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here is some part of my blood (CBC) Report , I'm 26 years old (man, single) please tell me some tips : RBC 6.7 HCT 50 MCV 74.6 MCH 24.8 RDW - CV 15.7?

could thalassimia cause RBC count low in numbers and small in size. my RBC is normal 4.8 and hemo 123 why did dr say RBC is low it is in range at 4.8?

My RBC in past year just below borderline high or just above it. In chronological order (Lab corp range is 4.14 to 5.80) have tested 5.7, ABOVE normal 5.87, 5.75, 5.78 and 5.96. In all tests EXCEPT the latest normal hematocrit and normal Hemoglobin. last

thalassimia 15 years ago hemogloblin 140, hemacrit .415, mcv 74.9, today my hemoglobin 125, hemacrit .373, mcv it gething worse with age ?

"iron37, ferritin 26.5, hemo 12.2 , MCH 26.3, MCV 85.4, sat 10.45, mchc 30.8, B12 =335, doc said all low wants me to do infed iv. Should I do the infed?

(28 male) 10.9 hemoglobin, 34.2 hematocrit, & 25.1 MCH with normal rbc, mcv, & rdw. No change in the hemoglobin/hematocrit in 2 months? Any concerns?

10 day old no symptoms blood report shows polychromasia & anisocytosis hb 13.9 hematocrit 41.6 neutrophil low lymphocytes+monocytes high platelet 397?

11ng/ml ferritin values could cause fatigue? hgb is still high 14 (female 27yrs) rbc 5, wbc 7.6. Thx.

14 month son blood report.Iron% Saturation 15%LowHemoglobin 9.2LowHematocrit 29.4LowPlatelet Count 646Higheverything else normal. what it means?

18 days postpartum,hb 11.7,rbc 5.06,mcv 74.9,mch 23.1,mchc 30.9,rdw-cv 19.4? Please comment, having anxiety and numbness.had a c section.

19 months has red blood cells count 5.60(4-5.2). Mcv 68 (70-85), rdw, RBC 19.8 (12-16.5) neutrophils 18(24-62) lymphocytes 75(31-65) abnormal RBC morph?

19 months old anisocytosis 1+, microcytes 1+, ovalocytes 1+, poikilocitosis 1+, RBC count high 5.6(4-5.2), MCV low 68(70-86), rdw.Rbc high 19.8(12-16)?

1st day: hgb 109, hct 32.9, PLT 793 2nd day: hgb 117, hct 36.1, PLT 692 3rd day: hgb 107, hct 33.1, PLT 800. Is this results normal? Any implications?

2 CBC tests showed low RBC (3.77) hemoglobin (11) and hematocrit (32.5!) 2 docs and 1 neuro said that's normal. Anemia? Other causes of these levels?

25y/male.Rbc=5.96(H),wbc =5.6,hgb=16.1,hct=48.1,plt =168,fbs=101(H),hba1c=5.4,iron =178(H),ferritin=195 Tibc=303,hgb elect=norma,after14h fast,idea?

28 weeks pregnant: my RBC is 3.45, hgb 11.6, hct 35.1, MCV 102, MCH 33.6. Lab flagged RBC as low and MCV and MCH as high - what does this mean? Anemia?

30 yr albanian male. Joint pain, 99.8 temp, food allergies. Hemoglobin 6.7, RDW 18, mvc 74, platelets 530. Sed w rate 58. Ferr. 105, iron sat. 6.

30 yr male.. Hb 17 hct 52.7 RBC 6, MCV 87 MCH 28 mchc 32, WBC 4.4 pltlts 295..cause of high hb n hct?? Pt complaints of oral ulcers at times.kndly tel

34 weeks pregnant and my CBC results show Haemoglobin 11 , MCH 25.5 and MCHC 31.2 .Other values are within range .Do I have anemia ?

34 years f with hb 13.1 high RBC 5.9 low mch25.6 mchc32.8 high RDW 14.6 and high mono10.2 i have itp plat144, joint pain when i get from sleep ?

36 weeks preg.iron 66,feritin 78.5,b12 207,folate (folic acid) 13, rbc 4.22,hb 10.4,hct 32,wbc 9.16,plt 169 .anemic since 2 this bone marrow problem?

39 year old woman with mild/moderate rheumatoid arthritis. Cbc done - hemoglobin, hematocrit, MCV levels low, but iron is in normal range?

4 years ago my mcv was 79.6 , mch 26, rdw 13.6 this year mcv 76, mch 25, rdw 15.2 .I have thalassimia, does age or extreme stress effect these # also?

