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MCV very high, MCH high, RDW low. Cl high. Blood in urinalysis . Vitamin B12 is on the low end, but not actually deficient. Any ideas?

1-32 ANA result is high? Low? Medium?

13yrs female high blood platelet count dizzy fallen possibe low glucose?

14yr old son has high alkaline phosphatase, critically high amylase and high wbc. Dr says pancreatitis..? I'm still concerned it's something else?

16 month old not thriving. Swollen lymph nodes. High ALP, High Eosinophil's, low HCT, low ferritin, + Vit D. Low IgA. What could be wrong with her?

16 month old not thriving. Swollen lymph nodes. High ALP, High Eosinophil's, low HCT, low ferritin, + Vit D. Low IgA. What could be wrong with her?

18th week pregnant, neutrophils count high and lmyphocytes low count, high WBC and low RBC, Bilirubin total 0.9,Direct 0.5,indirect 0.4. any problem?

24w pregnant. Blood work shows Granulocytes immature little high, cut off 0.2 and mine is 0.2. WBC and neutrophils high too Normal during pregnancy?

28wks pregnant with hypothyroidism.Low = haemoglobin, platelets, RBC, haematocrit &lymphocytes. High MCH, MCV quite high. Anaemia? or possible cause?

2yrs of CBCs show low fluctuating (< reference ranges) on WBC, Platelets, and Ferritin (iron serum norm) and high (13) monocytes. Should I be concerne?

3 of 4 of my children have Low Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, MCV, MCVH....High RDW. I believe that affect their education performance and behavior.

3 year old son with history of poor weight growth. Labs show burr cells1+, high ast, low bilirubin, low hemoglobin and hemocrit. Ideas?

37 year old woman 29 week of pregnant ,high grade fever last 1 week,plecenta slightly displace abnormal fetal movement hemoglobin level low lDh level?

4 y/o's labs showed slightly high lymphocytes w/slightly low neutrophils. All other values normal, no sign of illness at draw. Terrified it is cancer.

4yo. Extreme high IgA levels. Chronic diarrhea. Bright green stools for 1+yr. High WBC off and on. Are IgA levels indicative of anything or pointless?

4yr old has high level of eos %= 7.2%. Rest of CBC is normal. Has had allergies but never had high eos before. What are chances this is due to cancer?

5 year old complaining of frequent headaches, exhaustion and being too hot. She had low HGB, high WBC, high platelets at last blood test. ?

5 year old complains about being hot frequently, exhausted and headaches. Last blood test showed low HGB, high WBC and platelets. What's the cause?

5 year old constantly exhausted, low HGB, high WBC and platelets, frequent headaches, normal iron levels. What's happening?

5yr old has high hgb,hct,Mcv,neut & low lymp,creatine,alp on blood test norm glucose on blood but urine glucose high. Keeps having fevers ?

5yrold keeps getting random fevers over 5wks looks ill no one knows y her hgb hct mcv nuet% nuet# are high lymp% alp creatinine low. urine gluc 250 ?

6 weeks after risky sex blood tests came back with slightly high WBC high NEU, low lymphocyte (15,50%) low EOS.. I also had corticotomy 8 wks ago.

6 yr old blood test results show high mcv, high neuts, high WBC and low lymphs. Only symptom is swollen gland on back left of neck and fatigued easily?

6year old child with high immature granulocytes.2 % high eosinophils 5.7% and high ALT/SGPT 29 all marked high on lab work. Joint pain and short breat?

6yr old son had bloodwork 4 chronic stomachaches & headaches. Platelets were slightly high, MCV, MCH and hematocrit were low.%saturation Fe/TIBC low?

7yr old f she has been sick since february of this year. Mcv MCH mov low ESR CRP high glucose tp high a/g low. What could it be? 5 dr. Are stumped?

9 monts baby boy bt results indicate low hct, high RDW and high abs monocyte... What means?

A have a low mpv (6.90fl) but a normal platelets (353.00x10-3) what can does tha mean? All other text was normal except low T3 (liothyronine) and high cholesterol.

Abdominal pain and lab work indicated high wbc-14.00, low MCH -26.4and high rdw-13.9 and neut abs main-9.2. ? Should i be worried?

Abnormal blood results.high RBC 5.2, high hemoglobin 16.7, high hematocrit 51.7, high monocytes 12.8 and basphils 11? What can this mean.

After many similar symptoms of anemia, my labs showed low ferritin 8 but a normal CBC.My doc claims I should have no symptoms with low ferritin??

