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Are single individual Petechiae A cause for concern with normal platelet levels ?

10mos baby, kawasaki disease. Why platelets are still high 8 days after being given gamaras?

A recent blood test showed my Eosinophil count was 0.0 10*9/L. Is this dangerously low - rest of FBC normal. Can this be caused by Flecainide/Warfarin?

Adrenal fatigue and high white blood count 16 , osteoprosis and bone necrosis ?

Adult patients with ITP coexist with elevated antiphospholipid antibodies that have splenectomy,do they need to take heparin or warfarin for life time?

After 5 months menstrual bleeding & NO iron supplements my CBC showed high RBC & high platelet count. How can my RBC be high?

Alarmingly low blood platelet count, what to do?

All my blood counts are very very low could interferon be the cause?

Any connection between low platelets and low cd4 t-cell counts? If a person has both should it be looked into further?

Any ideas why is it that I have a high platelet count?

Anyone know what is a low hemoglobin count and what are risks?

Apart from dengue and blood cancer, what causes a fall in platelet count (thrombocytopenia) ?

Are platelet decreases varying depending on the hour of day, for a patient with thrombocytopenia?

Are there any new treatments for ipt (low platelet counts) ?

Are there people who don't have platelets? What s this condition called?

Blood platelet count - should it go up or down if I have the flu?

Bone marrow shows no cancer cell, but why the WBC still at 2, and platelet drop too?Any food or any supplement can increase WBC and platelet?

Calcium count of 10.7, potassium count 6.0, WBC count 10.9, platelet count 800, ne count 7.2. What could be the cause? Stress?

Can a cold or stomach virus cause a low platelet count?

Can a hematologist address low platelets and low t cell counts? Seeing rheumatologist, but also hema for platelet issue. Can more opinions help?

Can a kidney infection cause a high platelet count?

Can a naturally high platelet count helps prevent dengue hemoragic fever if 2nd time dengue occurs?

Can a pilonidal cyst cause low platelet and neutrophil count? Mass production of antibodies also attacking my platelets? Similar to what HIV does?

Can a platelet donation affect my cbc?

Can a viral illness cause slow bone marrow activity and low cell counts for over 4 months?

Can alcohol lower blood platelet count?

Can amino acids lower platelet count?

Can antibiotics or anaphylactic shock increases plateltes counts in ITP (4 years ago) ?

Can anxiety medicine cause low platelet count ?

Can any type of vitamin deficiency in the body have direct or indirect effect on platelet counts?

Can chronic infection cause lower platelet counts? And once treated, could that cause platelets to return to a more normal range?

Can chronic low & giant platelets (80-125) w/o a cause be ITP in adult w. Henoch Schonlein? In/out of HSP remission, Plts same, WBC/RBC vary low-norml

Can CML cause cyclic thrombocytopenia , but normal WBC and RBC in adult male patient?

Can Coumadin (warfarin) affect blood platelet count?

Can dehydration cause thrombocytosis?

Can eating "real" licorice affect blood platelet count?

Can effient cause a low platelet count?

Can gout cause low platelets?

Can having low platelet count make you tired?

Can I have a vaginal delivery if I have ITP BEFORE pregnancy? I have antibodies that destroy platelets. How can we be sure baby's platelets are ok?

Can i take ganoderma .I have platelet count of 110, .Or can I take it in low doses?

Can I use the nuvaring birth control with autoimmune itp? Last platelet count a month ago was in normal range.

Can imuran (azathioprine) taken for scleritis cause very low iron count?

Can low platelet counts make you tired?

Can methotrexate and sulphasalzine cause neutropenia.I have RA and low blood count, blood tests every 2/3 weeks. What happens next?

Can not having a spleen cause platelets to be high?

Can one experience neutropenia / low blood counts from chemotherapy?

Can people with a low platelet count after having chemotherapy be at risk of thrombosis?

Can plasma have to be available for a patient with low platelets during a liver biopsy?

Can SIBO affect blood cell counts? RBC and/or WBC?

Can someone have an angiogram if his or her platelet level is at 50?

Can someone have an angiogram if their platelets levels are at 50?

Can the drug Dutasteride cause low platelet count in 58 years old male ? he is using it daily for 2.5 years

Can trazodone cause low blood platelets?

Can u have platelet dysfunction with petechiae but normal CBC / low normal plts, low rdw, low immunoglobulin, lack of antibody formation to vaccine?

Can you have leukemia with normal blood count ?

Can you explain if it's possible to die from a low platelet count?

Can you fly with a platelet count of 20, 000 or less?

Can you fly with low platelets 5k?

Can you have mds if: since 4 yrs hemoglobin, RBC and hematocrit are decreasing slowly reaching 25% below normal. But platelets, WBC always normal?

Can you live with a low platelet count?

Can you please list the common causes of low platelet count( count 138000/cu mm) and treatment?

Can you please list the risks associated with a high lymphocyte blood count and how do I reduce?

Can you take aspirin with high platelet count?

Can you take fish oil if platelet count is low?

Can you tell me about any genetic conditions which causes low platelets?

Can you tell me in bernard soulier disease and dic, why is the platelet count decreased?

Can you tell me more about any genetic conditions which causes low platelets?

Cause and cure for low WBC and haemoglobin count?

Cause and cure for low WBC and hemoglobin count?

Causes of thrombocytosis patients high counts?

Chronic low platelet count. What could it be?

Common causes for increase in total blood count?

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Could low platelet count always mean cancer?

Could my low platelet count be due to my diet?

Could someone with essential thrombocythemia (i.E. Too many platelets) donate platelets to a blood bank?

Could you list some of the disorders that could cause a low PLT count of 10x10^9/L, whether the disorders are common or rare?

Could you with essential thrombocythemia (i.E. Too many platelets) donate platelets to a blood bank?

Dear sir, can we give Dasatinib to a patient suffering from CLL blast phase with very low WBC / platelets.

Dengue fever what should be the platelates count to maintain to platelates ?

Do ALL patients have high platelet count or low??

Do durea (hydroxyurea ) treats thrombocytosis? In which platelet count is more than a million?

Do t-cell counts in a healthy person fluctuate?

Does a low platlet count of 75000 causes splinter hemorrhages ?

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Does having a reduced platelet count mean that even minor injuries would cause petachiae or bruising? Thanks.

Does iron deficiency anemia causes fever? In infants? He has a high WBC count but not so significant.

Does Lasix (furosemide) increase the WBC count?

Does low sodium level decrease the blood count also(rbc count)?

Does medications of thrombocytosis reduces platelet counts?

Does pneumonia affect hemoglobin and hematicrit?

Does pneumonia affect hemoglobin and hematicrit?