41yo F, feeling crappy 6 weeks, onset of unexplained hives, labs 8/25/16 WBC 12.5 , RBC 5.36 Hgb 15.7 Hct 49.6 MCH 29.3 MCH 31.7 RDW 13.3 RDWSD 45.0?

44y/o TSH 4.7 hgb12.4 hct36.6 neutrphl48.2 mono9.6 eosinophil5.1 tibc412 iron36 tibc% 9 nitro7 chloride108 co2 20 calci8.1 gamma10 othr labs r ok. Why r other labs off? Besides low iron. Infection?

44y/o TSH 4.7 hgb12.4 hct36.6 neutrphl48.2 monocytes9.6 eosinophil5.1 tibc412 iron36 tibc% 9 nitro7 chloride108 co2 20 calci8.1 gamma10 othr labs r ok

5 year old has persistent normocytic anemia. High WBC, platelets, low RBC and hemoglobin. Normal MCV, MCH, ferritin and reticulocyte. What's the cause?

5 year old with normocytic anemia. Normal reticulocyte and ferritin. High WBC and platelets. Low hemoglobin. What could be the cause?

5 yo blood work: Hgb/hct mild low. Hgb F 7.4, retic 9.1, spherocytes & polychromatic 3-5/hpf. NRBC 1.4. Dr said not urgent. Appt in 4 wks. Worried!!

5 yo boy has Mild low hgb/Rbc but high hgb F and retic. His hem.dr said not urgent and appt is in 5 wk. would we know by now if he has Sickle cell?

5 yo cbc has mild low hgb/Rbc, reticulocyte 9.12, hgb A1 89.8, hgb f 7.4. Hematologist reviewed. said not urgent. What could it be? I'm so worried!

5 yo cbc is hgb 11, Rbc 3.68, wbc 13, mcv 91,rdw 24.4, slight anisocytosis. Referred to hematologist who said not urgent. Appt is in 6 wks. Worry???

5 yo cbc is mild low hgb/Rbc, reticulocyte 9.12, hgb A1 89.8, hgb f 7.4. Hematologist reviewed. said not urgent. Trait? Appt in 5 wks. Help! Worried!

5.4wbc, 4.38rbc, 13.8hgb, 40htc, 91.2mcv, 31.1mch, 34.1mchc, 12.1rdw, 222 platelet count and 7.6 mean PLT vol. Are these results good?

50y/o female; beta thalassemia. Rbc 5.48, MCV 67.5, MCH 21.4, mchc 31.6, RDW 17.4, crit 37.0 hemoglobin 11.7. Vit d is low too. Should i worry?

58+ F Hb 10.8, RBC "Predominantly macrocytic normochromic with macroovalocytes". Ferritin 100 ng/ml, B12 894 pg/ml, Folic Acid 12.3 ng/ml.Why Anemia ?

6 year old, cbc, RBC 4.15, hmg 11.9, htc 33.9, MCV 79, MCH 27.7, mchc 35.1. Is he anemic? If so, can you detect a deficiency or reason. Thanks!

6/18 iron 23, rbc, wbc, mcv, mch, mchc, RDW normal. Poor eating and menstrual before 6/18 . 8/22 iron 117, rbc, wbc, mcv, mch, normal but RDW high 15.7 (12.3-15.4) & mchc low 30.4 (31.5 -35.7) ?

7 months boy hemoglobin 7.7?

70 yr dad has all normal CBC except MCV 102, hemoglobin 9.5 and hematocrit 29 and RBC 2.8 mil. Liver, vitamns, WBC are normal. Why anemia? Leukemia?

78.8 mcv, 26 mch, 15.2 rdw, 0.6 creatinine, 5 anion gap. Could you please interpret these labs for me? Thank you!

8 wks post-op gastric sleeve surgery. Down 70#'s Blood work came back w/low hematocrit, hemoglobin & mpv were low. Folate (folic acid) & B12 were norm What's wrong?

A CBC showed my haemoglobin had decreased by .6 (13.6 to 13) in just one week. Is this normal?

A reticulocyte count indicated that 5% of a woman's RBC were reticulocytes. Is that normal for an adult?

Abt 9-month back, it was Hb(11.7), PCV(36), RBC(4), MCV(91), MCH(29), MCHC(32.3), WBC(6K), Pt(1.5L) & ESR(39). Anything we can conclude here ?