After total thyroidectomy, i131, and yrs in bipolar Meds...low ALT results and extremely low alkaline phosphate, which has been low for 4 yrs. ????

Aged 62 years, has osteoporosis and high BP and a high platelet count of 6 and half lakh. What tests need to be done to know the exact reason.?

Alkaline phosphatase was a 56 (low) 6 months ago & when repeated 6 months later, it's now a 45 (low). What does this mean?

All bloodwork normal, except RDW slightly low???

ALT low 30's thru 10-yr illness. Chronic dehydration, low phosphorus, low WBC, high alk phos, L sodium, unstable glucose, H creatinine, L protein?

Alt on Blood work is at 6, normal values are 9-28. Is this too low and is it indicating a problem?

Ana positive high titer homogeneous stain.... heart palpitations high bp and pulse. Low potassium. Trace WBC in urine.could kidney n heart b involved?

ANEMIA OR MORE? morphology result... abnormal high. RBC CNT 3.7 LOW, HGB 11.5 LOW, HCT 34 is there an underlying issue? Thank you for your help.

Any diet for slight elevated crea?

Anyone know what is a low, normal and high ANA numbers?

Are a high level of lymphocytes in CSF seen in ms?

Are low lymphocytes 4% along with high WBC's 16.7 at critical level.?astro bug at same time. BUN,Protein,Neutrophils and Albumin also elevated.

Are these numbers considered high platelet count? 384. It was flagged as high on my lab reports as their range is 150-379. All other results normal

Ast 13 low alkaline phosphatase 28 low. Rbc 3.85 low hemoglobin 11.3 low hematocrit 34.1 low. The rest are normal. Your opinion please anything stands?

Baby has iron deficiency anemia and has fever for 3 days now. Lab results show normal platelet count, low hemoglobin, high wbc. Is this an emergency?

Been having raised MCV,SD(RDW-SD),RDW-CV% & low25-OHVitD(T) count.Recent tests reveal low Basophil AC &high LPA, LIPASE, Uric Acid & CreatnSerum levls?

Blood results Anion Gap 9.3 low, chronic low lymphocytes, Hemoglobin low, enlarged nontender lymph node below jawline, what could be wrong?

Blood results off my co2 was low, my neutophil% was high, & lymphocyte% low. I'm on meds for thyroid & depression. What is cause & how do I fix?

Blood results show low mchc, high hematocrit, high mch and rdw. Iron is normal. So are b12 and hemoglobin. Could it still be anemia?Left arm tingles

Blood test result show high packed cell volume ,high RBC, high WBC and high Neutrophil count what does it mean ? With Hand Burning and oral thrush.

Blood test revealed low abs mono, low HgB and low McHc. Are these connected at all?

Blood test showed , ESR and RDW levels slightly high, and hematocrit level decreased slightly but no iron deficiency, suffering from dizziness. Scary?

Blood test: I have a low MCV, low mch and high rdw. I have euthyrodism- T3, (liothyronine) T4 & S-TSH fine bt my SHBG is high at 198.5 what does it mean?

Blood tests show high mean platelet volume, low platelet count, high urobilinogen, high WBC, high clumpy platelet morphology. Related? conerns?

Blood work CBC and CMP all normal except BUN high 23 and MCHC low 30 for the past 2 months. Any indications or interpretation?

Blood work on Evan shows elevated B12, RBC,Neutrophils,Monocytes, Calcium and low sodium. He has autoimmmune Celiac, ulcers ?

Blood work results show high HCT 47.7 an high MCV 104? What to do? Any symptoms

Blood work showed RDW 53.8 high.Mch also high, what could cause this?

Blood work was good except for the following: creatinine was 1.15(tad high), alkaline phosphatatase 36 (tad low), and rdw-cv 10.9 (tad low). Worry?

Bloods showed high mch, high mcv, low RDW and high bilirubin. liver test/scan came back fine, what else could it be??

Can allergies cause UA WBC to be a little high?

Can bronchitis can a high level of eosinophils (11.2%)? All other values on CBC are normal.

Can celiac disease/high gliadin be a possible cause of high lipase?Amylase is normal, as well as iron,CBC/CMP, saturation and the like.

Can dehydration cause high globulin level mine was4.4 (range up to 4.0)My blood work in May was completely normal but now this slightly high globulin.

Can having a broken wrist in an elderly person cause and low RBC and hct, and elevated wbc?

