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labs previously WBC 5.7,neutr56% lymphs28% recently wbc5.8 neutr72% lymphs17% low r my lymphs actually going lower or are they really still the same?

My white blood cell count was 6.25... Is this normal or low? Is it okay to take prednisone for poison ivy with this WBC count?

3 months ago i had an appendectomy for appendicitis. Wbc had low lymphocytes and high neutrophils. Should i ask for the blood test to be repeated?

A high count of CD4 (whitebloodcell) is a sign of HIV ? I have a count of 14, 000 cause a staphy bacteria, but , a high count is a sign of hiv?

After 7 blood tests wbc count is high and sed rate. Twice the wbc was normal. Doctors are stumped and can't figure out why, please help?

After one year of possible HIV exposure would my WBC count be low?

Are Elevated LDH, Uric Acid & C-reactive Protein related to serious disease ? blood count are normal expect Lymphocytes & Platelete Low,splenomegaly

Are there foods or supplements that could cause elevated wbc?

Bacterial infection in intestine / WBC 19000, is it normal for WBC to jump so high b/c of bacteria?

Baso absolute in bloodwork is 0.0. Immature granulocytes is 0.0 also. Is this normal? According to my results its in normal range

Been low on lymphocytes for almost a year being checked for leukopenia have constant mouth sores. What is leuopenia?

Befor 2 month my wbc=9.5 but now my WBC count =15.9 what can this mean and is this dangerous level ?

Best medication for mumps with high wbc?

Bloodwork results with wbc count of 10.21. I have been fighting a cold the last two weeks. Could this cause the wbc elevation?

Can a elevated WBC (14.1) high neutrophils (69%) low lymphocytes (23%) & large lymph nodes indicate cancer?

Can a flare up of irritable bowel cause an elevated WBC count?

Can a high lymphocyte reading be a symptom of HIV? Or is a low lymphocyte reading is more indicative of HIV?

Can a high pmn count be part in indicating leukemia?

Can a person with normal eosinophil count have asthma?

Can a very low lymphocyte count of 4% and a enlarged spleen indicate leukemia? A lot of weight loss also along with fatigue.

Can a viral infection last 6 months? All blood counts test ok, only neutrophils a little low but within normal.

Can amphetamine use cause WBC to be elevated?

Can anesthesia affect your WBC count?

Can antihistamines decrease wbc?

Can being on a burst of prednisone make Neutro 78% (hi), Lymph 18%(low), Neutro Absolute 8.3K/ul (hi), Mono Absolute 0.2K/ul(low), and TIBC 437ug/dl?

Can chronic prostatitis cause wbc and neutrophils levels to go up ?

Can ear infection cause high WBC and platelets count?

Can having a dog in the house cause increased eosinophil count?

Can high neutrophil count be a viral infection or is it always bacterial?

Can kidney stones increase the the eosinophil count?

Can low WBC and low neutrophils be body's own response to combat autoimmune disease?

Can lymphocytes be very low with a case of mono?

Can lymphoma cause WBC count to be high (25, 000)?

Can neupogen be prescribed to patient with low wbc/low absolute neutrophil count resulting from antipsychotic medications? Thanks

Can ovarian cancer cause WBC count to increase?

Can prednisone cause high WBC count. Esp neutrophils at 9.6 k/ul and true lymphocytes at 4.5 k/ul? Wbc at 15k/ul. Is this mild or moderate elevation

Can progesterone increase/influence WBC and eosinophil count?

Can prostatitis cause high Neutrophils?

Can recurrent boils/furnaces cause recurrent high WBC count? All 7 labs I have had over 3 years have shown a high WBC. Range from 10 to 20 each test.

Can sinusitis and rash and slightly elevated WBC mean leukemia?

Can someone have appendicitis without elevated WBC?

Can urticaria/anemia/high neutrophil count/tender abdomen indicate cancer?

Can WBC count be high if one is taking antibiotics for infection?

Can WBC count be said is the key sign of inflammation? Are there cases of inflammation not affecting WBC count?

Can you advise for abdominal pain and low WBC count?

Can you give me suggestions with abdominal pain and low WBC count?

Can you have extreme sweating with a kidney infection and if I have WBC count of 30 is that considered high.

Can your WBC count be up if you're super stressed? And more specifically your neutrophil count? Or is that definitely some kind of bacterial infection

Can your WBC count be within normal range 5.7 and still be colon cancer?

Causes for low lymphs, mono, and kidney function, hi ast, mch, mchc, wbc, and , neuts, also big increase in alkaline phosphate but still normal?

Cbc question. 1 yr male. High wbc. High platlette. High lymph %. Low neuts %. Hi lymph abs. Hi mono abs. Lo mpv. What could this indicate?