After 5wk hidose ferritin injection course. Ferritin still = 6, haemoglobin down from 120 to 110. C dr on Mon, but any ideas? 27/f/omnivore

After iron supplement course my sons iron rised to 48 from 20.9, MCV is 75.4, hct/pcv 33.7 and plateles are 420. Reason? Anything serious?

alp thal &norm iron.rbc 6.63,hgb 14.3,hct 43.9,mcv 70.5,mch 23,plt417 and WBC 11.36.fatigue, itches,rashes,numbs etc.Doc says not et mpn. Pls help.

Am 31 wk pregnant.My hb count is11gm/dl.Hematocrit is 34%.Red cell distribution width is16%.Wbc is13.7*10^9/l.Lymphocyte is 20%.Is there is any problm?

Am I borderline anemic? Hemoglobin=11.7; Hematocrit=36.6; MCV=71.4; MCH=22.8; MCHC=31.9; RDW=19.4; Symps=headache, tingling hands & face, fatigue

AML. platelet transfusion pltls = 48. 24hrs later plt down to 24, then 8. Another transfusion. Plts = 60. 48hrs later, plts at 30. now 21. Prognosis?

Anemia found on blood test. Low hemoglobin, hematocrit, mcv, mch, high rdw. Have had heavy periods for a few years but why would it just show up now?

Anemic (ferritin was 0) had iron infusion, RBC is 4.63, WBC is 5.1 and platelets are 116. Dr thinks counts ok. Feel terrible. What could this be?

Anemic with 1.2% retic count, 0.62 red cell production index. Whites/platelets normal. Bone marrow problem? I'm anemic, male, hemoglobin 11.5, hct 34.5, red cells 3.9. Iron, ferritin, b12, folate all good, no GI bleed (upper endoscopy and fecal occult n

Anemic. Blood test 5 weeks ago - HGB 11.3, Ferritin 9 & RDW 16.8%. Current test: HGB 11.9, Ferritin 23 & RDW 17.8%. Worrisome? Doc said poss. gastric.

Any ideas? wbc-3.5,rbc-3.05,hgb-5.0,hct-19.4, mcv,mch,mchc,mpv,ly,ferratin are all low, rdw,ba,are high. ret is 2.0(h). presented with short breath

As per blood report hb% 11.9gms tc 15700 cells/cumm ESR 120mm/hr aec 340 cells/cumm. For my wife (28)age. She is suffering with fever and cough?

B12-315(191-663),metlymalonic acid-14(9-32),folate-7.3(4.6-18.7),homocysteine-12.7(<12),hemoglobin,hematocrit all CBC is ok except high MCV.Any idea?

Been supplementing with B12: its now at 1430 but MCH is still high and RDW is still low! Other causes for this??

Blood CP shws Hgb 8, increasd WBC, and plateles, ALT 130 nd ALP 216 with serum ferritin 2.37 Diagnosis could anemia? Or what else?

Blood report- mcv- 99fl, mch-35.5pg, mchc-35.7g/dl, esr-30mm...Wt does this mean?

Blood reports of 17mon boy Hemoglobin 9.9 Hematocrit 31. RDW 16.8, Platelet Count 597. Normal RETICULOCYTE COUNT, Normal BILIRUBIN. What could it be?

Blood Smear (Erythrocyte) shows normocytic normochromic. Although it does not have the word Aneamia, is it same with normocytic normochromic Aneamia?

Blood test a month ago rbc: 4, 8; hgb:14, hct: 42%. New results: RBC 4.57, hgb:13.7, hct: 39, 8%.Is these values still normal or what means?Wbc normal

Blood test result: Iron 14.4 umol/L Ferritin 61.2 ng/mL RBC 3.87 L Hgb 116 L Why is RBC and hgb lower than normal?

Blood test result. hemoglobin 12.1 g/dl and hematocrit blood is 36.5 % Red bloodcell distribution is 16.1%.. are these #'s ok for 26 yr old male?

Blood test, haemoglobin-12, hematocrits- 35.3, RBC -3.8, B12 - 288, D3- 26,WBC 4900, lymphocytes 47,RBC indices normal range. Extreme fatigue. RF 12.4?

Can 100mg of desvenlafaxine cause an increase in RBC count, hb and hematocrit?

Can Ferritin (39) be the cause of anemia (Hb 11.1, PCV 35.4, RBC 3.75, WBC 5.2K, Pt 1.5L, B12 498) for 57+ yr female ?

Can polycythemia vera cause only high red blood cells, hematocrit, and hemoglobin?

Can smoking elevate MCV mch?

Can someone tell me do I have problems wtih my blood test. Hb - 166, RBC - 5.75 , WBC - 8.0 hct - 0.516 PLT -218 i think this is low for plt? Age 20

Can thelasemia cause low iron 20.39 (normal range 33-193), normal hemoglobin 12.10 (11.5-15.5) & low MCV 74.90 (77-95) in CBC RESULT ?