Can hemorrhoids cause a high ESR?

Can high ldh results come from hemolytic anemia?

Can HSV 2 cause WBC level to be a little low?

Can PT and PTT fluctuate.. I was normal 2 weeks ago, and now slightly elevated PTT at 37 where norm limit 35. No blood thinners taken or ASA?

Can stress and dehydration cause a low wbc?.

Can stress cause an steady elevation in wbc's over 6 weeks from 10.5 to 11.2, particularly elevated lymphocytes# from 3.9 to 4.2? High plts, low mcv.

Can stress cause platelet count to elevate to moderate high (450,000 -500,000)? Everything else on CBC was normal.

Can stress or not eating for a few days result in a slightly low lymphocyte count? (normal range is above 1.5 mine was 1.3)

Can this be cll? Rbc 3.97 low- mean platelet volumes 7.2 low, ly 46.8 high, hct 36.5 low, DNA abs double stranded abnormal 5 iu/ml, low iron, low vitd

Can you have ibd without diarea all my 7 year old has is brown smelly urine. Even with forcing fluids. Mcv MCH mpv carbon m low protein CRP ESR high.

Can you please help what could be the reason for low lymphocyte 1.3?

Can you tell me in a recent blood test my platelet distribution width is at a low level of 6.45. what are its implications ?

Can you tell me what can be the reason for extremely high values of bilirubins?

Cardiac ablation for WPW 3 weeks ago and now low WBC 3.9 and high monocytes 18 and extreme fatigue. What could this be?

Causes of always high MPV (2yrs)?Low WBC, RBC & sodium (sometimes), platelets & neutrophils (most times).Low bp, nausea, bruising, back & abdomen pain

Causes of elevated ferritin 4641 and it's dangers?

Causes? High total bilirubin 1.2, low alkaline phosphates 38, low RBC 3.99, high neutrophils% 81.5, low monocytes% 3.2. 25 girl otherwise healthy.

Cbc results: low lymphocytes (15.7), high granulocytes 79.2, gr# 8.3, mchc low (32.4), MCV normal, RDW high (14.3), low mpv (7.7). Is this concerning?

Chol/hdlc 530 h bun 7 l creatinne 0.67 l sedrate 39 h neutrophils 41 l could you please tell me what does it means and what causes these high and low?

Chronically low neutrophils41.3%(50-60)high lymphocytes46.9%(25-40)high anion gap14(4-12)abnormal [email protected]/oPOTS,cardiomyopathy,IrritBS?

Cmp mchc 32.4 g/dl low 33.0 low 37.0 high. Rdw 15.0 % high 11.5 low 14.5 high. Eos %5.5 high 1.0 low 2.0 high ALT is 80 high 30 low 65 high worryalt?

Concerns? Wbc 16.1 high amor/cy - rare lymph 9 low rbc 5.15 high mcv 76.7 low mch 26 low rbc-ua 9 neutrophils 83 high mono 1.28 high ketones 80

Confused by lab results.Dr thinking rheumatoid arthritis. Low hem, hemotricot, mcv,mch,mchc,creatine.High platelet,rdw,esr,c reactive protein. ?

Consistently low haemoglobin (9-10). Low MCV (65) and MCH (20) RDW almost normal, very slightly elevated(by 0.4). Doctor said its thalassemia?! True?

Could acid reflex cause low lymphocytes?

Could anxiety while drawing blood cause high hematocrit of 52.6 and high RBC of 6.36? What can I do to lower the two?

Could high hb1ac and high ferritin be linked somehow in bloodwork?

Could low RBC/HPF 3_4 level be a sign of pregnancy?

Could not eating and being stressed lead to low lymph abs of 0.93 and low WBC of 4.02?

Crp was high now normal. Sed rate elevated. Ana+w/speck pattern. Thyroid ok. Metabilic and CBC and urine ok. Little low vitamin d... Any idea?

CT showed splenomegaly. Blood work had high RDW, low creatinine, and low MCH (anemia?); other CBC normal. How could anemia be related to spleen?

Diagnosed with high iron count 1000 ?

Discomfort on the up abdomen rad to the back, but showed high total bilirubin (1.5 mg/dL); low amylase (24 U/L), and low lipase (12 U/L).  What is it?

Discomfort on the up abdomen rad to the back, but showed high total bilirubin (1.5 mg/dL); low amylase (24 U/L), and low lipase (12 U/L).  What is it?