Cbc WBC always in the normal range 5.7 but noticed last few tests neutropolis and lymphocytes fluctuate alot especially lymphocytes near low normal ?

Cbc: low WBC (3.39), low neutrophils (36%), high lymphs (57%). Also something called poikilocytosis and ovalocytes in blood. Is this concerning?

Could a passed flu or cold influence the results of cbc a week after more specifically neutropolis and lymphocytes counts?

Could dangue fever permanantly lower WBC and platelat count?

Could fever increase wbc?

Could klonpim and litium raise your WBC count?

Could urticaria/anemia/high neutrophil count/tender abdomen indicate cancer?

Could you ever get hurt/harmed with a low wbc count?

Dear Dr, I have low lymphocyte count and high neutrophil count. I am currently taking steroids. Is this normal? Also, I have elevated igG 2000mg/dL.

Decreased lymphocytes and increased monocytes inflammatory?

Differential shows high Segs: 62 Lymph low at 19 Basophils low at 0 Atyp Lymph 3% PLT low at 130 Is this indicative of a cancer? Otherwise normal CBC.

Do all infections cause a elevated wbc?

Do WBC increase after vaccination?

Does a viral infection increase wbc count and lymphocytes and decrease neutrophils below normal range?and does everything come back to normal afterwar

Does a WBC count of 12, 000 mean anything serious?

Does appendicitis cause increased neutrophils?

Does increase in neutrs cause lymphocytopenia does this mean that neutrs r fighting a bacterial infection or is it the lymphs loosing a viral fight?

Does it matter if my WBC are normal but my lymphocyte % is a little on the low side: 19.4?

Does joint pain in aml patients occur lue to high WBC count & low platelet count??

Does multiple chemical sensitivity cause a low lymphocyte count?

Does pneumonia lower lymphocytes, RBC and albumin?

Does prednosone raise monocytes?

Does roseola increases the neutrophil and decreases the lympocytes at the same time?

Does stress can be caused of immature granulocyte appear in the blood work? And if the number of percentage immature granulocyte is 0.1% is that ok?

Does systemic yeast infection raise WBC counts?

Does use of antibiotics increases WBC count.?

Does WBC & Platelet count remain high for most of the tumors/cancers ? Is the same applicable for ESR too ?

Does wbc/white blood cell count have a different term on the LP/csf report? (I only see lymph, neut, mono, total nucleated cells) is wbc one of those?

Does your WbC elevate with herpes?

Elevated lymphocytes and high monocytes been telling my gp for months now that i'm always tired, and cold.Cbc shows elevated lymphocytes & monocytes?

Eosonophil percentage was 1 and my eosonphil number was 0.00. Is it bad that it is 0?

Few months ago CBC with low rbc, wbc, hemoglobin, hematocrit, platelets. Since then CBC normal, but some low platelets. Often feel achy, could be hiv?

Fluid from my knee had high RBC and WBC counts. Should i be worried?

Follow up?absolute lymphocytes 4.5neuts 9 WBC 15. Dr said CBC was fine, yet these are high. On pred. Is this not enough elevation for concern?

For a 35 c-reactive protein count and high neutrophils together, could that indicate any type of illness or disease?

For how long after I have mono will my blood count of monocytes be elevated?

Frequent infections (fortnightly fever), high WBC(16.2), normal lymphocytes(2.3), high granulocytes(13.100), high haemoglobin(17.30), normal platelets?

Had an elevated WBC at 12.6 with neutrophils at 96%. Does this mean bacterial or viral infection?

Had an elevated WBC at 12.6 with neutrophils at 96%. Does this mean my lymphocytes are low? Does this bring any relation to acute HIV infection?

Had an elevated WBC at 12.6 with neutrophils at 96%. Does this mean my lymphocytes are low? Does this indicate anything serious.

Had Depo-Provera Medrol (methylprednisolone) shot about 2weeks ago, can that cause low WBC and low platelet count? Wbc is 2.8 and platelet is 139. Also fighting viral infection.

Have a low mchc count from a cbc and lower neut% count in the large platelets, have also had several infections? Is this normal?

Have had high eosinophils for over a year now. Most recent percentage was 6.5% (Eos. Auto). Should I get this checked out?

Have high wbc, rbc and platelets. im having night sweats, my hair is falling out and im tired all the time. What could cause this??

Have joint pain so doctor did cbc. My WBC is some what high as well as my abs neutrophils?

Having folicullitis does it mean you have low CD4 count?

Hello doc,platelet count in my 19 month old baby is very high.4.3 lakh/cumm..what does it mean?She is suffering from urinary it because

Hello sir! My question is how to reduce WBC count instantly in adult aml patients. Current WBC count is more than 100000 with blast percentage of 95.

Hello, my lab results are WBC at 12 . I had no infections that I am aware of. Absolute Neutrophills are at 9708 which is also high? Any ides?