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how rare is a blood clot in the leg after child birth?

I 'm 25 year old . I had previous blood clot .I 'am at risk for blood clots to have it again?

I am on clexane injections since the doctors found a blood clot on my lung last week can i still have my tattoo ive booked a few weeks ago?

'if someone has a blood clot in brain?

1 pos d dimer at 3600, chest pain,spitting blood,pleuritic pain but neg VQ scan,2 neg ultrasounds and 3 more neg d dimers. Blood clot?

10 weeks pregnant. I am high risk due to a large blood clot in my left leg in my groin. Im on lovenox (enoxaparin) 2x a day. Is it ok to be sexually active?

2 d-dimers & ultrasounds in 1 week both say negative for dvt. But still have pain and worried I have DVT and they missed it. Should i worry?

2 norm d dimer tests in past 2 weeks. Only risk factor for clots is smoking. Still having pain in one leg(intermittent) should I be rechecked?

2 ultrasounds in a week 3 ddimers of 307. Dr says no dvt. I still have leg pain after 2 weeks. What are chances it's still a clot? Worried.

3 weeks after laparoscopic surgery I had an ultrasound done and the OB said it was a 3cm blood clot. Should I be worried? Or on blood thinners?

3 weeks ago i had 2 ultrasounds and i've had 4 ddimers. Dr says not a clot but i've read these test miss them often. Drs won't do more testing. Worried?

33 years old. Broke ankle 3 weeks ago.In fiberglass cast. Should I worry about blood clots?Haven't been taking aspirin.Should I?Too late to work?

38 was preg, R foot pitting edema, doppler neg for DVT, but sluggish blood flow of popliteal vein. Concerned that DVT was missed, scared of dev a PE!

6 months ago hd a .91 d-dimer which led to CT scan for pulmonary emboli. Was negative. But was never told cause of d dimer or shown concern. Normal?

6Hr of IV fluid in/ER got Brachial blood clot.2 months later same clot and many other clots in area.Normal or Dangerous,Cause?Treatments?

8 hour drive to Texas. How often should I stop to stretch legs and prevent risk of blood clot?

8 months post splenic infarct. About 50% necrosis of spleen. Dr's found no reason. Random blood clot? Anything to look out for now? Any more test?

A few months ago had sob and chest pain. high d dimer, negative chest ct. now calf pain could still be a blood clot? why else high d dimer?

A few weeks ago my boyfriend found out he has blood clots on both of his lungs and and recently he has been loosing his memory how can I help him?

Ache in arm during blood test and after. Do i need to be concerned about the pain or a risk of embolism? Don't have any clotting disorders.

Aching arm after blood test. No issues when giving blood or blood disorders. Is it something horrible like a blood clot? Do I need to see Dr again?

After a stroke, my dad has a catheter. After 1 mth he had a UTI, it blocked with blood clots and they cleaned it, but when they stop cleaning it, the clots restart. Why is this happening?

Although venogram is used to detect clots, would it also detect varicosities?

Am i less likely to have a heart attack? I have autoimmune itp and i was wondering since my blood has a hard time clotting if i'm less likely.

Any ideas why doesn't blood normally clot in the blood vessel ?

Any prescribed blood thinner does not wear down a blood clot in the majority of cases. Care to reply?

Apparently have dysfibrinogenemea with very low blood fibrinogen. I have pain in my hamstring when I move, do I have a blood clot? I'm scared I'll die

Are atheroscleratic blood clots considered to be embolic?

Are blood clot from clitoris dangerous?

Are blood clots always deadly?

Are blood clots in the lungs something you would notice immediately because the pain is just so bad?

Are blood clots in the sinuses normal after thyroid removal?

Are blood clots in your heart a serious condition?

Are blood clots or a DVT common after a miscarriage?

Are clots in the calve less likely to go to the lungs or brain?

Are EKG abnormalities due to blood clots? Which ones?

Are lung blood clots fatal?

Are pre eclampsia, blood clot and AVM only cause of stroke in Pregnancy? Can i get tests done to see how likely a blood clot would develop? AVM?

