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2. What would a v/q scan tell the doctor about pulmonary blood flow to the affected part of the lung?

All deoxygenated blood returning to the heart from the systemic circulation first flows into the:?

An increase in the pco2 of arterial blood causes what?

Any ideas why only arterial vasodilation cause tachycardia?

Any relationship between blood flow circulation and tinnitus? If there is one, will it be the curable tinnitus?

Are there any main arteries in the legs that connect/run to the brain as far as blood flow?

Are there scenarios when opening cto of LAD results in less function due to increased flow to nonviable cells and less flow to collateral fed cells?

Arterial blood gas, what is this?

Being anxious when performing on me a liver duplex uls can increased the blood flow to liver from heart? Does anxiety increased blood flow overall?

Best diagnostic to detect vasoconstriction and reduced cerebral blood flow? Transcranial doppler?

Can a carotid stent cause me to have a headache due to more blood flow?

Can a crack of the neck cause interruption of blood flow to the brain?

Can a gas buildup block a blood vessel?

Can acupunture help blood flow in bones?

Can an echocardiogram show if there is restricted blood supply to the heart?

Can blood flow in the cardiovascular systems increase with age?

Can chronic prostatitis block blood circulation?

Can hardening of the arteries or blockage usually result in increased blood pressure?

Can reynaud's affect a blood vessel in the brain?

Can spodylosis affect blood flow to the limbs? Could spondylosis affect the blood flow to the limbs? If so, isn’t this dangerous? .

Can strengthening the blood vessels reduce the risk for brain aneurysm?

Can swelling caused by non-venoarterial issue put pressure on arteries, which would slow blood flow and result in colder extremity?

Can the left internal mammary artery side branches affect blood flow rate in humans?

Can you explain "Mobile pulmonary Valve with increased flow velocity." ?

Can you explain if it's possible to have low blood pressure in your arm, but have constricted blood vessels causing hypertension elsewhere in the body?

Can you explain to me the dynamics of vasoconstriction/vasodialation of blood vessels as it relates to headaches?

Can you explain which congenital heart defects produce mixing of oxygenated and unoxygenated blood and which ones increase ven?

Can you let me know is it true that taking table salt could cause hypertension, stroke and ballooning of the blood vessel?

Can you please give me a technical description of reverse blood flow in heart chambers?

Can you please tell me why it'simportant that heart has one-way blood flow?

Can you tell me anything about narrowing blood vessels to the brain?

Can you tell me how a doctor tell if your heart blockage is cholesterol or blood clot.?

Can you tell me how blood circulation help the brain?

Can you tell me how is blood pumped to and from the heart (describe the actual process)?

Can you tell me how the separation of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood occurs after birth?

Can you tell me how tricuspid insufficiency affect blood pressure?

Can you tell me more about the thyroid gland and how it relates to blood capillaries?

Can you tell me what decreased blood flow to the brain means?

Carotid artery surgery and lack of blood supply to the brain. Could that cause stroke effects?

Carotid artery surgery for lack of blood supply to the brain?

Could a blocked artery increase blood pressure?

Could a narrowing of a blood vessel in the brain block and cause tia, if epinephrine levels rocket from fast music?

Could a neck rest compress my neck blood vessels and decrease the amount of blood flow to my brain?

Could be coronary slow flow due to microvascular dysfunction?

Could midodrine cause too much vasoconstriction in the brain and cause reduced blood flow and even brain ischemia?

Could smoking weed decrease the blood flow to the blood vessels in my feet?

Could you tell me what is the general name of the blood vessels on the heart?

Decrease blood flow through the coronary arteries is most likey to cause what?

Decreased elasticity of an artery, what is this called?

Decreasing blood flow to the brain, would that help my headache?

Do beta-blockers decrease cerebral blood flow? What meds increase cerebral blood flow through cerebral vasodilation?

Do dilated blood vessels increase perfusion and heatloss, while constricted vessels greatly reduce cutaneous blood?

Do IsosorbideMN & Nifedipine cause cerebral vasodilation or constriction? Dothey dilate some of bodys vessels/capllaries/veins and constrict others?

Do niacin 500mg increase blood flow?

Do veins carry oxygenated blood?

Do veins or arteries carry oxygen throughout the body?

Do veins return blood to the heart?

Does an av canal cause decreased o2 saturation in the blood?

Does blood flow to the lungs increase during physical exercise?

Does caffeine cause vasoconstriction, or vasodilation of the renal arteries?

Does caffeine constrict blood vessels?

Does cardiovascular shock mean that the vessels are constricted or dilated?

Does dopamine constrict or dilate blood vessels?

Does hypercapnia help accelerate your blood flow?

Does imdur help with cerebral vasodilation and increased cerebral blood flow?

Does midodrine reduce amount of blood flow in the lungs at all?

Does migraine associate with less blood supply in brain?

Does vicodin decrease blood flow to the brain?

During a panic attack, in which side of the brain is there an abnormal blood flow?

Dysautonomia causes over vasoconstriction in brain & reduced cerebral blood flow. Is there any vasodilator drugs I can ask my doctor about for this?

Dysautonomia my brain vessels constrict and make me feel lightheaded, what drugs vasodilate only the brain?

Extremeties coldness discoloration. It turn dark not elevated. Did all test are normal. Normal artery flow and vein flow. What could cause it dad is 6?

For what reasons use the brachial artery for listening for blood pressure?

Got dysautonomia, causes cerebral vasoconstriction resulting in lightheadedness daily, brain mri normal, why does it constrict? How do dilate? Bp norm

Had a doppler for the carotid arteries and the conclusion is:accelerated blood flow, reversed blood flow above the carotid bifurcation?Is this serious?

Help can artery/arteriole constriction increase or decrease blood flow in the body?

Hi do any of you know if micro vessel disease has an effect on blood pressure?

How can blood flow through a perchess heart?

How can the blood flow through your heart?

How can a drug like midodrine that constricts SOME vessels and not all of them, can cause higher pressure on ALL vessels walls ??

How can arteriosclerosis effect blood flow?

How can hypertension be related to decrease in supply of blood to the heart?

How can I explain arterial blood gas?

How can tricuspid insufficiency affect blood pressure?

How can we improve fetal blood supply?

How can you increase oxygen flow throughout your body?

How do I get more oxygen to my blood, body, heart, and brain?

How do I know if I have poor blood flow?

How do the muscles in an artery regulate bllod flow?

How do u know if calcific foci in radial artery is slowing blood flow?

How does blood circulate in and out of the heart?

How does diabetes affect the blood vessels in kidneys?

How does hypertension cause an insufficient supply of blood to the heart?

How does hypertension cause an insufficient supply of blood to the heart?

How does morphine affect blood vessels?

How does niacin work in the help with blood flow?

How does smoking affect arterial blood gas results?

How does smoking affect your blood and/or veins?

How does the acetylcholine affect the blood vessels?

How does the heart in a relaxed state move blood through arteries?