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"i am 33 yrs and my urine flow in the mornings are slower compared to day time where my flow is normal. I feel abit of pressure in bladder on and off?

33, F, PCOS,Can varicose veins cause decreased blood flow to the uterus and cause no sensation while having intercourse or low libido in a female?

Any chances of breaking a blood vessel in my penis during ejaculation?

Are there exercises I can do to improve my urine flow, even though I have bph?

Blood flow in penis, experiencing similarity to leaking arteries in the penis as the penis bulge half way, leaving the head starved of blood ie small.

By which point in pregnancy has blood flow increased dramatically? Does it increase in your head also? Thanks

Can a bladder infection cause an increase in blood flow causing more veins to show up all over? If not what can?

Can a cockring or penis ring help hiv prevention, since it restricts blood flow in and out of the penis?

Can blood vessel damages from jelqing heal by time if you don't mess with your penis?

Can fasting cure erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow to the penis?

Can massaging increase the flow of blood to the legs?

Can poor blood flow be making my body numb?

Can relpax (eletriptan) reduce the amount of blood to the penis?

Can tight pelvic, back and leg muscles (tension/cramping) cause poor blood flow/restrict blood flow?

Can vitamin only help to flow blood in my penis?

Could constricted blood flow stunt breast growth?

Could excersising or working out increase blood flow to the penis?

Could nitric oxide make my small blood vessels in my penis open back up..?

Could the flow of urine determine confidence?

Do vitamin E increase blood flow to the scalp?

Doc I have poor flow of blood in my penis during doc pls how can I increase it or make it to flow normal?

Doe putting toothpaste on the penis increase blood circulation?

Does cayenne pepper work to improve blood flow?

Does donating blood affect the penis size?

Does masturbation helps urine flow?

Does masturbation increase blood flow noticeably to the testis?

Does mentruation boost blood circulation and oxygen supply of the body during the 7 days of bleeding?

Does more blood flow make you have a larger or longer penis?

Does pradaxa inprove blood flow and erections ?

Does sex cause blood vessels within the body to expand? Or do blood vessels stay the same size during sex?

Does taking penis enhancement pills increase your blood pressure?

Does taking vicodin and energy drinks decrease blood flow to the penis while having sexual intercourse?

Does the less blood circulation in our body cause premature ejaculation ?

Does using a penis pump improve blood flow in your penis if consistantly used? Or, is this only temporary?

For what reasons might the blood not clot in the penis during extended erections?

From last 6 months my blood flow has decrease. The flow on first day is like 4th-5th day, n it last only for 1n1/2 day. Is it normal or what shld I do?

Have trouble urinating pain at tip of penis and have to wait till it flows, then flows very slow.

Help! need to know if there's a injection to increase blood flow to the penis?

Hi I have a problem my penis size decreases as I am 27 this is because of some family problems, i think blood flow of my penis is not ok, advice me.Thnx?

Hi there is normal for my urine stream or flow to be weak at the age of 41?

How can I increase blood flow to my hair?

How can I increase the hardness of the erections natuarally? Also, how to improve blood circulation to penis naturally?

How can I keep my blood flow healthy in my penis?

How can I prevent early ejaculation and to increase sex apitite or blood flow into my pennis?

How can I prevent early ejaculation and to increase sex apititeor blood flow into my pennis?

How can I stop early ejaculation and to increase sex apitite or blood flow into my pennis?

How do erectile dysfunction medicines direct blood flow to the penis?

How do if i know if blood isn't flow to my testicles correctly?

How do you improve one's blood circulation in the vagina area, is there some kind of exercises or method to use?

How do you increase blood flow to the lower legs and penis?

How many pints of blood rush to an erect penis?

How much blood flows through the liver after a tips is inserted?

How to get more blood flow and sensation to clitoris?

How to increase blood flow to my penis?

How to make your blood flow faster?

How to naturally let blood flow faster to penis?

How vitamins i can take to increase blood flow to my hair root?

I am 16 and why do I pee so slow? My urinary flow is so slow !!!!!!

I am 27 and have noticed significant decrease in force of urine flow. Is this a sign of bph?

I am a 50 year old women for about a weak I have noticed a reduction in urine flow and the amount of times I void. What can cause this?

I am facing ed.I heard reason is less blood flow to penis.How cann i increase flow.I dint want to get dependent on medicine at this age atleast.Helpme?

I am wondering what herbs or vitamins are good to increase the blood flow?

I have low blood flow to the penis. What should I do for this problem?

I have low blood flow, is their something i can take to increase my blood flow for my penis?

I have no blood flow 2 my penis is there any way to restore blood flow permanently..

I m diabetic so my penis foreskin is always sticky. Is it due to the sugar in my urine?

I need more blood flow to my penis how do I do it?

I'm very ill, slowly slowly coming blood in my penis, what i do?

Im young and I have weak urine flow?

Interuppted flow when ejaculating/numbness/poor flow when passing urine?

Is carnitine good for blood flow for penis errection?

Is it possible that masturbation can decrease the blood passing through the penis?

Is it possible that the clamps around my biceps might impede blood flow to my fingers?

Is it possible to have excessive blood flow in my penis?

Is it possible to surgically re-route veins into your penis to pump more blood and increase size?

Is it true that niacin increases blood flow to the skin?

Is their supplements or nutrients to increase testosterone or blood flow to the penis?

Is there a way to open vessels in your penis to alway max blood flow to increase penis size?

Is there another option for blood flow to the penis besides meds or pumps?

Is there any blood flow in the penis when it is in flaccid state?

Is there any good read on how to take care of penile artery/endothelial health for adequate blood flow and strongER erections?

Is there any supplements to increase blood flow to my penis?

Is there any way to improve blood flow to the pelvic area in male diabetics? Specific exercises etc.?

It seems that when i take relpax (eletriptan) that i can't get an erection. Is it because it reduces the amount of blood to the penis?

Loss of sex drive, weaker erections, cold and blue colored glans, No high blood pressure or diabetes, normal testosterone levels, slight pain in glans

My cast is a little tight so does lack of blood flow produce swelling?

Not getting enough blood flow through my body?

One side of my penis poor blood supply need help?

Sex is good for health, it helps with blood flow regularly and normally in body. Is this true?

Should my urine flow always be strong or can it be weak too as I am 41 age male is that normal?

Strength training decreases my libido, penile blood flow, semen volume, and testicle size. Why is this? It all comes back if I take a break for 1 week

Tips on how to get maximum blood flow to the penis?

Urologist prrcribed me 10 gm of L-arginine for weak erection will it help my all blood work are normal?

What can be done to increase blood flow to your penis?

What can be done to slow the flow of the venom in your blood stream?

What can boost blood flow to penis?

What can cause blood flooding in the penis for days after a priapism? If blood enters easily during erection, what stops it from leaving?

What can help make blood flow better?

What can I do to get more blood flow to my penis?

What can I do to improve blood circulation in the penis in flaccid state?