Are quarter/Palm sized clots in period during first 2-3 days a sign of excessive clotting disorder? normal INR/PTT/APTT test, uterus ultrasound.

Are sonograms accurate in checking for blood clots in the leg?

Are there any less common or uncommon symptoms of blood clots?

Are there good ways to avoid blood clots in the lung?

Are there vitamins that will prevent or cure blood clots in the legs?

Are venous ulcers always preceded by a blood clot?

Assuming there is a clot, will d-dimer be negative if the body is not trying to break down the clot?

Baby ultrasound shows no blood vessels are developed at 7th week, is my thrombophilia the cause?

Bedridden. Fear blood clot, but afraid to go to Dr as it might dislodge a clot and go to lungs. What to do? Afraid of dropping dead if I move much now

Been on fragmin (dalteparin) injections for a year. D-dimer showing normal but having the exact same symptoms of a pe again. So confused?

Been on the pill for over a year, less chance of blood clot? I heard the first 3 months more prone to it, true? I am on alesse

Best medication or other treatment for blood clot in leg?

Best medication to treat blood clot in lung?

Blood clot after ankle surgery, should I be concerned?

Blood clot at 12 yrs ago after spinal surgery. Got in lungs. Have times where I have heavy shortness of breath for days. Is this related to the clot?

Blood clot at back of eye?

Blood clot came out after 3 days. How will I know if I get a dry socket?

Blood clot caused by fall, treatment?

Blood clot followed by hydroxycut, chance of new clot?

Blood clot from sunburn, should I be concerned?

Blood clot in ankle, which doctor to visit?

Blood clot in both shoulders?

Blood clot in elbow where IV was?

Blood clot in ivc at 16 years old, please help, what do you recommend?

Blood clot in leg swelling red, what to do?

Blood clot in leg, possible for a stroke to result?

Blood clot in lung in lower lobe, what to do?

Blood clot in my ear, how can I remove it?

Blood clot in the hand symptoms?

Blood clot in the leg..Which are the symptoms?

Blood clot in the lungs?

Blood clot in wrist after IV anesthesia. How do you treat this?

Blood clot on lung.. I'm scared, what do you recommend?

Blood clot on my tonge?

Blood clot that go to you're head. What is the systems?

Blood clots about 7 years ago DVT and PE. Recent problems with legs doppler on both neg - should I ask for additional testing? Still worried.

Blood clots after prostate biopsy, how long?

Blood clots have been going on for years. Is there something wrong with me?

blood clots in legst

Blood clots in my leg and lung. So.. With Coumadin (warfarin) being given.. What procedures can be done to fix the one in my leg? Or lung?

Blood clots in past and heart problems.Should I take aspirin?

Blood clots in shin from bruise?

Blood clots in shoulders?

Blood clots in the legs, how can I prevent?

Blood clots in the legs, how can I tell? On pill and sit a lot.

Blood clots on legs &feet, Ultrasound on feb 2k14 doc said nthng serious,happening again now. First time happnd when 14 yr old doc said low blood leve?

Blood clots, can you use a vibrator on your legs?

Blood filter for blood clot put in leg. How long will it have to be there?

Blood has clotted in my ear, what should I do?

Blood pressure 90/52 and on blood thinners for blood clots in lungs, now feeling very weak.?

Blood thinners prevent the formation of new clots, to allow the bodies anti-clotting mechanisms to break down actual clot more effectively. Correct?

Calf fullness and some swelling for three weeks. D-dimer negative.No ultrasound what should I do now? Dr isnt concerened. But it is there all time.

Calf pain for 3 weeks. Ultrasound negative d dimer 279 which they told me was negative. Should I be worried about a clot?

Can a 15 year old have a blood clot?

Can a arachnoid haemorrhage be caused by a travelling blood clot?

Can a bad IV cause a blood clot?

Can a blood clot be dissolved found in my heart?

Can a blood clot cause a fever?

Can a blood clot cause shin pain?

Can a blood clot form in hours?

Can a blood clot from the leg eventually break off and travel to the lungs?

Can a blood clot in my leg effect my lung circulation?