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24 weeks pregnant. Hemoglobin, hematocrit & RBC in normal range. Ferritin really low at only 8 ug/L, cut off >14. Should I worry about iron levels?

6 months fatigue, highwbc,rbc rdw,neutrophil & total protein levels low Mch and ,mchc levels. antibotics 10 days levels normalized then up after 1 wk

A doctor based on high transferrin high tibc slightly low hemoglobin count said i need to do a blood and peripheral smear.Why?

Any idea why my transferrin is dropping?

Anyone know about hemoglobin or hematocrit levels if pregnant?

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Can hemoorrhoids cause low hemoglobin?

Can my hemoglobin be low and my RDW be high because i just came off my menstrual? All other labs normal

Can you be anaemic if RBC test is normal but hemoglobin is borderline low, MCV is a little high & MCHC is low?

Can you die from low hemoglobin?

Can you please tell me what it means with low hemaglobin, low hemacrit, & HIGH iron...thank you.

Can you tell me how low is a measurement of 5 ng/ml of ferritin?

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Do broken bones cause low hematocrit level?

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Does low hemoglobin and anemia cause low estriol and low AFP in triple marker test ?

Does low MCV or low hgb cause inability to concentrate in class?

Dr thinks I'm on verge of iron deficiency anemia. Ferritin is only low #.hemoglobin is fine. Platelet is 600. Is high platelet related to pre-anemia?

Elevated lactate dehydrogenase & haptoglobin, sedrate too, iron low, iron sat low. Why for high lactate & haptoglobin? Anemia cause of it?

Ferritin 4.6 , iron 27 , transferrin saturation 6 , tibc 437 . . . Is everything is low why is tibc high? What does this mean ? What do I do now?

FERRITIN level was only 12, all other parts of iron profile in range, hgb 13.4, wbc 4.5 rbc 4.45 Why is ferritin level low and wbc low end of range?

Ferritin, hematocrit, hglobin normal. Hematocrit 44. Will iron increase it? Serum iron low. Rbc count normal and above.

Haemoglobin of 8.2, is this low?

Help!! What does it mean when you have low hemoglobin, low hemocrait, low mcv, low mch, low mchc high rdw, high iron binding capacity, low ferritin?

Hematocrit 0.048, my serum iron is lowish and saturation. Ferritin normal. Gp gave me 210mg ferrous twice a day, will it raise hematocrit dangerously?

Hemoglobin level at 14. If you were to have leukemia would your hemoglobin show up to be low?

How can I naturally increase my rbc, hct and hemoglobin?

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How come my iron been very low for 5 years and I have NEVER had low RBC or Haemoglobin ???

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How to measure hemoglobin?

I am 7 month pregnant and my hemoglobin is low what should I do?

I am in my 7 month and my RBC level is low what should I do?

I am on Actermra for Scleritis and have 10 for my hemoglobin level, is that too low to do next infusion and when too low and need transfusion?

I had blood test which shows low iron levels. Is this anemia?

I have average hemoglobin levels. will the iron deficiency keep me from donating blood?

I have elevated rbcs and when I was younger. Does this mean I was anemic with low iron?

I have ferritin level of 5 and haemoglobin level of 10.4g/dl. Would this be a medical emergency?

I have hemoglobin 10.6 (low).I have iron serum of 25 micrograms.dl. Unsaturated IBC 358 High, Total TIBC 383(normal) and % iron sat 7%.My RBC normal , (MCV MCH, MCHC) low and RDW hIgh iS it IDA/ACD?

I have low hemoglobin. Can i exercise?

I have low hemoglobin/hematocrit but my iron levels are ok. Why?

I have low hemoglobin/hematocrit but my iron levels are that of a healthy person; a liver problem?

I have low iron, iron saturation, and my RBC is high Mch is low and RDW is high. Reactive protein is 9.3?

I have low rbc and hematocrit levels but my hemeglobin is fine. What could this indicate?

I was told I have hemoglobin level of 98 and iron was a 4 is that very low?

I'm worried because my level of hemoglobin is less than 10 what I have to do, what do you suggest?

If hemoglobin and hematocrit levels are low, will platelet level also be low?

If my hemoglobin levels are normal does it matter that my iron saturation levels are low?

If my RBC is slightly elevated, hemoglobin and hemocrit are normal with low ferritin, would I be considered anemic? My dr wants to start supplements.

If my tibc levels are higher than normal and my ferritin is fine, could i be anaemic?

If someone has pernicious anemia would they have a low red blood count?

If you're anemic is your RDW high or low?

Im a 22 year old female and i already had a blood transfusion because of my very low hemoglobin... What should I do to keep my hemoglobin level up?

In blood what is hemocrit and what would make it low i donate plasma and at times I am told my hemocrit is to low.

Indication of high human ferritin, low mcv, low mch, low mchc, normal hemoglobin?

Iron deficiency- hb 12.1, high rbc, very low mcv. Ferritin 5. What would cause the RBC to be high ?

Iron depletion with normal haemoglobin levels ?

Iron panel was normal other than my ferritin. It was only 20, which is low. My iron level was normal with CMP & CBC. WHAT causes just a low ferritin?

Iron sat is low what does it mean?

Iron saturation of 9 and ferritin value of 8 what does this mean ?

Is 11.3 considered low hemoglobin?

Is 8.3 very low hemaglobin?

Is a transferrin saturation of 23% low for a man?

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Is hemoglobin 9 very low average?

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Is RDW of 10.8 low?

Looking for low hemoglobin/hematocrit causes?

Low ferritin what causes it?

Low ferritin with normal iron and normal blood count. Any causes or workup needed?