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bleeding gums from time to time normal platelet count just hematocrit/hemoglobin a bit below average. Normal blood tests. Can it be from roacutane?

17 year old. Had cbc: red blood cells: 5.8, hemaglobin-17.3 & hematocrit-52.0%. Previous cbcs show its been elevating over last 3 yrs. Polycyhtemia? 

4 year old female always had low Vitamin B12 had high infection 4 weeks ago now has platelet count well above average white blood cell count increased?

6 weeks 2 days pregnant after results from my initial blood test found that my platelet count is low, mvp high. Referred to hemotology what's this mea?

7 yr old had blood test, came back with ferritin levels depleted, lymphocytes 2. Lymphocytes have never gone above 3 for 2 years. Red blood width high?

All normal blood work results. Good readings. Slightly elevated white blood count. Cause for concern?

An IgA count of 438. Is this count high enough to be concerned?

Anytime I get blood work my WBC count is always slightly elevated. This has been over a few years. What would cause this.

Blood counts usually my RBC cells are always or most of time a fixed count every test but my WBC differential are never a fixed count why .thanks?

Blood had my Platelet at 415.00k/ul is that bad? Female 31

Blood work showed anemia with elevated platelets what could this indicate I feel fine?

Can 10 days of 1000 mg of ciprofloxacin cause low blood counts?

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Can a full blood count pick up hiv?

Can a low blood count mean ovarian cancer?

Can an ESR or full blood count blood test be high range after or when abdominal wall is broken by intestine for ingenuial hernia?

Can being worried and feeling down and tierd make your blood test full blood count be a bit abnormal like blood count borderline dr?

Can caffeine truly increase blood count?

Can hepatitis b lower your blood count?

Can Leukemia cause blood clots? I had two blood clots and it shows I had low WBC?

Can low blood count cause miscarriage in twins?

Can low blood count causes dysfunctional erection?

Can low blood count during pregnancy cause miscarriage?

Can taking amoxicillin before blood test cause low blood platlets.

Can thyroid medication cause low blood count?

Can we find HIV in a differential count blood test?

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Can you tell me about tested with a full blood count ?

Can you tell me how I could get my blood platelet count go down?

Could a complete blood count (cbc) determine leukemia or lymphoma?

Could a cut on my foot raise my platelets? Count of 700, wbc 13, no other symptoms. Found on routine cbc. Blood smear clean.

Could dropping in WBC count from4.4 to 3.6 in two months indicate leukemia? Would that be possible to show on normal blood test ornot?

Could having HPV affect your blood count in any way?

Could having HPV effect your blood count in any way?

Could high blood protein count be a sign of hodgkins disease?

Could I have leukemia if i'm at high risk, have most symptoms, and had a blood test 6 months ago that had normal wbc's?

Could you know your infant or toddler's cholesterol count, blood sugar count, blood?

Could you tell me what happens when your blood platelets get low?

Dark clots every month. Do I have low blood count?

Didn't eat before getting a blood count done for aneamia is that ok?

Do i need a colonoscopy because my hemoglobin, hematocrit, and MCV were low? Wouldn't another blood test be the next step? I'm 60 and healthy. My iron was okay when i donated blood 20 days before the blood panel was done on 12-5-11. Could donating blood

Do i need to have a full blood count to test for iron/anemia/b12?

Do I need weekly blood tests for agranulocytosis?

Do low blood count cause you to past out?

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Does a full blood count detect possibilities of stis???

Does a normal blood count (cbc) mean a healthy immune system?

Does a normal full blood count suggest that I am healthy?

Does a routine psa blood test also tell you your platelet count? I just want to know if the low platelet count also shows up on a psa blood test

Does an elevated platelet count and blood in urine necessarily indicate a life threatening issue?

Does anyone know if low blood counts can stop your periods?

Does being on your period affect your blood count?

Does complete blood count can diagnose HIV?

Does retic count show how well platelets clump together? If not, what is the name of the blood test that does?

Does taking gravol increase platelet count on CBC blood test?

Dont remember how high the eosinophil count exactly but do I have a blood count problem?

During a full blood count test can they determine if you have enough blood volume altogether?

Eiosinophils in my blood is 7 pleas tell me is it normal or not ?

Every time I have labs done, my white blood cell count is elevated. Should i be concerned, what to do?

Fatigue for last 8 weeks. Blood test show I'm anemic (although I take iron) and my Neutrophil Count is high at 8500. No fever, just fatigue. Ideas?

Feeling ill for months and all blood work has been ok. Only thing found is low platelets. What other tests can a hematologist do?

Good evening, I am concerned because I just have my blood count back and my hematologyst told me my lymphocytic count is low , what does that mean?

Had a blood test done, and the doc said he had a low blood platelet count and will need to be retested. Is that something serious?

Had blood work done my white blood count was high to 19 should I be concerned?

Hello Please I want to know what is the normal range of spo2 in blood?

Hello, I have just received the results of my blood panel and see that I am low in red blood cells, hemoglobin and hematocrit; all are below ranges?

Help please! is an elevated blood platelet count over many years a reason for concern?

High platelet and high leukocytes, no arthritis or lupus, no leukemia (1 yr ago test), what possible infections of the blood could be possible?

How are pollen counts done?

How can I bring my blood count up?

How can I get my blood platelet count go down, if it's been a bit high on 2 blood tests?

How can I know I have thalassemia?Can i know it normal blood test?What are the my blood count limit for have it?

How can you determine the blood count system?

How come i need to retake the complete blood count and palette count?

How common is it for someone to need a complete blood count?

How concerned should we be about our son's recently detected low blood platelet count?

How could colitis be making me have low blood counts?

How do I correct a low red blood count?

How does a blood test indicate for patient having low hemoglobin count?

How does a complete blood count show a possible infection?

How does a full blood count help to identify sepsis?

How often should I take a hgb count blood test if I am anemic?

How?Can one fix decreased abs eosinophil count in blood?

I am 23 years old. I pass gas excessively.I had a low neutrophil count in my recent blood test. Does this indicate anything for my flatulence problem?

I am 37 and my blood count is at 8. What could be wrong and should I be worried?

I am a 66 yr old female. My red blood count was 3.72, and said "low". I just had pneumonia. What can I do to help the count?

I am anemic , what are some of the symptoms that indicate my blood count is low?

I am getting chopr for lymphoma, dr told me blood counts low, may have to postpone. What does this mean and how can I get counts up by tomorrow?

I am in the hospital and they said my blood count is low and made me drink a powder, what can cause the low blood count to happen?

I ama not having blood count, my blood count is less. Please give me suggestions to improve my blood count?

I had blood work done and it came back my red blood cell count and platelet count is high. What causes this to happen?

I had a blood test done a while ago and i had a normal platelet count but a low mpv (6.3) and the only symptom i have is foamy urine. What could this ?

I had some blood work done and my white blood count was high at 16.5 and my component neutrophils auto count was high to at10.9 what wrong.

I had stomach bypass surgery in 2006.I now have low red bood count.I take B12 1000mg day. Would a increase of B12 help my low blood count?3

I have a low blood count of 10.1 how serious is it ?