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I've had a blood test after some lesions were found on my brain. The results total white count of 8.0 myocytes 0.9 and eosinophils 0.5 R these normal?

11 month old girl her white blood count is low & they think she has roseola but not sure her count keeps getting lower why!! She been in H for 3 days?

2 month old got shots yesterday fever today white blood cell count 30 why?

3 plus white cells in urine and ca125 elevated related?

4 months old son got low white blood cells everything else normal but neutrophils count is l0.6 no sicness or high temp only he had mouth thrush.

5.32 red blood count, is this too high? I'm 38, woman, non smoker, drink occasionally.

6-7 weeks ago condom breaks. Went to the doc 2 weeks after,was told white blood cell count is low. I'm having single bumps popinup on face. is it HIV?

6year old boy have a over 34000 white blood cell count and not have a fever at all. He had periorbital celluitis, could his immume system be checked?

70 years old and a high amount of red blood cells, kidney appeared to be 3% bigger than before. With hepatitis since a while ago as well. Dangerous?

8 yr old, low red,white,platelets for 12+weeks, BMB shows normal cells are being made but slowly,full results in 3 weeks, scared...what could this be?

Abnormal blood smear..I have (h) WBC (l) RBC and (h) platelets and tear drop cells and helmet cells....What is this?

About white blood cell scan? What infections can it find?

Absolute lymphocytes is 794 and white blood county is 2.7. Is this a problem?

Accutane caused me to have low white blood cells and higher lipid levels in my blood and I was just wondering why and how this happens?

All my red blood cells have a biconcave shape..What does this mean?

Any relationship between heart palpitation's and high red cell counts?

Anyone know what is a normal white and red blood cell count?

Are any sorts of foods that will spike my white blood cell count, or any medications?

Are bubbles in urine a sign of a high red blood cell count?

Are cholesterol molecules located in the plasma membrane of human red blood cells?

Are the characteristics of a bruise caused by low blood count or something else?

Are there a large number of cholesterol molecules in the plasma membrane of a single human red blood cell or merely a few?

Are there any medicines to bring up white cell count?

Are there red and white blood cells in menstrual blood?

Are there ways to increase white blood cells in body?

Are white blood cells abnormally shaped?

Been having bad headaches and white blood count is high but no infection that I'm aware of so what are some of the possible causes? Dr doing more test

Blood calcium serum 10.3 , hematocrit 52.6%, and red blood cell count 6.36 should I try and reduce these?

Blood has 4 key components: white&red cells, platelets & plasma. Is vaginal transudate made of whole blood plasma? If no, then what is transudate?

Blood in urin on antibiotics and not clearing up test said white blood cell count high what does that mean?

Blood out of the mouth mean you have cancer?

Blood results came back as CRP 44 and white blood count 14. Dr said last year my CRP was 22 and white blood count 13.5. I feel fine though.

Blood test results show lymphocytes at 46 when normal is 20-40. Everything else (white and red blood cell count normal). Should i be worried?

Blood work came back had high liver enzymes and white blood cell count how worried should i be ?

Bone marrow suppression...Progressively lower counts of red...White & platlets. 3 CBC tests all wotse in 60 days. Implications?

Can low white blood count come from back injury steroid injections?

Can a baby with high white blood count be normal that way, and not be infected?

Can a blood cell's Hemoglobin molecule lack iron component

Can a blood clotting condition kill sperm cells?

Can a lithium level of 2.5 cause seizures and a raised white blood cell count?

Can a low white blood cell count (caused by immunosuppressant injection) cause daily nausea?

Can a red blood cell count of 10.8 cause a 10delay in period?

Can a skin infection cause an infection to get in your blood and cause your white blood count to be high?

Can a white blood cell count tell if a person has brain swelling or neurological symptoms?

Can a yeast infection cause a high white count in ua?

Can a yeast infection cause your white blood cell count to go down? If not what could cause this?

Can allergies or taking too much antihistamines cause low white blood cell count?

Can an ovarian cyst cause my wifes bloodwork to come back with a high white blood cell count?

Can anyone tell me what can I add to remove red blood cells from urine?

Can arimidex (anastrozole) lower a white blood count?

Can blast cells be visible on CBC blood work?

Can bronchitis cause high white blood cell count in 2 yr old? He is also anemic n have sleep apnea. Thx.

Can bubbles in urine have any relation to high red blood cell count?

Can bv get into your blood and cause a blood infection? Also how much does your white cell blood count go up? Can bv affect badly parts of your body?

Can consuming cannabis oil lower your white blood cell count?

Can doctors tell me what does that mean.. Doctor said he found "high amounts of red cancer blood cells" ?

Can foot fungus cause white cells to increase?

Can gastric pain cause a high white blood count?

Can having a cyst on my ovary and one breast or having a cold cause me to have a low white blood cell count?

Can having herpes cause your white blood count to drop during chemo?

Can herpes change your white blood cell count?

Can herpes lower white blood count over time?

Can high white blood count, high platelets and low red blood count come from having active colitis even though i'm being treated with remicaid?

Can household mold, ie in the walls, cause an elevated white blood cell count?

Can I protect my burning eyes from pollen high count ?

Can i tell me how i can improve blood platelets & white blood cells.?

Can increased white cells mean cancer?

Can kidney/uti/ low white blood cell count cause headache/migraine?

Can lack of sleep cause a elevated white blood count? no evidence of infection and no other symptoms

Can lichen plantus affect white blood cell count? If so, in what ways?

Can low white blood cell count improve on its own (no antiviral therapy) in someone with HIV?

Can methotrexate make your white blood count high in your urine?

Can nonoxynol-9 result in vaginal inflammation and higher white blood cell count in vaginal discharge? Or is WBC count only related to infection?

Can psychosomatic disorder cause rash on skin and/or elevated white cell blood count temporary?

Can red or white blood count change dramatically overnight on tegretol...or would it be caught with bloodwork every 6 months?

Can sinusitis and rash on abdomen cause an elevated white blood cell count?

Can sleep apnea cause a rise in hemoglobin without elevating white blood cells and platelets?

Can someone tell me how long will it take to bring my white blood cell count back up?

Can STDs cause white blood cells in urine?

Can too many white blood cells cause serious problems?

Can vaccines (specifically rabies) have significant influence on a CBC (for example, increase in white blood cells or lymphocytes percentage)?

Can viral infections be diagnosed by a high white blood cell count assuming blood cancers are not a factor?

Can white blood cells in urine result from mono infection?

Can you answer, is white blood cells in your eye any way related to a type of cancer?

Can you clone white blood cells?

Can you describe how to increase white blood cells?

Can you describe how to increase white cells in blood?

Can you have a mature red blood cell that doesn't contain iron inside of it?

Can you have arthritis and still have your white and red blood cell count be normal?

Can you have blood and elevated white cells in urine and have it be cancer?

Can you have high white blood cells from h pilory infection?

Can you see white blood cells in urine?

Can you still sickle cell if you're >3/4 white?

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Can you tell me how blood cells differ from each other?

Can you tell me how could white blood cells fight viruses?

Can you tell me how I could lessen my white blood cell?

Can you tell me how the white blood cell knows when to destroy/kill red blood cell?

Can you tell me if a man has low white blood cells but his girlfriend has herpes could he have it to?

Can you tell me what can it mean if a female has white blood cells?