Can you have thalassemia minor with a hgb F of 7.1 but normal hgb A2? Electrophoresis was normal except elevated hgb F. serious? Worried!!

Can you tell me what iron sat. Of .09, fe 7, neutrophils 1.9, MCV 79 and MCH 25.5 mean. No occult blood loss and post menopause.

Can you tell me what these lab results mean, Hematocrit 31.4%, Mcv 73.9% ,Mchc 25.4% for 4 year old kid?

Can you tell me what these lab results mean, MCH 25.4, mchc 30.4, RDW 17.3?

Can ziagen (abacavir) cause high mcv?

Cancer concern? WBC-5.6 RBC-4.05 HGB-11.5 HCT-35.9 MCV-88.6 MPV-9.5 Platelet-236 Atypical Lymphs-16 daily migraines/fatigue for 3 months.

Cause of Anemia in female (57) where Hb(10.6), PCV (33), RBC(3.6), Platelet (1.2L) & ESR (52) while WBC (5.9K), MCV(93), MCH(29.5) & MCHC(31.6).

Cause of CBC highs? Wbc14.8 rbc5.48 hemoglobin16.6 hematocrit48.1 neutrophils75 neutrophilsabso11.2. Others norm. Im 33 with addisons & type1diabetes.

Causes for high wbc, rbc, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and neutrophils?

CBC normal except for RBC. normal up to 5.8. Many years I alternate from 5.7 to 5.9. HGB, HCT, Platelets always normal range. is this a problem?

Cbc - 8.2 RBC 6.2 hct 13.1?

Cbc back & hemo 10.7 rbc 5.51mcv 68 mch 19.4 mchc 28.5 rdw is 17.5 platelets is 558 vitamin d is 11.6 tsh 0.017 dr not concern everything high or low

Cbc done - hgb, hct low(10.6/33.3). The mcv, MCH and MCH were borderline low. The RDW high. Donated blood 1 month previous with 12.9 hgb. ? Diagnosis

CBC is Red Blood Count 6.07 Hemglobin 18.1 Hematocrit 52.4, 41 year old M what can I understand what is going on?

CBC shows 11.0 HGB and 33.5 HCT, all other values normal. Prev CBC 4 wks ago 12.3HGB and 37.7HCT. I am 48yr woman with heavy periods, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids, gerd. Am concerned about sudden drop, report says normal value range11.8 and 34.0..THX?

CBC test, MVC value is normal but MCH & MCHC below 2values than normal range,PCV 2% more than normal.hb&wbc feeling tied at evening time.

Cbc was normal except RBC @ 5.13 [email protected] 79.9 dr checked ferritin and it's low. Previous melanoma removal 9/1/13 platelet @ 487. Now its 599. Please Help?

CBC: 9.5/31.6, low indices, RDW 20.7,2+elliptocytes and 1+ schistocytes, significant numbers of large/giant plt. Female from Oman surg clearance?

CBP, ESR, Serum Iron, TIBC and identified RBC Morphology : Microcytic- Hypochromic smear seen, Anisocytosis-Poikilocytosis. what test covers etiology?

Chemo 2yrs ago.High MCV 3 mo later until now, no B12 or folate (folic acid) def. Recent cbc...Rbc3.8, wbc3.6(new normal), hb12.7, plt123, RBC morph ovalocytes1+. Why?

Could eltroxen 200 decrease alubmin level increase ca? Albumin from 4.1-3.9-3.6 and ca from 8.6-9.2-9.6 other test ESR 10 hb 14 MCV 85 ldh 129

Could hemoglobin of 10.1 cause exhaustion?

Could i b anemic if my serum fe is 81, tibc is 477 (which was flagged high), WBC is 9.3, RBC is 4.15, hgb is 12.8 & hct is 38.2?

Could I get an interpretation & if there is cause for concern? MCV 106.9 MCH 34.6 Cl 110 RDW 11.2 B12 245 UA RBC 10-20 Occult Blood 2+

Could mthfr c667t mutation be the cause of elevated mcv, mch, and b12?

Dad has 10 hemoglobin and 29 hematocrit. Platelets 13.5. Other tests normal:mcv, mch, wbc, esr, neutophil, kidney, b12...Why anemia? Take bone marow test?

Dad has 10 hemoglobin, 29 hematocrit, 13.6 platelets. But all else normal: mcv, mch, mcvh, esr, neutrophils, wbc, kidney, b12, liver, etc. Why anemia?