pulse 58. On bystolic (nebivolol) for high blood pressure. 10 mg. I feel fine! should I go to er?

Blood pressure 86/41. Is this dangerous?

Blood pressure at 138 when sat down, stand up and it drops to 92/62 dizziness and fainting also, what causes this? Bp naturally low so 138 high for me

Blood pressure at rest 124/75 pulse 92 ! Is this ok or is pulse to high?

Blood pressure at rest 128/83 Pulse 76?

Blood pressure average 137/90, is this too high, this is from 24 hour ambulatory Have headaches , could this be because of BP?

Blood pressure going haywire: trembling sensation in head Irregular heart beat between 72-74 3 blood pressure 121/96 - 129/111 - 118/91?

Blood pressure has always been normal to low. Has jumped to 140/106 resting with pulse 111. EKG showed 2 abnormalities. Did nuclear st today. What could cause a sudden increase?

Blood pressure is 102/60 and pulse is 52. Is this normal right before sleeping?

Blood pressure is 111/74. Pulse 72. Is this normal? In the morning time?

Blood pressure is 114/85 . Is this a normal rate?

Blood pressure is 130/70 and heart rate of 96. Should I be worried?

Blood pressure is 91/55 pulse this to low?

Blood pressure monitor shows iiregular heartbeat — 140/102 pressure with a heartrate of 55. I have CAD & a heart stent. Should i go to the er? 75 yrs

Blood pressure my husbands blood pressure is staying at 195 over 90. He's on 3 different medicine and no change. His heart rate is 47 BPM please help?

Blood pressure of 118/90 and then again in 3-4 minutes 112/82. Why was the bottom number so high? On an off dizziness. Anxiety. High pulse 80-130.

Blood pressure reading of 106/76 pulse 52 considered normal?

Blood pressure seems to bo too low is 89/55 with pulse of 95 I am 55 years of age

Blood pressure upon standing no reading 4 times then its 90/64 heart rate 101 an sitting is 97/64 89 heart is this ok i am lightheaded weak ?

Blood pressure was 88 over 62 . Ten min later 101 over 65 . Could my machine be not right ?

Blood presure was 90 systolic over 52 diastolic. Dizzy. Do I need a medical view?

Bp 120/64 sitting but laying its 114/52. Why disatolic low? Had echo and ecgs etc all normal.

Bp 150/90, hr 125, pressure in chest, left shoulder & arm. EKG & labs good. What could it be? Bp is normally 110/60.

Bp sitting is 113/81 pulse 80. Standing it is 135/91 pulse 97. Light headed all the time. Should doc know these numbers?

Bp-108/68 pulse 58 , is this a good reading?

Can harmful levels of dehydration occur without drop in BP or rise in resting pulse? What are the 4-5 best Blood-tests to confirm dehydration?

Can hypotension from panic attack cause a short dip from 95% to 84% in pulse oximeter spo2 readings? An oximeter error? Seeing pulm in march.

Can Propranolol 20 plus Citalopram 20 lower diastolic blood pressure to 66? My BP is usually 66 and 11. Is it good? Is it because of MVP I have?

Can trental (pentoxifylline) 400 mg and pletoz 50 mg increase the pulse. Pulse is lil high from 95 to 100.Thanks?

Can u have normal blood pressure like mine is 118/72 pulse rate 80 and still have heart problems?

Can u help me read this blood test ?, i forgot to put every thing it it last timephysical examination: temperature 37 degrees celsius, pulse 132, respiratory rate 18, blood pressure 106/45, oxygen saturation 93% with oxygen at 3 liters per minute by nasa

Can you explain to me why blood pressure and heart rate differ when measured in a reclining position and in a standing?

Can you tell me if someones blood pressure is at 89/53 with a pulse of 70, should they be taken to the hospital?

Can you tell me is blood pressure 136/87 and pulse rate is 94 normal for a 42 year old woman?

Can you tell me what to do if i now took my blood pressure and it was 122/79, and the pulse was 76, is this normal?

Chest pressure daily w shortness of breath pounding pulse w routine act. BP 99/68, choles 201. 28F 5'4 108lb. Possible cause?

Could sustained BP or strong palpitations affect blood flow to the head? 21 y/o male, thin, but high bp.

Do i need to be concerned with a consistent resting heart rate of 100? Blood pressure is usually 110/80.

Does Raynauds cause false-high Pulse Oximeter readings?

Dr measured Bp 103/69 pulse 90. Athlete. Good?

Due to intermittent vomiting, my 10-year-old was sent for BP check. BP was 80/53 with pulse of 58. Nurse said she thinks this is normal. Is it?

Every time I'm out in the cold and have my hand on neck I feel carotid artery pounding, is that normal? Or high BP? Normal BP 130-120/80

Fluctuating blood pressure normal day 93/66-110/77 and on occasion it will be as high as 170/118. Heart rate increase 105-120 upon standing. POTS?

For 3 days my pulse is 50. Before it was normal, just for 3-4 days. What can be the reason for this?

For a person with high BP(130/90), how many times a day can a blood pressure reading be measured. Is it safe for the heart to measure more than 3times?

For last 3-4 weeks pressure and sometimes piercing in the chest where my heart is sometimes accompanied by dizziness. I'm 23, overweight with BMI 35.5?

For the past 3 days blood pressure readings has been 135/101 pulse 103- 140/114 pulse 105?

Got dysautonomia, blood pressure 124/60, wide pulse pressure, will fludrocortisone bring the diastolic BP up and make it more normal?

Heart beat very fast followed by hand shaking? Pulse 94bpm at rest. Blood pressure 90/69. Tsh, t4, T3 (liothyronine) normal. Cbc and differential count is normal too.

Heart skipping beats 1-2 times every 5 minutes chills high blood pressure and pulse at 110 so nasea what can it be?

Heartbeats 129 a minute 48 year old male,with high blood pressure is that dangerous?

Hello dr. My grandmother 90 yrs old with dizines 193 blood sugar bp 12/6 snd and 107 pulse rate what is your opinion ?

Hello, am 11 weeks and 3 days pregnant , have low blood pressure normally, is 122/66 with pulse rate of 93-97. Am i ok?

Hey I am 28, My blood pressure seems to fluctuate from a low130/89 to a high 149/100 my resting heart rate is about 93.

Hi Docs! I have 5 yrs HBP & now my blood pressure fluctuates a lot. Is a Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor & Heart Beat Meter ok to monitor my bp?

Hi Docs! I have 5 yrs HBP & now my blood pressure fluctuates a lot. Is a Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor & Heart Beat Meter ok to monitor my bp?

Hi doctor, the high blood pressure wakes me up every night but only during my sleep, not when I am awake. I am 59 year old and have two heart bypasses?

Hi I just wanna ask about blood pressure coz my BP is 100/70 is it normal at age of 24 or its low?

Hi my pulse rate is 55 per min what should i do n my blood pressure bit high.what should i do??

Hi when i took my blood pressure today it was 74 over 68 is this normal or to low my pulse rate was 121?

Hi why when checking my blood pressure breathing from nose its.normal but breathing from mouth its much higher. oxygen 98 overweight 50 pounds?

Hi, I'm an 18 year old female with a blood pressure of 90/60 and a pulse rate of 130 bpm. Is this normal and how can I resolve it? Thanks

Hi. I'm experiences dizziness ever few minutes even when I'm sitting down. I just took my blood pressure and it was 107/71 and my heart rate was 102?

High blood pressure after inactivity: sleeping or sitting for an extended time, despite being on metoprolol (50 mg, 2x/day). Bp normal during the da?